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More VN talk!

Heya! So good to be back posting again. My own fault, I had two half-finished blog posts (in notepad files!) waiting for me and I didn’t go back to them. Sorry about that, but I promise I will go back and finish those off probably tomorrow morning and tomorrow evening and there’ll be three posts (including this one) this weekend. And then…

Well, I realised that with the departures – we’ve got another person leaving the development team, and he’ll be leaving in July, to go with the one that’s leaving at the end of this month. And while people are saying we are gonna eventually replace the one that’s leaving in July, we’re still down to three developers in the whole development team. *sighs*

So… Undoubtably, I’m gonna be pretty busy every day at work right now, which means I’m gonna have to make doubly sure that I make the most of my time. Unfortunately, I did also have a bad headache on Thursday, which didn’t help. But Friday, and today… I’ve been getting on with things, and I feel good about getting on with it all.

Basically, I’ve got almost everything that was on my to-do list crossed off. And it’s only Saturday evening! *grins* Was almost expecting it to take until tomorrow morning before I could do it all.

Anyway… One of the things that I had to do – not that I particularly wanted to do it – was to transfer my VN data from the standalone AmeMix applications – Astoria and all that – because they were gonna close those applications down and just have LoveStruck around. The reason being, basically, they’re a small team and they felt they couldn’t really manage maintenance on three standalone apps and the main one that they’re working on now. And, to be fair, I can understand that. I dun know enough about game development to know how much maintenance work they need to do on standalone apps, but considering that Google and Apple are always improving their systems, I guess it probably makes sense that, at the very least, with every upgrade they need to make sure it all still work and everything else.

The good news is, since I first posted about LoveStruck, AmeMix has – very kindly, I thought – decided that the best way to allow those, like me, who bought those stand-alone apps in the first place would be to allow us to read those stories in one go and making whatever choice we want to make, with the need to spend tickets or “hearts” for premium choices. I tried it with another stand-alone app first (Castaway, in fact), before I risked transferring over my Astoria data, and thankfully it all works fine. I’m currently going through Medusa’s story. Again. For about the twelfth (had to look it up – didn’t think “twelveth” looked right…!) time. *hee*

It is different, there’s been a few minor modifications, and the way they handle the change from three sets of six episodes each (plus one free prologue) in one chapter to something like 19 episodes in one chapter means that you don’t get to see the meter that tells you whether or not you’re making the right choices for the passionate ending (if we still even have passionate or thrilling endings any more – I’m currently about two-thirds of the way through the first chapter, and those point of views are now a separate selection in the app) and the fact that you can’t pick to re-read individual episodes any more is a bit of a pain, but… That’s the way it goes. *shrugs* I’m just happy that I’m still allowed to just sit down and read my Medusa stories all the way through without having to wait for tickets or whatever to recharge.

I still don’t think I’m gonna be using the tickets or anything else for the other books – much as I’d like to read Aurora’s last chapter or Serena’s last chapter – because the problem I mentioned before still stands. But as long as I’ve got Medusa… That’s the one that I really really love. And I love being able to read it all. 🙂

What I would’ve suggested is that the developers of these VNs – not just AmeMix but Pixelberry Games and so on – allows the reader choices. In other words, to either be able to read it for free and spend credit for premium choices, -or- allow the read to pay a fixed price upfront and be able to read it all without having to wait or anything. I know if I had that choice, I’d be buying stories from both teams like a shot.

And some stories need that option. I got lost with a couple of Pixelberry’s stories, just couldn’t remember what was going on.

Ahh… I still wish Medusa existed for real. *grins* Oh well… One day, I’ll meet my own Medusa! 😀

Something else I’ve noticed… Every time I see one of those films or whatever that features Medusa, I’m like… “Leave my wife alone!” *lol* I knew… Hmm… Possibly when I was about 10 or 11 that the original story I’d read and seen on telly and all had been… amended… from what the apparent original version was (I say apparent, because we are talking about a story from over 2000 years ago, which had been amended and expanded upon probably numerous times), and since learning that, I had a lot of sympathy for Medusa. But after reading those stories… Yeah. I’m pretty much now completely on Medusa’s side.

