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Heya! I’m back! And back for good, too!

Whew… Again, I have to say sorry for not blogging for so long! It’s just been… Quite frankly, it’s been a struggle to do anything or think of anything more than just wanting to get on the tablet and play games or dig out some old comics and read them again. *hee* (And, yes, I have a lot of old Beanos – I even have some dating back to 1993 which is crazy, considering I would’ve been like 5 then…!)

Those 1993 Beanos, though, they’re not complete. It seems that way back then, whoever owned them originally decided they wanted to just keep those pages with “The Bash Street Kids” and “Dennis the Menace and Gnasher” (Note to Americans: The Dennis the Menace from the Beano is different to the Dennis the Menace you’re aware of, so don’t be too confused about talk about Gnasher and everything else! (History: The US’ Dennis the Menace is credited as the older one, but not by much – It was originally debuted in US newspapers on 12th March 1951 (according to Wikipedia), while the British Dennis the Menace debuted in the Beano on the comic dated 17th March 1951, but was apparently released on the 12th March 1951 – and in those days, they probably never heard of each other until much later, most likely. These days, though, I think the Beano has decided to further distance the two Dennises by just calling it “Dennis and Gnasher” – but back in 1993, it was still “Dennis the Menace and Gnasher”.)

Anyway… It’s fine. From what I can see, I still have complete Beanos dating back to 1996 or thereabouts, and that was probably when I’d started getting and reading them myself. It’s a bit of a difference, reading the Beanos back then and reading them now. I have to say, I kinda prefer the latest versions, because the latest versions of the Beano has their sarcastic kind of laugh-out-loud moments, whereas the Beanos of yesteryear are a little bit more… well, straightforward (sometimes funny, but sometimes, you really can see that some of the stuff they did then, they’d never do now…)

As for some of the celebrities they’ve featured… Well, let’s just say I spotted a certain TV personality who’s also a painter, originally from Australia… Yeesh. Those did _NOT_ age well. But to be fair to the Beano in those days, no-one has a crystal ball. As far as most people knew back then, that certain TV personality was a decent human being.

Anyway… I was kinda hoping to have been back before now, but by the time it’d got to mid-July, and things were only just starting to settle down (what with everything that’s been going on…), I decided then that I’d pretty much just hold off until the 1st August (today!) before going back to blogging. That way, I can make sure everything’s settled, I can make sure everything that I wanted / needed to do can be done, the whole lot.

And so it worked out. All the work that was required on the house (roof and water pipes – basically, the previous owner had left this place empty for over a year, and only did the visual requirements in order to make it sellable, the stuff that you couldn’t see – and quite honestly, I didn’t see anything wrong with the roof, my dad did – he obviously didn’t sort out. And I say obviously because quite honestly… I probably wouldn’t’ve, if I was selling and I couldn’t see anything wrong, and nor would pretty much anyone else) has been done, all the furniture (old and new) is now here and everything placed where I wanted it to be, and there’s a bit more colour around the place. I probably need a bit more bright colours in the place, but for now… It’ll do until I see something new.

I’m also getting settled into work. The month contract I had with the company has been extended (I believe they said until end of September, but I ought to check…), which is useful. It’ll allow me to keep earning money, get my finances in order (after all the moving and everything else), and give me more time to write and job-hunt for something a little more permanent, or a bit more solid. Whether that’s in writing or development or something else, I dunno. I’m not confident I’ll find another development job, but to be quite honest… I’m not all that sure I want to anyway. Only reason I would, is to allow me to earn while exploring writing options.

Writings… Well, I still need to try and figure out some way of being able to put myself out there as a freelance writer, but I honestly have no idea how to, and I’m useless at “selling” myself – even in interviews for development jobs in the past, I’m not good at that. But at least this way, with a 4-days working week, I’ve got an extra day to try and find ways of doing so, plus more time to get writing.

Which is gonna be starting properly from this Friday onwards – I was kind of hoping to have made a start last weekend, but… Wasn’t feeling good, plus I had to wait for deliveries and everything else so… Yeah. Just turned out that August is a brand new start for me in a lot more ways than I originally thought.

I’m also planning to get back to my diet from today. Obviously, with everything that’s been going on, my eating habits has gone totally wayward, so this week, I’m planning to just get it back to normal – like a proper breakfast and a proper evening dinner. Once that’s done, then I’ll start working on the actual diet, with exercises and everything else. My current aim is to be close to my optimal weight come Christmas time.

