House-hunting again…

Heya! How goes things? Me? Sheesh… I’m worn out today. Been doing a lot of travelling, and I was intending to do a fair amount of housework around the place as well, but I haven’t really, outside of the laundry. Just been too tired after work, really. So… much… testing… *sighs* *yawns* Well, that, and the fact that there’s been a few mishaps in my life lately. Like losing my car keys temporarily because of a sneezecough at the wrong time. *shudders* (I’d mentioned it on twitter, but basically, I was in the car, key in hand, and was gonna put the key in the ignition when all of a sudden I had a sneeze and a cough at the same time and the key went flying out of my hand. And I couldn’t find it. *cries* I had to dig out my spare and hope I’d find the key when I’d got to work… Anyway. Long story short, I found it when I put my hand down the side of the passenger’s seat for the third or fourth time, and felt my fingertips brush the key. I admit, I was so relieved I’d found it. Wasn’t sure if I’d be able to lock the car or not with my spare key… *shakes head*)

The travelling… Well, I went to look at a possible house to buy. It’s a nice “coach house” – which basically means it’s kind of like half-way between a flat and a house, in that all the rooms are on one floor, with the difference that there’s no neighbours above or below – in fact, all that’s below the coach house are garages. Anyway… I took a look and thought it was really nice, and there wouldn’t be any work required on the place either, which suits me just fine. So… I’ve put in an offer, and I just need to wait and see what happens now. All’s going well… I should hear something back fairly soon. I know I’m not the only one interested in the property, so… Yeah, like I say, gotta wait and see.

For now, though… Well, I’ve got to get some stuff together and take it round the estate agents’. Which is gonna be fun…! *sighs* But won’t be able to do that until Tuesday. Hopefully the delay won’t be too much of a problem or anything. Shouldn’t be, but we’ll see.

In the meantime… Well, like I say, I’m tired, and I got a lot of housework to do… So I’m likely to grab an early night’s sleep and get on with things tomorrow.

Going back to the possible house… I dun really have any long-term plans – surprisingly enough, considering I’m likely to be tied to a 20, 25 years mortgage *rolls eyes* (Honestly, I can understand why houses and the like are worth a lot, but… If you’re not lucky enough to win the lottery or be rich in the first place, having a mortgage for that long of your working life is… Well, come on, isn’t it just ridiculous?) – but if you were to ask me if I can see myself in that place for the next 5 years, I’d say yes, but I dunno if I can see myself living there for rest of my life. That’d probably be a no, in that case.

But it’s a nice light bright place, and that’s important for me, I need that sunlight in my life. And if I do meet a lovely lady, I wouldn’t have any problems bringing her there. Here, in this flat… *looks around* Honestly, just… no. It’s too dark and bland, quite honestly.

Anyway, not counting chickens. For all I know, someone else will make a bigger offer and that’ll be the end of it, until I can find something else.

I means, I’ve seen houses before that I was interested in, and I was very close to actually getting one in the past, but the seller withdrew, unfortunately. And that cost me money (solicitor’s fees and the like…) *shakes head* None of it was my fault, and yet I had to pay out. So… Yeah. Definitely not counting chickens. The good news is, the house is fairly new, I’d heard so… Should be fine.

Okay… Like I say, I’m tired, and I gotta hang the laundry up (I dun have room outside, so it’s all hanging on clothes horses (I know… The coach house would be the same, though) so I’ll see you tomorrow! Hope everything’s going great over there!

Oh… I’ve got some new games as well, including the Last Guardian, but I’ll probably try them out tomorrow, once I wake up in the morning before getting on with the housework! I’ll let you know my first initial impressions tomorrow!

A minor distraction from politics…!

Heya! How goes things? Me… I’m starting to feel much more like myself again, after that cold last week… *smh* Even if my hankies are still not really showing much signs of improvements, but still… I’m just glad I’m starting to feel like myself again, that’s the main thing.

So, what’s been happening lately? Well… I’m sure some people were expecting me to make some comments about what’s been happening in the USA, but so many people have said so much already, and I’ve retweeted a few that I think are really vitally important, that anything I say is just gonna get lost in the storm.

The one thing that I will say is, I am not even remotely surprised at the antics of the Republican’ts. Especially their meeting up in secret to change laws and push the… nominations through. It just reeks of greedy, rich, white men who are desperately trying to stem back the tides of change and keep things in the 19th century where they think they still belongs. And the sooner we get rid of people like them – and even here, in the UK, where we have to put up with the Tory party and their UKIP bedfellows – the better. So much for the better.

