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It’s Friday! Yay!

Heya! Whew… I’m so, so glad it’s Friday. The whole week has been so tiring and so boring and so… stressful at the same time. *sighs* I do sometimes wonder whether I should just extend the contract to work at that place until the end of the year (as I provisionally agreed with), or just get out at the end of the month.

The problem is, at the moment, I need to work and earn money, so… It’s not like I have much of a choice. I haven’t had any luck finding anything else that I can do, and when I do find something (IT-related), I’m not getting anywhere with anyone. And when people do contact me, it’s always “give us a call, go on”, or it’s related to jobs that are jobs that I know I wouldn’t be able to do so what’s the point of even e-mailing me in the first place? A quick glance at the CV that you’ve apparently looked at would’ve told you that!! *smh* *growls* Whatever… At least, with this contract, I have Fridays off so I can work on what I actually want to do, writing.

I’m still trying to work out the right way forward, and I haven’t got a clue, quite honestly. I feel like I need to find someone, sit down with them, and talk about how I can get moving forward with everything, being paid to be a freelance writer for someone. Even if it means just writing up technical documents or whatever, I’d be far happier doing that than sitting in a office surrounded by people for like 8 hours a day every day, trying to find enough to keep me busy throughout the whole day…

Anyway… Let’s put all that to one side. This weekend, I’m mostly planning to do work on the Yore! side of things. The fact that I’m stressing out so much right now, and with the effects of the end of summer, I haven’t been able to focus on the novels that I’ve been writing (and yes, I means novels, plural), and whenever I do sit down and start trying to write them, I’m not getting the words out right (honestly, you should see how many pages are more crossed-out than actual words that I can use…!). I kind of like need a period of time where I can just take it easy, de-stress myself, and then I’d be able to focus and get it all down on paper.

Maybe do some more game guides writings as well, but the main focus is gonna be Yore! stuff.

Okay… I’m gonna go and post this now. There’s gonna be another post soon (I’ll probably write it all out and then double-post it, actually… *grins*) which is why this is a little on the short side… *grins* And I’ll write again soon!

After that, well… I actually need to go through my twitter account and remove some people. I’m pretty sure that there’s a few that I’m following who followed me first and then removed me… *shrugs* There are quite a few people that I have no problems following and not being followed back, but others… Well, if they dun like what I write and retweet… I dun really care. But I do need to tidy up the twitter account, so… Yeah.

Just a random post!

Heya! How goes things? Hopefully it’s all going good, despite all the bad news that we’ve all been hearing. And no, I’m not gonna blog about it, because quite honestly, I’ve tweeted about it, and retweeted like a hundred different tweets all about it, and I dun want to fill my blog with the same thing.

I will say this, however. If you are still backing “45”, please, do a favour. Press that red X at the top-right and never come back again.

So, what’s been happening? Well, in my own personal life… Not a lot. It wasn’t a great weekend, I have to say, and it culminated in a picture (not the “Fairytale Fantasia” that I’d mentioned before) falling down from where it was hanging and basically chopping out the wall socket for plugs. Thankfully, the thing that was plugged into the socket – the broadband router – still works. Somehow. The vacuum cleaner that was alongside didn’t come out quite as well. It still works. After a fashion. But I’m going to have to get a replacement for that soon.

Thankfully, since Monday, things have been getting back to normal, and I’m hoping that from Thursday evening onwards, I’ll be able to have a good, quiet weekend where I can just do what I want to do! *grins*

I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain, but…

Anyway! I’ve also asked people at work how long my contract’s going on for, because I like to be clear about these things – I got the feeling it’s either until end of September, or it’s open-ended. Either is fine with me, but I’d rather have it confirmed one way or another.

(As an aside, I have heard the rumour at work that there’s a possibility that they’re thinking of asking me to become more or less permanent, even though it’s not technically a developer job… I dunno, I don’t think they’ve really thought about it yet, and no-one officially asked me or sounded me out, it’s just something that I’ve heard mentioned…)

In terms of other job possibilities… Nothing as of yet. But, like I say, I just kind of need the weekends to start making themselves a bit less filled with… Yeah.

I just wanna say, I really really REALLY envy those people who seems to be unfazed or who can, despite everything else, just get on with these things. I’m staggered by how easy some people seems to find things, no matter what situation or how little time they have. *sighs* That’s pretty much what I have to learn to do, though. Make the most of the time I have available, even if it’s only a half-hour or so, just take hold of it and do something like write or whatever. But that’s something I need to work on. Especially if I’m serious about being a freelance writer and author of stories and everything else.

