Various films musings

Heya… How goes things? Hopefully not too bad. Here… Not been too good. Had a really bad long-lasting headache. It’s only just now starting to fade. *smh* So, most of what I’ve been spending my days on is pretty much reading old comics.

Tonight, I’ve been… Well, I was trying to watch some films that’re on the telly. For example, currently on the telly is “Immortals”, which is… So loosely based on Greek mythology that pretty much the only thing it get slightly accurate are the names. *shakes head* And I thought Percy Jackson was pretty poor as well.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the picture up there… It was already in the picture selection and I thought that’ll do. Otherwise, I’d’ve just looked for a stock photo of popcorn or something! *grins*

To be honest, I’m finding “Immortals” incredibly boring and too full of bloodlust. I know a couple of people, friends and all, who loves this, and I have no idea why. But hey, if they like it, good for them!

The hardest bit about “Immortals”, though, is the weird colouring scheme that they’ve used. Not really sure why they decided to go that way, but whatever. Oh, and yes, I know this is made by the same people or whatever that did the “300” film, and I’ve only seen little bits and pieces of it – and frankly, that’s more than enough. Especially if it’s basically the same film as “Immortals”, with just a slightly different storyline.

I also saw the last 40 or so minutes of Ender’s Game, which… I dunno. Maybe I need to see it all, but… Honestly, I just felt that the way it went, it just basically reeked of how stupid humankind can get. Even after so long, they just kept staying stupid. It wasn’t a bad film, but there was nothing there that I thought was… something that I’d wanted to see again.

*changes channels* I’ve had enough. It’s too boring, too gory and quite frankly, too utter rubbish. (Yes, I was gonna put in a different word here, but I try not to be too rude, if I can help it!)

Talking about films… Is it me, or has there been an re-emergence of Tom Cruise lately? I’ve never been a fan of his, but for some reason, it feels like he’s starring in about six or seven films right now, judging from the mass of adverts there’s been lately in between programs. And from what I’ve heard, none of them are very good. Which doesn’t surprise me, but why is it that people still think he’s worth taking on and making a big deal out of? It feels like people are trying to make him a big deal when he’s never been one. At least, not to me. And most likely, not to pretty much everyone else.

Honestly, the sooner he go back to doing whatever he was doing before he decided to return to making films, the better I think.

And honestly, why in the world would someone want to do another remake of the Mummy this quickly? At least give it twenty years or something like that. *shakes head* Saying that, though, they’re not the worse offenders for that. Hasn’t Spider-Man been remade about three times in the past decade? I know there’s a rumour that Sony need to do this, otherwise the rights would pretty much revert straight away to Disney (since they own Marvel nowadays…), but come on… At this rate, surely it’s just throwing money away? I can’t imagine that many people wanting to go and see yet another slightly amended version of Spider-Man any more…

(And yes, I know, as a Star Wars fan, I ought to be careful, considering that I still go all fangirly at a new film despite the fact that VII was pretty much an updated version of IV, and that Rogue One needed a much better screenwriter…!)

Saying all that, though… I haven’t watched any of the superheroes films that’s been released over the past few years. I think the last one I saw was X-Men 3? You know, the one where Jean Grey go mad and all?

It was one of the things that I had to pretty much give up when I went through my DVD collection to get rid of anything that I just didn’t want to watch again, or could ever watch (even just once – I had a dozen or so DVDs that I ended up never watching), when I was coming out of my last really bad depression phase.

My reasoning was, I just kind of got bored with the whole superhero thing, plus live films just doesn’t match animated films where superpowers and the like are concerned. And while I haven’t really been paying attention to the ratings of the latest films, I know that they’ve all been pretty much ranked as “middling at best”. And aren’t Disney trying to link all their Marvel-based films together? How many films are they trying to make and link together? At the rate it’s going… 20? 30? A bit ridiculous isn’t it?

Okay… I’m gonna stop here for now. I’ll write again soon!

Talking about trains news

Heya! How’s it going?

So, there’s been a fair bit of news about trains here in the UK recently. Now, I have to admit, the last time I travelled by train was something like 4 years ago or so, but that doesn’t means that I shouldn’t be concerned about the train situation.

First of all, the price of tickets. Yes, people here in the UK complains about it all the time, but they have good reason to: The cost of a ticket, as I found out in a tweet by someone else, and which I retweeted, is more than twice that of other countries in the EU, for the equivalent distance.

Now, the UK is well known for being one of the most ridiculously expensive countries in the world, and it’s also well-known that – unless you’re one of the 1%ers – the wages aren’t keeping up with that anyway. Most people have pretty much seen their wages rising by 1% or not at all every year since the global financial crisis in 2008. When you compare that with the fact that costs of everything has been rising regardless, it’s no wonder that people are saying that what they’re earning, they’re just not having as much money left over anymore, and it’s gotten to the stage where people like nurses and so on are having to go to food banks.

This is despite the Tories’ claim that if you work hard, you shouldn’t need benefits. Hah. Right. Delusional as always.