And dun even get me started on what appears to be ever-increasing large blocks of media outlets who think they have to publish gibberish lies all the time…

Anyway… Yeah. So, what shall I talk about? Hmm…

Well, there’s been a couple of news that’s been really surprising to me. The first, I suppose, from a local girl’s point of view in Bristol, is the football transfer news of Matty Taylor moving from Bristol Rovers to Bristol City. Now, anyone who knows anything about football, they tends to know that transfers between local teams tends to be pretty rare, and that’s normally because there’s a lot of, well… “rivalry” is probably the word that I dun want to use, but I can’t for the life of me think of anything better. *lol*

I’ve said repeatedly that I honestly have no interest in any of this “rivalry”. As far as I’m concerned, I want both teams to do well. Always have, always will. If that makes me different from most people, fine… I dun care!

(Let’s be honest… I’m already deaf and a lesbian. Not exactly like I’m the same as most people, am I?? *grins* (Okay, seriously… While I freely acknowledge that, in terms of numbers, I’m not in the biggest group of people, I don’t feel like I’m in any way unique or anything like that, except of course in the sense that I’m the only me, I’m the only Angel Forfivon around! 😀 )

What I do hope for, though – and I realise this may be a forlorn hope kind of thing – is that both set of fans will just start putting the whole thing behind them, and in the case of City, support their new player and hopefully he will get plenty of goals for them, and in the case of Rovers, move on – I’ve been contacted by a couple of Rovers fans that says they do have replacements for him already – and simply cherish the time that he played for them and whose goals helped them to get to League One.

The other piece of news is the fact that Peter Capaldi is ending his time as the Doctor of “Doctor Who” fame. It does seems like every actor is there for like 3, 4 years and then move on these days. Dun think we’re gonna get anyone that’ll stay in there for ages like Tom Baker did anymore…

Of course, with that news, people are starting talking again about who’s the new Doctor’s gonna be. Is it going to be a POC, is it gonna be female, that kind of thing. Honestly… I would love the new Doctor to be a black lady, but the chances of that is… Well, I think it’s very low. There’s more chance of me winning the lottery than that. I can’t really see a POC guy taking the position either, unfortunately. There’s probably more chance of the new Doctor being a white lady than a POC. And, yes, the likelihood is that it’s gonna be another white man.

Nothing wrong with a white man playing the Doctor – David Tennant, as far as I’m concerned, was the absolute best, hands down, but it would be nice to actually see things be different for once.

Please note, I’m not saying that a white man can’t play the Doctor again, just that I would like to see it be more of a mixture. Let’s have a black lady next time, and then an asian guy, a white man… That kind of thing.

But the chances of that happening… *shakes head* I’m fully expecting the next Doctor to be white, and there’s probably a 90% chance that the next Doctor will be male as well. A couple of ladies’ names that’s been thrown into the ring, I could see the merit of. Olivia Colman, for example.

Still. Guess we’ll see what happens, won’t we?

Okay… Gonna stop here for now. Hope all’s going okay with you and I’ll write again soon!

Recovering from a cold…

Heya guys! Long time no see, right? *lol* Sorry about that, but I got ill. I’m pretty sure it was just your standard cold, but… *shakes head* At one stage, it was getting to the point where I could do something – even something as relaxing as reading a book or watching TV – for 20, 30 minutes and then I just felt exhausted and need to go lie and sleep. Needless to say, these past few days have been spent mostly sleeping. *grins*

Which is just as well, since my nose is unfortunately one of those that bleeds easily. You really dun want to see my hankies, put it that way. Anyone seeing them would think I was dying! *lol*

But I’m now starting to shake off the cold. The problem now is the cough, unfortunately. So… I’m gonna be taking with me some honey and lemon and gonna be drinking hot water with those mixed in, a fair deal over the next few days. Not the biggest fan of honey and lemon hot water, but can’t deny that it does do me some good. I know people also say put in some ginger, but I tried that once and I might’ve done it wrong, but I found the taste utterly horrible and just couldn’t stomach it. *lol* So… Nope, not for me!

I’ve got some cough sweets as well, so hopefully this time round I’ll be able to shake off the cough fairly easily and get back to my normal sweet lovely self in no time! ;D

I imagine today, going back to work after calling in sick for Thursday and Friday (honestly, I just would not have been able to cope if I was basically exhausted all the time), will be really tiring and add to that the fact that I typically get headaches on Monday… Yeah, I think today is gonna be a bit tiring and awkward and I’m not gonna feel very good by this evening, but… *shrugs* Gotta get past this first day back, right?

Okay… So, all things considering, and since I have no idea what’s been going on recently, Imma gonna stop here for now, but I will hopefully start catching up on things soon enough, and I’ll be back blogging regularly-ish from… Hmm… Let’s say Wednesday, shall we? *grins* See you guys then!

Cleaning, books, and Women’s March

Heya guys! How’s your weekend going? Hopefully you’re having a lovely weekend and that everything’s going really great with you.

