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A political rant, I’m afraid…


How’s your weekend going? Me… Well, to be honest, the days have been blurring into each other lately. *lol* But never mind… Things’ll be different soon enough!

I’ve gotta write a list of what I need to do and who to contact with regards to moving places. Like… I’ve gotta contact utilities companies to inform them that I’ll be officially moving out at X date (still to be determined), landlord and all that… Hmm… Same goes for the broadband people, I guess. I’m planning on setting up a new provider when I move, kind of thing. Simply because when I had broadband set up here, I was with O2, and they were good. Unfortunately, they then decided they wanted to sell out to the evil corporation. At the time, I was hopeful of moving away, but… *shrugs* As it turned out, I ended up having about 4 or 5 aborted moves away from this place, but hopefully this one will go smoothly. (Out of those 4 or 5 aborted moves, most were planned move to rent something closer to where I worked, but then things happened, job-wise or place-wise, which meant they didn’t work out. Which is probably why I wasn’t counting chickens before they hatched for ages. I suppose I still shouldn’t, until Friday, but… Everything seems to be going okay, so… Yeah.)

Talking about evil corporations and the internet, I see in the USA, the organisation that are supposed to be looking after things and making sure it works for Americans have decided that they will ignore everyone that have consistently told them it was a very bad idea and listened to the money instead. Some of which, I’m sure, is mysteriously disappearing into their pockets, right? *smh*

And here, well, the snooper’s charter is gonna get even worse if the Tories stay in charge. They’re planning on basically making it even worse for everyone. Apart from themselves, of course. They’re planning to give themselves extemptions, because, of course, no-one should ever know what their MPs are doing, meaning they can keep committing all the illegal activities that they do…

Internet freedom, net neutrality, all that, is essential. Especially the way that things have been going, both in the USA, and here in the UK. The way they’ve been going, the dictator in North Korea is starting to take notes in how to supress the downtrodden and how to control the population.

Extreme? Not even close to it, I’m afraid… Our current Prime Minister is showing her true self, and the right-wing media that we have are basically falling over themselves to say she is absolutely wonderful and the best leader that we have ever had. Whereas, quite honestly, she’s going so far as to make the war criminal begins to look remotely decent. And that’s horrible. There is absolutely nothing that should make the war criminal be able to stand up and say “At least I wasn’t as bad as…” but the Prime Minister right now…?

The problem is… People are saying Corbyn’s unelectable. I don’t think he is, I means, you’ve only got to look at the USA. People thought “45” was so unelectable, he would be gone within the first few weeks of the Republican’ts presidental hopefuls selection process. But he didn’t. And when the Democrats decided that, no matter what, they would select Hillary Clinton, well… The threat of “45” becoming President was real, and it turned out that way.

The problem is… “45” did it all despite the numerous voices against him, and he has proven himself over and over again that he is far worse than what everyone knew would be the case. Here… We don’t have that same vocal opposition in terms of media against our current Prime Minister, and we are seeing, far too many times, that people have swallowed the utterly inane rants backed by the right-wing media. Why do you think we’ve got Brexit facing us? Why do you think a rancid racist neo-nazi managed to get his UKIP party so much facetime and gets seats in the European parliament where they pretty much take full advantage and get as much money for themselves as possible?

The only reason they haven’t had much in the way of seats here in the UK elections is because we’ve got a frankly ridiculous system of electing MPs, which has been set up so that the rich white men can keep as much power as possible. And, of course, they’re unwilling to change the system to a fair one.

I just hope that we will get a lot of people voting in the General Election in a few weeks, and that the Tories will suffer a massive defeat. It’s the only way we’re gonna get anywhere to seeing a country that isn’t run by the few for the few, which is the Tories’ policy.

…I just don’t understand why so many people think that Conservatives (like our Tories, like the USA’s Republican party and so on) are worth voting for. They’ve proven themselves over and over again that they only care about the rich white male 1%, and they will do everything possible to make sure that they get away with as much as possible while taxing and taking everything possible on the other 99%. And yet… People still vote for them. People who’ve seen their livelihoods, their jobs, everything taken away from them due to the conservatives’ actions… And they still blindly vote for them. Just… Why?

I think it’s because too many people just believe the show, and ignore the words. Americans fell for “45” bluster, and too many Brits are believing in the right-wing media. They believe that a desiccated corpse, who has shown very clearly that he will screw every single employee he has to save one person he likes and who want to take as much money as possible and tell every single person in the country what to do, somehow has their welfare at heart. They believe that a state-run media outlet will report fair and square, despite the fact that, especially over the past few years, they have becomes far more right-wing and give far more attention to the far-right than they should.

There need to be a change. We cannot, and should never, allow the rich, white, male 1% dictate what the rest of us should do. And we need to start in the General Election, we need to get the Tories out, and consign them to the annuals of history as a bad chapter.

Another General Election…

Heya! Here’s a… well, it’s a bit modified from what it used to be. Originally, it was just a few paragraphs about the fact that we’re having another General Election, just two years after the last one, and the reason for it is – I think, fairly obvious – so that May can (as is sadly most likely) gets a bigger majority in Parliament while Labour are apparently “weak”, along with the fact that she knows she’s gonna mess up Brexit so badly that she thinks by being in Parliament a couple of years longer, everyone will forget about their massive mess.

Or if some other party came into power, the Tories will be satisfied with sitting back and watching the other party try to fix their mess. Either way, it’s fairly obvious that, to May and the Tories party, they think it’s a win-win for them.