Outside of writing, I’m looking forward to getting back to playing video games on my consoles and everything else – that’d also been put to one side. Outside of the games on my tablet, the only other game I’ve kind of played was the download-only Ace Attorney games (and I wasn’t really getting into the Spirit of Justice one, to be honest… Think I left that before going to court in the third case (Rite of Turnabout) I’ll get back to it one day, but right now… I’m just looking at my shelves – both “latest” and “retro” collections – and trying to decide which one to play.

Oh yeah, I have my retro collection set up in my bedroom! 😀 I have my Spectrums, my PS1, PS2 and Gamecube in my bedroom, so whenever I want to, I can just load up an old game, and get gaming! And my Spectrums still works! 😀 I don’t think all the tapes are fine, but from what I can tell, most of them are definitely okay. It’s just a question of working out which ones are okay, and which ones aren’t. I probably eventually will have to get one of those new-gen Spectrums, but the last I know, there were like, two competing groups and I dun want to get both. So I thought I’d just wait and see which one is left standing.

But for now… I’m looking forward to getting back to gaming and writing and all!

Okay… Gonna stop here for now. Hope you’re doing great, and see you soon!

First post from my new place!


This is my first blog post (and there will be many more to come!) from my new place!

It has been a long time coming, and I’m sorry for the long pause between blogs, but there really have been a fair amount of stuff to do and by the time I’m finished with the plans for the day, all I want to do is pretty much sleep and just forget about everything and game.

Why was it a bit tough? Well… The main problem was in trying to get everything set up – that is, the utilities, broadband – as well as moving things over. I might’ve gotten rid of a lot of things over the years, but some of the stuff I’ve been digging out of the cupboards and everything else, I’ve been like, “When did I get this…?” *lol* Honestly, it was pretty much a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. And I was pretty much deciding to just put it all in boxes and take a few over every time I went to the new place. And believe me, there was a _lot_ of boxes… So I was spending a lot of time clearing out cupboards, drawers, etc, and putting them in boxes ready for me to take. And then taking them out of boxes and putting it into new boxes to try and take up every last bit of gap available…! *grins* But, to be honest, I was pretty much driving stuff over like 5 times a week.

Some of the utilities stuff was tougher than it should’ve been because of the fact that I’m deaf, but… *shrugs* Anyway… Everything was sorted out gradually over the past couple weeks, and the last stumbling block (to my mind) was the broadband access, which was switched on and ready to go today. So… With that in mind, I was more or less ready to move over. The worse bit was the council tax, I had to pop over to the council offices to talk to someone. But I’ve now filled in the form, and handed it over, so hopefully I should find out how much council tax I’ll be paying monthly shortly.

The old place, I’m still renting (I handed in my month’s notice, but I don’t officially leave the flat until sometimes around 14th July), and there’s still stuff in there – more than there should be, to be honest – but I’m now more or less moved in.

Why am I saying “more or less”? Well… Because my eldest brother was gonna help me move the furniture over, (because I obviously can’t fit a bed and things like that in a car! *grins*) but this morning, he received some weird news… The company he hired a van with contacted him and said they can’t loan him the van because he apparently doesn’t live in the house that he said he does. And he’s been living in his place with his wife and children for at least the past two years. *shakes head* So… The only furniture I have in this place for now is the beanbag, some small tables and chairs, and a whole bunch of cushions and the like. My intention is to basically sleep on the beanbag / cushions until I can arrange a van hire with a driver myself. (Well, I say myself, but my dad has apparently decided to take that on himself…)

All the other furniture is still at my old place. *sighs* Oh well. It means a bit of a delay to getting the place how I want it, but it’ll get there sooner or later. *nods* Fingers crossed, it’ll be sometimes next week when all the furniture comes over. And then… Once that’s there, I’ll look around and see what I think I should get and plan for when to get them. I’m pretty sure that there’s at least a larder or something like that that’s required, but… Again, just gonna take the time to look around once everything’s there and decide.

My knee’s aching again as well. Probably should’ve kinda expected that, what with all the lifting and packing and everything else. But with any luck, I’ll have more room to do exercises, including knee exercises, so that I can make it a lot tougher from now on. (Yeah, I have plans for my new place, just gotta see if I can fit it all in here!)

Oh, and I did something to my finger (thankfully, on my right hand (I’m left-handed)) and it’s a little swollen and sore… But considering the weight of some of the boxes I’ve been struggling with… A single swollen finger is pretty good going!