Anyway, back to trains. Since 2007 – so it was certainly while Labour were last in power – it’s been the government policy to have train passengers pay more for the train industry’s income than taxpayers’ money. Which sounds good in principle. But not when it was decided that the RPI (which stands for Retail Price Index) would determines just how much train companies can raise the prices of regulated tickets. And since the RPI has consistently been something like 2% higher than any pay rise your normal worker get… Just keep adding pressure to how much money people have to earn before they can actually get any money in the bank.

There is definitely going to be a breaking point somewhere. I don’t know how close it’ll be, but it’s getting to the stage where people just won’t be able to afford to commute to work. And if they can’t commute to work… How do employers and governments and all that expect people to earn money, to pay tax, to buy food and other items? Answer: They can’t. Unfortunately, far too many employers are too fixated on adding another few 0s to their bank balance to care about this.

So, are Labour to blame for this? Hmm… Yes, and no. In 2007, people were seeing decent pay rises, so setting it to the RPI probably made sense back then, but when the global financial crisis set in, they really should’ve done something to make sure that people weren’t gonna be out-of-pocket by having to pay more while earning less, in real-terms money.

And even if they didn’t do something, the Tories had seven years during which time they could’ve fixed the injustice. Of course they wouldn’t. As far as they’re concerned, if you’re not in the 1%, you’re not worth their time.

Train companies and so on will make all the excuses they can think of – extra running costs, modernisation of trains, paying employees, etc, etc… But fact is, they are making a killing by hiking up their prices to the maximum possible every single time.

There was also a Labour MP – Chris Williamson – who raised the possibility of having women-only train carriages as a way of reducing sexual offences and creating safe spaces. Which again, sounds like a decent idea – and indeed, had been set up in certain countries in the past – but the problem is…

Well, it’s two-fold, for me. First of all, I dun want to feel like I’m being herded into a separate carriage, just because there’s a possibility that there’s gonna be some creepy guy who’ll think he can sexually assault me just because.

Secondly, and this is the most important point: It carries with it the suggested idea that this kind of behaviour is “normal”, and also suggests that it’s the lady’s fault. And that’s something that we should never ever encourage. We should make it abundantly clear that the problem is not the lady’s, it’s the guy’s, and every single guy that think it’s okay to grope ladies against their will, to take upskirts pictures against their will, to sexually assault and rape them, we should be making it so clear it’s viewable from space that those guys are totally and completely in the wrong and that they should be punished to the maximum extent possible every single time.

(And I mentioned upskirts because there’s been a few stories lately where ladies have found out that people have secretly taken upskirt pictures of them… And yet very little get done when they reports those perverts.)

What else? Well, it was discovered today that Richard Branson – I refuse to dignify him with the honorific “Sir” – decided that he would pretty much lie against a Labour politician (Jeremy Corbyn) by pretending that there really were seats on a train when Corbyn made the now-infamous comments that he was sitting on the floor because the train was packed. And it was found out today that actually… Corbyn was right.

So why did Branson lie? Well… He’s a Tory voter and donates money to them. He’s against Corbyn because Corbyn wants to re-nationalise (bring back under government control) the railways, and he own a railway network. He also hates the NHS and is sueing the NHS for refusing to given him the contract to provide children’s services in Surrey. (Obviously, with him being a Tory, it’s pretty much a given he hates the NHS – he cries at night at the thought of all that money he’s not stealing from people with a privatised healthcare system, similar to how it’s done in the USA…)

And I’m all for keeping the NHS, by the way. I have no idea how much the fact that I’m deaf would’ve cost my parents and myself over the years, but I’m pretty sure if I had been American, I’d almost certainly would’ve been broke for the whole of my life. (Maybe a slight extaggeration, but only slight!)

Now, I honestly have no problem with people earning a lot of money, but far too often, it seems like those that has a lot of money always seems to want more, and they always seems to want to discriminate against those who don’t have much.

Personally, if I was ever lucky enough to win the lottery or something, I’d be content with that. There’s no way that I would ever turn round and say, “I want more, let’s rob the poor” or anything like that. But then, I’m not a money-grubbing greedy scum. *grins*

Okay… Rant’s over. I’ll write again soon. In the meantime, hope all’s going well with you!

Fighting off ennui…

Heya! How goes things? How’s the weekend going / been (depending on time zones, obviously!) for you? Hopefully not too bad. Here… Well, I’ve been writing. Not anywhere near as much as I wanted to, but I realised – actually, Friday, I realised this – that I was pretty much in a state of ennui, and I needed to do something to actually get rid of it, move to something where I wanna be, a mood that will see me write loads and everything. Of course, the problem was how to get rid of it!

So, the first step was the determination – basically, if I couldn’t be bothered getting on with things, then I was never gonna get anywhere fast. After that, it was basically pretty much finding a way to get on with things, (Getting back to blogging helped, by the way!) and I figured the best thing to do was to put myself on some kind of schedule. It’s not major, but knowing that I’ve given myself a few hours here or there to write was definitely a major step forward. I’ll probably have to do this for the next month or so, get myself back into that habit and everything and more or less force myself into actually getting things done instead of sliding back into ennui.