Okay, this is kind of short, but I just wanted to avoid writing about some specific things, because I’ve been tweeting like crazy about it, and I just wanted to have a moment’s respite from that. I’ll try and write again tomorrow or Friday, so see you then!

Had some bad news…

Heya… So, if you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have noticed that I received some bad news yesterday (Monday). Basically, the company I works for have announced that they’re gonna go through yet another round of redundancies, including more restructing of the development team. Considering that the team has shrunk from over 20 people to something like 8 (including managers), well… Yeah.

(By the way, I apologise in advance for this being a bit of a whinging post. I know many people have had it much worse than me but… I just wanna moan and let off steam! And then hopefully I can get looking into other options and moving forward with whatever I’m gonna do.)

My honest suspicion is that they are planning to merge the development team into the operation team (the team that does the front-line stuff), and if that’s the case… I can imagine that with the exception of the managers (of course they’ll be safe, they always are *rolls eyes*) – which means it’s down to the 6 of us – they’ll maybe keep one or two of us. And if that’s the case… I can think of 4 of those 6 who’ll be ahead of me in the line to stay on. And three of those people are long-timers so… Yeah. I can see maybe one of them voluntarily leaving, but all three? No.

Quite honestly… I’m sick of the whole IT thing. This is gonna be my third redundancy of three IT jobs, and every single time, I’m out of work for ages before I can get another job – I have so much going against me when it comes to trying to get a new job, not least of all the fact that I’m deaf. Try explaining to people that being deaf does not affect my general ability to do the job, all it means is I can’t hear as well as others, and I can’t use the phone and people still run away screaming. *smh* *sighs* And when you add to that the fact that I’ve been suffering from depression and everything all those other times… I just dun want to go back to that. And I dun want to be in that vicious circle anymore of being out of work for ages before landing a job for a year or so before being made redundant again. *smh*

What I was hoping for was to stay in this job for another year or two until I can get something sorted out with my writings and everything else, and then maybe start moving towards a different future with my writings, but as is… *shrugs*

I need to be careful. I’ve been thinking about this for ages, and I’ve spoken about leaving IT behind me permanently – I’ve often said that I felt like this would be my last IT job – and I genuinely do have the feeling that I can make a good go of being a writer, and earning something with that – I’m not sure if it’ll be enough to live on, but certainly something. And when I look at myself, and think about it – you know, like how people get those feeling that “this is the right thing to do” and all that? Well… I’ve got that feeling about myself and getting into writing more seriously.

Whatever style of writing that is, I don’t know. Ideally, definitely creative, writing stories and the like, but that’s… As many people will tell you, for every top writer out that that everyone knows about, there’s like a million that only sells a few copies. So, while I’m still gonna try and write stories and everything, I’m not gonna pin all my hopes on that. There’s other styles of writing out there, it’s just a question of finding the right one.

…The problem is, I honestly have no idea how I’m gonna get into it. I don’t really know anyone who knows anything about writing – I means, I know some people who are in the creative arts, but I dun feel like I could really go and ask them for help and information. Hmm. I need to look around online and see if I can find some websites that’ll help me to work out how to go forward with that.

If you do have any ideas or suggestions, please, feel free to drop me a message on twitter or whatever, I will totally appreciate it!

The one thing I’m determined to do, though, is not to let this affect me. Even if I have to go and stack shelves in a shop or whatever, I’m not gonna let this almost-certain redundancy affect me like the other times. Instead, I’m gonna treat it as an opportunity to actually get on with writing and everything else, and figuring out a new path forward for me.

I just have to hope and pray that, whatever happens… I’ll come through this in a much better place than before. It is gonna be tough, but… Yeah.

Regarding the house… Well, I’ve not heard anything, and I might lose a bit of the deposit money on fees and the like, but – despite what my parents have told me about helping me (and I really don’t want to do that – I don’t want to end up losing my parents money as well as mine. I’d rather that all mistakes are mine and only affects me) – the chances of me moving out and getting in there are now a lot more remote than they were on Sunday. But I haven’t said anything to the solicitors yet, because… Well, something might change and I might still be in a job (Dun get me wrong – I estimate my percentage chance of staying in the job to be less than 1%) after this.

But… Yeah. Whatever happens… I just gotta keep going and hope and pray that things will work out. I just know I’m tired of never being able to plan for the future or anything. May the future be different for me, and I can do what I really want to do, and be able to work for the present and eventually really plan for the future.

More VN talk!