I’ve also been talking to various people about jobs (still IT jobs, despite my lack of enthusiasm for it, and all). Mostly e-mails, and mostly dealing with people who think the only thing worth communicating with is a phone (as per normal, considering my experiences with trying to get jobs previously…), but there is one good lining… The company that I used to work for, the one that made me redundant in May, has contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to work for 4 days per week as a data engineer – it’s not IT, I won’t be doing development, but I will be working with SQL and getting the required data for reports and the like. It pays less than my old job, and it’s only for a month (although can be extended) and I said yes. So I’ll be starting this contractor position on the 3rd July.

The 4-days week is something I asked for. Firstly, it’s to give me more time to get on with writing – and I fully intends to write a lot more, especially once everything’s all set up here in this new place – and also, if I need to go talk to other people regarding potential future jobs, I can do so on that day, without having to arrange to take a day off. Plus, to be honest, I think a 4-days work week would be better for me than a 5-days one. That extra freedom to write, I think, is something I’d need.

I do have my suspicions that the company’s kind of hoping that things will pick up somewhat for the development department shortly, and if that’s the case then I’ll be more or less on hand to get my old development job back, but I could be reading too much into it. Either way, not holding my breath, just gonna treat this job as a way to earn some extra money which will be useful at this moment in time until I can get everything sorted with old place and new place.

And that’ll do for now. I’ll try and write more either tomorrow or Sunday – so I’ll see you soon! 😀

House and ennui


I kind of own an explanation for the fact that this blog (and my twitter account) has been quiet for the past few weeks, and why it’s gonna be quiet for the next couple of weeks (at least).

I bought a house, as you know – and honestly, I still really dun feel like it’s mine. I’ve been there a few times now, and I still look around and think it’s not really mine. *lol* But… There you go. Just have to keep getting used to the fact that I have a house now. The main problem that I’ve been having with it is trying to get everything sorted out with it.

To be honest, it sometimes feels a little bit overwhelming, so I’ve been breaking things down into little pieces so that I can cope with each bit at a time…

That is, all the utilities and stuff like that, and the fact that there have been so much… bleh. My dad had to phone up the gas and electricity people (I imagined I would’ve been able to send them an e-mail, but I was struggling to find out which utility company it was, and by the time we found out, my dad decided that he’d give them a call… So, yeah…). I managed to sort out the water company. I think. Filled in the online form anyway, so just gotta wait for them to send me the bill or whatever. Phone line and broadband… I’ve contacted the company that I want to handle it, and was hoping they’d come and do it on Monday, but they’ve pushed it back to switching everything over on the 12th and switching the broadband on on the 16th. So I won’t be moving in until then.

No clue regarding the engineer. I had them down to come over sometimes in the afternoon on the 5th, so I’ve just e-mailed them to hopefully get an answer soon.

Council is being a pain… Just have to hope they’ll eventually get me the information that I need. Outside of that, that’s pretty much all the utilities stuff done. Thankfully.

In the meantime, I’ve been taking in boxes and the like so that I can start packing everything up ready for the move. I’ve taken some stuff over, but not a lot. And I really need to start packing soon…

Oh well. Outside of that, I’ve been suffering from some kind of ennui. I dun know why, but people are expecting me to be all excited and everything else about the house and I’m like… Meh. Guess that’s part of why I’ve been dragging my feet a little bit. And it’s not just about the house, it’s every part of my life at the moment. I did wonder if it was because of the fact that I’d been made redundant, but… *shakes head* I dun think so, and I don’t think it’s depression – it’s just… ennui.

But I’m hoping that yesterday – I started packing some stuff and moved it over to the house, plus I went to see my nieces (who, with their family, came to visit their grandparents) and I feel like I’m starting to move away from whatever it was. So… Yeah, hopefully, I’ll now be in a position to get more things done from now on. It’d be nice, definitely.

I’ve got a couple more things to do – I gotta write a letter to notify the landlord of my current flat that I’ll be leaving the property at a given date, and I gotta make a decision as to who to pick to get the big stuff moved – I was not looking forward to checking out moving companies and the like – but then my oldest brother said if I’d hire a van, he’d help me move everything… And that would be cheaper, if a bit more of a hassle. *lol* I’m tempted to go for that, though. But I’d need to give him time to arrange when he could do so. And then it’s a question of finding a van… *cries*

But yeah… At the moment, I’ve been combatting ennui, plus I’m getting a bit of stress from the whole house thing that… Everything else, the blog, twitter and so on, have been put to the back burner for now. I’m hoping that, from the 16th onwards, I’ll be in a much better place, both mentally and physically, and from there, I’ll be back blogging and tweeting and everything else again.

