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First post from my new place!


This is my first blog post (and there will be many more to come!) from my new place!

It has been a long time coming, and I’m sorry for the long pause between blogs, but there really have been a fair amount of stuff to do and by the time I’m finished with the plans for the day, all I want to do is pretty much sleep and just forget about everything and game.

Why was it a bit tough? Well… The main problem was in trying to get everything set up – that is, the utilities, broadband – as well as moving things over. I might’ve gotten rid of a lot of things over the years, but some of the stuff I’ve been digging out of the cupboards and everything else, I’ve been like, “When did I get this…?” *lol* Honestly, it was pretty much a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. And I was pretty much deciding to just put it all in boxes and take a few over every time I went to the new place. And believe me, there was a _lot_ of boxes… So I was spending a lot of time clearing out cupboards, drawers, etc, and putting them in boxes ready for me to take. And then taking them out of boxes and putting it into new boxes to try and take up every last bit of gap available…! *grins* But, to be honest, I was pretty much driving stuff over like 5 times a week.

Some of the utilities stuff was tougher than it should’ve been because of the fact that I’m deaf, but… *shrugs* Anyway… Everything was sorted out gradually over the past couple weeks, and the last stumbling block (to my mind) was the broadband access, which was switched on and ready to go today. So… With that in mind, I was more or less ready to move over. The worse bit was the council tax, I had to pop over to the council offices to talk to someone. But I’ve now filled in the form, and handed it over, so hopefully I should find out how much council tax I’ll be paying monthly shortly.

The old place, I’m still renting (I handed in my month’s notice, but I don’t officially leave the flat until sometimes around 14th July), and there’s still stuff in there – more than there should be, to be honest – but I’m now more or less moved in.

Why am I saying “more or less”? Well… Because my eldest brother was gonna help me move the furniture over, (because I obviously can’t fit a bed and things like that in a car! *grins*) but this morning, he received some weird news… The company he hired a van with contacted him and said they can’t loan him the van because he apparently doesn’t live in the house that he said he does. And he’s been living in his place with his wife and children for at least the past two years. *shakes head* So… The only furniture I have in this place for now is the beanbag, some small tables and chairs, and a whole bunch of cushions and the like. My intention is to basically sleep on the beanbag / cushions until I can arrange a van hire with a driver myself. (Well, I say myself, but my dad has apparently decided to take that on himself…)

All the other furniture is still at my old place. *sighs* Oh well. It means a bit of a delay to getting the place how I want it, but it’ll get there sooner or later. *nods* Fingers crossed, it’ll be sometimes next week when all the furniture comes over. And then… Once that’s there, I’ll look around and see what I think I should get and plan for when to get them. I’m pretty sure that there’s at least a larder or something like that that’s required, but… Again, just gonna take the time to look around once everything’s there and decide.

My knee’s aching again as well. Probably should’ve kinda expected that, what with all the lifting and packing and everything else. But with any luck, I’ll have more room to do exercises, including knee exercises, so that I can make it a lot tougher from now on. (Yeah, I have plans for my new place, just gotta see if I can fit it all in here!)

Oh, and I did something to my finger (thankfully, on my right hand (I’m left-handed)) and it’s a little swollen and sore… But considering the weight of some of the boxes I’ve been struggling with… A single swollen finger is pretty good going!

I’ve also been talking to various people about jobs (still IT jobs, despite my lack of enthusiasm for it, and all). Mostly e-mails, and mostly dealing with people who think the only thing worth communicating with is a phone (as per normal, considering my experiences with trying to get jobs previously…), but there is one good lining… The company that I used to work for, the one that made me redundant in May, has contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to work for 4 days per week as a data engineer – it’s not IT, I won’t be doing development, but I will be working with SQL and getting the required data for reports and the like. It pays less than my old job, and it’s only for a month (although can be extended) and I said yes. So I’ll be starting this contractor position on the 3rd July.

The 4-days week is something I asked for. Firstly, it’s to give me more time to get on with writing – and I fully intends to write a lot more, especially once everything’s all set up here in this new place – and also, if I need to go talk to other people regarding potential future jobs, I can do so on that day, without having to arrange to take a day off. Plus, to be honest, I think a 4-days work week would be better for me than a 5-days one. That extra freedom to write, I think, is something I’d need.