Heya! So good to be back posting again. My own fault, I had two half-finished blog posts (in notepad files!) waiting for me and I didn’t go back to them. Sorry about that, but I promise I will go back and finish those off probably tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening and there’ll be three posts (including this one) this weekend. And then…

Well, I realised that with the departures – we’ve got another person leaving the development team, and he’ll be leaving in July, to go with the one that’s leaving at the end of this month. And while people are saying we are gonna eventually replace the one that’s leaving in July, we’re still down to three developers in the whole development team. *sighs*

So… Undoubtably, I’m gonna be pretty busy every day at work right now, which means I’m gonna have to make doubly sure that I make the most of my time. Unfortunately, I did also have a bad headache on Thursday, which didn’t help. But Friday, and today… I’ve been getting on with things, and I feel good about getting on with it all.

Basically, I’ve got almost everything that was on my to-do list crossed off. And it’s only Saturday evening! *grins* Was almost expecting it to take until tomorrow morning before I could do it all.

Anyway… One of the things that I had to do – not that I particularly wanted to do it – was to transfer my VN data from the standalone AmeMix applications – Astoria and all that – because they were gonna close those applications down and just have LoveStruck around. The reason being, basically, they’re a small team and they felt they couldn’t really manage maintenance on three standalone apps and the main one that they’re working on now. And, to be fair, I can understand that. I dun know enough about game development to know how much maintenance work they need to do on standalone apps, but considering that Google and Apple are always improving their systems, I guess it probably makes sense that, at the very least, with every upgrade they need to make sure it all still work and everything else.

The good news is, since I first posted about LoveStruck, AmeMix has – very kindly, I thought – decided that the best way to allow those, like me, who bought those stand-alone apps in the first place would be to allow us to read those stories in one go and making whatever choice we want to make, with the need to spend tickets or “hearts” for premium choices. I tried it with another stand-alone app first (Castaway, in fact), before I risked transferring over my Astoria data, and thankfully it all works fine. I’m currently going through Medusa’s story. Again. For about the twelfth (had to look it up – didn’t think “twelveth” looked right…!) time. *hee*

It is different, there’s been a few minor modifications, and the way they handle the change from three sets of six episodes each (plus one free prologue) in one chapter to something like 19 episodes in one chapter means that you don’t get to see the meter that tells you whether or not you’re making the right choices for the passionate ending (if we still even have passionate or thrilling endings any more – I’m currently about two-thirds of the way through the first chapter, and those point of views are now a separate selection in the app) and the fact that you can’t pick to re-read individual episodes any more is a bit of a pain, but… That’s the way it goes. *shrugs* I’m just happy that I’m still allowed to just sit down and read my Medusa stories all the way through without having to wait for tickets or whatever to recharge.

I still don’t think I’m gonna be using the tickets or anything else for the other books – much as I’d like to read Aurora’s last chapter or Serena’s last chapter – because the problem I mentioned before still stands. But as long as I’ve got Medusa… That’s the one that I really really love. And I love being able to read it all. 🙂

What I would’ve suggested is that the developers of these VNs – not just AmeMix but Pixelberry Games and so on – allows the reader choices. In other words, to either be able to read it for free and spend credit for premium choices, -or- allow the read to pay a fixed price upfront and be able to read it all without having to wait or anything. I know if I had that choice, I’d be buying stories from both teams like a shot.

And some stories need that option. I got lost with a couple of Pixelberry’s stories, just couldn’t remember what was going on.

Ahh… I still wish Medusa existed for real. *grins* Oh well… One day, I’ll meet my own Medusa! 😀

Something else I’ve noticed… Every time I see one of those films or whatever that features Medusa, I’m like… “Leave my wife alone!” *lol* I knew… Hmm… Possibly when I was about 10 or 11 that the original story I’d read and seen on telly and all had been… amended… from what the apparent original version was (I say apparent, because we are talking about a story from over 2000 years ago, which had been amended and expanded upon probably numerous times), and since learning that, I had a lot of sympathy for Medusa. But after reading those stories… Yeah. I’m pretty much now completely on Medusa’s side.

I’ve never really been fond of the Greek Gods, especially Zeus, for fairly obvious reasons. I do sometimes wonder just why the writers of those mythologies decided to make the gods the way they were… But then again, those stories have lasted this long, so… Yeah.

Okay, well… I’ll stop here for now. Like I say, I will make another blog post tomorrow morning. Just have to pick one of the notepad files to finish off first! *grins* Probably the one about football, leave the politics one until the evening. In the meantime… Hope to see you soon!

Looking forward to four-days weekend!