And quite honestly, I find it sickening that they could be so callous about the whole thing. They’ve proven themselves over and over again that they don’t care about anyone but the 1%ers and they would rather see the whole country burns than do the right thing.

I really hope I’m wrong, but… *shakes head* I dun see that happening. With the Tories and their allies, UKIP, basically lying and deceiving everyone and pretty much controlling the media (from what I’ve seen, pretty much every newspaper and TV channel is basically giving all their support to the neo-nazis party…), it’s gonna be a long hard struggle to get anywhere.

Mind you, considering that those who owns something like 75% of the media outlets are affliated with the Tory party… It was always gonna be the case. The sooner we get rid of those… odious cesspits… and actually have people that will promote free thinking, the better.

And if you wanna see how bad it can get… Just look at what’s happening in the USA. I see “45” latest plan is to bully the USA to pay for the wall. A far cry from making Mexico pay for it, he now plans to get the US taxpayer to pay for it. When there’s far more important things to spend that money on. Flint, for example. But no, he’s too busy robbing the taxpayers to play golf on his own resorts and spending all the money he can on his own stuff. And there’s still something like 30% of Americans who still think he’s doing a fantastic job. I can only presume that consists of the rich white male 1%, and the other 29% are gullible morons who need directions as to how to spoon-feed themselves.

I’m moving to support the Make Votes Matters group. Because, as they’ve shown, the system we have of electing people means that sometimes… It doesn’t matter who you vote for, if enough people make the choice in the local area, that party will be the only representative in Parliament for the local area. Despite the fact that they might go in there with only 25% of people actually voting for them in the local area. And that’s wrong. We need to make sure that there is actual proportional representation in all levels, local and the whole of the UK. Otherwise… Well, as some people might say, what’s the point in voting if their vote won’t matter?

Everyone’s vote should matter. I dun care if it’ll means more coalitions. In fact, I’d probably welcome it, if it means that no party can be too powerful and maybe it’ll also means that we’ll have the chance to reins in some of the more extreme measures. You’ve only gotta look at the Tory party to see the point, with their snooper’s charter and everything else. They tried to do some of that when they were in the coalition government, but their junior partners refused to accept that – and quite right too.

Quite honestly, if it’ll stop the Tories from destroying the UK for the 1%ers, the better.

I haven’t decided who I’m gonna vote for yet. My head say I should vote for Labour, but… *shakes head* They haven’t got rid of that shadow of the war criminal yet. And he’s been talking out and saying he wanna go back into politics.

No. Just… No. If he comes back, he’s basically saying, “Vote Tories”. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out he actually is a Tory. The amount of time he seems to be wanting to pop up to destroy Labour… It’s really suspicious right now.

What I plan to do is, when I know who’s gonna run in the local area, I’m gonna try and find a comparison site of policies and pick one, depending on which one reasonates with me the most. It definitely won’t be Tories or UKIP, but anyone else is still up for grabs. I’m pretty sure that, in this local area, it’ll means Labour, Lib Dems or Greens. But we’ll see.

I’m just… tired and disgusted at just how obvious the corrupt Tories are trying to manipulate things to give them more power.

*sighs* Okay… I’m gonna stop here for now. Sorry it’s a bit of a downer, but… Just… Anyway. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully the week ahead will be a good one for us all, and I’m certainly aiming to try and write about other things throughout the week, instead of just on weekends! *grins* See you soon! 😀

SNP, Tories and “45” – oh my!

Heya! Wow, yesterday was a pretty bad day at work. Practically everything I did… *shakes head* Just a mess. But today’s another day, and as soon as I get in, I’ll sit down, write down what I need to do and go through that list one by one. And hopefully, that will see me sort everything out.

Course, it would help if I managed to get much sleep last night. For whatever reason, I couldn’t sleep at all, and in the end, I think I had a couple hours overall (as in, drowse off, and then wake up again like 10 minutes later) or so? Wasn’t very much at all. Oh well… I’m unfortunately kind of used to having sleepless nights every now and then. Just various things keeping me up and all. Hopefully, tonight I can also catch up on my sleep. What I dun wanna do is mess up my sleeping patterns again. *nods*

So… What’s news? Well, a bit of politics, unfortunately. In what is absolutely no surprise whatsoever, the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, Nicola Sturgeon, has declared that she will ask for yet another referendum for the Scottish people to declare independence from the UK.

Now… I will freely admit, I have absolutely no love whatsoever for the SNP. Not because I don’t think Scotland should be independent or anything like that – in actual fact, and I’ve said this before, but the problem with the UK is, and has always been, the fact that a lot of decisions made about the UK tends to be pretty much London-specific, or London and the south east. Because that’s where most of the people are.

Even where I am – which is around the Bristol area, which is to the west of England, close to Wales, there’s been times when I think that the Government don’t really seems to care that much about anything like… Beyond Reading (which is in the way between Bristol and London, but closer to London) really.

So when you consider that a lot of people in the North of England are complaining about the government, and Scotland’s further north than that, well… You can imagine just how little impression the government that’s based in London appears to care for Scotland.

But my main problem with the SNP is… Well, there’s two main problems with it. The first is simple: The SNP has always given me the impression that they are a party that will always put independence first and foremost, and it’s that that they are primarily concerned with. And what I means by that is that sometimes, I don’t get the impression that they are working as hard as they should be for Scotland’s benefits. Instead of focusing on the problems that Scotland’s facing and trying to come up with solutions for it, they are basically making calls for independence, and it just feel like they’re doing that all the time. If I was Scottish – and I’m not, I would be asking them to do a little bit more focusing on the day-to-day activities and less focusing on going pretty much daily, “We want independence!”