I do have my suspicions that the company’s kind of hoping that things will pick up somewhat for the development department shortly, and if that’s the case then I’ll be more or less on hand to get my old development job back, but I could be reading too much into it. Either way, not holding my breath, just gonna treat this job as a way to earn some extra money which will be useful at this moment in time until I can get everything sorted with old place and new place.

And that’ll do for now. I’ll try and write more either tomorrow or Sunday – so I’ll see you soon! 😀

Looking at places tomorrow

Heya guys! How goes the week? Hopefully, all’s going better than they are here. Although I’m hoping for a much better end to the week, especially tomorrow – I’m checking out a couple of places that are available to rent, and if all goes well… I could hopefully be moving to one of those before the end of the year.

Yeah, it’s still renting, and I would’ve preferred to actually find a place to buy and move to, but… Circumstances being what they are, I think the best thing for me is to find somewhere better to rent, and from there, try and find something to buy (if I can…) sometimes in 2017. That is, depending on my still being at work, or making a career of my writings! *grins*

Imma not gonna go into the reasons for wanting to move now, but I will say that I think it will be considerably less stressful for me for numerous reasons, and…

Well, to be honest, I really want to make a complete break with the past. This place, looking around it all, it’s just got too many bad memories, especially during some of my most severe depression phases, and I don’t like it here. It’s always damp, despite the dehumidifier, and every time I think about going back here from work… Yeah. Not nice.

But yeah… The intention is, Imma gonna check out those places tomorrow morning, and make a decision by lunchtime, and basically get everything going from that afternoon onwards. That’s the main advantage of renting over buying a house – it is a lot quicker.

Plus, I do also have a long weekend break – this Friday and Monday off – which will hopefully be used to get things sorted (even if it’s not gonna be as peaceful as I’d’ve liked…), and then after four more days at work, I’ve got the rest of December off, and dun have to go back to work until the 3rd January. Which I am soo looking forward to…

But it would be ideal. If I can get things sorted out, it means I’ll have plenty of time to move things and arrange things in the new place and everything else.

I just hope that I’ll still be able to check those places out and make a move for one tomorrow… (Sometimes, I see a place, enquire about it, and find out that someone’s already got it… *shakes head* *lol*) I definitely want to get out of this place as soon as I can.

It may be that I might be a little bit quiet over the next few weeks – we will see. At the moment, I’m definitely intending to keep blogging and everything, but… don’t know. We’ll have to wait and see what happens, right? If all goes well, Imma gonna be busy moving, after all…!

Okay… Gotta go get ready for work today. I’ll write again soon!

A quick Tuesday blog

Heya guys! How goes the week so far? For me, it’s been a bit of a mixture, I have to say. Work, for some reason, has been really tiring and horrible. I honestly don’t know why. Maybe I’m just being impatient because I wanna go do a whole bunch of things when I get back to my place?

And I have been. I’ve gone through the whole place, small as it is, and I’ve moved a whole bunch of stuff around, and dug out two boxes and all full of papers and old magazines to scan – which I totally plan to do from Friday onwards. But for now, looking around the place, I think I’ve got everything more or less rearranged right. I probably still have to really look at the books and DVDs, but in terms of making more space… It’s done. *nods*

Work… Ehh… Like I say, I can’t pinpoint why it’s been tiring and horrible lately. But I can tell you I’m definitely looking forward to a nice long weekend away from it all. *grins* Even if all I’m planning to do is scanning stuff and sorting out books and DVDs and the like, but at the same time, I’m also planning on putting in some major gaming time as well!

I’ve managed to play that first chapter of the romance VN (“Freshman”) from Choices twice now… Both times, my choice is Kaitlyn – obviously! – but the first time, I tried to behave as if it were me, and I was kind of curious as to what would happens if I went through it a second time making all the “wrong” choices when it comes to Chris and James – as in, really trying to push them away from me.

…As it turned out, I was right last time. No matter what choice you make, the game / VN really does basically keep trying to push those two towards you, and that really does not give the impression that you’re able to really change the game / VN depending on what you choose. You really are following pretty much the same core storyline, just slightly different events happening here and there depending on what you do. Not the right way to go about it, to be honest, and it doesn’t really inspire much confidence in me for later stories…

Edit: Just finished the first block of the second chapter and, umm… Disappointed is probably a little too strong, but the impression I got of it is that the game / VN is running on the assumption that you’d dated all three at any one time. It doesn’t seems to take any notice of what you’ve actually done in the first chapter. But considering the fact that the game doesn’t really pay that much notice to your choices, I can’t say I’m surprised at it. *smh*

I’ll still carry on reading it, but… Yeah. It’s not what I had hoped it would be, not by a long way.