Heya! Whew, it’s been a long and tiring week so far. I’m totally ready to have a nice long four-days weekend right now! Unfortunately, I’ve got one more day to go yet. *cries*

Why has it been so busy? Hmm… Well, I think it’s a combination of things that are happening. Obviously, one of the things is demand – there’s been a lot of demand from various people for things that need to be done, and almost all of it has been coming in at the same time. Which is fine, if it wasn’t for the ridiculous time frames that some of them are asking for it to be done by. *smh*

The other reason is resources. I’d posted on twitter that I’d heard – this week – that our longest-serving developer, who’d been there for 8 years, is leaving at the end of April, so naturally at this time he’s more or less being winded down from taking on development work, and he’s being asked to pretty much write up and document everything that he’d been working on. Especially since he’s basically the guy that’s been doing all the .Net and website-based work… Fortunately, we do have people who are capable of picking it up when he goes. And our contract developer is leaving today (Thursday), so we’re going from having 5 developers to 3. And I’m gonna be the longest-serving developer. *shakes head* Honestly, I really dun feel like I’ve been there for that long (and it’s only been a couple or so years).

But also the development team has been asked to help out the frontline team which deals with getting data from the databases, etc, and doing calculation work and making reports out of them (excel spreadsheets and so on), and the frontline team, ever since December, has been short of resources themselves, so at least one developer every week has been helping out the frontline team.

…Yeah. Time and resources, like I say. Bit of a mess. There is supposely less demand coming in in the next couple or so weeks, but… I’ll believe that when I see it.

I think it’s safe to say that the company is going through a bit of a hard time at the moment – not getting rid of people, but they’re not replacing people when they go unless absolutely necessary. And it’s currently unknown when that will change round… *shrugs*

Personally, I just try to keep my head down and not think about that kind of thing too much. But hopefully it will get a little bit less ridiculous. Take yesterday, for example… At the start of the day, I had one thing to do – some testing for another developer – and I was expecting it to take me at least a few hours yet. By mid-morning, I was asked to do another two pieces of work – one development, one testing – and then just after lunchtime, was told to stop what I was doing and test this urgent piece of work that need to be done before end of day. And that piece of work was really messy, took me ages to unravel it. Thankfully, the code was (once it was unravelled) fine and worked okay. Otherwise… Yeah, no.

Oh, and while I was doing that urgent piece of work, was asked to get some extract output out to another person by end of day and given yet another piece of development work during that same afternoon. *smh*

…Yeah, like I say… Ridiculous. *sighs* When I go in this morning, I’m gonna have to put together a list of what I need to do and arrange it in terms of priority. Not gonna be able to do all of them today, but I dun think I need to, anyway. I do have something set up so I can see at a glance what I’m supposed to be working on, but I need to go look at it and rearrange it, because yesterday, I was having to add them all on to that list without ordering it. *lol*

And there’s been times that I just wish I could get up and not worry about that kind of thing anymore. *grins* I definitely wanna be a writer… Working for myself, kind of thing, no need to worry about money or anything… That would be wonderful. And I can take breaks whenever I want to, and just relax and unwind. It’s telling that this week, I’ve been having more headaches than I have had in past weeks. Stress, that’s what it is… :/ I can handle the job load, I can just add it to the list and work my way through it, but when you get given a half-dozen of them and told some of them are to be done within the hour or whatever… Yeah.

Never mind… Just have to believe that things will change and will get better – and they have been in many ways, I gotta say. Just gotta keep moving on.

The four-days weekend… Yeah, I dunno how many countries do this – I know the USA don’t – but here in the UK, we have Good Friday off, and because Easter Sunday’s on the weekend (obviously!), we also have Easter Monday off. I know the country’s getting less religious, but thankfully we are keeping these two days as bank holidays days.

And what do I plan to do over that lovely, lovely four-days weekend? Well… Got a bit of housework to do. *lol* (Always the case, I know!), but outside of that… Relax, play games, and hopefully I’ll do some writing as well – not stories, but I’m hoping to do some more work on the background and mythology of “Yore!”.

I’m definitely not going anywhere except the shops this weekend. Everyone will be out on the roads, and everything will be packed. *shudders* I’d rather stay home and relax rather than trying to get somewhere or find space to relax in amongst all the rest of the horde that are doing the same thing.

Despite the headaches and everything else – including the struggle to sleep properly (again) – I actually feel good. Like… I’ve got things that I wanna do, and while some of them are temporarily on hold, they’re still there for me to do, and I’m looking forward to getting on with them. And, I’ve not heard anything new, but the house-purchase is still ongoing, and if it keep on going in the same way… Should get it fairly soon. Hopefully, in May, and then I can get out of this place with its horrible neighbours and into what I hope will be better for me. Certainly gonna get more sunlight, I know that!

It’s a struggle right now, but… There’s a lot to look forward to, and a lot to be happy about. See you soon!