The second problem that I have with the SNP is a little bit more harder to explain. I didn’t read their White Paper in the 2014 (I think it’s that?) independence debate, but I did see some of the gist of it, and for a large part of it, I was caught out by them basically saying that the UK would be giving an independent Scotland a lot of things for free or on the cheap. Now, I freely admit, I could’ve gotten that wrong, but I did have that impression. It was always about “Well, of course we’ll have a special relationship between Scotland and the UK, they’re gonna give us a lot of things on the cheap, they’ll be giving us money for nothing!” and so on.

Basically, a lot similarities with “45” rhetoric about Mexico paying for the wall and all that, I genuinely felt like I’ve seen it before with Salmond and Sturgeon pretty much saying the same thing. They’re gonna do things, and some other countries are somehow gonna pay for it. Well… Like Mexico, I think the UK should say to the people in charge, “No. Way.” (okay, I know Mexico was a little bit ruder than that, but you know what I means!)

But yeah, quite frankly, I wanna say this, no. Sorry. If Scotland decides they want to become independent, they should have complete independence. That means no special deals, the UK don’t give them anything for free or on the cheap except through proper trade negotiations, the whole work. That’s the fairest thing for both Scotland and the UK – and I means both. The Scottish people should not be conned into thinking other countries are going to give them anything for free or cheap, and that includes the UK. And I think it’s very wrong of the SNP to try and do a “45” (although, technically, they were doing it before “45” started his campaigns).

I would like to hope that the SNP will do it properly this time, but… *shakes head* I honestly don’t think they will. They will do everything possible, lie and pretend that everyone else is gonna give them money for nothing, and everything else, just so that they con enough people that independence is a great idea.

The one thing I will say about Scotland is that what’s been said before still apply now. There is no absolute guarantee that an independent Scotland will be automatically accepted into the EU. There are certain countries – Spain, for example who have got two regions (Basque and Catalonia) trying to get more independence – who will be very against them.

What do I think about the UK and Scotland and all? *shrugs* I think I’d like to see them still part of the UK, but if enough Scottish people really feel that strongly about it then we shouldn’t stand in their way. I don’t think there’s enough desire in Scotland for yet another referendum – and it’s getting to the point where I think it’s gonna be close to the SNP going “Well, fine, we didn’t win this referendum, we’ll do it again next year. And the year after that. And the year after that, until we get the result we want!”

But most of all… I don’t want the Scottish people to be conned. I don’t want anyone anywhere to be conned. And I think the SNP – and the Tory government in Westminister – are too full of… Well, you know. And they’ve both pretty much demostrated it over and over again. We know we’ve got too many people in England who think the Tories are the best party ever, despite the Tories having completely proved that they only care about the rich 1%, as long as they’re white and male, of course. And the SNP, quite honestly, have proven themselves to be just as bad as the Tories, in that they’ve managed to con the Scottish people that they care about them, and that they have ideas for how best to get Scotland running, when they’ve proven themselves to be obsessed with the idea of independence over everything else, including Scottish people’s welfare.

But anyway… I think pretty much everyone knew that the SNP would use the whole Brexit deal to try and get another referendum, the only surprise was how long it took them to do it.

I’m also disappointed in what’s been going on in the parliamentary discussions. How dare the Tory government play with the lives of people that was born in the EU? They came here, they work here, and quite frankly, I don’t see why anyone should think that because they’re not British, that gives anyone the right to dictate their future. A guarantee that anyone from the EU that are currently living here would still be allowed to stay here was the right thing to do, that the government and the EU weren’t gonna play around with their lives and everything… And yet the government resisted this. Quite frankly, I’m disgusted. We are talking about people’s lives. We are talking about basic rights. Instead, the government has turned them into toys, things to play around with. *smh*

And when you see what happened over in the USA, and “45” and his Republican party “healthcare” scheme – which, from what I’ve seen is basically, “the rich can have healthcare for cheaper, the poor can do without” is… I’m staggered. Okay, I admit it, I’m British and we’ve got the NHS here (for now, I know the Tories want to do a “45” and make healthcare something only for the rich 1%…), but… I firmly believe that universal healthcare is a right. No-one should be turned away because they can’t afford healthcare. And I think it’s really telling that “45” and his Republican party goons are more interested in spending lots more on their armed forces than they want to for healthcare. Quite honestly, it should be the other way round. We should be spending money so that people can be healthy rather than forking out money on weapons of mass destruction that we’re probably never even gonna use.

And, yes, I am aware of the threat of countries like, say, North Korea, but that still shouldn’t stop us for putting human beings’ welfare first and foremost.

Unfortunately… Unless people start thinking and voting properly, we’re gonna be putting up with the curse of the SNP, of the Tories, and of “45” and the Republican party and so on for years to come.

Politics just gets worse…

Heya guys! How’s things going? Hopefully all’s going okay with you, even with all the disasterous news going on all over the place. Well, apart from some good news from Romania, where the people have protested against the government’s desire to save themselves from being charged with corruption…

If only we could do the same over here, and over in the USA, right? I’m actually really saddened by the latest human rights crime committed by the Tory party here in the UK. Deciding to stop letting in unaccompanied children after only 350 were let in – a far cry from the 3000 or so that they were “promising” at one time – well… Just disgusting, really.