I’ve never really been fond of the Greek Gods, especially Zeus, for fairly obvious reasons. I do sometimes wonder just why the writers of those mythologies decided to make the gods the way they were… But then again, those stories have lasted this long, so… Yeah.

Okay, well… I’ll stop here for now. Like I say, I will make another blog post tomorrow morning. Just have to pick one of the notepad files to finish off first! *grins* Probably the one about football, leave the politics one until the evening. In the meantime… Hope to see you soon!

I’m back~~~! And ranting about VNs!

Heya guys! I’m back! *grins*

Not that any of you missed me, I’m sure, you’re all probably just sat there, going, “Huh? Were you gone for a while?” and all that… Hmph!

*grins* No worries, I’m just glad to be back. The week at work and all just took much longer than I expected, and a lot more out of me than I thought it would. Technically, I was all finished with everything from about 3, 4pm yesterday (Sunday)? But I was so tired that I just went to bed and basically ended up alternating between sleeping and reading old Beanos. *hee*

But now, I’m all refreshed and everything! Just in time for probably another long week at work… *groans* *lol* Never mind. Hopefully, from now on, I can really keep everything going as I want it to, with this, and twitter, and everything else.

I had a weird dream overnight, though… I dreamt I basically woke up and as I got out of my room – thankfully, I was wearing a dressing gown and all – I saw people trying to get into my place (which isn’t this flat, nor is it the house I’m hopefully getting, but something larger, with a big garden and all that) before someone came up and pointed them to go somewhere else. Like, up the stairs and all. And then that person came in and started walking towards the kitchen, and I’m like, “Umm… Who are you, and what’s going on?” and he (yes, it’s a he. *shudders*) said he was one of the helpers for the party. I asked what party, and he said the party in the garden. And sure enough, I looked out and saw what was frankly a mess. I asked him why was there a party in my garden and why were people going into my place, and he said “Oh, didn’t you know?”… *smh* Needless to say, in the dream I got a bit annoyed and started yelling at him.

For future reference, should I ever be in the position to have a decent-sized garden and all that: No, I will not be having or allowing any parties to go on where it’s basically full of people I dun know. The only parties I’m gonna have is gonna be with ladies that I actually know. And even then, it’s going to be rarer than a blue moon!

Weird dream, though. People having parties and not even bothering to tell me. I’d be upset about that if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m more or less kind of used to that treatment. (Honest, too many times, I genuinely don’t know what’s going on with anyone…)

Something that I saw this morning, though, and which did upset me a lot, is the news that Voltage AmeMix are transferring all their stories to a single application called LoveStruck. Where you get tickets, tokens, keys, whatever it’s called, and can only read up to two chapters at a time before having to wait hours for those tickets to be renewed so you can carry on reading.

And if you do transfer your stories over, you won’t be able to read your stories whenever you like anymore. You won’t even be able to read specific sections of it anymore.

That is, by far and away, the worst option of all. I also read PlayChoices – like the Freshman, Endless Summer, and so on – and while I do enjoy the stories, I loathes the limited choices of being able to read them. There are times that I just want to be able to go back to specific sections, or re-read blocks to remind myself of where I’d gotten to, and I can’t. You either have to start off all over again, or just plough on and hope that you’re not forgetting something.

I loved the way that Voltage AmeMix were doing their stories. Pay for a specific story once, and you can read everything in it, whenever you want to. You can read specific bits of it whenever you want to. Sure, it’s not “free”, but I’d rather pay more upfront and be given that choice to read whatever I wanna read, whenever I wanna read, instead of having that choice taken away from you. Being restricted to useless “tickets” and only being able to read small blocks at once… No. Thank. You.

There’s been times when I’ve been debating with myself whether to stop or continue reading PlayChoices, because as much as I liked the Freshman or Endless Summer or whatever… I find myself sometimes just wishing I could go back and read specific chapters and I can’t. And far too often, I just wish I could buy the whole story in one go and just be able to read it all from start to finish in one block. And I can’t do that either. I could with Astoria: Fate’s Kiss, or Castaway! but with their – quite frankly, stupid dumb ridiculous decision to switch over to LoveStruck…