Retail therapy? Yes please!

Heya! How goes things? Here… *ughhhh* *lol* The past few days – nearly a week now, actually – have been ridiculously busy, both at work and outside work. And, to be honest, I was kinda getting under the weather over it all. And I realised that when I started looking at buying yet more notebooks – for some reason, I seems to have a… problem… when it comes to notebooks. I have like, nearly a hundred of them! *blushes* And when I’m feeling down, I have this kind of feeling that, if I buy the “right” notebook, I would just sit down and write, write, write. *shakes head*

Thankfully, I spotted it, and thought, “hang on…” and decided to do something else. So. This evening, after work, I basically headed straight back to the flat and just sat down, got my stuff together, and started writing about what I’d need to do (things like house stuff, bills stuff, family stuff and so on… Hardly anything for me specifically at the moment!) and when I should do it by. And even now, I’ve crossed a couple of things off the list already. Which is good! And writing this will allow me to cross another thing off the list (seriously trying to aim to do this at least once every 2-3 days…)!

Work… *shakes head* It’s busy for the wrong reasons, quite honest. I’m stuck doing development work – which is a good thing, preferable to doing more testing work – but the problem with the development work I’m currently doing is… Well, it’s not really been thought through by the client or the analyst. So… I’m doing what I can, and I have to say, I have a feeling that a fair amount of what I’ve done – probably nearly 75% of it – is either gonna be rewritten, or given the SQL version of ripping up and starting all over again. *rolls eyes*

I think the code works, and I think I’ve done it as well as can be expected all things considering with the slightly vague requirements and half-put-together specifications as they stand, but… Yeah. Kind of stresses me out a little bit, because I dun want to feel like I’m wasting my time (although, to be fair, I think most jobs are basically a waste of time…) with things that might not even be required or used in the end. And I definitely dun want to basically have to start all over again when people figures out what they want it to do.

…I know, I know… This is basically what IT development work is, but ehh… That’s why I’m a writer in an IT development role. I’m not a developer with a side-order of writing! *grins*

Come on guys… Someone give me a writing job! *hee*

But anyway… Yeah. Things have been a little bit stressful and a bit down right now. So… Tonight, I’ve decided to do some online retail therapy – and joy of joy, the spring release of Lego Elves season 3 is out today! *orders the lot* *grins* I know I ain’t gonna get it until next week, but… Mmm… Elves, Elves, Elves… I loved the first two seasons, and I’m just so stoked to get the spring releases.

Although there’s a very heavy Labyrinth influence on the new season, and I know I ain’t the only one to notice that. Saying that, though, I’m glad Lego decided not to give the Goblin King an extra pair of socks to put down the front of his trousers…!

I had a few problems with the Lego website, though… For some reason I kept getting “unexpected error”, and since I remembered that their e-mail helpdesk was next to useless last time, when I was trying to order a holiday train to add to the winter village collection I have – basically, the advice was “clear your computer’s cache, if that fails give us a call” – handy advice for a deaf girl, isn’t it?? *smh* So, this time round, I decided to try and see if I can work out what was going on.

Anyway, long story short, it turned out that the Lego website, in their infinite wisdom, decided that you must give them a phone number. Way to be discriminatory, guys! Thankfully, I was able to get round it by putting in a bunch of 0s. *smh* Just… Bleh, seriously? As long as you got one form of contact, like e-mail or something, that’s all you need. You don’t need to make everything compulsory!

Okay… Gonna stop here for now. I’ve been away from twitter for a while, and I’ll probably be away until maybe the weekend? But I will try and write again on Friday or something! Right now… Gonna go cross off at least one more item off the list, and get that down to manageable levels! See you guys soon!

Hectic week


How goes things? Wow, I gotta tell you, it’s been a really hectic time at work this week. At one time, I was basically doing testing work on three different things at the same time. Plus, development work on another thing entirely when I had a few minutes to spare… *smh* Like I say, I dun mind being busy at work, just kind of… well, okay, I’m moaning a little bit! *hee* But it would be nice if it was all spread out a little bit more. Like, allow me to test one thing at a time, and do the development work that I need to do, not have everything dumped in my lap all at once!

Ideally, I wouldn’t be doing that much testing either, but… That’s the way it goes. *shrugs* Things have been a little bit busy that even the testers – the ones whose jobs are primarily testing work – have been asked to do development work, and of course, because they’re doing some development work… *lol* Yep, you guessed it!