I also applaud the Speaker of the House of Commons, John Bercow from saying that he would not invite “45” – I saw a really good tweet that made some actually really good suggestions about what’s to do with the events going on in the USA right now, and I’m gonna try and incorporate as many of those as I can, because I think it’s really important that we protest and make it abundantly clear that we are holding everyone at the Republican party for the actions of their current leadership. And the longer it goes on, the more everyone in the Republican party will realise that they have consistently done the wrong thing for most everyone in the USA. Apart from the rich white men, of course. But there’s a lot of people who aren’t rich, and a lot of people who aren’t white, and a lot of people who aren’t male. A lot more of those than the rich white men group.

Anyway, yes… I applaud John Bercow for saying he will not invite “45” to speak at the Houses of Parliament. But it is really telling that the people in Parliament that supported that statement are those that aren’t from the Tory party. Which tells you exactly what the Tory party holds dear.

And it’s not human rights.

No matter what they try to say, their actions are speaking far louder than their words are. Which goes to show that all the skepticism that was directed at May’s speech when she became the unelected Prime Minister was just proved correct. No-one took her seriously when she was trying to claim that she want the Tory party to be a party for all. All they care about are the rich white men. No wonder she and the Tory party wants to get on with the US Republican party. They think that the money will drown out the voices telling them how badly wrong they are.

Quite honestly, we need to do the exact same thing here in the UK against the Tory party, and against UKIP. Both of those political parties are basically the same, they will oppose human rights and discriminate against anyone that don’t meet their ideal of “rich, white, British” – and in most cases, you could add “male” to that as well.

Just… Bleh. It’s really kind of depressing sometimes that people just seems to be fooled by the demagogues of the far right groups.

And when you see the actions of what’s been happening in the USA – including the actions of some Republican states that were trying to ban peaceful protests – well…

Things really are getting much worse, and they’ll keep going worse before it’ll get better. We just have to keep opposing and standing up for human rights and fairness for all and equality and everything else, and not let them dictate to us or let them take away freedom and the like.

That’s the only thing we can do, and when it comes to elections, we need to make sure that we vote in our millions that their actions are as wrong as they comes.

The past week and football…

Heya guys! How goes things? How’s the week been going for you? Me… *shakes head* Let’s just say I was feeling really cranky and leave it at that. Didn’t help that I was coming out of work tired and all either. Plus, I’ve had a couple of headaches which didn’t help matters much.

Still… Apart from a minor headache, I’m mostly fine now. *nods* So, I can get back to blogging and everything else! *grins*

I was planning to start my diet this week, and I did start off doing exactly that, but then, like I said, I started getting cranky and all, so… Yeah. *shrugs* No matter, it’ll just start today instead, kind of thing.

Anyway… What’s been happening? Well, I know today’s the day that the USA will start their decline into being a desolate wasteland – possibly. I kinda want to say that, whatever happens, the USA should survive and find their way back from despair and destitute and all that. After all, the UK have had a few bad leaders in their time – we had the war criminal, Blair, leading the UK for 10 years or so not that long ago. And then we had Cameron… *smh*

And that’s just recent history. From what I’ve seen from stuff like “Horrible Histories” and all… It’s actually staggering that the UK ever had an Empire and everything else…!

*sighs* Wish I had better words to say, but the only thing we can do is keep trying to oppose those who want to do the wrong thing all the time. Whether it’s about race, sexuality, medical matters, climate change… The list goes on, but in all times, we need to make sure that we keep trying to get things done the right way.

Hmm… Oh yeah! I know I’ve been meaning to blog about recent news in football for ages, and I’ve just never got round to it. *lol* Sorry guys. It wasn’t anything much, just was gonna say that I dunno about the whole expansion to a 48-teams World Cup. The only thing I would say about it is that I seriously hope that if they are gonna do that (and I know they voted that they would do it in like 10, 12 years’ time), they’ll actually give the bulk majority of the increased 16 teams to continents like Africa and Asia. And give Oceania one. Even if that does means New Zealand basically get a free pass every time… But Oceania definitely need one. And we need more African and Asian teams in the World Cup. Europe – maybe one or two more but nothing more than that. South America… They’ve already sending almost half their countries already so… Can’t see how you can increase their quota. What’s left? North America… Yeah, they should have a couple more. I know USA and Mexico are almost certain qualifiers now, and that’ll just means they’ll be more certain these days, but hopefully, it’ll also allow the other countries more chance.

As it turns out, that delay meant I can comment on something else that’s been coming into talks… Basically, the English FA are discussing bringing in retrospective bans for people who dive and cheat. They should’ve introduced that a long time ago. What I would’ve done is say, after the match, the referee and the others review the match, watch the video, whatever (since we do have basically total coverage of the whole match at all times, might as well take advantage of it…) and decides on all occasions where a player basically try and cheat, and for every single dive, awards a retrospective yellow card. And if the dive results in gaining unfair advantage – like a penalty – a red card. If the players cheats to get another one sent off, give them three red cards, and remove the red card from the other player (so they don’t get suspended).

Sounds extreme, I know, but it’s the only way to stop people cheating all the time. If that rule had been in place, people like the outrageous egositical cheat that ridiculously somehow been picked as the World Player of the Year – a total and utter joke, let me tell you – he’d be playing one match and then be suspended for the next five seasons.

