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The new football season’s here… Already!

Heya! How goes things? Hope you’re enjoying the start of your weekend (at least, for most of us, it’s the start of a well-deserved two days break from work, right??).

I’ve not posted anything about the Women’s Euro 2017 football tournament because of various reasons. Primarily because, like I said before, I haven’t had any interest in watching a football game at all since… I dunno when was the last time I saw a match? As in properly sat down and watched one? I can’t remember. Probably last summer, when the Euro 2016 was on, but I dun recall actually watching a match from start to finish. There was definitely a lot of half-watching going on, when it was TV on in the background and me playing a game on the tablet or handheld console.

So, this time round, adding to that the whole move and get everything sorted out kind of thing, when I did remember about it, I just didn’t feel like putting it on.

Plus, to be honest, I was kind of expecting the England ladies’ team to crash and burn after the manager’s announced the squad 6 or so months before the tournament kicked off, saying that he didn’t care about form or anything. So, when I saw how they did in the group games (didn’t watch it, but kept eye out for the scores), I was pleasantly surprised, and even more so when they won against France. Unfortunately, they didn’t turn up for the game against the Netherlands, which is a shame because they were in a good position to actually win an international trophy.

I still don’t agree with the idea of selecting the squad 6 months before the tournament, but I have to put my hands up and admit that I was wrong; it didn’t affect how well the team played for the most part. The game against the Netherlands – every team has their off-day, it was just unfortunate that England ladies’ off-day was in the semi-finals.

And now this weekend, we are seeing the mens return from their short break and start off their 10 months slog through the new football season. And the ladies will be starting their new winter season schedule as well (not sure when their season starts, though…)

I can safely say, though, that the ladies (Bristol City Womens, although I just call them Bristol Ladies) will struggle through this season. I think we are basically staring at a long relegation battle with at least two other clubs (Yeovil and Everton). I know the manager has plans to get the ladies out of that bottom tier of clubs and into the next one, and I hope he can, but I think this season will be a long struggle. I’m optimistic that they will survive though!

The mens… Well, Bristol City Men, they were disappointing for large blocks of the last season, but I am… cautiously optimistic that they won’t get into a relegation battle this time round. I don’t see them challenging for the play-offs or anything, but it’d be good to see them safely in mid-table this time round.

Bristol Rovers, though… They did really well last season, much better than I was expecting. I would expect them to be challenging for the play-off spots, but whether they’d be ready to get promoted to the Championship… I’m not sure they are. It’d be hard for them to do that, but maybe next year…? Depends on who they get, really.

As for the Premier League and all that… Meh, who care? *lol* Okay, okay… Honestly, I think you’d be hard pressed to see beyond Chelsea and Manchester City for the title. While you can’t cross out Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspur, I honestly can’t see them able to dislodge the top two. As for there being another Leicester City moment… No, no way. That was a total and utter one-off.

I have heard of the frankly obscene amount of money that’s being changed hands between PSG and Barcelona over Neymar, and I just think it’s ridiculous. I thought Paul Pogba last summer was ridiculous, but this is just insane ridiculous. 200 million?? Think what you could do with that 200 million!

However… The very best of luck to Neymar, and hope he can cope with the pressure. For that amount of money, everyone’s pretty much gonna expect him to score five goals in every match and win every title possible with PSG.

Okay… Think that’s all the football stuff I wanted to talk about over with! If you really want me to talk more, let me know what you want me to write about! My twitter’s open for suggestions and all, after all! (I dunno about comments here, despite the new look…)

Football talk!

Heya! This is my football post. I originally started writing this Friday evening, so I’ve just gone through it and made some changes and added a whole new section about how well or not “my” teams are doing this season…

But first… The bad bit:

If there was ever any indication that there is something badly wrong with a lot of people, this has to be something near the top: The man that was jailed last year for having sex with an underage girl was apparently recorded as saying he regrets he didn’t rape her. You know, like a certain other footballer that’s still currently playing football because he got released from jail and told he was gonna be tried again because his victim had sex in the past… *smh* (Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but no-one’s sexual past should ever be brought up when they’re victims of rape…)

*smh* And he thinks he was more severely punished because he used to play for England.

…Quite honestly, he showed no remorse, ever, for having sex with a 15yo. He showed no remorse for what happened to the girl he had sex with, especially when, somewhat mysteriously, her name (which I refuse to divulge, even if I knew it) was being chanted at the football ground along with unpleasant terms for her. And when I checked out some of the twitter reaction to the news, there were people – even ladies, LADIES! – who pretty much said they agreed with him.

I’m sorry?? You’re agreeing with a man who said he wished he raped a 15yo??

*grr* This is why I hate this kind of hero-worship of rich white men – and the guy in jail was rich, I’m not gonna say he was ultra-rich, but you only have to see the money that was getting paid out to Premier League footballers, especially those who played for England, to know that he’s got a fair amount put away. But there is a major problem when there are people out there that will make excuses for people who willingly commit crimes, like having sex with underage people, or rape, or anything like that, just because they happens to be rich, white and male. I guarantee you that, should the guy be black, those same people would be baying for his blood.

Personally I dun care what colour his skin is, I want to see justice firmly done. And since that guy is talking about raping her… Quite honestly, I would see him back in court and told that since he shows no remorse and even talk about doing worse to the victim, his sentence is to be extended.

Ugh. How anyone could possibly defend him is beyond belief. I would’ve thought that all the news coming out over the past few years would’ve showed and confirmed that there are some really sick individuals out there who got away with things just because they’re rich, white men.