Anyway… That’s what happening. Not a lot of fun, but definitely thinking I’ll be back properly posting and everything else from the 16th onwards. I might post one or two times in between, but… Probably best not to expect to see much from me until then!

See you soon!

A mixed week…

Heya! How’s your week been going? Hopefully it’s all been going decent for you and all!

Me… Ehh… It’s been a bit of a mixed week, I have to say. House-wise, things are progressing and sometimes next week, everything will be complete. Apparently. *gulps* I still dunno if I’m really all that ready to be a house-owner, but… You know, I’ve gone this far, might as well see it through and hopefully it’ll all work out. Hopefully!

Job-wise, well… I’ll be honest, I have been looking, but I think there’s a part of me that’s pretty much saying, “wait until you’ve moved and settled down…” Which, I guess makes sense. Mind, it’s not like that I’ve seen that many jobs that’s suitable for me yet. Doesn’t stop people from trying to send me absolute ridiculous job offers, though. I even had one that asked if I’d want to apply for a SQL manager position in Krakow, Poland. *shakes head* *shudders* Can you even _imagine_ the problems I’d have with that. A Manager position, managers goes through a lot of meetings and everything else, not to mention the fact that it’d all be in Polish… I have enough trouble with English already, thank you very much!

Not to mention the fact that we are talking about Poland. Let’s just say that their reputation for black people, or LGBT+ people, isn’t exactly… sterling? Not as bad as a particularly large country eastwards, but certainly not the best. *shakes head* Needless to say… I deleted that e-mail without even bothering to reply.

Oh yeah, the Polish thing… Well, I am of the firm belief that, if you are going to go and work in another country, which speaks a different language to you – for example, Polish in Poland – you should be expected and willing to learn that language, and start to do so before you even go there. You cannot, and should not, expect everyone in that country to be able to speak your own language to you. There are exceptions, of course – refugees, etc – but by and large… If you’re planning on going to work in a country that speaks a different language to you, you should be willing to communicate in that country’s language. Same for every country. If you plan to work in Britain, you should be willing to learn English, you go to Spain, be willing to learn Spanish, and so on.

As for other people that e-mailed me… Well, most of them asked for a phone number. As usual. And when I say I dun have a phone due to being deaf… Their “interest” definitely vanished! *rolls eyes*

Whatever… Like I say, it’s probably for the best because it does means I’ll have a bit more time to focus on actually getting everything done regarding moving and everything else…

Games-wise… Well, I’m getting back to playing seriously (while still having fun) and writing my own kind of self-guides as to how to play it. You know, should I ever want to play that game again! *grins*

Writing… Well, I’m writing. It’s still mostly the guide thing, though. I’m still hoping that by doing the guide-writing, I’ll be able to start focusing again on story and Yore! stuff. Although, again, I think there’s a part of me that’s whispering, “…wait until you move…”, but I dun really want to, to be honest.

…The problem with waiting is, there’s this kind of like… big expectation that by moving, I’m gonna magically find more time, I’m gonna feel a lot better, a lot more relaxed and everything else? That’s… Not gonna happen. The move will be good for me, but I need to bring my expectations down somewhat. Otherwise, well… It could be a big knock to the confidence that I’ve got right now.

…Still… Guess things will be moving on quicker from next week, so… Might as well take the time to relax while I still can, right? *grins*

Okay, I’ll stop here for now, but I will write another post tomorrow, okay? See you soon!

I’m back!


Yep, I’m back, and better than before! *lol*

Okay, okay, I guess I owe you an explanation as to why I’ve not been posting for a couple weeks or so… The honest truth is, after I got made redundant (yeah, unfortunately, it was confirmed that I was one of the ones to be made redundant… *shrugs*), I just felt… tired, in fact, I was exhausted. I guess all the emotions over the preceding weeks, plus the fact that I’d been working more or less flat out at the company and everything (despite them saying they didn’t have any work… *rolls eyes*), and – despite the fact that I was bracing for it and all – I was also feeling a little down. Not depressed down, just down.