No, I dun like him at all. I freely admit, he does have skills and if he actually try playing – I’m sure there’s a minute or two every now and then in amongst all the theatrics – he is very good at football. But… Disregarding his actions on the pitch, his massive ego is just soo hugely off-putting – and I know people know how much I hate people with huge egos… And, okay, okay, I know I’m a lesbian, I have zero interest in guys, but honestly… How could anyone possibly think he looks good?? Disregarding the fact that he’s just grotesque, he’s got so much grease in his hair, and his adam apple’s sticking out far more than his nose does! *shudders*

Guess money is a good way to help all those women he’s had forget about his gruesomeness…

Anyway… Yeah. That’s what I’d love to see happens, because it might means that football might get interesting again. I’ve not seen one minute of Premier League, European competition (not that I can, considering it’s all on pay TV now – in fact, I don’t even pay attention to it any more, haven’t for ages, just find it all massively boring), FA Cup action, and I can’t remember if I’ve seen any England match since their defeat by Iceland. Must have, though… Maybe in the background.

I still keep an eye on the results – especially the Bristol teams – but outside of that… Yeah. Just don’t think it’s interesting any more. And I’ve given up trying to regain interest in it again. I’ll watch the World Cup and the Euros, but that’s probably mostly it.

Okay… Gonna stop here for now. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll try and write more over the weekend! See you guys soon!

Charleston and US Politics reactions

Heya guys! How are you? How’s the week going? Hopefully a little better than it is here. It’s currently… *looks at time* just before 2am here, and I can’t sleep. That might be because I was tired and had a bad headache by the time I got back from work – which meant I was basically lying down and sleeping over the evening. Which did work, kind of – the headache’s a lot better now, but on the other hand… It also meant my sleep pattern’s all messed up again. *lol* Guess I’d just have to try and stay up for most of today (Thursday) until it’s time to sleep again…

Well, I almost did manage to get a bit more sleep, but then my nose started bleeding, so… *shakes head* Had to clean up as best as I could. (My nose’s fine now, just one of those things – I do tend to get nose bleeds every now and then… *shrugs*)

Still, on the other hand, it does at the least allows me to try and get some blogging and e-mailing done, right?

So… Let’s see. What’s to blog about? Well, there’s a few things that’s been going on in the news that I kind of want to mention…

First of all, the trial for the Charleston murders. I come from a country – well, the whole EU itself as a whole – where there’s no death penalty at all. I can’t remember the last death penalty the UK ever gave (okay, looked it up, 1964, it was) but I vaguely remember, from an old QI episode that the law was changed sometimes back in 1999? And basically that abolished the death penalty for all crimes, and the same applies to every country in the EU. Before then, from something like 1965 to 1999, it was only reserved for cases like treason.

(Of course, saying all that, what with media being as vocal as they are here in the UK, and with the whole Brexit thing… I’m pretty sure the Tories would be a party that would like to bring it back… *smh*)

So… Like I say, I come from a country where something like the death penalty isn’t allowed, and… Hmm… Despite the fact that there are people who’ve been stupidly massively influenced by certain media outlets (I think it’s the ones owned by the Rothermeres who are the most vocal advocates), I think most people here in the UK are glad that the country doesn’t have it any more, and I’m of the same opinion. Basically, I pretty much disagree with the death penalty, whatever crime it is, I don’t agree with it.

So… Going back to the Charleston murders. I was almost half-expecting someone – like the ridiculous-coiffure moronic buffoon that’s planning on taking over the country soon – to try and get a lesser punishment for the murderer, seeing as how he’s a white man and the victims were all blacks. So it’s kind of a pleasant surprise that the murderer actually has been given a proper sentence, according to the laws of the country (or state, I guess? I know I’ve heard that different states have different maximum punishments?).

Do I agree with the fact that the murderer (and I still refuse to name him, I refuse to give him any more publicity than he deserves) has been given the death penalty? …Honestly, no. Again, it might be because I’m from a country where the death penalty doesn’t exists, but… Hmm. Part of me wonder if it’s what he wants. Like, he thinks by doing this, he could become a kind of martyr to the “cause” of the racists.

And he also knows that he’s gonna be known for a long time after he’s dead. And I wouldn’t be surprised if that was also part of his thinking. He knew he was never gonna achieve anything, or be able to do anything to be famous, so his warped thinking was probably something like, why not go for the next best thing and be infamous.

It’s probably just me being too much of a writer with an overactive imagination, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least should any of that turns out to be the case…

Anyway… The court’s made their decision and for once, I am glad that a proper sentence was given to someone that deserved it. It’s just… I dunno. Seems too quick and good for him. Honestly, I’d rather he’s just locked up for the rest of his life, and left to die old, alone, and forgotten.

Going back to the Republican’t president-elect… Seriously, USA? Pretty much every single time he tweets, every single decision he makes as to who to have in his cabinet (or whatever the term is), it just screams that he is a very bad mistake. And Republicans are talking about repealing the Affordable Care Act – otherwise known as Obamacare – without any idea as to what they’re going to replace it with? Dunno about you, but that, to me, doesn’t sound like a party that’s looking after the welfare of anyone but the rich white man who can afford the ridiculous prices of healthcare in the USA…

There was this image circulated around on Twitter recently, concerning some posts made on FB, about this Republican’t supporter who thinks that repealing Obamacare is a good thing, and that he doesn’t care because he’s protected by the Affordable Care Act… Just staggering, really. And I honestly have no sympathy for that person. He got conned because he believed in the excrement spewed out by the Republican’ts, which were more about their rancid hate-filled bile rather than paying attention to what they were actually saying, and what impact it would have on his life.

It’s also very telling that the Republican’ts, after so long opposing Obama when it came to the deficit and debt that the USA was amassing, are now more than happy to accumulate more debt and increase the deficit…

But… You know, what’s the point? If people want to ruin their lives by blindly following an idiot and his political party who only cares about shoving more money into the already overflowing wallets of the rich white men, nothing anyone says will convince them otherwise.

