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Politics and perverts

Heya! So, after what was, frankly, a bit of a mixed day – not helped in the slightest that while I was sitting in my car at lunchtime, these two white folks (a guy and a lady) decided they they wanted to come along and basically stare at me for some time. It feels like minutes, but it probably wasn’t that long. I was not happy about that, or the fact that they decided they’d stand there and basically perv at me. 😐 Thankfully… I had a top and jeans on, so there was no chance of them seeing boobs or ass or anything else that I definitely didn’t want them to see (and saying definitely because, given the choice, I wouldn’t’ve wanted them to even see me in the first place…!) But honestly, I dunno why anyone would think it’s a sensible thing to do, going round and pretty much peeping at people in their cars. *smh* Felt like they were basically treating me as if I was a zoo animal, or one of those peep shows girls or something. I’m just thankful that I had a car window between me and them.

Not the first time something like that happened, and I’ve had occasions where a guy’ve basically followed me for some distance – and seriously guys? Not a good idea. Not even close to anything like a good idea. In fact, as ideas go, this is pretty much on the level of winning a Darwin Award.

Talking about stupidity, I’ve been seeing a lot of people pretty much all saying that “45” is incredibly stupid with his reaction to what’s happening with the monuments to Confederates personnel and what he’s been claiming with regards to Charlotteville.

In some ways, I don’t think so. I think where “45” has definitely been stupid is showing his hand too clearly and too fast. I think pretty much everyone that voted for him to be the president of the USA knew exactly who they were voting for, and they saw it as a chance to – in their blinkered eyes – get some “white power” again. We all know that the USA (and not just the USA, a lot of countries have this same problem, but the USA is probably a bit more out in the open) has a definite racist problem against black people – other non-whites, but mostly blacks. This trend of coming out in the open of being white and racist had been happening almost since Obama became President (yes, racism never went away, but I think the fact a black man became President kind of pushed them out into open), and I have heard that there were a lot of people – like “45” – who had a problem with him right from the start, simply because he was black. That whole “birther” movement was just one of the ways they tried to demean President Obama.

And before anyone else chimes in, it would’ve been the same if Obama was Asian or otherwise.

The problem that “45” had is that when he became president, he allowed his ego and his greedy grubby desire to come to the fore, and he showed a lot more plainly what he is, which is why he knows (and let’s ignore all his claims of fake news and everything else, he knows exactly what’s going on) that he reached too far and let his true debased self show.

Some people are asking why “45” is apparently trying to start a civil war. The honest answer is that he _wants_ a war. Whether that’s a war with North Korea, or with those he doesn’t deems as “American”, he wants a war.

Because “45” is egoistic. He wants the whole world to remember him, to remember his name forever. He wants everyone to remember him 2000 years later, 10,000 years later just like we remember the name of Julius Caesar and so on. If that means destroying the USA, so be it. Of course, he’d prefer to turn it into a country where only the rich white men has any control, all reporting to him as Dictator-For-Life, and where he can freely exercise his own racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic views. Anyone that don’t meet his ideal – that of a rich, white male of the same viewpoint as his – can expects to be killed or enslaved.

Everything he does is to stoke his ego, to push his own rancid agenda forward, and to give him as much money as possible. Think it’s a surprise that he keep going to his own golf courses every weekend and spending as much time there as possible? Every time he does that, he’s spending taxpayers’ money and giving it to himself. He’s basically orgasming everytime he does that, he likes the idea of robbing everyone to top off his bank balance.

He showed his true nature very clearly, siding with the Nazis, but make no mistake – he cares only about himself.

And we have, over here in the UK, a definite problem with racism and xenophobism ourselves. I don’t think it’s remotely possible to deny that Brexit is mostly about the idea of British people – including a lot of those in Parliament – wanting to be isolated, separated from the rest of Europe, because they somehow feel themselves to be “superior” to the rest.

Spoilers, other British people: You’re not.