…*shakes head* I’m sorry. Much as I love @SailorScooby and as much as I wanna support her and everyone else that she works with (or for – she’s just a junior producer, and it wouldn’t be her choice to move to this horrendous method), and help to contribute to keep AmeMix going with their wonderful stories – and the same goes for PlayChoices and their wonderful stories – this doesn’t work for me. I can barely remember what’s going on with Freshman (honestly, half of the stuff that I’ve read over the past few weeks, I dun even remember the buildup to it, and I feel like I’m losing half of the story all the time) Endless Summer is worse, quite honestly. I dun even remember what’s going on any more. The only reason I’ve been going on with them is because I’m stubborn and wanna get to the end of it. But…

I’m sorry, it just doesn’t work for me. I need to be able to keep reading the story, to be able to go back and re-read specific sections, remind myself of what’s going on (or *blushes* because I loved certain parts of the story… *cough*), and the switchover to tickets… I can’t do it. I’ve been debating for the past couple months to stop reading PlayChoices because it’s not working for me. Only reason I haven’t stopped is because I’m stubborn and I love reading about Kaitlyn and Quinn and Estela and all those.

I’m just really really glad that I was able to get every one of the Medusa stories from Astoria: Fate’s Kiss before that switchover. Shame I’m not gonna be able to get to the end of Serena’s story in Castaway! or Aurora’s story in Gangsters, but… *shakes head* Like I say, I want to, and I wanna support AmeMix and all those people that write those lovely VNs, but… That sort of method of delivering stories just doesn’t work for me. And I can’t keep doing it, it’s not helping me.

I’m not gonna stop following @SailorScooby or giving her all the support I can, because I think she’s a genuinely lovely lady, someone that I love following and I love reading her views, pretty much most or all of which completely resonates with me and what I think (or seeing her retweets of beautiful cats! *grins*). It’s just that I just can’t work with the worst method ever of how to get people to read their stories anymore.

As for PlayChoices… *shrugs* Same thing. I’m probably gonna keep struggling through with Freshman (quite honestly, much as I love Endless Summer, I’ve lost track of what’s going on now, and to catch up I’d need to start all over again and read two chapters at a time before waiting like 4 hours for the keys to be refreshed to read another two chapters…) and hope that I can remember enough of it.

I just wish these companies would give us the choice to be able to buy the whole story and allow us to read the whole story in one block. You know, like how Voltage AmeMix used to with Astoria: Fate’s Kiss and all that?

But I’m just a lonely voice in a sea of “give us everything for free!”. I dun mind paying for things that I love, I dun mind buying stuff when I know it’ll support the companies, I just wish they’d pander to those of us that wouldn’t mind buying these stories and everything else as well as giving options to those who want things for free and dun mind or can cope with the worst method ever of releasing their stories.

The “library” dream is over… *grins*

Heya guys! How goes the week so far? Hopefully it’s all going really lovely for you!

Me… Well, work is work – so its normal fun-filled self *rolls eyes* *lol* – and these past couple of evenings, I’ve been casting an eye over some of the books I’ve got, trying to decide if I’m getting rid of them or not. At the moment, the number of books that might be leaving my shelves is closer to 100 than 50. *lol* I did say I had a goodly number of books…! (I’ve never actually counted how many I’ve got…)

But honest… I think – well, put it this way. I know my reading preferences has changed as a result of my depression – there’s a few fantasy / horror books that I’d bought with the intention of reading whenever, but nowadays, I’m just more into otome visual novels and the like. I will gladly read Astoria over and over and over again, rather than go to the shelf, pick out a book I hadn’t read, and read that. And right now, and it’s been this way for ages, I have absolutely no intention of taking those books I haven’t read down and reading them. And if I don’t think I’m ever going to, well… What’s the point in keeping them?

I know the fact that I have books that I haven’t read sounds a bit silly, but that’s the way it’s been for me. And who knows… It might also be the fact that I’m in my late twenties now, and I have been battling depression for a long time, on and off (we’re talking, like, from teenage years). And people’s tastes do change so… Yeah.

The other thing is, I’m not entirely sure I really want to have that much of a library any more. When I was younger, I had dreams of being able to have a room that I’d be calling my “library” with walls covered in shelves of books and a nice comfortable reading area, where I’d curl up into a corner seat, next to a window or light source and just read, letting the time past… And of course, my girlfriend would be right there, her head on my lap, or mine on hers, and we’d just be happy together.