Don’t get me wrong, I definitely enjoyed reading both chapters (and the short side-story) when it came to Kaitlyn (apart from that one chapter at the end of her birthday, obviously…), and I tell you quite honestly… I am soo looking forward to meeting my own “Kaitlyn” and having such a wonderful time with her, making lots of very memorable moments together with each other! *winks* *hee*

But like I said on Twitter… I’ve been spending a lot of time working on myself – mentally, mostly, but also some physical aspects of myself – and I’ve still got some way to go. I’m a lot happier and more content with myself than I have been for a long time, but… I still have to get through the whole winter phase and come out of it in the spring in a far better mood than I have been for… I really don’t know how long it’s been. So, while I’m definitely open to meeting my future girlfriend – whoever she turns out to be – right now, that’s not where my focus is. I’m focusing more on myself, and being happy in myself.

That’s the one thing that I haven’t been for a very long time. *shrugs* Like I mentioned before, the depressions that I tends to get tends to be self-destructive ones. So I don’t think it’s any wonder that I’ve had to work hard at sorting out my life, and working on myself. I’ve gone a long way since… Sheesh, even since April, when I started blogging on here! Some of my friends are starting to comment on that, as well. One said I seems to be more at peace with myself, which is really good.

So, let’s hope I keep going on that front!

I’ve been doing a lot of general blogging lately. I know some of you might be wondering if I’m slacking off a bit on my opinions blogs and everything else. The answer is nope, don’t worry! I will be going back and writing my opinions about certain things. I just need time to actually do a bit of reading up about it… And lately, I really haven’t had the time.

But I promise you, I will definitely be back blogging and posting opinions about things. I’m aleady planning to comment on this ridiculous Tory plan to get rid of the Human Rights Act, and bring in a “British Bill of Rights”. Everyone know it’s ridiculous, the only people that actually wants this to happens are the Tories, readers of certain Aryan-sympathisers newspapers or those that will believe anything the Murdoch Mafia will tell them.

I just need time, plus I’d like to read and refresh my memory about it all – we all know I dun have the best memory! *hee* – make sure I get my facts straight and all!

Okay… I’ll stop here for now. Hope to see you later!

Moving things around the place…

Heya guys! How’s your weekend been? Mine’s been busy. Not good busy, just moving things busy. *hee* My parents came to visit this weekend, and my dad did the DIY work that he said he was planning on doing to my new bed, to give it extra support, especially for the underbed storage and everything. It’s all done now, the DIY stuff. I just need to wait until tomorrow before I can really start putting everything away. Which means that the whole upcoming week is probably gonna be spent re-arranging everything in this place, to make it as clutter-free as possible (I have to admit… I can be a little bit of a hoarder!) and get it all nice and clean and everything.

Oh! That reminds me… The electrician guy came round last weekend and fitted in the new extractor fan in the bathroom. So that’s all sorted. He also said the light fitting in the bathroom was broken as well? I’ve never noticed any problems with it, but… *shrugs* Anyway… He fitted in a new light as well. A much brighter light, I must say. Either that, or the old bathroom light was just that dim. *lol* Gotta admit, I’m still not entirely used to the new brighter bathroom light, but I’ll adjust soon enough.

Anyway… With the bathroom and the new bed now all more or less done and sorted, I can now start to re-arrange the whole flat and everything. I know what I want to do, I got it all more or less planned out in my head, it’s just… Getting on with it, right? So… This week, after work, and over the nice long weekend (since it’s Bank Holiday Monday on the 29th, which means I dun have to work that day), I’m planning on really getting everything done. That might mean I’ll be throwing out more clutter or giving away more books and DVDs and the like, but that’s fine. I dun care.

To be honest, I kind of want to finish by Wednesday at the latest. I don’t think it should take me that long, it’s just a question of making sure I get everything set up the way I want it to be.