And when I tried to write – you know, take advantage of the extra time I now have and all – I found I couldn’t focus, I couldn’t think. That, despite the fact that I know I have like whole chunks of the story in my mind ready to put to paper… *smh*

So… After a day of this, I sat and thought to myself, what’s the best thing to do? Well… Maybe the best thing to do would be to more or less take a total break from everything. At least a weekend break, or a week, if necessary (as it turned out, it was just over a week), just relax, play games without taking it seriously (and by that, I means, just play games without thinking about what to do further down the line in the game – so I was playing games like Dragon Quest Builders and all I was doing was just exploring and seeing what I can do and everything. I wasn’t really thinking about the quests or anything like that. I means, yes, I know I was supposed to, but… *grins*), read comics (or even binge-read some of the comics – like Fine Sometimes Rain and so on), anything, just give the brain a complete break from everything.

And it worked. I feels completely recharged and I’m getting on with things now. I’m also – having checked out some of the sites that’s all about how to keep yourself motivated – using some of the suggestions mentioned to help keep me going (because I know how easy it would be for me to slip back into old habits, and that’s something I dun ever want to do…)

So, what’s the plan moving forward? Well… I’ve got a house that I’m still buying and moving into in the next month or so (I know, I know… I was gonna withdraw from the purchase, but after talking it through with parents and all, it turned out that if I withdrew, I’d not only have to pay for what we’ve done already, but job centres, etc, would be expecting me to use the deposit money that parents gave me explicitly for the house to keep myself alive, etc, before they’d give me any benefits… And, yet, somehow, other people seems to have no problems getting paid more money on benefits than I’ve ever earned in a year… *smh*)

Anyway… Parents are going to help with cost of mortgage repayments until I get a job, after which I will be paying them back as well as paying off the mortgage myself.

I think their expectation is that I will be able to find another IT job (haha) but we’ll see. *shrugs* I dun expect to, but I will look for one, along other jobs that I think I could do. In the meantime, the plan is to spend as much of my time as possible (when not job hunting or replying to e-mails or anything like that) writing, and trying to look into putting myself out there for freelance writing, if I can do that.

I am certainly planning to focus on my stories, on Yore! stuff, and so on. All the stuff that I’ve been telling myself that I’m gonna do. Well, I’ve got time now, and I’m getting on with it!

I was down for a while after being made redundant and everything else, but now I’m back, I feel better, and I’m writing and doing everything that I wanna do. I just hope that by the end of it all, I’ll have a lot to show for it – I’m certainly praying for it! 😀

See you soon!

Hectic week


How goes things? Wow, I gotta tell you, it’s been a really hectic time at work this week. At one time, I was basically doing testing work on three different things at the same time. Plus, development work on another thing entirely when I had a few minutes to spare… *smh* Like I say, I dun mind being busy at work, just kind of… well, okay, I’m moaning a little bit! *hee* But it would be nice if it was all spread out a little bit more. Like, allow me to test one thing at a time, and do the development work that I need to do, not have everything dumped in my lap all at once!

Ideally, I wouldn’t be doing that much testing either, but… That’s the way it goes. *shrugs* Things have been a little bit busy that even the testers – the ones whose jobs are primarily testing work – have been asked to do development work, and of course, because they’re doing some development work… *lol* Yep, you guessed it!

It’s all a bit of a mess I’m afraid. Dunno why, really, but guess it’s just the way things have basically been building up to. Hopefully people (well, those in management duties) will be able to get things settled down a bit and the right people will be doing what they’re supposed to be doing.

Outside work… Well, my knee’s still giving me problems. It’s been clicking a fair bit over the past few days. It’s looking like I’m gonna have to go and get it scanned after all, but… *shakes head* Honestly, most of the time it’s fine, and I can stand on it – like on that one foot – and everything else fine, so… I dunno. Course, it may be associated with the fact that the stress of the past few weeks and everything has been seeing me slip somewhat over my eating habits. *sighs* Yep. Been eating more junk food than I should again…! But that ends today! *puts foot down* From now on, back on diet plan, back to eating properly! *firm nod*

…Wait, why are you guys already placing bets on when I slip up again?? *crosses arms, going “humph!”* You’re mean! *grins*

But, no seriously… I think the sooner I start dropping my weight – and keeping it off – the better it’ll be for my knee and all. And if that doesn’t help then, yeah, I’ll go speak to doctor and arrange to get a scan or whatever for the knee.