And now… *shakes head* Well, after this, I’ll still have like three big bookshelves mostly filled with books but I can’t really see myself going out and buying that many any more. Not because I dun want to read – of course I do – but because I really do need to check everything out, and I gotta be careful. So that dream of having a “library” is over, quite honest. Maybe a writing area / library, but that’s probably the extent of that these days. Which makes sense, because if I’m gonna be referring to reference books every now and then for my stories, might as well have them in the same room as me, right? *grins*

I was actually at the bookshop this lunchtime – I was on my way back from the bank (I know, I shouldn’t be walking that much with this knee, but didn’t really have a choice…) – and I’d picked a book up because it seemed interesting, but reading the bit on the back made me think again, because I just felt it wasn’t something that I could read. And there wasn’t anything else that I thought looked interesting enough for me to grab.

Thinking about it, I’d need to count, but if I don’t include otome visual novels, I would say I’ve bought less than 10 books this year. Which is a massive difference – in past years, the number of books I’d buy would be much, much higher than that. (Which probably explains why I had so many books in the first place…! *grins*)

So far, about the only genre of books that I haven’t felt the need to get rid of is the mythological and ancient history section (Although those “ancient history books” are still more mythological than actual ancient history). And that, probably because of the fact that I sometimes refers to them when I was putting together my story universe. At the moment, the stories I’m writing aren’t really relating to the myths and legends of time past, but I’m sure they’ll be back soon enough!

Oh, and I picked out some more DVDs to get rid of. I had a bunch of DeathNote anime, and I wasn’t sure about them. Decided to put the first disc in last night, and try watching that… *sighs* *shakes head* It’s just not something that I feel good about watching any more. So those are on the out pile.

I’ve still got Chrono Crusade, Final Fantasy Unlimited, Noir and Madlax for anime, though. I still like them and can watch them! *lol* Dunno why those were fine and not DeathNote, but there you go!

…Well, if I had to guess, I’d say it’s because they have light or funny moments, or moments where there’s a pause. Take Noir, for example, it’s about two lady assassins, more or less, but there’s times where they just sit, have dinner, talk, paint, have tea in moonlight, that kind of thing.

I don’t remember seeing all of DeathNote in the past, but the four episodes I saw yesterday just felt relentless (despite the lack of any real action in the anime) and I just felt tired and down just watching those.

About the only hobby-style thing that I’ve kept everything of is video games. And even on my tablet I’ve got rid of a few because I got bored with them (although they are free ones, so… No loss there!). About the only games that I’ve got on there are like Pixelberry’s games (High School Story and Hollywood U) and a couple of others that I have every intention of going back to. Otherwise, apart from that, I’ve got three VNs – Astoria, Castaway! (both from Voltage USA) and The Freshman (PlayChoices – I have zero interest in any of their other stories so far).

But all the Spectrum and consoles games I’ve got, I’m keeping. I just need to hope that when I do get a wonderful, loving, caring, beautiful girlfriend, and we move in together, I can persuade her to let me have a retro corner for my old Spectrum and consoles…! *grins*

I’m sure she’ll have her own hobbies, though, that’ll require the use of a room of her own, but I won’t care in the slightest! 😀 As long as I can come in and put my arms around her and everything every now and then, anyway! *hee* (Yes, I’m daydreaming! I’m allowed! 😀 )

So… There you go. A little bit more about my changing hobby preferences! *grins* Sorry if it’s a little disjointed, I got kind of side-tracked a bit by the news that Sam Allardyce has resigned as England manager, which I gotta say is a bit of a shock. I means, yeah, he made a massive mistake, but I was still expecting him to just get a slap on the wrist, not lose his job as manager of England.

I dun really have any sympathy for him, though. I means, yeah, he got stung – and I thought sting operations like that by media organisations were illegal now – but he should have never gotten himself in that situation in the first place. The only sympathy I have for him is the fact that when he became England manager you could see the enthuasism he had for the position, and to have that taken away from him after only one match… Yeah. It’s sad.

…Anyway. I’ll see you guys later this week! Might be Thursday, might be Friday. Depends on what happens! *grins* Oh, and I’ve got the physiotherapist tomorrow lunchtime. I’ve got a fair bit to tell her about the knee. Not much good news there, but we’ll see what happens tomorrow. I’m sure she’s got other ideas to try and get rid of the problem… Hopefully ones that will do the job! *grins*

All refreshed and ready to go!