We even have our own version of “45” – Farage – except that unlike “45”, Farage did not get into the Houses of Parliament at all. Of course, once he managed to win a seat in the EU, he was all for robbing them of as much money as he could, and with all that money, plus what his daddy gave him, what does he do? He’s now semi-retired and living in… the south of France. An odd choice for someone who claims to be British and that Britain is far better than everywhere else… He’s even on record as saying should Britain fails to make Brexit a success, he’ll of course leave the UK. Not exactly the voice of someone who has the UK’s welfare at heart, is it? And yet so many people, so many times, fell for his racist hyperbole. And the media kept listening to him and giving him so much more airtime than he deserves. He should’ve been left an irritating voice squeaking away in the far distance, but instead he was allowed to go on TV and everything else and push his disgusting racist, xenophobic agenda on us.

Moving on… Our current Prime Minister, Theresa May, has once again shown just how weak a Prime Minister she really is. She condemns – rightfully – the Nazis uprising in the USA, but when asked to give her response to “45”‘s words, she refuses to do so.

Of course, we all know why. She knows that Brexit is basically going to be disasterous for the UK, and her best bet is to strike as favourable a trade deal as she possibly can with the USA, even if that does means the UK market will be saturated with low-quality food and so on. And in order to do that, she knows she has to keep “45” on her side.

We all knows this, but it still doesn’t make it right.

And there’s allegedly going to be yet another leadership challenge in the Tory party, with names like Rees-Mogg and Davis being banded about. Honestly, I wouldn’t trust anyone in the Tory party to be able to do anything good for the country. The fact that there’s still over 10 million people in the UK who thinks they’re the best party for the country tells you so much about how much brainwashing is going on daily by the right-wing media.

And the most major problem I have with the Tory party is that they are so desperate to privatise the NHS. They are like “45” and the Republican party – they firmly believes that healthcare is a privilege for the rich white males only, not a right of every human being. And it is my absolute worry that they will use some kind of excuse to privatise it. Whether that’s gonna be Brexit or the trade deal with “45” or something else… I dunno, but rest assured, they’re looking for any kind of excuse.

All we can do is keep resisting, and keep trying to get those that don’t deserve to be in power out of power. The snap General Election May called a couple months back was a good chance, but… All the right-wing media were hard at it, trying to keep the Tories in power. At the moment, we don’t really have any other options.

The USA does, in 2018, but they have to be careful. There’s no point in impeaching “45” – there’s no chance he’ll resign, his ego won’t allow it – if it means his VP becomes President. Because the VP is just as bad, quite honestly, and he’s shown he’s on the side of the Nazis as well.

I’m not really sure what else the USA can do – is there any chance of forcing an early election or something? – but one thing that every true American can and must do, and those of us around the world must do: Keep standing up and resisting those that would promote division, keep standing up and resisting against those that would give all the money and power and privileges to the rich white men, and give nothing to the rest.

And I’m never gonna stop standing and resisting along with everyone else who are against people like “45” and the others.

Another General Election…

Heya! Here’s a… well, it’s a bit modified from what it used to be. Originally, it was just a few paragraphs about the fact that we’re having another General Election, just two years after the last one, and the reason for it is – I think, fairly obvious – so that May can (as is sadly most likely) gets a bigger majority in Parliament while Labour are apparently “weak”, along with the fact that she knows she’s gonna mess up Brexit so badly that she thinks by being in Parliament a couple of years longer, everyone will forget about their massive mess.

Or if some other party came into power, the Tories will be satisfied with sitting back and watching the other party try to fix their mess. Either way, it’s fairly obvious that, to May and the Tories party, they think it’s a win-win for them.

And quite honestly, I find it sickening that they could be so callous about the whole thing. They’ve proven themselves over and over again that they don’t care about anyone but the 1%ers and they would rather see the whole country burns than do the right thing.

I really hope I’m wrong, but… *shakes head* I dun see that happening. With the Tories and their allies, UKIP, basically lying and deceiving everyone and pretty much controlling the media (from what I’ve seen, pretty much every newspaper and TV channel is basically giving all their support to the neo-nazis party…), it’s gonna be a long hard struggle to get anywhere.