It’s all a bit of a mess I’m afraid. Dunno why, really, but guess it’s just the way things have basically been building up to. Hopefully people (well, those in management duties) will be able to get things settled down a bit and the right people will be doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Outside work… Well, my knee’s still giving me problems. It’s been clicking a fair bit over the past few days. It’s looking like I’m gonna have to go and get it scanned after all, but… *shakes head* Honestly, most of the time it’s fine, and I can stand on it – like on that one foot – and everything else fine, so… I dunno. Course, it may be associated with the fact that the stress of the past few weeks and everything has been seeing me slip somewhat over my eating habits. *sighs* Yep. Been eating more junk food than I should again…! But that ends today! *puts foot down* From now on, back on diet plan, back to eating properly! *firm nod*

…Wait, why are you guys already placing bets on when I slip up again?? *crosses arms, going “humph!”* You’re mean! *grins*

But, no seriously… I think the sooner I start dropping my weight – and keeping it off – the better it’ll be for my knee and all. And if that doesn’t help then, yeah, I’ll go speak to doctor and arrange to get a scan or whatever for the knee.

I should write up, as well, an exercise plan for the knee and all… I mean, I’ve got one from the physiotherapist that I saw last year… Somewhere… *look around the room, at scattered pieces of paper all around* Maybe? *grins*

(I know, I know… I need to become more organised. I’m aiming to do that this weekend, just start to sort out some of the papers around the place and all…)

But yeah… Once I find that plan, I’ll get back to doing those knee exercises and everything. That’ll also help me with getting back to doing some other basic exercises as well, stomach and all, just to get my body a bit fitter. 🙂

STOP PLACING THOSE BETS!! I’ll prove you guys wrong, just wait and see! *tosses hair and walks away*

*grins* Okay, okay…

The house-buying is progressing. I presume. I’m getting a surveyor to just give the house an once-over – I’m not expecting there to be any problems, but like people say, always better to be safe than sorry, right? I’ve made a choice of who I’m getting in – although, to be fair, he was the only one that replied to my e-mail. The other one I’d e-mailed didn’t get back to me, and there wasn’t any out-of-office reply or anything, so dunno why they decided they didn’t wanna get back to me…

But yeah… Outside of that, like I said before, it’s basically all with solicitors now. I dunno how long it will take, but pretty sure it’ll be a few weeks yet before I get to sign any contracts or anything like that.

So… Yeah. Like I say, busy week, so I’m definitely looking forward to when I get back from work tonight… Just to have that nice weekend break from work and all… Bliss!

Haven’t really been playing any games lately. Just not really been in the mood to do so. *shrugs* Well, apart from the usual three tablet games anyway. Hopefully I’ll be getting back into things soon, especially now that the whole house thing is more or less in other people’s hands.

Same with my writings, actually. Maybe not this weekend, but hopefully from next week, weekend, that kind of thing, I’ll be getting back into doing my writings. My imagination’s overflowing a little bit at the moment! *grins*

Okay, gonna stop here for now. Hope you guys are doing okay, and I’ll write again soon!

The weekend and Career choices

Heya guys! How goes things? Me… Just soo glad it’s the weekend. Honestly, the week at work was not fun. I was basially loading in files so other people can do development work. Well, that, and I actually did some development myself, but the tester was having problems because of differences between development server, test server and live server. And guess who had to try and do something to fix that…?

Yep. Me. *lol* Actually, after checking and discussing with the project manager and all, turns out there was little for me to do. Basically, because it’s a bug fix, we’re only really interested in getting it live as soon as possible, so we were going on the lines of “if it’s not happening on live environment, we don’t care.” *grins*

But what was worse than work was the commute to and from it. I dunno why, but Thursday and Friday, it just seems like there’s been more than a few idiots who drank too deeply from the moron juice. I even had to brake very very hard to avoid hitting a brainless dunderheaded dolt with a side order of stupidity, moronity, and idiotity mixed in, who thought, “Hey, I’ll just pull out of this side road right in front of this car…” *smh* A single fraction of a second later, and my car would’ve been in the side of his van. Honestly… *sighs*

The sooner I get away from this place and those roads between where I currently live and where I work, the better. Although I know it’s probably trading one set of idiots for another, but at least the roads from the place that I’m hopefully getting (it’s now with solicitors, no contracts’ been signed or anything, so we’re still a few weeks away from that…) are slightly better, there’s a few dual carriageways, and so on… So hopefully won’t be anywhere near as bad as the ones I go along now.

But that’s by the by… (*frowns* You know… I have no idea where I heard that phrase before… I must’ve picked it up from a book or something?)