Me… Well, I woke up with a ache in my neck – just slept bad. *sighs* I know, so typical. *grins* Not complaining, though, and it didn’t stop me from doing what I wanted to do today, which was to do housework – laundry and all that – and I managed to get a lot done.

I also managed to finally finish the Terry Pratchett book that I’d been reading on and off since like, the beginning of the year (Raising Steam), and… It took me a while to realise why it was taking me so long. I just wasn’t able to get into it. And thinking about it, I hadn’t really been able to get into many of his books lately.

Kinda makes me think that I’m… Well, like a fair few books that I’ve owned in the past, I’m wondering if his books are something that my changed tastes have left behind. I’m not planning on getting rid of them yet – but at the moment, I have little to no interest in reading his books again, and I’m debating whether to hold off on reading his last Discworld story – never mind the other books (like Nation, Dodger and the set of five that he wrote with Baxter) that I still haven’t read either – and go read something else for a while… Although it’d be more accurate to say re-read, since looking at the books I’ve got left, those eight Pratchett books the only ones I haven’t read yet… Hmm. Well, like I say I’m not gonna do anything about them yet, but will probably come to a decision come end of the year…

Today was also the Women’s March – mostly in protest against the new US President. And I completely backs it. Wasn’t able to go to one (honest, though, I didn’t hear about it until too late, but I’m intending to donate to what I can, if I can. It may be that I’ll have to donate through a proxy, because last time I tried donating to one of the US organisations for change (this was in order to protest at one of the numerous law agencies attacks on POCs), I had difficulty because I was based in the UK. I’ll probably chat with my bestie after I post this and see what she thinks.

I’ve been following it and I’m so proud that we’ve had over 200,000 over here in London alone protesting, and not just for women’s rights, but also LGBTQ+ rights as well. But seeing all those people coming out protesting – despite what certain people are trying to do – in cities around the US is heartening. Because they’re all saying they won’t be silenced, no matter what the racist and sexist neo-nazi tries.

But we need to make sure this isn’t an one-off. We need to keep making sure that those rich white men who only cares about themselves don’t get away with keep everyone else underfoot any more.

The past week and football…

Heya guys! How goes things? How’s the week been going for you? Me… *shakes head* Let’s just say I was feeling really cranky and leave it at that. Didn’t help that I was coming out of work tired and all either. Plus, I’ve had a couple of headaches which didn’t help matters much.

Still… Apart from a minor headache, I’m mostly fine now. *nods* So, I can get back to blogging and everything else! *grins*

I was planning to start my diet this week, and I did start off doing exactly that, but then, like I said, I started getting cranky and all, so… Yeah. *shrugs* No matter, it’ll just start today instead, kind of thing.

Anyway… What’s been happening? Well, I know today’s the day that the USA will start their decline into being a desolate wasteland – possibly. I kinda want to say that, whatever happens, the USA should survive and find their way back from despair and destitute and all that. After all, the UK have had a few bad leaders in their time – we had the war criminal, Blair, leading the UK for 10 years or so not that long ago. And then we had Cameron… *smh*

And that’s just recent history. From what I’ve seen from stuff like “Horrible Histories” and all… It’s actually staggering that the UK ever had an Empire and everything else…!

*sighs* Wish I had better words to say, but the only thing we can do is keep trying to oppose those who want to do the wrong thing all the time. Whether it’s about race, sexuality, medical matters, climate change… The list goes on, but in all times, we need to make sure that we keep trying to get things done the right way.

Hmm… Oh yeah! I know I’ve been meaning to blog about recent news in football for ages, and I’ve just never got round to it. *lol* Sorry guys. It wasn’t anything much, just was gonna say that I dunno about the whole expansion to a 48-teams World Cup. The only thing I would say about it is that I seriously hope that if they are gonna do that (and I know they voted that they would do it in like 10, 12 years’ time), they’ll actually give the bulk majority of the increased 16 teams to continents like Africa and Asia. And give Oceania one. Even if that does means New Zealand basically get a free pass every time… But Oceania definitely need one. And we need more African and Asian teams in the World Cup. Europe – maybe one or two more but nothing more than that. South America… They’ve already sending almost half their countries already so… Can’t see how you can increase their quota. What’s left? North America… Yeah, they should have a couple more. I know USA and Mexico are almost certain qualifiers now, and that’ll just means they’ll be more certain these days, but hopefully, it’ll also allow the other countries more chance.

As it turns out, that delay meant I can comment on something else that’s been coming into talks… Basically, the English FA are discussing bringing in retrospective bans for people who dive and cheat. They should’ve introduced that a long time ago. What I would’ve done is say, after the match, the referee and the others review the match, watch the video, whatever (since we do have basically total coverage of the whole match at all times, might as well take advantage of it…) and decides on all occasions where a player basically try and cheat, and for every single dive, awards a retrospective yellow card. And if the dive results in gaining unfair advantage – like a penalty – a red card. If the players cheats to get another one sent off, give them three red cards, and remove the red card from the other player (so they don’t get suspended).