I’m just worried about the people who they’re gonna affect. And that includes pretty much everyone I know and care about who lives over there…

Okay, gonna post this and try and nap a bit more before heading off to work. If I can, I’ll try and make another post later today, after work – got some reactions to the news from the world of football…

Climate changes and Politics

Heya guys! Here’s my second post of the day (and the weekend!) as promised! I just dunno what I’m gonna be writing about just yet… I means, I know I said I had to make a comment about some of the events that’s been happening here, and I will, it’s just sometimes a little bit difficult to know exactly where to start…

Hmm… Okay, let’s start with the #BlackLivesMatter movement. Here, in the UK, a few weeks ago we had a protest at an airport in London, shutting down the airport in protest against climate change. Now, I hold up my hands, and I freely admit that when I first saw that, and read it, I could not for the life of me see how anyone could claim that climate change is specifically a crime against black people. The way I saw it, climate change affects everyone, doesn’t matter what colour your skin is, or where you live, it affects us all equally. That doesn’t means that I was against the protest, or against trying to fight climate change, I just couldn’t see why #BlackLivesMatter UK were campaigning specifically against that. Other organisations, such as, I dunno, Greenpeace, or something, yeah, I could see them doing that.

It wasn’t until I saw @WritersOfColour tweet this post that they made last year, which made me instantly realise “Of course… How did I not think of that in the first place?” Because, when you think about it, it’s just blatantly obvious.

So, yes, climate change affects everyone, but the people that are most affected by it are not the white folks that lives in Europe, or North America. It’s the people living in Africa, Latin America, the Pacific Islands… All those. And for that, I truly apologise. I just couldn’t see that until someone had to point it out to me. I knew it was important, but not why #BlackLivesMatter UK were protesting against it themselves.

And does that make climate change any less important? Not a chance. If anything, it made it more important that we need to combat climate change wherever possible. I know the UN’s apparently trying to get the Kyoto Protocol and the Paris Agreement set in place by everyone, although I know that some countries aren’t all that interested in either of those – and everyone knows who they are. When I first heard about the Paris Agreement, my honest reaction was… Not exactly jubliant, shall we say?

We need to do a whole lot more against climate change. Not to save the planet – *dry laugh* The planet’s fine. Sure, it might get more CO2 and the global temperature will rocket right up and it’ll see mass extinction of life and everything else, but it’ll survive easily, and eventually new life will appear that’ll cope with the new environment of the planet (and people reading this might think I’m being very cynical, but it’s something that I read ages ago and it just stuck with me. (I think it might’ve been a paraphrase of Michael Crichton’s Ian Malcolm character from Jurassic Park…) And to be honest, it’s true. The planet will survive. It’s survived something like five mass extinction phases so far, so why should Earth be worried about a sixth one? No, we should be more concerned about the living organisms on the planet itself. Plants, animals, including humans).

Although, the way a large number of human beings have been acting lately, in the USA and the UK and everywhere else… *smh*

But yeah. We need to keep pushing against governments and all those that don’t think climate change is important. It is one of the most important part of our continuing existance. And just because it’s affecting people of colour, or people from poor countries, doesn’t means it’s any less important. In fact, it should be more important in that regards.

There’s been a leadership challenge for the UK Labour party and it’s finally finished yesterday. With absolutely no surprise whatsoever, Jeremy Corbyn has won, despite Labour’s ridiculous attempts to alienate all Corbyn’s followers and getting them omitted from voting and everything else.

I’ve never voted Labour in the past mainly because of the shadow of the war criminal that’s always hovering over them. He’s been the Prime Minister before I was really aware of politics, and he’d casted a massive shadow over the Labour Party ever since he retired. And I just never liked him – I’m glad to say – and just couldn’t bring myself to vote for a party that seemed to be walking in his footsteps.

With Corbyn, I feel like that the Labour party is finally breaking away from that shadow. The problem is… The whole leadership challenge just stank and… I’m sure I’m not the only one, but it feel like the people who opposed Corbyn wants to keep dragging Labour down into the depths.

That doesn’t means to say I’m convinced by Corbyn yet – because I’m not – but with him, I felt like I could possibly vote for Labour again. But the in-fighting… All it did was push floating voters like me away. If they decided to fight Corbyn after only a year, what’s gonna happens if he win the General Election and they decides to kick him out? I don’t want another wannabe war criminal stepping in.

Oh, and I’ve never voted for the Tories. You can tell me that I’m being ridiculous by having never voted for a party that would “win”, but seriously… What’s more ridiculous? Feeling like you have to vote for one of two, or voting for the party whose policies you agreed with the most? If enough people had more sense, and not just always vote the same way, no matter what, then maybe we would’ve have less of this problem, and less of feeling like our votes doesn’t matter.

One could point out the same applies to the USA, but *shrugs* I think, like, 80% of people already knows they’re always gonna vote Republican’t or Democan’t, no matter what they say. The Republican’t candidate could announce any kind of ridiculous policy – even ones that will discriminate against his supporters, and all his supporters would cheer for that and vote for it.

(EDIT: I have changed the above to something a little more generic. The original post was just too horrible and disgusting and gross that I quickly changed my mind about having it there. I don’t want to be associated with any kind of disgusting gross thoughts or posts or anything like that. If you saw it before, I want to say sorry for even posting that. I’m just gonna leave it at this.)

I’ll see you guys later. Preferibly writing something much better than this originally turned out.