…And then there’s the news about Nott County Ladies football team. *smh* One day before the start of the Spring Series season, the chairman of Nott County Football Club – which covered both men’s and women’s – has declared that he is disbanding the ladies’ football team.

One day. Before. Start of Season.

Ignoring all the question of money and bills and everything else, I want to say that this is very wrong for the people who are now out of a job. One, at least, has posted on twitter that she is now jobless and homeless. Honestly… I just think it’s disgusting. You took over the club that has money trouble, fine, everyone knows that, everyone knew there was huge problems, but the way that chairman treated those players and all staff concerned with the ladies’ side of the football club is disgusting. Especially since the transfer window is shut. There’s currently question marks over whether any of the players will be able to join other clubs for the Spring Series. The guy really should have either a) Given those players and other staff a _lot_ more time to leave and join other clubs back when the window was open – ie, announce that he’s closing it before the start of the transfer window – or b) Told everyone that he will keep the club open for the duration of the Spring Series, but after that, unless someone else can come in and take over running of the ladies’ side of things, he will be closing it down. Thereby allowing those employed, players and staff, to play, earn money and make plans for the future – whether that’s joining other clubs or putting money away so they can afford to be unemployed for a time.

But, no, instead he decided he wanted to do it at a time that is bad for everyone concerned in the ladies’ side of the club, and mess up the Spring Series.

Just… I dunno anything about running a football club, I can understand that ladies’ sides are being run at a loss (and will be for a while yet, sadly, until we start to see a shift in people actually paying attention to ladies’ football and everything else), but even so… These are people we’re talking about here. People who need to earn a living. And what that chairman done is… Quite honestly, it feel like he wanted to be vindictive.

This is a major problem when the FA and all decided that they wanted the ladies’ to get associated with men’s teams. Because what was gonna happens was, the ladies’ were gonna be totally under the whims of the people running the men’s side, and should there be problems – like at Notts County – it was clearly obvious that the ladies were gonna be in serious trouble.

I means… We can perhaps say that those associated with the rich clubs, like Chelsea and Manchester City, are fairly safe, but all it takes is one chairman to say, “I’m cutting losses”, and those clubs will be in serious trouble.

We really need to get things sorted out at the top level of ladies’ football. We cannot afford to keep things the way they are because I can see this kind of thing happening again. We need to have some way of being able to encourage people to go watch the ladies’ football, and maybe the shift to the normal footballing season might help, especially if they can arrange it so that men and women can play at the same ground on the same day and sell joint tickets for both as well as individual games. And maybe get more TV exposure. I know there’s plans for the BBC to show more highlights, which will be good. Still a shame we don’t have the chance to watch live matches (think they’re on some obscure channel no-one ever heard of and no-one pays for), but highlights are good.

We’d also need another good performance at the Euros in a few months’ time, but… Considering what’s been happening there with the ridiculously early squad selection for England, can’t say I can see that happening right now.

So, what about the local teams? Well, Bristol City are almost safe. They’re on 51 points with two games to go and Blackburn are the last team in the relegation zone that can still catch them (they’re on 45 points, with two games, and it’s three points for a win). Ideally, we’d want one more draw and then go from there.

I gotta admit, I was disappointed with City’s season. I didn’t think they were gonna go up or challenge for the play-offs or anything – I was predicting mid-table, bottom-half of the table, but that they wouldn’t have any real relegation trouble – but for whatever reason… They did struggle for some time.

Bristol Rovers… They surprised me, in a good way. I predicted at the start of the season that I’d thought they’d initially struggle to make any headway in League One after two successive promotions before settling down and moving up the table to maybe mid-table top-half, but they did far better than I thought. They were even in the hunt for a play-off place at one time (They can’t do it now, but they’re still top-half, and it’s been a really good season for them, I think).

This is gonna sound weird, but to be quite honest, I’m very thankful they didn’t go up this season. I honestly think, if they did, they would massively struggle to avoid going straight back down. The Championship is probably the toughest division anywhere in the world. I’d rather see Rovers stays in League One for another season and build a much stronger team so that when they do go up… They’d have a chance of staying up, and going from there. It would be great to see Rovers established as a Championship-level side.

Bristol Ladies… Well, I’m glad the Spring Series won’t be seeing anyone get relegated, because I think it will be a huge struggle for the ladies. But in a way… It’s also good for the team. The people at the club will know just how big a step it is (yes, I know they were only down for one season, but even so…) and I’m sure the manager – Willie Kirk (yes, I know…) – will already be thinking of how to get the club from being at the bottom to getting towards mid-table and establishing themselves as a WsL1 team.

And… That’s all. I did write other bits and pieces, but I figured I’ll just post the above. I’ll make another post tonight, about the politics – will be mostly UK, but I’ll probably mention other countries as well! *grins*

A minor distraction from politics…!

Heya! How goes things? Me… I’m starting to feel much more like myself again, after that cold last week… *smh* Even if my hankies are still not really showing much signs of improvements, but still… I’m just glad I’m starting to feel like myself again, that’s the main thing.

So, what’s been happening lately? Well… I’m sure some people were expecting me to make some comments about what’s been happening in the USA, but so many people have said so much already, and I’ve retweeted a few that I think are really vitally important, that anything I say is just gonna get lost in the storm.

The one thing that I will say is, I am not even remotely surprised at the antics of the Republican’ts. Especially their meeting up in secret to change laws and push the… nominations through. It just reeks of greedy, rich, white men who are desperately trying to stem back the tides of change and keep things in the 19th century where they think they still belongs. And the sooner we get rid of people like them – and even here, in the UK, where we have to put up with the Tory party and their UKIP bedfellows – the better. So much for the better.

