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A mixed week…

Heya! How’s your week been going? Hopefully it’s all been going decent for you and all!

Me… Ehh… It’s been a bit of a mixed week, I have to say. House-wise, things are progressing and sometimes next week, everything will be complete. Apparently. *gulps* I still dunno if I’m really all that ready to be a house-owner, but… You know, I’ve gone this far, might as well see it through and hopefully it’ll all work out. Hopefully!

Job-wise, well… I’ll be honest, I have been looking, but I think there’s a part of me that’s pretty much saying, “wait until you’ve moved and settled down…” Which, I guess makes sense. Mind, it’s not like that I’ve seen that many jobs that’s suitable for me yet. Doesn’t stop people from trying to send me absolute ridiculous job offers, though. I even had one that asked if I’d want to apply for a SQL manager position in Krakow, Poland. *shakes head* *shudders* Can you even _imagine_ the problems I’d have with that. A Manager position, managers goes through a lot of meetings and everything else, not to mention the fact that it’d all be in Polish… I have enough trouble with English already, thank you very much!

Not to mention the fact that we are talking about Poland. Let’s just say that their reputation for black people, or LGBT+ people, isn’t exactly… sterling? Not as bad as a particularly large country eastwards, but certainly not the best. *shakes head* Needless to say… I deleted that e-mail without even bothering to reply.

Oh yeah, the Polish thing… Well, I am of the firm belief that, if you are going to go and work in another country, which speaks a different language to you – for example, Polish in Poland – you should be expected and willing to learn that language, and start to do so before you even go there. You cannot, and should not, expect everyone in that country to be able to speak your own language to you. There are exceptions, of course – refugees, etc – but by and large… If you’re planning on going to work in a country that speaks a different language to you, you should be willing to communicate in that country’s language. Same for every country. If you plan to work in Britain, you should be willing to learn English, you go to Spain, be willing to learn Spanish, and so on.

As for other people that e-mailed me… Well, most of them asked for a phone number. As usual. And when I say I dun have a phone due to being deaf… Their “interest” definitely vanished! *rolls eyes*

Whatever… Like I say, it’s probably for the best because it does means I’ll have a bit more time to focus on actually getting everything done regarding moving and everything else…

Games-wise… Well, I’m getting back to playing seriously (while still having fun) and writing my own kind of self-guides as to how to play it. You know, should I ever want to play that game again! *grins*

Writing… Well, I’m writing. It’s still mostly the guide thing, though. I’m still hoping that by doing the guide-writing, I’ll be able to start focusing again on story and Yore! stuff. Although, again, I think there’s a part of me that’s whispering, “…wait until you move…”, but I dun really want to, to be honest.

…The problem with waiting is, there’s this kind of like… big expectation that by moving, I’m gonna magically find more time, I’m gonna feel a lot better, a lot more relaxed and everything else? That’s… Not gonna happen. The move will be good for me, but I need to bring my expectations down somewhat. Otherwise, well… It could be a big knock to the confidence that I’ve got right now.

…Still… Guess things will be moving on quicker from next week, so… Might as well take the time to relax while I still can, right? *grins*

Okay, I’ll stop here for now, but I will write another post tomorrow, okay? See you soon!

Reaction and a promise…

Heya guys… So. I’ve been up since around 2, 3am because I was really worried about the US election, and the fact that I have friends who live there, plus there are people that I follow on Twitter and who I care about – whether it’s because of things they do or otherwise – and pretty much every one of them will be affected for the worse because of the… choice made by a goodly number of people.

And, having just got out of work (well, about an hour and half ago now), I can finally sit down and try to put my thoughts and feelings into words. Not about the election itself, that’s done. The people, for better or worse, have decided and the choice that I dreaded was gonna happens ever since it was clear it was gonna be between two decidingly unpopular people, happened.

I’ve already said that if it had been Sanders or anyone else, they would’ve won easily. And I still think that would’ve been the case. Unfortunately… Didn’t turn out that way. (No offence to those that genuinely liked Clinton, but if I’m honest, I would only have voted for her to keep the other one out. There were things she’s done that I did not agree with, and I’m not talking about the e-mails thing, that didn’t even come into the equation for me.)

No, what I want to write about is the impact that it will have on people.