Sounds extreme, I know, but it’s the only way to stop people cheating all the time. If that rule had been in place, people like the outrageous egositical cheat that ridiculously somehow been picked as the World Player of the Year – a total and utter joke, let me tell you – he’d be playing one match and then be suspended for the next five seasons.

No, I dun like him at all. I freely admit, he does have skills and if he actually try playing – I’m sure there’s a minute or two every now and then in amongst all the theatrics – he is very good at football. But… Disregarding his actions on the pitch, his massive ego is just soo hugely off-putting – and I know people know how much I hate people with huge egos… And, okay, okay, I know I’m a lesbian, I have zero interest in guys, but honestly… How could anyone possibly think he looks good?? Disregarding the fact that he’s just grotesque, he’s got so much grease in his hair, and his adam apple’s sticking out far more than his nose does! *shudders*

Guess money is a good way to help all those women he’s had forget about his gruesomeness…

Anyway… Yeah. That’s what I’d love to see happens, because it might means that football might get interesting again. I’ve not seen one minute of Premier League, European competition (not that I can, considering it’s all on pay TV now – in fact, I don’t even pay attention to it any more, haven’t for ages, just find it all massively boring), FA Cup action, and I can’t remember if I’ve seen any England match since their defeat by Iceland. Must have, though… Maybe in the background.

I still keep an eye on the results – especially the Bristol teams – but outside of that… Yeah. Just don’t think it’s interesting any more. And I’ve given up trying to regain interest in it again. I’ll watch the World Cup and the Euros, but that’s probably mostly it.

Okay… Gonna stop here for now. Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll try and write more over the weekend! See you guys soon!

Vanishing of Ethan Carter aftermath

Heya guys! How goes things?

Me? Ehh… At the moment, I’m feeling a little down. I think it’s mostly because last night, and this morning, I was playing “The Vanishing of Ethan Carter”, which isn’t a bad game, and I managed to complete it (thankfully) fairly quickly (okay, okay, I admit it, I looked up what to do on occasions!), but ehh…

I mentioned on occasions before that I have to be really careful as to what I do, and to try and avoid or minimise any triggers that I might set off, and the game… Yeah, I had a couple of trigger warnings with it. I think it’s the sense of loneliness and decay that I was feeling all throughout the game. And the fact that, for the most part, Ethan was this little boy who would go off and basically write little stories and the rest of his family would pretty much alienate him for doing that.

Oh, and one other thing… It might just be the fact that it’s the game making it all seems very tight and narrow, but the mine portion of it? Yeah, I definitely felt a little… I dunno what the word is? Restrained. Not quite claustrophobic, but close to it. I definitely don’t have that experience in lifts or anything like that, in real life. So dunno why the mine portion of it made me feel that way.

And the zombie miner wasn’t fun at all…

Anyway, so… Yeah. I stuck with it, and completed it, like I said, because of two things: First of all, I wanted to get through it, get to the end of it and put it away and behind me pretty much forever – otherwise, there’s always gonna be that question in the back of my kind of, like, obsessive nature – I wouldn’t call it OCD or anything like that, I wouldn’t dare dream of it, but I do have this desire to want to just get through it and get to the end of it and everything. I was like that with books and all in the past, before Robert Jordan’s… Well, let’s just say I found his “Wheels of Time” to be horrendously monotonous and so, so tediously slow. I have no idea how I managed to get to, like, book 5 or 6 before I realised I was basically tormenting myself, and it was contributing to my depression at the time. *smh*

But there are some games where you basically feel like you have to stick with it and get to the end and find out what the answers are. And that was what I was feeling with this one.

So… This morning, I decided to just throw myself into it and get it completed as quickly as possible so I can be done with it. And that’s what I did. It’s a nice game, like I say, but… Yeah. The loneliness and decay and compression of everything around you… Definitely, definitely not a nice feeling.

I think the fact that the week at work wasn’t a very nice week – pretty much anything that could go wrong, did. *smh* Just… Bleh. So I wasn’t exactly in the best of moods even before I started playing this, and I really should’ve looked up as to what this game really is before I started playing it.

But… You know. Straight after that, I went off and played something else that was a little bit more uplifting (well, I tried out a couple of recent games that I’ve got – Dragon Quest Builders for PS4 and Dungeon Travellers 2 for PSV), as well as reading an Agatha Christie book, and I felt a lot better. And ever since I’ve started writing this, I’m starting to feel almost back to normal now.