I should write up, as well, an exercise plan for the knee and all… I mean, I’ve got one from the physiotherapist that I saw last year… Somewhere… *look around the room, at scattered pieces of paper all around* Maybe? *grins*

(I know, I know… I need to become more organised. I’m aiming to do that this weekend, just start to sort out some of the papers around the place and all…)

But yeah… Once I find that plan, I’ll get back to doing those knee exercises and everything. That’ll also help me with getting back to doing some other basic exercises as well, stomach and all, just to get my body a bit fitter. 🙂

STOP PLACING THOSE BETS!! I’ll prove you guys wrong, just wait and see! *tosses hair and walks away*

*grins* Okay, okay…

The house-buying is progressing. I presume. I’m getting a surveyor to just give the house an once-over – I’m not expecting there to be any problems, but like people say, always better to be safe than sorry, right? I’ve made a choice of who I’m getting in – although, to be fair, he was the only one that replied to my e-mail. The other one I’d e-mailed didn’t get back to me, and there wasn’t any out-of-office reply or anything, so dunno why they decided they didn’t wanna get back to me…

But yeah… Outside of that, like I said before, it’s basically all with solicitors now. I dunno how long it will take, but pretty sure it’ll be a few weeks yet before I get to sign any contracts or anything like that.

So… Yeah. Like I say, busy week, so I’m definitely looking forward to when I get back from work tonight… Just to have that nice weekend break from work and all… Bliss!

Haven’t really been playing any games lately. Just not really been in the mood to do so. *shrugs* Well, apart from the usual three tablet games anyway. Hopefully I’ll be getting back into things soon, especially now that the whole house thing is more or less in other people’s hands.

Same with my writings, actually. Maybe not this weekend, but hopefully from next week, weekend, that kind of thing, I’ll be getting back into doing my writings. My imagination’s overflowing a little bit at the moment! *grins*

Okay, gonna stop here for now. Hope you guys are doing okay, and I’ll write again soon!

House-hunting again…

Heya! How goes things? Me? Sheesh… I’m worn out today. Been doing a lot of travelling, and I was intending to do a fair amount of housework around the place as well, but I haven’t really, outside of the laundry. Just been too tired after work, really. So… much… testing… *sighs* *yawns* Well, that, and the fact that there’s been a few mishaps in my life lately. Like losing my car keys temporarily because of a sneezecough at the wrong time. *shudders* (I’d mentioned it on twitter, but basically, I was in the car, key in hand, and was gonna put the key in the ignition when all of a sudden I had a sneeze and a cough at the same time and the key went flying out of my hand. And I couldn’t find it. *cries* I had to dig out my spare and hope I’d find the key when I’d got to work… Anyway. Long story short, I found it when I put my hand down the side of the passenger’s seat for the third or fourth time, and felt my fingertips brush the key. I admit, I was so relieved I’d found it. Wasn’t sure if I’d be able to lock the car or not with my spare key… *shakes head*)

The travelling… Well, I went to look at a possible house to buy. It’s a nice “coach house” – which basically means it’s kind of like half-way between a flat and a house, in that all the rooms are on one floor, with the difference that there’s no neighbours above or below – in fact, all that’s below the coach house are garages. Anyway… I took a look and thought it was really nice, and there wouldn’t be any work required on the place either, which suits me just fine. So… I’ve put in an offer, and I just need to wait and see what happens now. All’s going well… I should hear something back fairly soon. I know I’m not the only one interested in the property, so… Yeah, like I say, gotta wait and see.

For now, though… Well, I’ve got to get some stuff together and take it round the estate agents’. Which is gonna be fun…! *sighs* But won’t be able to do that until Tuesday. Hopefully the delay won’t be too much of a problem or anything. Shouldn’t be, but we’ll see.

In the meantime… Well, like I say, I’m tired, and I got a lot of housework to do… So I’m likely to grab an early night’s sleep and get on with things tomorrow.

Going back to the possible house… I dun really have any long-term plans – surprisingly enough, considering I’m likely to be tied to a 20, 25 years mortgage *rolls eyes* (Honestly, I can understand why houses and the like are worth a lot, but… If you’re not lucky enough to win the lottery or be rich in the first place, having a mortgage for that long of your working life is… Well, come on, isn’t it just ridiculous?) – but if you were to ask me if I can see myself in that place for the next 5 years, I’d say yes, but I dunno if I can see myself living there for rest of my life. That’d probably be a no, in that case.

