Angel: Behind the Words!


Forgive me for having such a rubbish about me page – I’ve blogged about it before, but I wasn’t kidding when I said I have absolutely no idea how to sell myself!

I’m a writer of stories (check out the Creative tag!) and I have loads of ideas for stories and tabletop games, it’s just a question of getting them all down! I’m also a blogger (you can see my posts elsewhere on this site), and while I have very strong opinions, I do try to be fair and keep my opinions at the right level – namely, I always try to keep my criticism of politician’s policies to just the policies, and not the persons themselves (although I will admit it’s sometimes difficult when it comes to certain individuals who are bigger crooks than those that typically face the judge and jury in court!). I also write about my experiences as someone who’s deaf, someone who’s black, someone who’s a lesbian and someone who has a history of mental illness (that is, depression).

My interests are, obviously, stories – not just books, but wherever you find a story, be it TV, films, video games, and so on, I’m always looking at those and wondering how I can improve myself to make better stories. It doesn’t have to be modern stories either – I’ve always has this fascination for what I calls “mythological history”, meaning not just what we think of as myths – Greek and Egyptian and so on, but also the more modern days stuff – think of Atlantis when it was brought back to life in the 19th Century, think of the legends that people have shrouded certain organisations with, or creatures of legends. All those has always been part of my interests.

Currently, when I’m not being a writer, I’m allegedly an IT developer, working in SQL and all that. But honest… My mind’s pretty much always on stories and the like! *grins*

Anyone got any suggestions for how to make this better and how to “sell” myself better, please feel free to let me know! I fully intends to start by putting more samples up on this site of various bits and pieces of stories, games ideas, the whole lot – hopefully that way, I can build up a nice little portfolio and get some people interested in me!