Turkey, Nice Attacks, and Tory Government

Heya… How’s things? Hopefully, it’s not too bad, despite the events that’s been happening recently, with the media getting all obsessed about a couple of them, almost to the point of ignoring everything else…

I don’t know much about either events, so I’ll keep my observations to both short. The attempted coup currently looks like it’s failing – if the BBC website is to be trusted, anyway. But, certainly, the wording that I’m reading is that Erdogan’s side is winning. It’s still ongoing, but Erdogan seems to be on top.

I’m not naive enough to believe that the coup’s statement that came out last night is their 100% intention, but the bit that they highlighted – the fact that Turkey had become less democratic and secular – well… From all that I’ve read about Turkey in the past does suggest that that is indeed what’s been happening under Erdogan. Especially in his attempt to shut down free media, and his crackdown on those people who disagree with him.

That does not means that I agree with the people trying to do the attempted coup, by the way. I do think Turkey is going in the wrong direction, but it has to be noted that Erdogan had been democratically elected by the people of Turkey so… The majority of people there obviously think he’s doing a decent job.

The Nice attacks… Yeah. I have a couple of problems with this. Before I go any further, I gotta say this: The attacks were horrible, and I am certainly praying for the lives of those people affected by the attacks.

But… The reaction to the Nice attack have been divided, shall we say. On the one hand, we are now seeing yet another instance of “Je Suis…”, and French flags being put up on failbook and everything else in solidarity. Which is all very well and good, but my main problem with that has always been the same as my reaction to it before: Why is it that we are only doing this solidarity movement with those from certain parts of the world?

I have no problem with saying “My thoughts and prayers are for those affected in the Nice attacks” – and they are – but again… There have been more atrocities and disasters committed around the world than just those in France or wherever, but for whatever reason… Certain large parts of the world only seems to want to cherry pick some of these. All the attacks in France and so on, for example.

Seriously… Every single moment of atrocity and every single moment of disaster is just as important as any other. I know we get more every day and it would be difficult to try and cover them all, but we need to have that feeling of being able to stand with people at all times, not just because it’s happened in France or whatever.

Saying that… What I also don’t like is the… backlash reaction from certain parts of social media. Soon after I saw the “Pray for Nice” thing, I’ve been seeing “Pray for Everyone”, stuff like that, and there’s been some people who are trying to use the Nice attacks to make a point. Just as an example, there was one that posted up something along the lines of “Why are we #PrayForNice? Should it not be #PrayForEveryone? Oh, now you get it when we say #BlackLivesMatter??”

…Yeah. I am very uncomfortable with that statement. Not because it’s not true (it is, basically), but because of the fact that over 80 people have died in the Nice attacks, including children, and already we are seeing this being… Well, almost trivialised. People using this atrocity as a case point.

We need to be respectful of the people who have been affected by any event that happens around the world, and we need to make sure that whatever fights we fight for – Black Lives Matters, war against terrorism, whatever – we do it in the right way. The best thing we can do for Black Lives Matters is to keep highlighting these points where police and everyone else are mistreating us just because of the colour of our skin and keep trying to fight for justice and equality. The worse thing we can do is stepping aside or using these attacks on Nice and elsewhere as a case point.

I refuse to put the french flag or anything like that on my twitter account and everything else when this sort of thing happens, but I will make one tweet about the events and leave it at that. Out of respect to the people affected by the tragedies.

But when we have police brutality and injustice, like what happened to Mzee Mohammed in Liverpool in the UK… I’m gonna fight for justice as best as I can.

Because there are two very separate reactions to these events. The Nice attacker has already been shot, and France are apparently going to come down harder on ISIL than they have before.

The murderers of Mzee Mohammed, on the other hand… They’re police officers. Just like in the USA, those people responsible haven’t been arrested and charged yet.

We have a new Prime Minister, Theresa May. Some people have been making a big deal of the fact that we have a second female Prime Minister in the UK. My reaction, though, is a shrug. For starters, while it’s good to see another lady become Prime Minister, the honest fact is, she was chosen to become Prime Minister by 165 or so people. Not by the vote of the UK. Secondly, judging purely from her voting history, which we can all look up, I don’t think she’s anything to cheer about.

And her first speech when she reached Downing Street from Buckingham Palace was… very nice. But can I honestly say that I believe her when she said she’s gonna try and make things fairer for LGBT+ people, or black people, or poor people, rather than just focus on the rich white men that the Tories party are generally obsessed about?

My answer is no. Her voting history really does not inspire much confidence. And the way that she ran the Home Office, especially when it came to deporting people, in some cases, even separating them from their families, well… Yeah. Forgive me, but I don’t think she’ll be a good Prime Minister.

I’m willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, but at the moment, my confidence in the government to do the right thing is low.

Just got back from voting…

Hiya! How are you? How goes things? As you might’ve surmised from the title, I’ve just come back from voting to stay in the EU (I think I made my position clear from prior blog posts and what I said on Twitter).

There’s no actual overarching reason why I voted to stay, I just don’t think either side have really said anything that would make me say “Yes, that’s what I want to hear!” – in honest fact, I think both sides were basically descending into the wrong kind of rhetoric. The Leave folks were going down the Trump routine of pleading to the bigots, the xenophobes, the racists and all that, while the Remain people were basically using scare tactics. The Leave side, too, but the overwhelming reaction I had to everything they were saying was basically kind of like “Let’s Make Britain White Again”.

So. Yeah. That’s basically why I voted Remain in the end.