And dun even get me started on what appears to be ever-increasing large blocks of media outlets who think they have to publish gibberish lies all the time…

Anyway… Yeah. So, what shall I talk about? Hmm…

Well, there’s been a couple of news that’s been really surprising to me. The first, I suppose, from a local girl’s point of view in Bristol, is the football transfer news of Matty Taylor moving from Bristol Rovers to Bristol City. Now, anyone who knows anything about football, they tends to know that transfers between local teams tends to be pretty rare, and that’s normally because there’s a lot of, well… “rivalry” is probably the word that I dun want to use, but I can’t for the life of me think of anything better. *lol*

I’ve said repeatedly that I honestly have no interest in any of this “rivalry”. As far as I’m concerned, I want both teams to do well. Always have, always will. If that makes me different from most people, fine… I dun care!

(Let’s be honest… I’m already deaf and a lesbian. Not exactly like I’m the same as most people, am I?? *grins* (Okay, seriously… While I freely acknowledge that, in terms of numbers, I’m not in the biggest group of people, I don’t feel like I’m in any way unique or anything like that, except of course in the sense that I’m the only me, I’m the only Angel Forfivon around! 😀 )

What I do hope for, though – and I realise this may be a forlorn hope kind of thing – is that both set of fans will just start putting the whole thing behind them, and in the case of City, support their new player and hopefully he will get plenty of goals for them, and in the case of Rovers, move on – I’ve been contacted by a couple of Rovers fans that says they do have replacements for him already – and simply cherish the time that he played for them and whose goals helped them to get to League One.

The other piece of news is the fact that Peter Capaldi is ending his time as the Doctor of “Doctor Who” fame. It does seems like every actor is there for like 3, 4 years and then move on these days. Dun think we’re gonna get anyone that’ll stay in there for ages like Tom Baker did anymore…

Of course, with that news, people are starting talking again about who’s the new Doctor’s gonna be. Is it going to be a POC, is it gonna be female, that kind of thing. Honestly… I would love the new Doctor to be a black lady, but the chances of that is… Well, I think it’s very low. There’s more chance of me winning the lottery than that. I can’t really see a POC guy taking the position either, unfortunately. There’s probably more chance of the new Doctor being a white lady than a POC. And, yes, the likelihood is that it’s gonna be another white man.

Nothing wrong with a white man playing the Doctor – David Tennant, as far as I’m concerned, was the absolute best, hands down, but it would be nice to actually see things be different for once.

Please note, I’m not saying that a white man can’t play the Doctor again, just that I would like to see it be more of a mixture. Let’s have a black lady next time, and then an asian guy, a white man… That kind of thing.

But the chances of that happening… *shakes head* I’m fully expecting the next Doctor to be white, and there’s probably a 90% chance that the next Doctor will be male as well. A couple of ladies’ names that’s been thrown into the ring, I could see the merit of. Olivia Colman, for example.

Still. Guess we’ll see what happens, won’t we?

Okay… Gonna stop here for now. Hope all’s going okay with you and I’ll write again soon!

The past week and football…

Heya guys! How goes things? How’s the week been going for you? Me… *shakes head* Let’s just say I was feeling really cranky and leave it at that. Didn’t help that I was coming out of work tired and all either. Plus, I’ve had a couple of headaches which didn’t help matters much.

Still… Apart from a minor headache, I’m mostly fine now. *nods* So, I can get back to blogging and everything else! *grins*

I was planning to start my diet this week, and I did start off doing exactly that, but then, like I said, I started getting cranky and all, so… Yeah. *shrugs* No matter, it’ll just start today instead, kind of thing.

Anyway… What’s been happening? Well, I know today’s the day that the USA will start their decline into being a desolate wasteland – possibly. I kinda want to say that, whatever happens, the USA should survive and find their way back from despair and destitute and all that. After all, the UK have had a few bad leaders in their time – we had the war criminal, Blair, leading the UK for 10 years or so not that long ago. And then we had Cameron… *smh*

And that’s just recent history. From what I’ve seen from stuff like “Horrible Histories” and all… It’s actually staggering that the UK ever had an Empire and everything else…!

*sighs* Wish I had better words to say, but the only thing we can do is keep trying to oppose those who want to do the wrong thing all the time. Whether it’s about race, sexuality, medical matters, climate change… The list goes on, but in all times, we need to make sure that we keep trying to get things done the right way.

Hmm… Oh yeah! I know I’ve been meaning to blog about recent news in football for ages, and I’ve just never got round to it. *lol* Sorry guys. It wasn’t anything much, just was gonna say that I dunno about the whole expansion to a 48-teams World Cup. The only thing I would say about it is that I seriously hope that if they are gonna do that (and I know they voted that they would do it in like 10, 12 years’ time), they’ll actually give the bulk majority of the increased 16 teams to continents like Africa and Asia. And give Oceania one. Even if that does means New Zealand basically get a free pass every time… But Oceania definitely need one. And we need more African and Asian teams in the World Cup. Europe – maybe one or two more but nothing more than that. South America… They’ve already sending almost half their countries already so… Can’t see how you can increase their quota. What’s left? North America… Yeah, they should have a couple more. I know USA and Mexico are almost certain qualifiers now, and that’ll just means they’ll be more certain these days, but hopefully, it’ll also allow the other countries more chance.

As it turns out, that delay meant I can comment on something else that’s been coming into talks… Basically, the English FA are discussing bringing in retrospective bans for people who dive and cheat. They should’ve introduced that a long time ago. What I would’ve done is say, after the match, the referee and the others review the match, watch the video, whatever (since we do have basically total coverage of the whole match at all times, might as well take advantage of it…) and decides on all occasions where a player basically try and cheat, and for every single dive, awards a retrospective yellow card. And if the dive results in gaining unfair advantage – like a penalty – a red card. If the players cheats to get another one sent off, give them three red cards, and remove the red card from the other player (so they don’t get suspended).