Heya! How goes the weekend? Yesterday… Honestly, I was just really tired all day long so I ended up having a very early night and just slept on and off all night long. And now… I feel much better and fresher for it. It does means I’d basically wasted a precious half-day of the weekend but… Sometimes, you dun really get a choice.

I’m fine, by the way. I know I was feeling a little… cranky… on Friday, on Twitter. *lol* But that’s to be expected. I feel better now after the whole rest and all.

Still, my knee also feel better – the physiotherapist put tape on the knee to try and stop the kneecap moving (because she believes that the kneecap is irritating the cartilage or ligament or whatever it is she said that’s below the kneecap. Which is why there’s still swelling even after over 4 weeks now), but unfortunately, the effect it had on my knee seems to have been the opposite. My knee just felt worse after the tape thing and it has been clicking and everything else so… Friday evening, after work, I took the tape off. It just wasn’t working. But the knee was still fairly painful so the plans I had to do yesterday – which was mainly housework and the like – was kind of put off for a while. The only thing I did do was shopping, and that only because I had to – there were no food left in the fridge or freezer or anything! *lol*

Please note, I’m not blaming the physiotherapist, she was doing what she thought would help. It just ended up that it didn’t help here. I’m still doing the quad muscles exercises that she recommended I do, and I’ll be seeing her again on Wednesday and hopefully there’ll be something else that we can do instead.

She also says that because of the fact that it seems to be below the kneecap, it is likely that it’s gonna be another six weeks before it’s finally healed. Which is not fun. *sighs* But whatever… It’s just something that I’m gonna have to put up with and try and do everything people tell me to do so that it’ll heal up quicker.

I did get some looks and some comments at work last Wednesday, because I wore a dress… *smh* Honestly, I know I typically wear tops and jeans when I’m working, but I’m still a lady! I still have some dresses, and it was obvious that I was gonna wear one so that the physiotherapist could get to my knee without any problems… Sheesh… I bet you anything, they’re going be doing the same thing this upcoming Wednesday!

Today, I’m certainly planning to do some housework – I want to clean up the place, vacuum the floor and everything else – but I’m planning to do it a little bit at a time – like, one room at a time, and then rest and read and try and work my way towards getting the passionate ending for Serena in “Castaway: Love’s Adventures” (the latest Voltage Entertainment USA otome VN) – yes, the same company that made Astoria: Love’s Kiss. At the moment, I’m not all that enamoured with Serena like I was with Medusa, but the story is, at the moment, certainly interesting. A bit of a mystery going on and all. I certainly can’t wait for the two remaining chapters to come out. (One’s coming up Friday, the other’s the Friday afterwards).

My aim is to try and work out how to get that passionate ending. I did everything the way I think I would’ve responded (well… As close as I could, anyway!), but I got to about two notches below the passionate ending so… *grins* Gotta work out what I need to change to get it. So I’ll probably be doing an episode in between cleaning each room at a time. *nods* Probably works out right, I think… 5 rooms, 5 episodes remaining… (I’d done prologue and episode 1 already) Yeah. 🙂

Am I gonna be writing a proper review for Voltage’s visual novels? Probably not… See… The problem is, I’m only remotely interested in dating the lady. I have no idea what happened when you date one of the guys, and I don’t particularly care to. From what I’ve heard, there are differences, but… *shakes head* Still not enough for me to… want to read about “me” kissing and having sex with guys. *shudders at thought* *lol* Sorry, guys, like I said before, I have no problems being friends with you, but anything more than that… Eww! This girl’s definitely not interested!

I will probably try and write about it judging from the ones that I did read. Because I really do love them and the lady that was the main cause of putting together those stories is someone that does deserves a lot more accolade because she had to struggle to get a lesbian (or as she would put it, “WLW” – which is “women (who) love women”, which would cover not only lesbians but also bisexual ladies) route added in her first VN for Voltage – Queen’s Gambit (which I haven’t read, and which is gonna be removed soon), and I think that she deserves it for helping to give us stories that we would genuinely be interested in.