Honestly, though, I think the whole referendum was a pointless waste of time. All the things that Cameron “negotiated” for was… not worth it, quite honestly. I fully agree that the EU has got a lot of changes that they need to do, but I also think that staying in, and hopefully making the changes from within (hopefully, with Germany’s and France’s support) is the better option.

The EU as it stands, isn’t working, and there are some people in there (Despite what I said before about hopefully having Germany’s support, they are probably the worst at this at the moment) who seems to think that the best thing to do is to turn the whole of Europe into a United States of Europe. You can’t do that. There’s too many differences (for example, you cannot expect an industrial powerhouse like Germany and a country more reliant on tourism and the like, like Greece, to have the same requirements, and it’s trying to fit a square peg in a pinhole that’s on another block entirely, in a different room) and people are (rightly or wrongly) proud of their countries. The best thing for Europe is really something that will make retain the countries’ independence while also allowing for the benefits of being in Europe does. Otherwise, this kind of thing that’s happening in Britain will happens again, and in other countries and it’s just gonna keep getting worse.

Anyway, yeah… I voted. I have the horrible feeling that this part of the country – due to the number of old folks here, along with the fact that almost every where they could put billboards or anything has all been taken up by Leave – is gonna vote to leave. But hopefully, the country as a whole will make the right choice. If not… Well, I guess I should be prepared to find myself getting made redundant and everything else.

This odd thing happened at the polling station, though… When I came in, there were double the people there working at the tables at the like – there was even one guy who looked like he was here as a bouncer kind of guy  – and when I handed them my card, one of the ladies at the desk looked at me in an odd way and asked me for my name and address. I said, “Umm… It’s on the card? See?” and I pointed it out and said my (real) name.

I had the feeling that she thought I was foreign. You know, like the guy at the airport that thought I was Iranian or something a few years back (with my real name as it is). Plus, I’m black and there aren’t that many black folks in this town, so… Maybe that’s it.

Still… She couldn’t refuse to let me vote. I mean, I handed in my card and you don’t get a voter’s card unless you’re eligible to vote, so… Yeah. Still not fun, though, being looked at suspiciously. *smh* I gotta say, I’ve never had that treatment at a polling station before, though. The last time I voted – in May – it was a nice simple walk in, hand over card, get papers to put a cross on, vote, leave. Nothing along the lines of getting suspicious looks and odd questions. Either that, or I didn’t notice last time!

Oh well… We’ll see what happens when I wake up in the morning tomorrow! Let’s hope more people be sensible than those that aren’t.

Alleged Tory Election Fraud

I really do despair sometimes of the media here in the UK. I know it’s nowhere near as bad as they are in other parts of the world, but… Take the BBC, for example. It’s supposed to be an impartial, unbiased media, and yet… Today, Twitter for UK people have been ablaze because out of the media outlets, only a couple of places like Channel 4 News has reported that there was possible election fraud going on, with the Tories (the government currently in charge) allegedly having spent more than they are supposed to. (It’s designed that way so that the rich white men – you know, like the Tories – can’t just buy everything up and “encourage” people to vote for them). And yet… Figures that I’ve seen have said something like 26 Tory MPs have possibly done so.

Which… isn’t very good. Would that have had an effect on what happened in the General Election last year? I don’t know. I’d like to think not, but we know some people are easily swayed, so there’s every possibility that we should have had a hung parliament again.

Which probably would’ve seen things being better than they have been in the past few months, what with the Government basically robbing the poor to give more to the rich. *smh*

The only possible reason I can think of for the BBC and other media outlets not reporting on it is because there’s elections (for local governments and Police and Crime Commissioners and so on) tomorrow (Thursday), and news like this being spread around and reported and the like on the day before… The Tories could probably rightly claim that people were put off for voting for them because of those allegations.

On the other hand… It’s entirely their fault for breaking election rules, if it is true. And the media is supposed to report on these things as soon as possible, not wait for some event or other. All it’s doing is making it seems like the Tories and the media are in collusion. And that will backfire on the Tories even more than it’s looking now.

I know I’m definitely not voting for the Tories ever again, though (I’ve made my choice as to who I’m voting for… And it’s not Tories or Labour). They’ve proved themselves over and over again that they only care about one subset of people. And they’ve also showed that they cannot be trusted to reduce the national deficit or debt – regardless of the fact that it’s not even been 10 years since the Western World’s economic crisis (At one time, I used to describe it as a global economic crisis, but I don’t think it actually really affected Asia or Africa that much…)

It would be good if people actually started waking up to the reality as to what the Tories are like… I kind of get the feeling too many people will keep their gigantic blinkers on and ignore everything but putting an X next to the Tories’ candidate…

In world news, I see the republican’ts have basically all given up. The fact that there are so many people who aren’t a) rich, b) white or c) men and are willing to vote for Trump tells you everything. Seriously, guys… If you really seriously think Trump will do anything for you if you’re not a rich white man, I’ve got this gigantic lightweight invisible bottle of potion that will magically make you irresistable to everyone that you wanna have sex with. All yours for £50,000,000. You’ll have to wait four to six aeons for it to get through the post, though.

(Sad story is… I know some people would be that gullible…)

Please note, I am not saying the Democrats are the be-all-and-end-all, because they, quite frankly, are not. But out of all the candidates there was at the start of the whole ridiculous presidental race… There was only ever one decent candidate, Sanders.

The problem is, the USA – like the UK – are basically stuck with this two-party system. There need to be a massive paradigm shift so that we don’t have to choose between two parties that don’t actually care about the country, all they care about is hating each other. We need parties that we can actually vote for and who we believe will actually do the right thing.