That’s the problem, though. There’s a lot of things that I still need to be extremely careful about, but you can’t always avoid it. Certainly, when it come to something like twitter, I have to basically give myself some time to myself as well as speaking out and highlighting certain things that are going on. Which is why one moment I could be speaking out against, say, certain politicians and then the next moment, I’m giving heart eyes to an extremely gorgeous lady or bouncing with joy at something someone said. It’s that kind of moderation. And all it means is I can be serious and able to face what’s happening as long as I can put it to one side for the time being and look / read about something that’s uplifting.

I’m sure there are other games that I have that I definitely need to be careful about. I’ve got “Gone Home” on the PS4, plus “Life is Strange” on the 360 (and PS4) and a fair few others, but I haven’t got into those yet. I think it’s gonna be a while before I can play those. Or at least, while I’m by myself. Maybe if I have someone else to keep an eye on me while I’m playing… *grins* But yeah… It’ll be a while before I can get round to them. *nods*

I just need to make sure I do a bit more research before I start games and make sure I have things prepared before I start anything that might cause a couple of triggers in me. Especially that sensation of loneliness. That’s a bad trigger to get. *nods*

Saying all that, though… It also made me realise that I’ve done the right thing when I went through my DVDs and books and decided to throw out pretty much everything that I thought could possibly cause triggers in me, including virtually every single horror book I’ve ever had. I used to love horror books and all, but these days… *shakes head* Yeah. Just, again, finding out what I can and can’t do any more. I’m still learning, but I think I maybe ought to get someone else to play these games for me and I’ll cheer them on by their side. *lol*

Anyway… I’ll try and write something tomorrow, and hopefully I’ll be back to normal as well! Hope to see you guys soon!

Charleston and US Politics reactions

Heya guys! How are you? How’s the week going? Hopefully a little better than it is here. It’s currently… *looks at time* just before 2am here, and I can’t sleep. That might be because I was tired and had a bad headache by the time I got back from work – which meant I was basically lying down and sleeping over the evening. Which did work, kind of – the headache’s a lot better now, but on the other hand… It also meant my sleep pattern’s all messed up again. *lol* Guess I’d just have to try and stay up for most of today (Thursday) until it’s time to sleep again…

Well, I almost did manage to get a bit more sleep, but then my nose started bleeding, so… *shakes head* Had to clean up as best as I could. (My nose’s fine now, just one of those things – I do tend to get nose bleeds every now and then… *shrugs*)

Still, on the other hand, it does at the least allows me to try and get some blogging and e-mailing done, right?

So… Let’s see. What’s to blog about? Well, there’s a few things that’s been going on in the news that I kind of want to mention…

First of all, the trial for the Charleston murders. I come from a country – well, the whole EU itself as a whole – where there’s no death penalty at all. I can’t remember the last death penalty the UK ever gave (okay, looked it up, 1964, it was) but I vaguely remember, from an old QI episode that the law was changed sometimes back in 1999? And basically that abolished the death penalty for all crimes, and the same applies to every country in the EU. Before then, from something like 1965 to 1999, it was only reserved for cases like treason.

(Of course, saying all that, what with media being as vocal as they are here in the UK, and with the whole Brexit thing… I’m pretty sure the Tories would be a party that would like to bring it back… *smh*)

So… Like I say, I come from a country where something like the death penalty isn’t allowed, and… Hmm… Despite the fact that there are people who’ve been stupidly massively influenced by certain media outlets (I think it’s the ones owned by the Rothermeres who are the most vocal advocates), I think most people here in the UK are glad that the country doesn’t have it any more, and I’m of the same opinion. Basically, I pretty much disagree with the death penalty, whatever crime it is, I don’t agree with it.

So… Going back to the Charleston murders. I was almost half-expecting someone – like the ridiculous-coiffure moronic buffoon that’s planning on taking over the country soon – to try and get a lesser punishment for the murderer, seeing as how he’s a white man and the victims were all blacks. So it’s kind of a pleasant surprise that the murderer actually has been given a proper sentence, according to the laws of the country (or state, I guess? I know I’ve heard that different states have different maximum punishments?).

Do I agree with the fact that the murderer (and I still refuse to name him, I refuse to give him any more publicity than he deserves) has been given the death penalty? …Honestly, no. Again, it might be because I’m from a country where the death penalty doesn’t exists, but… Hmm. Part of me wonder if it’s what he wants. Like, he thinks by doing this, he could become a kind of martyr to the “cause” of the racists.

And he also knows that he’s gonna be known for a long time after he’s dead. And I wouldn’t be surprised if that was also part of his thinking. He knew he was never gonna achieve anything, or be able to do anything to be famous, so his warped thinking was probably something like, why not go for the next best thing and be infamous.