It will, of course, depends on how things are at work, but… *shakes head* Even if I have a bad Monday, I should still finish by Wednesday, and that’ll give me more time to prepare for September. I wrote a list of things that I want to do before it’s September. Some of it will take me a while – for example, I’ve got “scan old magazines” written down on the list, and… *looks at pile of magazines* Yeah. There’s a few! But hey… If I can do that, I can put all those magazines in the recycle box, and I’ll have less clutter and more space. That can only be a good thing.

It’s not all chores around the place. I kind of feel like I wanna go somewhere before the end of Summer. A day trip or something. The problem is… Bank Holiday weekends, pretty much everyone gets out and about on the roads, so… I’m not willing to put up with all that stress, just to have a day out.

What else… Hmm… Oh yeah. I tried reading “Am I Normal Yet” by Holly Bourne – as I mentioned a few blog posts ago – and… I can’t read it. I only managed to get to chapter 17 before I realised that I was starting to get triggers in myself.

So, I guess that basically means that, unfortunately, I’m just gonna have to keep checking everything out before I read or watch or whatever in case they have something that might cause something to trigger in me.

Yes, it’s a shame but on the other hand… It’s good that I confirmed it. And I confirmed it while it’s still Summer, while I was in a really decent mood for me, and I took action to get past those trigger alerts. So… Right now, I’m fine. Don’t worry guys! *grins*

The hoarding thing… Yeah, I was a lot more of a hoarder than I am now. I think I mentioned before that during one of my depression periods, I suddenly realised that I had more than a few books and DVDs that were not helping the whole depression thing, and that watching or reading them was causing triggers in me. So I went through every single book and DVD that I owned back then, and I put about half of the books and DVDs into boxes and bags and told my family what I’ve done, and that if they want any of them, they can have them. The rest were either sold online (by my dad, not by me), or given to charity shops.

I went through all those stuff with the following criteria: 1) Is it something that I can read / watch? and 2) Is it something that I think I would ever read / watch again? If the answer to either of those was “No”, then I just put straight in the box. I also threw out quite a considerable number of sheets of paper and the like (some of it shredded) so… Yeah. The fortnightly recycling box was overflowing a bit! *hee*

Now… Meh. I still buy the occasional book, but every single book I check out, I ask myself the same question, after checking the blurb on the back and everything. There’s been some books that I’ve read, which I did enjoy reading – for example “The Bone Dragon” by Alexia Casale, or “The Lie Tree” by Frances Hardinge – and I definitely thought they were good. But when I’d finished with them, I knew I wouldn’t be able to read them again. I gave them to my parents, and I think my mum’s read both herself, and said the same thing. She liked them but wouldn’t read them again (albeit for different reasons to me).

…The last book I forced myself to read – and I don’t think I really should have, to be honest – was “If You Find Me” by Emily Murdoch. It was heartbreaking, when I read it, and it was really affecting me in a bad way. I dun know why I forced myself to finish reading it, but after I did, I realised that with something like this, I shouldn’t force myself to read books like these, it was seriously affecting me too much. It is a decent book, though, very powerful and very dark in places (which is probably why it affected me to that amount). And that was when I realised that I was causing a lot of problems inside me, by what I was reading and everything. So… Yeah.

And when I looked around at the bookshelves and everything else, it just struck me that I seems to be keeping a lot of books that really weren’t good for me, or books that I’m just never gonna read again, so why was I keeping them? *shakes head* And the same goes for the DVDs. So… Yeah. That what pretty much brought it all about. That was… I think beginning of 2015? (I know I read Lie Tree earlier this year, but I read If You Find Me and Bone Dragon back around then) So… Yeah. I’m just moving on to stopping myself hoarding quite so much!

Quite honestly, this is something else that’d been changed by my depression attacks. I know I’m not that attached to a lot of stuff that I own. Like, if I lost everything in a fire, or whatever, just what would I really miss? Seriously, not that much. Wouldn’t even miss my computer or anything, even though I’ve got story ideas and the like on there.

Of course I’d be severely upset, but… You know, a lot of it can be replaced. Eventually. I’m more attached to those that are irreplaceable. For example, my best friend. There’s no way I could ever replace her if I ever lost her. *gives her a tight hug*

So, I guess the depression attacks did do some good. Made me realise what’s really important and what isn’t quite as important as they appeared to be.

And on that note… I’m gonna stop here for now! I’ll try and write again Tuesday or Wednesday. In the meantime… Hope you had a lovely weekend and a good week ahead! See you guys soon!