Sounds extreme, I know, but it’s the only way to stop people cheating all the time. If that rule had been in place, people like the outrageous egositical cheat that ridiculously somehow been picked as the World Player of the Year – a total and utter joke, let me tell you – he’d be playing one match and then be suspended for the next five seasons.

No, I dun like him at all. I freely admit, he does have skills and if he actually try playing – I’m sure there’s a minute or two every now and then in amongst all the theatrics – he is very good at football. But… Disregarding his actions on the pitch, his massive ego is just soo hugely off-putting – and I know people know how much I hate people with huge egos… And, okay, okay, I know I’m a lesbian, I have zero interest in guys, but honestly… How could anyone possibly think he looks good?? Disregarding the fact that he’s just grotesque, he’s got so much grease in his hair, and his adam apple’s sticking out far more than his nose does! *shudders*

Guess money is a good way to help all those women he’s had forget about his gruesomeness…

Anyway… Yeah. That’s what I’d love to see happens, because it might means that football might get interesting again. I’ve not seen one minute of Premier League, European competition (not that I can, considering it’s all on pay TV now – in fact, I don’t even pay attention to it any more, haven’t for ages, just find it all massively boring), FA Cup action, and I can’t remember if I’ve seen any England match since their defeat by Iceland. Must have, though… Maybe in the background.

I still keep an eye on the results – especially the Bristol teams – but outside of that… Yeah. Just don’t think it’s interesting any more. And I’ve given up trying to regain interest in it again. I’ll watch the World Cup and the Euros, but that’s probably mostly it.

Okay… Gonna stop here for now. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll try and write more over the weekend! See you guys soon!

Football and Olympics

Heya! I know I made a review post earlier, but I was always intending to make a standard post later on. It was just a question of what was going on to write about and all!

I figured, even though there’s been a lot going on, I’d try and keep it a little bit lighter by writing about sport-related stuff, rather than about Turkey or Afghanistan or Germany or anything else – I probably will write something about Turkey at some point, but about the other two… Like always, my thoughts and prayers are with all those affected by those events (I don’t know very much about what happened at either place, since I deliberately made it a point to avoid anything news-related while I was in Cornwall, although I now know the general happenings).

So. Sports. I said before I went on holiday that I was gonna write a little bit about women’s football. There was some news that there was gonna be a change to the women’s football season – ever since the FAWSL came into being six seasons ago, it’s always been a summer season, which was changed from the “usual” winter season. And now the FA has decided that it’s gonna go back to winter seasons from 2017 onwards.

Some people were a bit upset when the news came, but my initial thoughts was mainly about the confusing schedules that was happening during the summer seasons – I means, take this current season. If you look at the table right now, you’ll see that a couple of clubs has played 11 games, and others have only played 6. And then when you look at the schedules for some clubs… A team played like 3 times in a week, then had a fortnight’s break, then… Yeah. It’s a little odd. This team, apparently is gonna play twice in a week around end August / beginning September, then a game 10 days later, and another a fortnight later on. And then no game for a whole month until the end of October. *shakes head*

That, I really feel was a complete mess and whoever drew up those fixtures really should not be allowed to go anywhere near a fixture list schedule ever again.

It doesn’t help matters much that the women’s league basically get put on hold for a month for international football tournaments every year – be it the women’s internationals or the men’s internationals.

I’m hoping that with this move to a winter schedule, we’ll have a much more consistent schedule for women’s football. The downside of the winter schedule is obvious – the fact that they’re gonna be trying to fit around the men’s schedule (and we know with Murdoch Mafia and BT Sports, they’re gonna be rearranging everything to suit their own purposes…) but there are some advantages as well. For example, maybe we can have a dual ticket to see a ladies’ match in the morning / early afternoon, and then the men’s match at the same stadium at 3pm like normal. That would be good, and could help push the number of people watching women’s football up a lot more.

I think – as long as the FA and all do this right, which… Let’s be honest, I’m not overly optimistic about – it could be a really good thing for ladies’ football. Hopefully it will be, and that it’ll also help England ladies improve from last time – yes, I know we were third, but I felt we kind of rode our luck at times – and maybe we’ll have a team capable of taking on the mights of USA, Germany and Japan ladies.

Talking about internationals, as it were, I see Sam Allardyce’s the new England mens’ manager. Is it a good choice? Well… He wouldn’t’ve been my first choice, I can say. But I also remember that he came in to a Sunderland team that were almost as bad as Aston Villa were last season, and he just turned them round. So, there’s no denying that he’s a good manager, and he seems to have a lot of tactical nous. Also, judging from what I’ve read, he’s also pretty much always using the latest tools to help him manage, which I think is a good thing (as in, he’s not gonna be stuck in one way all the time). The downside of him, though, is he does have this reputation – whether rightly or wrongly – for being a bit of a long-ball style of manager. Can I see him switching England to that? Not really, and I think he’s probably flexible enough to use a whole host of different styles.

The proof will only come later, when he actually select his first squad, his first team, and we get to see them play throughout the qualifiers for the World Cup, and then – provided that we qualify, of course – how we play in the Finals themselves. I’m willing to keep an open mind and support England when the time comes.