It’s probably just me being too much of a writer with an overactive imagination, but I wouldn’t be surprised in the least should any of that turns out to be the case…

Anyway… The court’s made their decision and for once, I am glad that a proper sentence was given to someone that deserved it. It’s just… I dunno. Seems too quick and good for him. Honestly, I’d rather he’s just locked up for the rest of his life, and left to die old, alone, and forgotten.

Going back to the Republican’t president-elect… Seriously, USA? Pretty much every single time he tweets, every single decision he makes as to who to have in his cabinet (or whatever the term is), it just screams that he is a very bad mistake. And Republicans are talking about repealing the Affordable Care Act – otherwise known as Obamacare – without any idea as to what they’re going to replace it with? Dunno about you, but that, to me, doesn’t sound like a party that’s looking after the welfare of anyone but the rich white man who can afford the ridiculous prices of healthcare in the USA…

There was this image circulated around on Twitter recently, concerning some posts made on FB, about this Republican’t supporter who thinks that repealing Obamacare is a good thing, and that he doesn’t care because he’s protected by the Affordable Care Act… Just staggering, really. And I honestly have no sympathy for that person. He got conned because he believed in the excrement spewed out by the Republican’ts, which were more about their rancid hate-filled bile rather than paying attention to what they were actually saying, and what impact it would have on his life.

It’s also very telling that the Republican’ts, after so long opposing Obama when it came to the deficit and debt that the USA was amassing, are now more than happy to accumulate more debt and increase the deficit…

But… You know, what’s the point? If people want to ruin their lives by blindly following an idiot and his political party who only cares about shoving more money into the already overflowing wallets of the rich white men, nothing anyone says will convince them otherwise.

I’m just worried about the people who they’re gonna affect. And that includes pretty much everyone I know and care about who lives over there…

Okay, gonna post this and try and nap a bit more before heading off to work. If I can, I’ll try and make another post later today, after work – got some reactions to the news from the world of football…

Last day of my birthday long weekend…

Heya! So, today’s been the last day of my long 4-days birthday weekend. And as before, just been doing whatever I want to do. Like, this morning, I headed out for a couple of hours, just round to Cribbs Causeway, outside Bristol, just to browse the shops. It was raining and the rain isn’t exactly that nice in winter, so I thought, gonna go and browse the shops. Not that I bought anything – anything that I wanted to buy, I’d already got on my trip to Bristol on the 7th. But I did get some normal shopping done – was running a bit low on a couple of supplies. *lol*

What I mostly did today, though, was downloaded and played Grim Fandango (the remastered version) on the PS4. I remembered playing this and beating it (albeit with the help of a very useful walkthrough provided by my brother!) when I was, like… 11, I think. It was released in 1998 – according to Wikipedia, anyway – so I reckon it was 1999 when I played it. Maybe 2000? Dunno. Anyway, yeah, I never actually owned it, but my brother had it, and he allowed me to play it on his PC over the space of a few weekends. Well, you know, family visits and all that…! *grins* It was basically a question of “Hiya brother! How are you?? Can I go play Grim Fandango??” *lol*

I had to look up a walkthrough this time round, because I couldn’t remember how to do the tree pump puzzle. Most of the other stuff, I was fine with, apart from finding out how to get all the trophies. I dun think I would’ve ever figured out a few of those – the Robert Frost one, for example, or the Showing off for Your Girl one, but most of them, I think I would’ve.

One thing I’d never figured out back then was how you were supposed to work out what to put on the counterfeit ticket stub, in Year 2 (Rubacava) – I means, I knew the answer, but I didn’t know just why that was the answer… *lol* It wasn’t until I saw what was mentioned in the walkthrough (yeah, I was curious after remembering that puzzle when I got to it) that I knew how it was supposed to be done. Umm… Yeah. Couldn’t make it any less obvious, could they? *lol*

Anyway, I got through the whole game today. The wonderful thing about having the game now is that I actually now know what was going on in the cutscenes. Honest, the game back then – unless there was a setting I missed – they didn’t have any subtitles in the cutscenes, so I was seeing all those pretty pictures and those skeletons’ mouths opening and closing, and not a single clue as to what it was all about. I don’t think I ever really knew just what was going on. As far as I think I knew, it was basically about Manny letting the women he fell in love with go and disappear and all, and he was trying to find her again. But I didn’t really know that much about the Double-N tickets.

Mind you… It was nearly 20 years ago, so I dun know how much I remembered from the past and all. *lol*

I do remember absolutely loving the whole neon-lighted Calavera Cafe from Year 2, and I remember kinda thinking that that was what I was gonna have when I was older. *lol* Yeah, no, I think that was really a pipedream that was never ever gonna happens. But I definitely had a massive hit of nostalgia when I saw that again for the first time. 🙂

Ahh… You know… Giving myself a kind of like birthday weekend period was a good idea. It didn’t feel like I had to kind of rush around to try and make myself feel like I was having a decent birthday. Instead, I was able to take my time, treat myself, do what I wanted to do for four days and I had all that daylight (what there was of it, anyway, considering it was cloudy and rainy for most of it…) to make the most of it.