In the past, there really wasn’t that many for lesbians, or at least I couldn’t find many, and now with people like her (I only know her as SailorScooby), we are starting to get more choices available.

And Medusa, I think, is just wonderful. I need more time to decide if Serena is also wonderful, but I’m sure by the time I get through the other two upcoming chapters, I’ll be loving Serena as well! *grins*

I am so looking forward to when the fourth book for Medusa comes out – still got a whole month to wait, though. I know there’s a short story coming up, with Medusa and Aurora, and a possible love dilemma, but… Like I said on Twitter, I am almost ridiculously loyal to those that I love, even fictional characters, so the thought of “cheating” on Medusa… I honestly dun think I could ever bring myself to do that. Course, I could be reading too much into it, and there won’t be any choice like that to make. *grins* I hope not, anyway, because I know if there is, I’m just gonna be picking Medusa all the time! 😀

I will probably try and write something else tonight – I know I kind of wrote about it on Twitter, but there’s been happenings with the Labour leadership challenge here in the UK, not to mention all the stuff that’s been happening with the #BlackLivesMatter movement in the USA and the UK and so on that I kind of feel like I’ve been slightly neglecting my online campaigner status a little bit! *grins* So, I think I’m gonna be writing about that tonight. But first… Gonna get some breakfast, get ready for the day and then start cleaning and playing Castaway!

Hope you guys are okay, and see you soon!

More Visual Novels!

Heya guys! Writing a little late tonight (or very early in the morning, whichever one you’d prefer! *grins*) – it’s currently, umm… Nearly 2am, on a Wednesday morning (it’s not Tuesday any more!) and thankfully, I dun have work tomorrow – I took the day off because I have to go and see the dentist for the bi-annual check-up. Not expecting anything worse than a clean and bit of plaque removal – I’m lucky in that I’ve never had any problems with my teeth (so far!) and I haven’t had any complaints in the mouth department (apart from the usual problems that most people get occasionally… you know, like biting your lip and all that)

Anyway, the appointment’s not until the afternoon, so… Yeah. I dun have to wake up early or anything, and… *looks sheepish* Well, to be fair, I kind of lost track of time. *hee* I was reading a VN called Astoria, and playing the Medusa path – which, obviously, is the only path I’m even remotely interested in… *grins* – and… Yeah, it’s confirmed. I am a complete and total and utter hopeless romantic at heart. Not that I think that’s a surprise to anyone that’s been reading my blog or twitter for any length of time…!

It really is so nice to imagine that there’s someone like Medusa out there, just waiting for me to walk into her life and all… Although… I will say I’d rather just have a nice straightforward romance with her instead of having to worry about investigating gods and monsters and the like… *grins*

…Although I have to say, my main story Universe – which I’ve put on the back-burner, but not discarded or anything (I still intends to come back to that sometimes…) – does have their fair share of supernatural beings, so I’ve obviously done a fair amount of research and writing background and information about a lot of them – including the Medusa of Greek mythology. A far cry from the Medusa of the story, I must say!

But yeah, point is… All the things that the main character and Medusa gets up to when they’re together – whether it’s in the bookstore, going out for meals, or staying in together… That’s what kept me tapping away at my tablet eager to read the next bit.

Is it a good story? Well… I know I tends to cry at the drop of a hat, and that’s been the case ever since one of my depression attacks some years ago, but… Yeah, I did have tears going down my face. Mostly happy tears, don’t worry!

…I also tends to get a little bit obsessive over certain things from time to time. There’s been many a time when I’ve obsessively compulsively pored through books or sat down and played a game non-stop, or… *sheepish grin* well, you know, gushing about this or that lady I’ve seen (I really do wish I had more confidence in myself to actually go talk to them, seriously… One day, I promise!). A few days later, and I’m kind of back to my normal self, as in, not obsessing or gushing about that, maybe something new, but whether there is or isn’t… I do tends not to stay in that mood for long. And, yes, my current obsession is over Astoria and Medusa. I couldn’t wait to get back from work and snuggle up in my chair and read more about Medusa and everything else. Plowed my way through book 2. *grins* No, honest, about the only break I had reading that book was to draw curtains and turns on the light.