Mind you, considering that those who owns something like 75% of the media outlets are affliated with the Tory party… It was always gonna be the case. The sooner we get rid of those… odious cesspits… and actually have people that will promote free thinking, the better.

And if you wanna see how bad it can get… Just look at what’s happening in the USA. I see “45” latest plan is to bully the USA to pay for the wall. A far cry from making Mexico pay for it, he now plans to get the US taxpayer to pay for it. When there’s far more important things to spend that money on. Flint, for example. But no, he’s too busy robbing the taxpayers to play golf on his own resorts and spending all the money he can on his own stuff. And there’s still something like 30% of Americans who still think he’s doing a fantastic job. I can only presume that consists of the rich white male 1%, and the other 29% are gullible morons who need directions as to how to spoon-feed themselves.

I’m moving to support the Make Votes Matters group. Because, as they’ve shown, the system we have of electing people means that sometimes… It doesn’t matter who you vote for, if enough people make the choice in the local area, that party will be the only representative in Parliament for the local area. Despite the fact that they might go in there with only 25% of people actually voting for them in the local area. And that’s wrong. We need to make sure that there is actual proportional representation in all levels, local and the whole of the UK. Otherwise… Well, as some people might say, what’s the point in voting if their vote won’t matter?

Everyone’s vote should matter. I dun care if it’ll means more coalitions. In fact, I’d probably welcome it, if it means that no party can be too powerful and maybe it’ll also means that we’ll have the chance to reins in some of the more extreme measures. You’ve only gotta look at the Tory party to see the point, with their snooper’s charter and everything else. They tried to do some of that when they were in the coalition government, but their junior partners refused to accept that – and quite right too.

Quite honestly, if it’ll stop the Tories from destroying the UK for the 1%ers, the better.

I haven’t decided who I’m gonna vote for yet. My head say I should vote for Labour, but… *shakes head* They haven’t got rid of that shadow of the war criminal yet. And he’s been talking out and saying he wanna go back into politics.

No. Just… No. If he comes back, he’s basically saying, “Vote Tories”. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out he actually is a Tory. The amount of time he seems to be wanting to pop up to destroy Labour… It’s really suspicious right now.

What I plan to do is, when I know who’s gonna run in the local area, I’m gonna try and find a comparison site of policies and pick one, depending on which one reasonates with me the most. It definitely won’t be Tories or UKIP, but anyone else is still up for grabs. I’m pretty sure that, in this local area, it’ll means Labour, Lib Dems or Greens. But we’ll see.

I’m just… tired and disgusted at just how obvious the corrupt Tories are trying to manipulate things to give them more power.

*sighs* Okay… I’m gonna stop here for now. Sorry it’s a bit of a downer, but… Just… Anyway. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully the week ahead will be a good one for us all, and I’m certainly aiming to try and write about other things throughout the week, instead of just on weekends! *grins* See you soon! 😀

Politics just gets worse…

Heya guys! How’s things going? Hopefully all’s going okay with you, even with all the disasterous news going on all over the place. Well, apart from some good news from Romania, where the people have protested against the government’s desire to save themselves from being charged with corruption…

If only we could do the same over here, and over in the USA, right? I’m actually really saddened by the latest human rights crime committed by the Tory party here in the UK. Deciding to stop letting in unaccompanied children after only 350 were let in – a far cry from the 3000 or so that they were “promising” at one time – well… Just disgusting, really.

I also applaud the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow from saying that he would not invite “45” – I saw a really good tweet that made some actually really good suggestions about what’s to do with the events going on in the USA right now, and I’m gonna try and incorporate as many of those as I can, because I think it’s really important that we protest and make it abundantly clear that we are holding everyone at the Republican party for the actions of their current leadership. And the longer it goes on, the more everyone in the Republican party will realise that they have consistently done the wrong thing for most everyone in the USA. Apart from the rich white men, of course. But there’s a lot of people who aren’t rich, and a lot of people who aren’t white, and a lot of people who aren’t male. A lot more of those than the rich white men group.