For now, though, my attention’s switching to Rio 2016 and the Matildas (Australia Ladies)! Hey, I’ve always said Australia’s basically my other home country after I spent time there and all… So I’m definitely supporting the Matildas in Rio! I’m actually pretty confident in the ladies, from all that I’ve been seeing in the past, with their games and everything. I’m not naive enough to think that we’ll win – the usual suspects will be challenging at the end, I’m sure (Germany and USA). I definitely think we’ll finish second in the group, and hopefully get to the semis.

The Olympics, though… I never really have much interest in the Olympics, but the whole Russia debacle that just came through this afternoon is a joke. The IOC basically passed the buck in deciding whether to ban the whole country of Russia from competing in the Olympics, which is a joke.

What would I have done? I’d’ve banned the whole country from competing, but any individual athlete that is clean and tested rigorously all the way through should be allowed to compete as an neutral. And should they win whatever competition it be, no Russian flag or anthem should be played. I think that would hit Russia as hard as possible, while making sure that all those athletes that are actually clean and innocent of the Russia-government sponsored drugging that’s been going on for years. This way, the IOC is basically slapping them on the wrist for being naughty little childrens. Like that’s gonna upset old Vladdy Putrid…

But the reason why I would do it like that is we need to make sure that the country’s punished, but we can’t punish the innocent athletes for the sins of the countries. It’s not fair to those that trained hard for the past 4 years or so to try and win an Olympic medal, and have that opportunity taken away because their own country decided they wanted to cheat and start pumping up their sportpeople full of drugs. By making them neutral, they get the chance to compete, and yet Russia will get no mention whatsoever, as is right.

England out of Euros – not a shock

Heya guys! How you doing? Hopefully you’re doing okay and everything. Especially in this day and age…

So, England got knocked out of the Euros by Iceland. Yeah. To be honest, I really wasn’t surprised at all. Like I said on Twitter, the problem is, England just hadn’t impressed me. Even though I was only half-watching the matches, I saw enough to think, “Man, England’s attack is blunt and their defence is weak…”

That’s not to say that I didn’t think they didn’t perform well (at least, in the group stages) because they certainly played better than Russia and Slovakia, and Wales to a lesser extent, but… The problem is, for all their performance, they drew against Russia after conceding a very late goal, a few minutes after they finally scored after about 80+ minutes of pressure. They couldn’t get through against Slovakia, despite trying for 90 minutes, and Wales, we only just managed to score two goals.

So, needless to say, my confidence for the game against Iceland – who at worse were gonna be like a Russia or a Slovakia and constantly defend all game long, and at best would be considerably better than those two teams – was pretty low. I know there was a lot of commentators and pundits on the telly before the match going on about how England will win this game and go on to meet France but… Yeah.

I’m certainly no analyst of football (computer programs, yeah, a bit, but football? Hah!), but it was really obvious to me that there were problems, beginning with the squad selection.

Hindsight is an easy thing, and I certainly won’t claim to know everything, but at the time I thought that the squad selection was… odd. I was certainly wrong about Marcus Rashford – I thought about him, he’s only been playing for Manchester United for about 6 months, and he’s still 18… I thought it was too early to select him. But there were at least two or three people that I really thought shouldn’t be there. Not because they’re not good enough, but because they’ve been injured for most of the season. I definitely would not have picked Jack Wilshere at the very least.

Picking people because they’re the manager’s favourites has always been a problem for England, and it happened again.

And the fact that Roy only took one winger (Raheem Sterling who, by all accounts, have had a fairly average season for Manchester City (I wouldn’t know, I don’t really have that much interest in the English Premier League, although I did catch the highlights of the last few weeks of the season because of Leicester City), which made that selection even more odd than it is normally), well… My initial impression was, that was gonna leave England being a bit narrow, playing through the middle, and I just didn’t think we’d have enough skill to unlock defences that way. I certainly would’ve taken at least another one, myself…

But even the players that I would’ve picked, there were problems. Anyone who saw the way Tottenham basically self-destruct after losing out to Leicester could see that some of their players might have a bit of a confidence problem. I definitely don’t think Harry Kane played anywhere near his normal level, and after the first half against Russia, I would’ve told him, “You’re not taking any more set-pieces, I’m gonna put Rooney or whoever else on those duties. I want you to concentrate on trying to get goals and get your confidence back.” The fact that he kept taking them meant our set-pieces were nowhere near as good as they could’ve been. Same for Dele Alli, he never played anywhere near the level he could.

But even had he been in the middle waiting to pounce on the free kicks and corners, I strongly doubt he would’ve scored any, because like I said… That end of season collapse at Tottenham really did affect him. I would’ve had Sturridge at the main centre forward out of the players in Roy’s squad, with either Kane or Vardy (and I probably would’ve gone for Vardy).

The defence has lately been very weak. I know some people would say that’s because the Chelsea womaniser isn’t there any more, but… *shakes head* Even when he was playing for England, the defence was weak. I think it’s because for a while now, England have been picking left and right backs that are more interested in attacking rather than defending. I’m not saying we shouldn’t have them attacking, but they’re supposed to be in DEFENCE for a reason…….

*sighs* Whatever, the damage’s done.

And now Roy’s resigned, which isn’t a surprise. What is, is the names of the people that the bookies are installing at the most likely… None of those managers would appeal to me, with the exception of Eddie Howe – and honestly, I’m not really sure he’s ready for the job. He’s certainly got the skills, but it’s a step up from Bournemouth to England.

The one I’d pick would probably be Tim Sherwood. I’m not saying he’s the best manager out there, but his performance for Tottenham (before he got sacked over a season ago) was good. Aston Villa… Well, let’s be honest. Nothing could have made any difference to Aston Villa. That team need a clear out.