I’ve finished book 1 and 2 now. There’s one more book to go, which I think will be done later today (Wednesday), and then after that… Well, it’ll stay on the tablet until I wanna read it again – and I’m pretty sure I want to. I did see an upcoming post in-game (they give you quite a bit of spoilers in their text…) about possible future releases, and the latest one said that book 4 is going to be about you expecting a baby. Well, I guess with 5 possible guys and only Medusa being the only lady you could choose to date, I suppose they thought they should go that next step, after what’s happened in book 2 and what I can see from their spoiler descriptions for book 3.

How that would work with Medusa, though… *shrugs* I dunno. Maybe a sperm donor or possibly an adoption. Be interesting to find out.

Edit: Okay, I’ve finished book 3 now. I’d read most of it in the bath… And if you really need any further proof that I can get so lost in a story I forget my surroundings… *sheepish look, biting my lip* When I put the tablet down, I’d suddenly realised that the bath water was cold. *lol* Checked the time, and believe me, you do NOT want to know how long I’d been in there…! *grins* I really did love the story so much, though… Being with Medusa and everything… My heart ached at times and leaped for joy at other times. I don’t want to give anything away, but trust me, it was wonderful.

I’ve read a few VN books by now. Some good, some… not so good. And what’s surprising is the differences in what you get. I’ve read VNs that were completely free and accessible right from the start. I’ve also read VNs that were mostly locked until you pay – and there’s different methods about those too. For example, the simpliest is a straightforward payment to unlock the whole story, there’s a payment to unlock individual books, chapters, whatever you want to call them. And then there’s those that are free, but gives you only a couple of tokens to open the next chapter with at any one time, with renewal phases typically being around 4 hours for each tokens.

…Honestly, I find the token thing a little restrictive. Especially if you can’t go back and read previous chapters again, after already getting that far. I find it more of a struggle to keep everything straight in my head with those.

For example, I’ve read the romance stories (as far as they’ve gotten, anyway) in Choices, and you have to wait 4 hours for each token renewal, with a maximum of two. Considering that the romance section has 20 chapters – including the special date one that I went on, with Kaitlyn – that’s a few days to wait to read everything again.

The one that I’ve been struggling to read currently is from the same company (Voltage Entertainment USA) that made Astoria – Kisses and Curses – and you get a maximum of 5 tokens, plus any that you might want to pay for (or occasionally get for free), but each chapter in the story costs between 2 and 5 tokens themselves. So you’re not exactly getting much of the story in any one go.

If I had to choose a payment option, I would go for the flat fee that unlocks everything within the VN. I wouldn’t choose the multi-pay platform. I have decided to pay for those books / chapters individually when there wasn’t any other option (Astoria and LongStory, for example), but… It’s not something I’d choose to do, and I would certainly think carefully before going further with those stories locked by that payment method.

LongStory, though… I think it got it pretty right that payment method, if they had to do it that way. While the bulk of the story is generally the same, you do have those moments with your choice of romance option, and you don’t have to pay anything extra. Everything related to that book / chapter / etc is all included.

Astoria… I don’t think has it quite right. I willingly paid for it, but I certainly think it’s probably a bit too expensive, in the long run. Thankfully, I’m just sticking with Medusa. I’d shudder to think how much it would be if someone paid for all six options…

While I’m levelling criticism at Astoria, can I just say that the body shapes of the characters looks a little out of proportion? The torso area seems to be a little too elongated. The artwork for Kisses and Curses is better, but like I say… The method chosen to release the story – while free – is sometimes a little hard to remember by the time you’d get enough tokens to unlock the next section. And there’s no way to go back and re-read them either. Probably not until the end of the story. We’ll see. But yeah… It’s hard to keep track of it.

Okay, I’m starting to get a little drowsy. Gonna post this and then try to get a couple hours’ shut-eye before getting started on Book 3 of Astoria.

Hope all’s going well and I’ll write later!

Rearranging flat and LongStory

Heya guys! How was your weekend? Hopefully not too bad. Mine was… Tiring! *lol* I’ve been doing a lot of DIY and DDIY (Do it Yourself and Destruction Do It Yourself!). As I mentioned, I’ve gotten a new bed and a new chair. But of course, to get them in, I had to get rid of the old bed and settee first. The old bed was fairly simple-ish to break apart, but the settee was horrendous. I spent more time on getting that settee apart than I did the bed, even with my dad’s help. *smh* I think it’s because a bed is basically a box thing, while the settee got all those curves and everything, so… Yeah.