It still wasn’t the best, and I definitely would like to go somewhere warmer with a bunch of lovely friends (or girlfriend! *grins*) and just enjoy spending time with them. And if I could, I would definitely treat my besties and (still hypothetical) girlfriends in whatever way they wanted to do.

One day. Maybe even from next year!

For now, though… Well, it’s the end of the long weekend. From tomorrow, back to normal, and back to trying to make sure I manage my money okay over the next few months – February, there’s car insurance to pay, and March is bills month (Honestly, why do every company decides they wants everyone to pay in that month??), plus I’ll have to take my car for a service and MOT in that month as well. Joy…!

Anyway, it’s fine, I’ve got more stuff coming (the online purchases and all that), and I’ve got my bestie’s birthday to look forward to, even if she isn’t really all that into getting presents (honestly, the amount of times I’ve asked her if there’s anything she liked and she just go “not really”… *smh* And when I do try to do something different, get her something that I think she might like, she’s all like, “Thank you, but…” *lol* So in the end, I just try and make sure to give her as good a time as I possibly can…), so there’s that. There’s a few events going on in March, but that’s in March. I’ll worry about that at the end of February…

But yeah… Back to working on weekdays, and trying to do as much creative writing as I can when I can – and if I can’t do anything creatively, do some other kind of writing! Plus, hopefully doing a bit of gaming every now and then. I still wanna mark more games as completed by the end of the year than I have done over the past few years… *grins*

Okay… Gonna stop here for now. I’ll see you guys soon!

My birthday blog!

Heya guys! It’s my birthday! Yay! *lol*

Well, it’s now nearly 5pm here and I’ve been out for most of the day. First, I went to wander round the shops in central Bristol – I didn’t go out for anything specific, but if I did see something that I’d like then… I would buy it straight away. And I did. The only thing that I bought were two Star Wars books from the “Legends” era – The Jedi Path and Book of Sith. And I bought them because I’d heard about them ages ago and been meaning to get them cos they sounded interesting from a, if you like, mythological background for a fictional setting (which I freely admit, I’ve always been massively interested in…) and I was lucky enough to spot them in the shop and thought, “let’s get them!” So I did! 🙂

Oh, and I went to Bristol Cathedral first. I wanted to spend a bit of time there, before I got on with wandering around Bristol shops. It was nice to take a pause and pray and all that… *nods*

Then it was over to my parents, for a nice lunch. Unfortunately, my mum was really ill overnight – apparently, some nuts that I bought back from work disagreed with her, and she used to love nuts. Sadly, I guess, that that’s another thing to cross off the list of food that she can eat… :/ I gave them the nuts – and the corresponding bottle of wine that the company gave every one of their employees for Christmas (but I was out in the week they handed them out) – because I have never ever liked nuts, and I’m a teetotaller. So I didn’t really get anything from the company for Christmas…! *lol* But I thought, well parents might like nuts, and I’m sure someone else in the family – like one of my brothers – would appreciate the wine.

Anyway… Yeah. My mum’s taking some indigestion medicine and all – something that’s a pink liquid, I didn’t see the name – and hopefully she’ll start feeling better tomorrow. If not, I have told my parents to make sure to call someone about it and maybe start getting some kind of treatment. Honestly, though… All the nuts that were in the packet, she ate them all before and never had any problems. My dad had some and he’s fine – so it’s not like there’s anything actually wrong with them, it’s just a reaction for some reason… Anyway… The rest of the nuts and the packet have been thrown out now. *nods*

From the family, I’ve got a couple more games – Persona 4 Golden for PS Vita, and Odin Sphere: Leifthrasir for PS4, plus a fair amount of sweets, which I think will last me the rest of January! *lol* I’ve also got some points cards for Nintendo’s systems, and some gift cards to use on Amazon. Which is nice. I’ll probably be doing some online shopping later.

The downside of my birthday, though… Well, there’s two main problems at the moment. Firstly, like I said before, I only really get like 7 hours of daytime on my birthday, and that’s really kind of a downer, quite honestly. Just doesn’t feel long enough. But I guess that’s what you get for being a winter-born… :/ The second problem… Well, as you might’ve guessed, because I’ve lost a lot of friends over the years because of that decade or more of my mental problems, I don’t really have anyone to go out and celebrate it with. Ideally, I would love to be able to go out and spend a nice warm evening out with friends somewhere – this is probably heavily influenced by “Death In Paradise”, but I can’t really think of anything better than a seaside place, me and a bunch of friends, just enjoying ourselves, watching the sun go down at like 7pm, and I’d be able to go and spend time individually chatting, and hugging and everything with each one in turn. Just having a lot of fun.