I wouldn’t pick Hoddle, even though some fans are calling for it. Putting aside his… *ahem* opinions… the fact is, he’s not been a manager for around 10 years now.

Really, I think it’s a choice between Sherwood and Howe, but I’m sure the FA will pick someone else entirely…! (And, let’s be honest, I’m not exactly qualified to say who’d be best for England now, would I? *grins*)

Fashion and Football

Hiya guys! How’s the week been? Hopefully not too bad. Mine was… annoying. Nothing too bad or horrible, but just annoying. Trying to track down problems with the IT code that I’d developed – or at least, what the tester has found in their testing – and not getting anywhere near finding out what the problem was. Because the honest truth is, the problems the tester’s found was only happening on the test database. Wasn’t happening on the live database or the development database. So… Yeah. Basically spent like 3 days trying to find the problem and got nowhere. Bleh… In the end, we more or less chalked it up to something else that’s happening only on test database. As long as it wasn’t happening on the live database, it’s not a problem. Just annoying.

I posted on twitter about how I noticed this lady at the company who appeared to be wearing just a shirt, and when I saw her, I just thought that was odd. I’m sure she was wearing something underneath, but it was the fact that it really did look so much like a shirt that, well, it threw me. I’ve never ever seen anyone wear that before. Especially not at work!

As it turns out, it’s something called a shirt dress or something like that, and there’s a few of those around. Although the way that lady at work was wearing it, she didn’t have a belt on, so it really did look a shirt. And I’m thinking… Wow. I would never ever have the nerve to wear something like that. At least… Not in public. At home, or somewhere private with my (hypothetical) girlfriend, but… No. Definitely not out in public.

And that got me thinking… Why? Why would I be happy to wear a fairly short skirt, or a summer dress, but not a shirt dress? Answer is, I suppose mainly because it would just looks like I’ve more or less just got out of bed and didn’t bother dressing up or anything. I dunno. I can’t really think of a reason. Just wouldn’t have the nerve, I guess. *grins*

But I don’t normally wear something like that at work anyway… Just a top and jeans is really my normal attire. Probably because most of the people I tend to work with in development tends to be guys… (And, remember, I was a tomboy, so I’m comfortable dressing up like that…)

It wasn’t the worst dress I’ve ever seen on someone, by the way. There’s this other lady at work, and one day I saw her in a dress, and I just thought, that really did look bad on her. She’s an extremely thin lady, and the way the dress was on her, it just sat on her, almost as if she was wearing a giant bin bag. Maybe the dress would’ve looked fine on someone else (not me, it had a houndstooth pattern – might be called something else, but I call it that because of that old Windows desktop pattern – and I don’t like that pattern at all), but on her, it just didn’t look good.

But then again… What do I know about fashion?? *grins* I just wear whatever I like the look of and that I think looks good on me. I don’t care about what other people think! So, who knows? Maybe she’s the same?

I’m starting to catch up on the Euros over the weekend – I unfortunately, didn’t get one match recorded (Czech Republic v Croatia) – there was a power cut or something about half and hour in the recording so it stopped there and then. Oh well. Fortunately, I was able to catch up on the highlights on the website – although, I must say… For a brief moment, the highlights had some lovely Croatian ladies, and I was thinking, “Wow, was the game really that boring that you had to pad it out with some crowd shots??” *grins*

Shame about the crowd trouble, though, the flares and everything else… Not the first time we’ve had crowd trouble in the Euros. And the fact that one of the two nations that seems to be causing the most trouble is supposed to be hosting the World Cup in 2018 (Russia), well… That really don’t give me any confidence that that World Cup is going to go well. At all. I genuinely think the chief corrupted one from FIFA, Sepp Blatter just didn’t give any thought to how it was gonna be for fans and just had his attention on the money that was offered to him by old Vladdy Putrid and his mindless thugs. (Honestly, that Russian politician saying “keep up the good work” – I means, seriously?? *smh* That’s basically saying, “Come to Russia in 2018, we’ll make sure you leave in a coffin!”)

I seriously hope that no-one goes to Russia. I know Blatter won’t care because he’s been given all that money by the Russians, but… We need a strong statement that says that we won’t accept the World Cup being given to countries with a hooligan problem or where there’s prejudice being practiced.

You could probably say the same thing about Qatar, though… (Not so much the hooliganism, but the prejudice against people – especially after hearing of their treatment against someone being raped there…) Neither of those nations deserved the World Cup. (Course, I might be biased about 2022, because I was hoping that would be Australia, who definitely deserved it!)

But no… Blatter was once again looking at the gold bars he was getting offered and decided to be his normal corrupted self.

(And, yes, I know England was in the running for 2018, but… Honestly, we just had the Olympics in 2012. It’s not right for one nation to have everything so close together. And since the Euros started, and we had all that trouble in France, I definitely would not say England deserves it. I don’t know the whole extent of why we’ve had trouble in France, but the fact is, there are some moronic English thugs – not fans – who decided that the best thing to add to their trip to France was to get into brawls. *smh*)

When it comes to football and hooliganism, we need to make it abundantly clear that these thugs are not welcome in football. The fact that some countries are apparently welcoming them with open arms and encouraging them to fight and kill, well… Yeah. Just goes to show that idiotic people are everywhere.

Euro 2016 and the De Gea accusations

Hiya guys! Looking forward to the Euros, which is starting in about an hour as I write this? I… Well… I dunno. I’m definitely aiming to watch all the matches, but chances are I will be doing other things at the same time – it’s not like it’s gonna be full-on watching… Just have it in the background while I’m doing some writing or playing on a handheld console or something. *nods*

I still think the new England kit is absolutely disgusting and I just can’t get over the fact that they’re basically deciding to do a Chelsea and have the shirt and shorts the same colour and the socks a completely different one. *smh* I’ve never liked that style. I dunno why, I think shorts are fine, but socks… Bleh. Just dun look right to me.