But it’s a nice light bright place, and that’s important for me, I need that sunlight in my life. And if I do meet a lovely lady, I wouldn’t have any problems bringing her there. Here, in this flat… *looks around* Honestly, just… no. It’s too dark and bland, quite honestly.

Anyway, not counting chickens. For all I know, someone else will make a bigger offer and that’ll be the end of it, until I can find something else.

I means, I’ve seen houses before that I was interested in, and I was very close to actually getting one in the past, but the seller withdrew, unfortunately. And that cost me money (solicitor’s fees and the like…) *shakes head* None of it was my fault, and yet I had to pay out. So… Yeah. Definitely not counting chickens. The good news is, the house is fairly new, I’d heard so… Should be fine.

Okay… Like I say, I’m tired, and I gotta hang the laundry up (I dun have room outside, so it’s all hanging on clothes horses (I know… The coach house would be the same, though) so I’ll see you tomorrow! Hope everything’s going great over there!

Oh… I’ve got some new games as well, including the Last Guardian, but I’ll probably try them out tomorrow, once I wake up in the morning before getting on with the housework! I’ll let you know my first initial impressions tomorrow!

Rogue One and other news

Heya guys! How goes things? Me… I’m really tired. *lol* But that’s more to do with all the travelling and talking and everything over the past couple days, plus the lack of sleep last night – the usual problem, I’m afraid… Tinnitus and insomnia. But never mind… I took a little nap when I got back to my place and I feel a little bit more awake now…!

So, what should I blog about… Hmm… Well, let’s get the boring stuff out of the way, first. I’ve got an agreement in principle to give to estate agents should I actually be lucky enough to find a house (to buy, not to rent) that I like, and that I get an offer accepted on it. It took about 40, 45 minutes of talking with the mortgage advisor, which was not that much fun, but ehh… At least I got it now. So it’s just now a matter of looking around and hopefully something will come up soon. *nods*

I’m still gonna keep around for something to rent, because I really don’t wanna stay in this place any longer than necessary, but since the registered interest in the house that I saw a couple weeks ago, there haven’t been anything around. And, in the long run… It does kind of makes sense to get a place to buy rather than rent, but… *shrugs* Anyway. So, that’s the boring stuff done. Just gotta hope something will come up and I can move out of here and into a better place.

In other news, I was lucky enough to find a cinema that showed Rogue One with subtitles close by, and since my parents likes Star Wars (although, admittingly, not as much as me, but they do like it!) I asked them, they said yes and on Sunday (yesterday as at time of writing), I took them to the cinema and that was my Christmas gift to them. Thankfully, they did like it!

What did I think of it? Hmm… Well… I definitely liked it, and I thought it mostly tied up well with Episode 4 (A New Hope) – yes, I means mostly. I dun want to spoil things for everyone, so I won’t go into any more details than that, but there’s a question that’s kind of lingering in the back of my mind over it.

I did feel that things weren’t as well-put together as it should’ve been for the first part of things – it definitely felt a little wrong in terms of pacing and storytelling, although it did all kind of get explained eventually, but the second part of it, I thought was very well done. (Although I’d also have a question as to why people on the Rebels side responsed to the news in the way that they did…!)

Before the film, I knew there were some comments about making a CGI of a certain passed-away actor, who played quite a prominent part in A New Hope, and I have to admit, the first time I saw that, I did feel a little… uncomfortable. But on the other hand… It would be difficult to do it any other way, not unless the makers got lucky and found another actor that looked and sounded almost the same as him. Which would be pretty difficult, I’d imagine… I don’t think they did the actor any disservice, if I may say so.

I am aware that there are certain… adverts… starring actors and actresses that have passed away, and I definitely don’t think that’s right. For starters, they didn’t actually give their approval or anything, did they? I imagine their estates might’ve, but… Yeah. However, when it comes to films and the like, because it’s more about a specific character, and it’s the precursor to a film made 40 years ago, well… Yeah. I can understand why. Just as long as they treated the character and actor right. And I think they did in this case.

What’s else… Oh yeah… I think everyone knows Darth Vader’s in the film, but… It might just be me, but something didn’t look right with Vader’s costume. I think it was around the neck department, it just didn’t look like it fitted. But that was just a minor distraction, didn’t stop me from enjoying the film anyway.

All in all, I definitely liked it, and when the DVD comes out, I’m gonna be getting it. As if anyone ever thought otherwise with me! *grins*

Okay… Time for me to post this… I’ll see you guys later!