Instead, right now… Well, like I say, my evening is more or less planned to be gaming and maybe chatting with an overseas friend online and all.

But… You know… This was pretty much the same last time, except that last time, I was really in the height of my last depression attack. so it was like… I was determined to have at least one half-decent day in 2016, and that it would be my birthday. And it was alright, but… *shakes head* Things weren’t brilliant then, let’s say.

This time round, though… While I still feel a bit down that the day’s too short and I dun have anyone local to spend time with outside of family, I’m actually feeling much better mentally, and I just know that things will be much better from now on. And hopefully, when my next birthday comes round… It’ll be considerably different.

Also, of course, I’m actually planning on doing something extra on the Monday, since I’ve got that off as well. Nothing major, but maybe I’ll go somewhere a little different? Haven’t really decided yet, and the weather might have something to say, but… Just to kind of make up for the lack of daytime and all! *grins*

Right, okay… Think I’m gonna try out the games and do some online shopping. I’ll see you guys soon!

Stop treating us as “all the same”!

Heya guys!

I wanna say something, about something that happened recently. I refused to watch the video – just like I refuse to watch pretty much any video of people getting attacked and abused and all that – but I know enough about what’s happened with the “Chicago 4”, and…

Well, I have to say first… What those 4 people did was utterly disgusting and totally reprehensible, and I think the vastest of majority of us are very glad that those 4 people were arrested and are facing swift justice, and hopefully they will get locked up for a very long time for their despicable actions.

And I dun know anyone – black or otherwise – that thinks contrary to that.

But… Here’s the thing. There are a fair number of racists online that are using this to try and paint every black person as an evil person, the whole BlackLivesMatter movement as a terrorist organisation, things like that. When pretty much every sensible-thinking person knows that it’s the action of 4 total and utter moronic idiots. (I’d say worse, but I dun want to swear). And those 4 – as far as I know – said nothing about BlackLivesMatter. It’s more the racists that are trying to paint those of us that are fighting for proper and equal justice with the same tarnished brush as those 4 heinous individuals.

See, the whole thing with BlackLivesMatter is that we’re not trying to say every black person is a pure and innocent person – of course we’ve got some bad apples, just like we know not every white person is a bad apple – but what we are simply fighting for is equal justice. The fact that those 4 people have been arrested and facing swift judgement is good. What isn’t so good is the fact that there were two white men – in the same country, the USA – who attacked a mentally disabled black student and shoved a hanger up his rear end. And yet… Those two white folks pretty much got off scot-free. Probation and community service. For attacking and abusing a mentally disabled black student.

Now, imagine this same scenario: What if the student attacked was white, and the two men attacking him were blacks? What do you think the response would be? I’m pretty sure it’d be the same response as what’s happened with the Chicago 4.

That is what we’re fighting for. What those two white folks did to the poor student was just as hideous and utterly and totally vile as the Chicago 4 attack was. And what we wanted to see was those two being punished to the fullest possible extent of the law. Not given a free pass, just because their skin colour’s white.

And if you think that’s an one-off… It’s not. Think about a number of police officers that attacked black people for pretty much no reason, and murdering them and getting off free. About all those officers that always seems to be equipped with malfunctioning body cameras, just when they’ve decided that they’re gonna go in vicious on black people. Think about that rapist that ended up spending like 3 months in jail. For raping a lady who was sleeping. And why? Because he was white, and apparently a swimmer.

About the only real incident recently – and which has been in the public eye – that I can think of where a white person did something to black people, and is apparently going to face proper justice is the murderer of 9 black people in Charleston Church in June 2015. And even then, I’m still almost half-expecting those who are determining the sentence for him to try and be a bit more lenient simply because of his white skin. I hope not, but the way things have been going…….

But let’s point something else out here. The reason why BlackLivesMatter and all that have been getting dragged through by those racists over the whole Chicago 4, this is happening because those racists are trying to tarnish every single black person with this, associate every single one of us with this. No matter how utterly revolting we find it, no matter how much we all say we hope those 4 get punished to the maximum extent, simply because of the colour of our skin, they’re trying to associate us with this.

I’ve not met one person who’ve tried to associate all white people in the same vein as the Charleston murderer, or the rapist, or the clothes-hanger abusers. And why? Because we know that those obnoxious scum who carried those actions are doing it by themselves. Just like the Chicago 4 are also obnoxious scum who did the attacks by themselves.

As far as I’m concerned, I dun care what colour their skin is, anyone that does reviled actions like those people above, I wanna see them get properly punished, to the fullest extent of the law. And I’m gonna keep fighting to see that happens. And that includes the white people who are getting off free just because they happens to be white.