Umm… Yeah. Anyway. What I actually wanted to write about was something that I saw in an twitter exchange between two ladies that used to follow me, and now neither of them do. *lol* Dunno why, maybe it’s my online campaigner rants? *grins* I certainly didn’t say anything bad about either of them…

But… The twitter exchange that I saw was about one person’s… choice of career, if you like. Basically, she’s working as an escort and the other one was a little critical of her choice. If you like.

And that got me thinking… Why do some career choices bring out such a reaction? AS far as I’m concerned – and I dun think this will really surprise anyone that really knows me – but…

Well… See, there’s absolutely no way that I could (even if I ever wanted to) be an escort (I’m pretty sure, even if I wanted to, that the lesbian escort market is kinda tiny…!), but I say, as long as you’re not getting pushed into it, that you’re not getting forced to do something you don’t want to do, and that you’re happy to do this, and that you’re happy to be classed as something like a “glorified prostitute”… Well, quite honestly, I say good luck to you. See… We’re all of us are different. In my case, the only things I had going for me is that I’ve got an imagination and like writing, and I had some skills with computer programming. So… You know, there weren’t that many options open to me. Same with other people. Some do manual labour, some are clever enough to become doctors, some are lucky enough to get away with conning people throughout their lives and become President of the USA, and so on. In the escort case, as she said, she’s not exactly book smart, and she is beautiful and she’s obviously thought about it and decided that she was okay with it, she was okay with potentially sleeping with a considerable number of guys and so on. So… You know, in that case, I say good luck to her.

It’s the same thing with some ladies going into webcamming. There’s these stories that I’ve heard where some few – and it is only a few, the vast majority don’t even get close to those levels – can earn $1000s in a single night. And, again, most of them will have thought about it, they’ve decided that they’re comfortable with going nude in front of hundreds, thousands, of people, and that they’re willing to accept the risk that their nudes will be saved and shared online with thousands more. And again, I say good luck to them.

Because the thing is… Most of them have made their conscious choice after (I hope) thinking about it, and as long as they’re happy to do what they do, and that they’re not getting forced into doing things they don’t want to do… That’s all that matters.

Because, well… We don’t really have many choices when it comes to earning money – most of us have to work to be able to afford to live. We can’t all be conmen, or sponging off their rich parents or anything like that.

Believe me, if I could quit IT right now, and be guaranteed that I can just write and earn enough with my stories and everything else… I really, really would. But I dun have that guarantee, so I have to stay working in IT for as long as I need to. But I’m working to change that round. Whenever I get the chance, I’m sitting down and writing. If I’m good and lucky enough… I’ll be in that position to change my career sooner or later.

So, no… I won’t pick on anyone for their career choices. I may not want to do it, but as long as you’re okay with it, that’s all that matters.

Boring and crazy week…

Heya guys! How goes things? I gotta tell you, this week has been both boring and crazy. Boring at work – most of the week was spent doing analysis work, which I know I can do – well, providing I actually have access to information. In this case, I didn’t have any, so I was basically working blind trying to work out how this whole system fits together. The SQL side of things, that’s relatively easy to work my way through – there’s only so many places where things get picked up and run and all that, after all – it’s the rest of it, outside. There’s at least a half-dozen external (to SQL) programs that calls particular parts of the SQL database, and from what I understand of it, some of the stuff is also external to the company as a whole, which means I have no way of being able to find out what they are, how they do it, the whole lot.


*shakes head* *sighs* I can do some analysis work, just like I can do some testing and the like, but I’m no expert. Still, thankfully, all the work I’ve done was then taken by the person who actually does analysis work for a living and he was able to write it all up and give me the start of the requirement specifications so I can start doing actual development work from Monday.

Just… Bleh. I think work has basically seen me put into the slot of covering for most positions in the development team. Not brilliant, but willing to actually give it a go, I think. Which is… well, a mixture, I imagine. In a way, it’s good that they’re asking me to do these things, but in another way, the fact they’re asking me means that I’m definitely not the first one that they thinks of when it comes to deciding who’s doing what… *lol*

Anyway… That was the boring bit. The crazy bit is that I made an offer on the house I went to see last weekend, and it got accepted. So, I’ve been e-mailing and going round to bank and estate agents and all to get things in motion. About the last real bit that I need to do in this initial phase is to get the information off to the solicitors and… Then it’s just a question of letting them get on with it.

No clue when I’m actually gonna get the house (or even if I will – yes, the offer’s been accepted, but there’s a long way to go from accepting the offer and exchanging the money…) but at the moment, I would guess it might be April at the earliest? These things do take time, after all…

But yeah… Until the transfer’s definitely taking shape, not gonna try and think about how I’m gonna set everything up. Dun wanna build it up and have it taken away from me.