Anyway, yes… I applaud John Bercow for saying he will not invite “45” to speak at the Houses of Parliament. But it is really telling that the people in Parliament that supported that statement are those that aren’t from the Tory party. Which tells you exactly what the Tory party holds dear.

And it’s not human rights.

No matter what they try to say, their actions are speaking far louder than their words are. Which goes to show that all the skepticism that was directed at May’s speech when she became the unelected Prime Minister was just proved correct. No-one took her seriously when she was trying to claim that she want the Tory party to be a party for all. All they care about are the rich white men. No wonder she and the Tory party wants to get on with the US Republican party. They think that the money will drown out the voices telling them how badly wrong they are.

Quite honestly, we need to do the exact same thing here in the UK against the Tory party, and against UKIP. Both of those political parties are basically the same, they will oppose human rights and discriminate against anyone that don’t meet their ideal of “rich, white, British” – and in most cases, you could add “male” to that as well.

Just… Bleh. It’s really kind of depressing sometimes that people just seems to be fooled by the demagogues of the far right groups.

And when you see the actions of what’s been happening in the USA – including the actions of some Republican states that were trying to ban peaceful protests – well…

Things really are getting much worse, and they’ll keep going worse before it’ll get better. We just have to keep opposing and standing up for human rights and fairness for all and equality and everything else, and not let them dictate to us or let them take away freedom and the like.

That’s the only thing we can do, and when it comes to elections, we need to make sure that we vote in our millions that their actions are as wrong as they comes.

Alleged Tory Election Fraud

I really do despair sometimes of the media here in the UK. I know it’s nowhere near as bad as they are in other parts of the world, but… Take the BBC, for example. It’s supposed to be an impartial, unbiased media, and yet… Today, Twitter for UK people have been ablaze because out of the media outlets, only a couple of places like Channel 4 News has reported that there was possible election fraud going on, with the Tories (the government currently in charge) allegedly having spent more than they are supposed to. (It’s designed that way so that the rich white men – you know, like the Tories – can’t just buy everything up and “encourage” people to vote for them). And yet… Figures that I’ve seen have said something like 26 Tory MPs have possibly done so.

Which… isn’t very good. Would that have had an effect on what happened in the General Election last year? I don’t know. I’d like to think not, but we know some people are easily swayed, so there’s every possibility that we should have had a hung parliament again.

Which probably would’ve seen things being better than they have been in the past few months, what with the Government basically robbing the poor to give more to the rich. *smh*

The only possible reason I can think of for the BBC and other media outlets not reporting on it is because there’s elections (for local governments and Police and Crime Commissioners and so on) tomorrow (Thursday), and news like this being spread around and reported and the like on the day before… The Tories could probably rightly claim that people were put off for voting for them because of those allegations.

On the other hand… It’s entirely their fault for breaking election rules, if it is true. And the media is supposed to report on these things as soon as possible, not wait for some event or other. All it’s doing is making it seems like the Tories and the media are in collusion. And that will backfire on the Tories even more than it’s looking now.

I know I’m definitely not voting for the Tories ever again, though (I’ve made my choice as to who I’m voting for… And it’s not Tories or Labour). They’ve proved themselves over and over again that they only care about one subset of people. And they’ve also showed that they cannot be trusted to reduce the national deficit or debt – regardless of the fact that it’s not even been 10 years since the Western World’s economic crisis (At one time, I used to describe it as a global economic crisis, but I don’t think it actually really affected Asia or Africa that much…)

It would be good if people actually started waking up to the reality as to what the Tories are like… I kind of get the feeling too many people will keep their gigantic blinkers on and ignore everything but putting an X next to the Tories’ candidate…

In world news, I see the republican’ts have basically all given up. The fact that there are so many people who aren’t a) rich, b) white or c) men and are willing to vote for Trump tells you everything. Seriously, guys… If you really seriously think Trump will do anything for you if you’re not a rich white man, I’ve got this gigantic lightweight invisible bottle of potion that will magically make you irresistable to everyone that you wanna have sex with. All yours for £50,000,000. You’ll have to wait four to six aeons for it to get through the post, though.