Even here, in the UK, I was going around the shops at lunchtime today, and I spotted more than a couple of people looking at me odd. The general impression I had from them was if they thought they could say something, it would be along the lines of “Why haven’t you *censored* off back to Africa yet?” Ever since the whole Brexit decision came about, the number of people that I’ve noticed looking at me, taking in the colour of my skin and all that, have increased. I’m sure there’s been more than a few comments made in my direction, but thankfully… Being deaf, I dun normally pick them up. And no-one (so far!) have come right up and shouted in my face or anything.

I means, I get the occasional glare made in my direction every now and then. It’s never a nice thing, but I’ve learnt (sadly, you kind of have to, when you’re black and all) to pretty much ignore them. But you do tends to notice when that number increased. And it definitely has after the whole Brexit vote.

But like I say, I’m deaf, so I don’t normally hear anything people say. I can certainly imagine there’s been more than a few unpleasant comments, though. And yes, people do pick on that as well. I remember, when I was at school, someone – I never seen the guy before, but he somehow knew I was deaf – he stopped me on the way to class and asked if I knew sign-language, I said only the alphabet, and he gave me the middle finger and said “what’s this, then?” and walked off laughing. And that was just one example of many I could’ve picked. Thankfully, nothing like that happened in the streets, or at work. So far…

Yeah. I’m kind of hoping it’s not as immediately noticeable, but… I’m all too aware that my being deaf is the only reason I’m not hearing more comments.

And when you add to that the fact that I’m a lesbian… Oh my, I can only imagine the reaction those people would give if they’d saw me holding hands or kissing another lady! I kind of want to do that, tell the whole world they can just get lost, they’re not gonna suppress me or stop me from loving my (hypothetical) girlfriend. But… Still single, still got a long way to go before I can feel like I can be a great girlfriend for the right lady.

But I know that there will be people out there who will treat any sight of me kissing another lady with revulsion and disgust, and will probably do whatever they can to ruin things for us.

And that’s what I’ve been seeing happens. There’s this wonderful, beautiful couple, two lovely ladies that I follows on twitter (well, I’ve checked out their twitter accounts on numerous occasions before finally deciding to follow them), they’ve just recently engaged, which I totally screamed about, and even though it’s only been a few hours since the results, they’ve already received text messages and the like basically laughing at them and saying they’ll never get married or anything. What sort of total nonsensical messed up reaction is that??

There’s this lady that I follow, who’s been involved in some of the best VNs I’ve ever read – Astoria: Fate’s Kiss and everything else, who’s had to pluck up the courage to speak out and fight to get a lesbian relationship route in the first VN she contributed to, and now, because of that, there’s one in every VN that the company she works for does. What’s the betting that, because of what’s happened, people are gonna make things harder for her to give people like me a chance to read wonderful WLW stories?

Or how about this fantastic artist, who’s born in Argentina, has a boyfriend (8 years and counting) in the USA, spends a lot of time in the USA, doing artwork and conventions groups and everything else… Can you imagine just how much more difficult it could be for her to do what she’s currently doing right now?

Not to mention some of the other people and groups that I follow and all. POCs, and those that want to make sure that the black voice isn’t silenced? I know from experience, and from those that I talk to that they get a lot of abuse. Even my best friend, who lives in America, she gets a lot of abuse online. Just because of her skin colour, and she like playing games online with her group of friends. And what about those people who fights against homophobia or transphobia? Or any other kind of phobia? Can you even begin to imagine just how many people are gonna abuse them? When all they’re trying to do is make lives better for the LGBT+ community?

And that’s why I’m writing this, in the end. I’m not gonna tell anyone to be strong, I’m not gonna tell anyone it’s gonna get better, or anything like that. Because we all of us have totally different reactions when something like this happens. And even though the USA is currently trying to get back to the 19th Century, or something like that, and I’m in the UK, and there’s so little I can do… I wanna give them, all those people that I’m gonna mention and everyone else that I follow or who follow me, and those that I don’t know and probably never will know, this one thing: No matter what, I’m never ever gonna stop fighting, and whatever happens, if there’s even one small thing I can do for you, I’ll do it.

That’s a promise to all the people I love and care about. Trice, Crystal, Carys, Kali, Lauren, Shouri, everyone. And to all the people and organisations that try to help black people, like Media Diversified, or the LGBT+ community, like Trans United.

You will always have my love and support. *hugs*