This weekend, I’m gonna be filling in all the forms the solicitors sent me and sending it back. Hopefully it won’t take me too long to do… Forms… Have I mentioned how much I hate filling out forms? *lol*

Gotta wonder how I get through life don’t you?? 😀

Never mind… It’ll all get sorted out in the end. And, like I say, I’m gonna take my time over the weekend.

Anyway… I’m tired, and cold. I’m gonna go snuggle up in bed and have an early night. Write again soon!

Happy New Year!

Heya guys! How goes the first couple days of the New Year for you? Mine, honestly, it’s been fairly relaxing so far. Been spending a fair bit of time writing – but only video games guides, nothing story-wise. But they’re progressing really well – my last word count was almost 10,000 words. You can tell my guides are probably gonna be ridiculously long! *hee* But hey… I dun care, like I said before, it’s not like Imma gonna be showing them to anyone else. It’s just for me, and it’s nice to be able to just tap away at the keyboard and work out exactly how I’m gonna be writing it.

And you know something? By doing all this, my mind’s basically at the same time just clicking away at stories. I’ve written down (on paper) a couple of brief ideas. Whether I’ll do anything with them is a different matter altogether, but again… The fact that I’m working on them, and working on how I put things together as well – even something like a guide can help you work out how to construct things – I think it’s a good start.

Obviously, the main intention’s really to work mostly on creative stuff rather than guides and the like, but… For now, I’m happy with how things are going. And I am (so far, although it is only the second day! *grins*) sticking to my aims, especially the one about writing every day.

Sadly, today also marks the end of the Christmas break from work. Yep… Tomorrow, I head back to the drudgery of IT development coding and everything else, dealing with cold office spaces, annoying people, and long commutes… Fun(!) *lol* Never mind. That’s the way things are right now. It’s up to me to make the changes that I wanna make to my daily life, and I’m slowly working my way towards doing just that.

If I was to make an unofficial aim, I would say it would be to leave IT development work behind me permanently by the end of this year. Is that possible? Well… Honestly, who knows? The best way to look at it – in fact, I think it’s probably the only way – is to do what you can to make the changes you want to make in your life, to improve your life, and let everything else handles itself. In my case, because I’m a Christian, I would say, do what you can, and let God handle the rest, but I think it’s fairly applicable, whatever you believe in, or not believe in, as the case may be. Some people will say the religious figure of their life, some will say, “With luck”, some will say “let the Universe handles it”, and so on. Whatever you leave it to, I think there’s always gonna be something that’s basically… Kind of like, you need that something else extra to make that last step for you, if it’s not something that you can do by yourself.

Of course, I could be wrong, and I’d just need to talk to someone who knows about these things far better than I do to point the way forward for me, but I dunno who!

Anyway, so… My birthday’s coming up this Saturday. At the moment, I dun really have anything much planned. Probably head over to see parents, and hopefully spend time with friends and all, but by and large… It’s honestly not gonna be anything special. *shrugs* But then, I honestly dun expect it to be. The only good thing that I can say about it is… I’m in a much better mood than I have been so maybe this time round, by the end of the day I won’t be really down. *nods*

Comes of living on your own, really! *grins* I would’ve loved to have had someone to cuddle up with at the end of the day and all that… But that’s the way it goes! Maybe next time…! 😀

Thankfully, I do have Friday and Monday off as well, so I can have a birthday weekend, kind of thing. Just to kind of make up for the fact that daytime is still only something like 7 hours here… And it’s getting colder now. *smh* *wraps another layer over me* It always starts getting colder over January… I guess because it’s technically the middle of Winter. Even though the days are supposingly getting longer, it’s not that noticeable yet.

Hmm… What else? Well, I also tried out that “The Trail” game on the tablet. I can’t really make up my mind over it, to be honest. On the one hand… It’s a nice, fairly kind of relaxing game, but on the other hand… At one stage, most of the clothes that I was wearing in that game were near breaking point, and I had nothing to replace them with. *smh* I’m also kind of wondering if I’m supposed to be doing something a little bit different – like, am I supposed to be going back over previously walked stages and more or less “grind” for the basic materials and improve my crafting ability when it comes to clothes? Everything else is kinda secondary, it’s the clothes that I think need working on.

*shrugs* I dunno. I could just simply be over-thinking this. *grins* Either way, I dun think I’ll be spending that much time on it. It’s got promise, but… I dunno. Something just doesn’t click with me with that game.

Okay… I’m gonna stop here for now. I probably won’t be writing again until Wednesday or Thursday – I can imagine my first day back at work will be pretty tiring… *sighs* But whatever. Things will change! See you guys soon!