(Sad story is… I know some people would be that gullible…)

Please note, I am not saying the Democrats are the be-all-and-end-all, because they, quite frankly, are not. But out of all the candidates there was at the start of the whole ridiculous presidental race… There was only ever one decent candidate, Sanders.

The problem is, the USA – like the UK – are basically stuck with this two-party system. There need to be a massive paradigm shift so that we don’t have to choose between two parties that don’t actually care about the country, all they care about is hating each other. We need parties that we can actually vote for and who we believe will actually do the right thing.

Politics? Bleh!

Heya guys! I’m at the moment waiting for the laundry to finish, and since I can’t seems to connect to the PSN on my PS3 at the moment (I’ve been trying to catch up on getting any half-decent DLC and stuff like that, and I’ve done the next lot of those for the 360 – still got a fair amount more to do, and I was gonna do the same on the PS3, but every time I try connecting to the store, it keep disconnecting me from there. Funny, though, when I try to do the same thing on the PS4, it’s absolutely fine. So I have no idea what’s going on there… But then, I think most people knows that when it comes to network set-up and all, Microsoft’s got Sony truly and well beat. There’s some stuff that Microsoft does which is far better than anything Sony’s ever done. Oh well…)

Anyway… Where was I? Oh yeah. Since I can’t connect to it at the moment – oh, now it tells me “the server is currently undergoing maintenance”? Really? Only for the PS3? Whatever… I’ll try again in a couple or so hours’ time. So, I figured, I might as well take advantage of the fact that I’m waiting for laundry and all to get writing about my next subject.

Sadly, I think my next subject’s kind of gonna go over the head of everyone who’s not British… The whole furore that’s kind going on in British politics. There always seems to be something going on with British politics, and most of the time, it appears to involves yet another mess-up by the Conseratives (Tories) party. (For Americans, the US equivalent for Tories, I guess, would probably be Republicans, if I understand US politics correctly. They’re basically the party on “the right”).

Though, for Americans, I will say this, regarding the US presidental elections… There’s only one person you could honestly vote for, in my opinion. None of the Republican’ts candidates remaining inspire any confidence in me whatsoever, and one of them (Trump) is extremely dangerous for the USA. He would take the USA back into the 19th century apartheid era. And I don’t have very much confidence in Clinton either. While she’s far better than any of the Republican’ts, it’s like me offering you a choice between cutting your arm off or cutting your throat. One’s better than the other, but you don’t want that to be your only choices!

Anyway, British politics… I honestly don’t have much sympathy for David Cameron at the moment. I can understand wanting to kind of like protect your (late) father, but he’s the Prime Minister. If there’s something going on – and when he has history of saying that people like Jimmy Carr (a comedian who was… involved in a tax avoidance scheme a few years back (Had to make sure I chose the right word. Basically, tax evasion is illegal, while tax avoidance is morally wrong, but legal)) and David Cameron has spoken about this a few years back and said that Carr’s tax avoidance scheme is “morally wrong”, he has to make sure he’s doesn’t have anything like that going on in his past.

What I did find unsavoury was the way he went about speaking about this in the past week. Now, he did own up and say he should’ve done it differently, but he was still being a hypocrite by talking about other people’s tax affairs and then trying to say that his own is a private matter.

I have no objection to people trying to make and earn more money but they do need to do it in a fair way and make sure they pay all the tax they owe. I completely object to the fact that it appears that, for rich people, tax appears to be something that’s should only apply to the “peasants”, and designed to keep “those people” down. And it’s not just in the UK. Sometimes, it really does feel like this is happening with a huge majority of rich folks all over the world.

One of the problems with the Mossack Fonseca tax affairs thing (I know some people call it the Panama affair, but that’s unfair on the majority of Panamanians who had nothing to do with this) is that it’s kind of distracting the UK population from the key question of what to do about Europe and the EU.