Predictions… Well… I’m never very good with predictions (although I did get my predictions for Bristol City right, Bristol Rovers did better than I expected, and I’m still keeping an eye on Bristol Ladies…) but I think England will get out of the group stages. I don’t expect them to go past the quarter-finals, though. Wales… I think they’ll get out of the group as one of four best third-placed teams. Northern Ireland, it’ll be tough but second or third is manageable for them.

They’ll both likely to go out in the second-round, though.

The winners of Euros 2016… Like I say, you’d be hard pressed to look beyond the big two of Germany and Spain, and the hosts, France. If you were to push me, I’d say… Mmm… Germany.

I’m sure people are expecting me to say something about the accusation facing David De Gea, but like I said about the furore surrounding Adam Johnson, and the player that I will leave unnamed (due to his fanatical supporters), let us wait until the courts have decided. If it turns out that De Gea is guilty, then I hope they will lock him up for a very long time. I don’t care how famous he is. Rape is rape, and rape of underage children is disgusting.

The one thing that I hope doesn’t happens unlike the two other footballers above, is that the identity of the girl is kept secret. Because we all know that there will be some moronic fanatics who will insult her and try to make out that she’s a whore and everything else – because that’s what they did for the girl that Johnson had underage sex with, and what they did – probably still doing – to the lady who accused the other footballer of rape. Because, to those idiots, they’d probably gladly let those footballer rape their own child daughters if it means they’ll win the cup for their club / country… They are that warped in their sense of perception.

Should De Gea play in the Euros? Well… That’s more difficult. While I do believe in “innocent until proven guilty”, but… On the other hand, you have someone accused of being a child rapist getting cheered on the pitch and everything. I’d be wary of cheering on someone just in case they do get found guilty and all.

Maybe FIFA need to make a call on what should happens if a footballer is accused of a serious crime like rape.

The main thing, though… I just hope the justice system will actually do things right, and take everything seriously. Not like that American judge that think a white man should only serve 6 months in “protective custody” (not even jail now!) for rape. I would like to see that judge hauled before other judges and throw in jail for a long time for thinking a white man rapist is somehow more important than the victim. No way should that buffoon ever take on another case.

FA Cup Final weekend!

It’s FA Cup weekend! Am I gonna be watching it? Hmm… I dunno. Maybe if I remember that it’s on later. *hee* I wasn’t joking when I said my interest in football has seriously declined in the last few years.

I’ve been seeing a lot of comments this year (and it’s been going on for as long as I can remember) that the FA Cup Final isn’t anywhere near as special as it used to be. And, in a way, I think there’s a bit of truth in that, and I think it has everything to do with the Champions League. Well… Not so much to do with the actual Champions League itself, but to do with people’s perceptions of it. You see, soon after it got changed from being just for the champions of their respective leagues, plus the winners of the previous season’s cup, to the top whatever of their leagues, you had managers and players and even some fans saying that getting a Champions League spot – for example, getting fourth place in the league – was much more important than actually winning a trophy.

Lately, I’ve been hearing some people going back the other way. I think people are realising that while the Champions League is lucrative for the club and players, and let you play against some of the best players… It’s still no match for actually being able to say “I won X in Y year”. If I was a player (and male, obviously), I’d be wanting to say “Oh, I won the FA Cup, I won the League Cup, etc, etc” rather than say, “Umm, well, I played in the Champions League for ten years… Didn’t actually win any trophy or anything, though.”

But, you know, the pressure these clubs, especially the so-called “big clubs”, to actually be earning hundred of millions a year, and the best way to do that is by playing in the Champions League… Because you need those millions to buy the “best” players, and the lure of playing in that as well… Kind of a vicious circle, really. *shrugs*

Anyway, regarding the FA Cup match… The very best of luck to both teams! Hopefully, it will be a really great match.

What do I plan to do today? Well… A bit of cleaning, a bit of gaming. Nothing special. I kind of hope to be able to get those four legendary weapons in Hyperdimension Neptunia today, but we’ll see. Depends how much time I’ll have (and whether I’ll have to do any level grinding) once I’ve done the cleaning. (I want to do the cleaning and everything first, because we know what I’m like… Once I get into the game, it’ll be too late for me to do any cleaning when I next look up! *hee*)

I also need to get a haircut and all… It is starting to look a bit untidy. (Heavenly: What do you means “starting”??) Okay, okay. Doubt I’ll get it cut this weekend, though. I tend not to fuss around with my hair style or anything – I wear hearing aids, remember, so it’s kind of important not to have hair covering the ears. Plus, there’s a big problem with going to the hairdresser’s, because depending on what you get, I often to have to take my aids out, so I’m really sitting there unable to hear people talk or anything, so… It tends to be very boring there. So I don’t actually go get my hair cut that often. Which probably explains why I’m not getting my hair cut this weekend. I need to build myself up for that. *grins*

Okay… Time to start cleaning. Hope to see you guys later!