And yes, I was careful. A few bruises, but by and large, I’m fine. I just hope that next time I do something like this, it’ll be considerably easier…!

Anyway, the new bed and chair arrived and I managed to do the simple DIY to do the simple assembly required (ie, for chair, I had to put the legs on) so… It’s all done and sorted now. Yay… Well… Mostly yay. *sighs* I couldn’t put the plastic feet on the bottom of the bed properly. The instructions say I need a mallet to do that… I don’t have one. *smh* So… Probably do that next weekend, I should be able to ask my dad if I can borrow his.

And then come the moment that I had to start putting everything back. I’ve done most of it, there’s a couple of things left, but, again, best to sort out the bed before I do those bits.

It turned out, by the way, that the extraction fan in the bathroom has also stopped working. Typical…! Never mind, I’ve contacted the landlord, and he’ll send someone round, hopefully next weekend, to get that fixed.

Talking about landlords, as it were, I gotta say I’m kind of shocked at some of the rules in different countries with regards to landlords and the like. For example, I was chatting with this lady in the USA some months back, and she said that the rules that she got is that the landlords are basically allowed to enter the flat she rents almost any time during the day, and they just come in to do a check – make sure you’re not making the place a dump or something, and make sure all the stuff (ie, electrical, etc) is working.

Which, I guess, is fine, but I cannot believe that they can just basically walk in at any time. Here in the UK – certainly with mine, I need to have at least 24 hours notice from landlord before they can come in. There are exceptions – for example, should I need emergency work to be carried out – but in those cases, the person renting the place – ie, me – is expected to make that first contact. And even then they will give you a quick notification before they actually come in.

That’s a huge difference. But that’s not the first time I’ve been astonished at how different the rules are between the UK and the USA…

In other news, you might’ve seen on Twitter that I was getting all excited about the new episode of LongStory, the VN on the tablet – I know it’s definitely there for android (as that’s the one I use), and I believe it’s there for the iOS as well. It is definitely well worth a read, the only problem some people might have with it is that, apart from the first episode (which is free) you’d have to pay something like $2 for each episode. Honestly, I think it’s well worth the price, but others may not feel that way.

The reason I like LongStory is that it is a game that is LGBT+ friendly. You don’t have a totally free choice in what your character looks like (although you could choose between a feminine or masculine look – in the picture above, the girl in middle with grey and red top and black skirt is one of the two options, and obviously the one I choose!), but you can go by whatever pronoun you wish, and you have a choice of 5 characters to date – they could be two guys, two girls and one that you (currently) only see in a turkey costume (Yes, really, a turkey costume). There is also the suggested possibility that you could maybe end up with a sixth one, but I’ve not seen that confirmed anywhere (and honest, I’ve never tried).

In other ways, the storyline(s) that I’ve been following so far suggests it’s basically your fairly typical US high school drama kind of thing. There’s nothing wrong with that, but the lure of the game is really just how free you are to date whoever you like and in some ways how you react to people.

Anyway… If you’ve seen twitter, you’ll have noticed that I was getting all excited about the end of the sixth episode. Anyone who’ve seen LongStory tumblr will probably be able to guess what the end was, but to be fair to those who haven’t, all I can say is “NORA!!!” I was genuinely excited by that ending. I’m just so glad that my first choice (which I made way back at the start, before I’d even bought any of the other episodes) was always Nora, definitely.

I guess one of the reasons I like the Nora route the best is because, like Nora, I used to be a shut-in myself. I’m not quite so bad now – the fact that I’m blogging and tweeting a fair amount is helping me to open up more and everything – so I suppose in a way, it kind of reminded me of myself. Not in a narcissist way, I hasten to add! But I think Nora, if she existed in the real world, and I would’ve gotten on really well together.

Sadly, and I don’t know how much difference the choices would’ve made, but the Abby route (the other of the two ladies that you could choose to date) didn’t go very well for me. I’ll probably try again another time, but I can’t see how it could be much different to the way it went for me.

Oh well. I imagine I’ll find out sooner or later! See you soon, guys!