And that’s a huge problem in itself. I’ve commented (or re-tweeted, rather) about this on Twitter, but the main problem I have with the whole vote to stay or leave the EU is that no-one actually appears to have any answers. The Remain in EU group are basically using fear to get people to vote to stay in the EU, while the Leave EU group are making all these (I feel way over-) optimistic predictions, but neither group actually has any answers. I’m kind of on the fence. My main problem with the EU is that it is somewhat being steered towards a United States of Europe, and I just honestly think that that’s the wrong thing for the EU, every country is different, and they have their own different way of doing things, and we should embrace that. That’s also why there’s been a huge rise of nationalism in a number of EU countries. Not just the UK, but France, Greece, etc.

I’d say I’d wanna know the facts, but I’m not really sure if there are that many to know. So it kind of boils down to what do I think is the right way forward… Do I vote for the UK to stay in the EU or for them to leave? At the moment, I’m probably… 60-65% for staying in the EU. Simply because, right now, “better the devil you know” is how I feel. I dun wanna take any risk with jobs and economics by leaving the EU. Especially since, as a deaf, black girl working in the IT industry, I’m probably more fragile than a lot of other people. I’m no genius or anything, I do a decent job, but I’m no guru floating in mid-air or anything like that.

Plus, to be honest, I really don’t like UKIP at all. They’re considerably better than the almost-forgotten racist BNP, but frankly… UKIP are edging closer to what I feel is the wrong kind of nationalism kind of party, like the BNP were/are. And there is that association between “leave EU vote” and “UKIP”, to be fair.

There’s some elections going on in May as well. For my local area, I’m supposed to vote for a “Police and Crimes Commissioner”, as well as local government elections (and possibly town elections).

I’ve never really understood the point of a Police and Crimes Commissioner (PCC for short) – they came in about, I dunno, 5 years ago or so? When I first heard about it, I thought it was basically replacing the Chief Constable or whatever they’re called, but it appears they’re basically working side-by-side? Which doesn’t make much sense… And in the last round of PCCs election (which I didn’t vote in), it basically turned into another thing for the political parties to fight on. Like… Why? Crime is crime. I don’t see the point in having a politician becoming a PCC just to stop crime from happening? I did look online to see if there was anything that could tell me why we’re having PCCs, but I couldn’t find anything. Maybe I didn’t look in the right places? But yeah. I can’t really see myself voting in that. Just… Why? What do they do? What’s the point of them? I honestly cannot tell you who the local PCC is where I am. I don’t think I even heard or saw anything about them for the entire time they were the PCC.

As for local elections… Well, I will vote in that, I’m just not sure who to vote for. See, my main problem with Labour is the fact that I basically grew up (I’m in my late 20s now) with a Labour government lead by the war criminal (Heavenly: *ahem* “Alleged” war criminal) All right, all right… “Alleged” war criminal (Heavenly: That’s better…), Tony Blair (prime minister from 1997-2007), and… Yeah. I’m still very distrustful of the Labour party. Corbyn’s… Well… He’s saying some of the right things, but… I dunno. I’m not sure of him yet.

It’s definitely not going to be the Tories. They’ve proven over the last few years that they’re still a party for rich folks and want to keep the “downtrodden dirty peasants underfoot”. Plus, they are a party that are *looks at Heavenly* “alleged” pathological liars. Especially their Chancellor, Osborne. I don’t know how he managed to become Chancellor. It certainly isn’t because he knows anything about economics, which he don’t appears to.

I do agree that the UK need to sort out their deficit and debt problem, and every country, not just the UK, should be living within their means, I just don’t think the Tories knows how to do it, and ever since they’ve won the last general election outright, they’ve been considerably worse. Which shows that the Lib Dems clearly did a lot more to control the Tories than people actually thought…

The only other local parties that are likely to be around are the Lib Dems and maybe the Greens. Only time I’ve seen UKIP is for EU elections – and even if they were in the locals, I definitely wouldn’t vote for them. So… Lib Dems or Greens. Hmm. I’ll have to think about it more.

Ah, the laundry’s finished. Imma gonna go and get that all sorted, then see if the PS3’s PSN store up and running now. Hopefully sometimes in the next couple of days, I’ll get a review or something up – hope to see you guys then!