End of football season in England

Hi guys! How’s your weekend going? Hopefully it’s all going okay… Mine’s nothing special, well… Unless you count the whole football thing, anyway! *grins*

I have to say, I used to be a lot more interested in football than I am now. I think the main reason for my increased disinterest is the amount of ego and cheating that there is these days. Maybe I’m just being overly British in this, but I hate it when players seems to think they need to hurl themselves to the ground because they think there’s a blade of grass that’s just a little bit too high or something. And when we have a player who’s often rated as one of the top two players in the world and yet is almost as renowned for his diving ability as his skills with the ball – and I do not deny that he does have great skills – well… Just pretty much put me right off. And let’s not even go into his overinflated ego. *shudders* The fact that some people actually like him is just plain… gross. Okay, maybe because I’m a lesbian and all that, but when I heard some people says they think he’s gorgeous or whatever, I’m looking at them and asking them, “are we even thinking about the same guy?? Gigantic adam apple that sticks out further than his nose, single-handedly keeps the hairgel industry running every day, a face that even a mother would struggle to love?” *hee* Plus, like I say, he has an ego that’s too big for the Milky Way to hold…

But, yeah… I guess I’m really not one to talk. Everyone has different tastes so… Oh well. I just find him really grossly weird-looking.

Anyway… Yeah, it’s not really him that puts me off football (although he does), it’s the whole diving and cheating culture. I think the one that really brought it all out, the one that really opened my eyes to the whole thing – although I am aware it has been around for a long time before that – is the Rivaldo incident in the 2002 World Cup when a Turkey player kicked a ball towards him so he could take a corner. Hit him on the shin, and he dive down clutching his face. *smh*

I know some people say it might also be because I’m not a tomboy anymore, but… I don’t think so. Just because you’re not one type of person anymore doesn’t means your tastes in sport or whatever has to change.

So… Really, these days, I pretty much only have a passing interest in most of football. I still support and keep an eye out on “my” two international teams – England and Australia – in both men and ladies formats (although ladies moreso than guys nowadays), and I support all three of my hometown teams – Bristol City, Bristol Rovers and Bristol City Ladies. Which is, I freely admit, not the most common choices, and picking, like, local rivals and everything like that, but… I want my local teams to do well, and I don’t care about any inter-city rivalry or anything like that. I know there’s gonna be some City fans and some Rovers fan who would call me unflattering words, but I just don’t care. I want both teams to do well. An hugely unlikely dream (probably with far bigger odds than Leicester City winning the Premier League) would be to see Bristol City and Bristol Rovers in the Premier League, and both challenging for the title. I wouldn’t care who win, as long as of them do! And playing fair, of course!

Well, okay, in the interest of fairness, I’d like to see one win one year, and then the next year, it could be the other! *hee*

It did means that I was celebrating when Bristol City managed to get enough points to stave off relegation from the Championship (which is probably a tougher division than the Premier League in some ways, mainly because it’s much more equal in terms of teams levels) – especially since they were promoted last season, and the step-up between League One and Championship is huge.

And I was celebrating when Bristol Rovers got that last-minute goal to get the last automatic promotion spot in League Two yesterday! I admit, I was thinking, from all that I was reading, we were gonna be in the play-offs – which is actually still higher than I was thinking at the start of the season (I’d said for Rovers that they’d be the top-half, but would miss out on play-offs – City, I said they’d be in a relegation battle, but would avoid it).

Now all we need is the Ladies to get promotion straight back to the WSL1 (they were relegated last season) – I’m confident they can do it! (in fact, that’s my prediction for the season – the ladies are in a summer season, although it’s still horribly disorganised… (No, seriously, if you take a look at the calendar for the WSL season, both 1 and 2, you’ll see that the way the fixtures are laid out, it’s just… Not brilliant. The sooner we can have a much better organised season structure, the better it’ll be for the ladies, and the better chance we’ll have of getting more people watching them…))

And that’d be good for the Bristol and the Western part of England as a whole. I don’t know why, but for some reason, there’s this huge area where we don’t really have any “big” teams. The biggest team that’s closest to us, you’re looking at the Southampton area, or up to Birmingham, really. Or pop into Wales for Swansea. (For those of you not au fait with the geography of UK, I do apologise…)

I dunno if I’m really that interested in the Euros 2016 that’s coming up. I know there’s gonna be some people being all hyped up, but… Mm. I’m still not convinced that the expansion of the Euros from 16 to 24 is a good thing. Although it did means that countries like Wales and Northern Ireland were able to get into the Euros final (although, had it been in the old format, they both would’ve gotten there on merit). The problem I have is, we’re basically saying almost half of the countries in Europe were able to get into the Euros finals. That’s kind of… demeaning the achievement of getting into the finals in the first place. If we did that for the World Cup, we’d be seeing close to 100 nations playing in the finals. *smh* 32 is probably the right number for that, but I get the feeling there’s gonna be another expansion to 40 or so soon… Probably eventually will get as high as 64 nations in the end. *smh*

My main worry for both England and Wales (yes, I’m concerned about Wales as well, although I wouldn’t support them) is that, because they were drawn in the same group, they’re gonna be really fixated on each other. I know the managers will say otherwise, but some people are gonna focus on that and forget all about Russia and Slovakia. They need to remember it’s just one game out of three, and we (England, although I suppose it applies to Wales as well) need to make sure we get points out of those other two as well as the Wales match.

Do I think we’ll win the Euros? Hah! Not likely. We should get out of the group stages, but I reckon we’ll only get to the quarter finals. Who will win? I’d say you’d find it difficult to look beyond the current big two of Germany and Spain. France, as hosts, will also have a good chance. The biggest shock, the nation that would have as high odds as Leicester did in the Premier League, would probably be Iceland, but I don’t think they’ll get anywhere close to winning the Euros.

I don’t think England really have got that good a chance. I’m probably being pessimistic, but I look at the current group of players and I don’t really feel like any of them are real top-quality. But I could be wrong. Would be glad to be proved wrong anyway!

Okay… Time to get on with the day! Hope to see you soon!