And this weekend was a good weekend in terms of doing so. Like I say, I didn’t write much – and most of it was the game guides that I write (for myself) but the important thing is that I’m actually back writing now. I dunno the word count, but it’s definitely something like 5000 or so. On a good day, I know I can do over twice that – and that just on a single day – so I’ve got some way to go. But the fact that I’m now on my way back is the important thing and I can definitely see myself sitting down and writing every day again.

The feeling of ennui… I think it was because, like I mentioned before, it felt like I was living the same day over and over again and I was getting tired and disenchanted with the way things were going. Which isn’t exactly conductive to me doing well mentally…! (So, really, while it was still summer, it was definitely high time I got back to working on myself and everything again!)

There’s a lot going on in this enforcing schedule of mine but I think it’s something that I need to do and also something that I think I can do and will do. It’s not just writing, it’s everything else as well. Personal, physical, mental, everything.

What’s else… Oh! I’ve got someone coming in on Tuesday to sort out the plug socket on the wall – the one that’s been broken when the picture fell last Sunday – and hopefully that will definitely be the very last thing that I need to get done around the place for the foreseeable future.

Okay, think that’s pretty much everything. Gonna go make sure I’ve got my schedule lined up for the next week – this is including the 4 work days that I’ve got – and then… Well, pretty much gonna go back gaming and writing more on the guides again! *grins* See you soon!

Politics and perverts

Heya! So, after what was, frankly, a bit of a mixed day – not helped in the slightest that while I was sitting in my car at lunchtime, these two white folks (a guy and a lady) decided they they wanted to come along and basically stare at me for some time. It feels like minutes, but it probably wasn’t that long. I was not happy about that, or the fact that they decided they’d stand there and basically perv at me. 😐 Thankfully… I had a top and jeans on, so there was no chance of them seeing boobs or ass or anything else that I definitely didn’t want them to see (and saying definitely because, given the choice, I wouldn’t’ve wanted them to even see me in the first place…!) But honestly, I dunno why anyone would think it’s a sensible thing to do, going round and pretty much peeping at people in their cars. *smh* Felt like they were basically treating me as if I was a zoo animal, or one of those peep shows girls or something. I’m just thankful that I had a car window between me and them.

Not the first time something like that happened, and I’ve had occasions where a guy’ve basically followed me for some distance – and seriously guys? Not a good idea. Not even close to anything like a good idea. In fact, as ideas go, this is pretty much on the level of winning a Darwin Award.

Talking about stupidity, I’ve been seeing a lot of people pretty much all saying that “45” is incredibly stupid with his reaction to what’s happening with the monuments to Confederates personnel and what he’s been claiming with regards to Charlotteville.

In some ways, I don’t think so. I think where “45” has definitely been stupid is showing his hand too clearly and too fast. I think pretty much everyone that voted for him to be the president of the USA knew exactly who they were voting for, and they saw it as a chance to – in their blinkered eyes – get some “white power” again. We all know that the USA (and not just the USA, a lot of countries have this same problem, but the USA is probably a bit more out in the open) has a definite racist problem against black people – other non-whites, but mostly blacks. This trend of coming out in the open of being white and racist had been happening almost since Obama became President (yes, racism never went away, but I think the fact a black man became President kind of pushed them out into open), and I have heard that there were a lot of people – like “45” – who had a problem with him right from the start, simply because he was black. That whole “birther” movement was just one of the ways they tried to demean President Obama.

And before anyone else chimes in, it would’ve been the same if Obama was Asian or otherwise.

The problem that “45” had is that when he became president, he allowed his ego and his greedy grubby desire to come to the fore, and he showed a lot more plainly what he is, which is why he knows (and let’s ignore all his claims of fake news and everything else, he knows exactly what’s going on) that he reached too far and let his true debased self show.

Some people are asking why “45” is apparently trying to start a civil war. The honest answer is that he _wants_ a war. Whether that’s a war with North Korea, or with those he doesn’t deems as “American”, he wants a war.

Because “45” is egoistic. He wants the whole world to remember him, to remember his name forever. He wants everyone to remember him 2000 years later, 10,000 years later just like we remember the name of Julius Caesar and so on. If that means destroying the USA, so be it. Of course, he’d prefer to turn it into a country where only the rich white men has any control, all reporting to him as Dictator-For-Life, and where he can freely exercise his own racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic views. Anyone that don’t meet his ideal – that of a rich, white male of the same viewpoint as his – can expects to be killed or enslaved.

Everything he does is to stoke his ego, to push his own rancid agenda forward, and to give him as much money as possible. Think it’s a surprise that he keep going to his own golf courses every weekend and spending as much time there as possible? Every time he does that, he’s spending taxpayers’ money and giving it to himself. He’s basically orgasming everytime he does that, he likes the idea of robbing everyone to top off his bank balance.

He showed his true nature very clearly, siding with the Nazis, but make no mistake – he cares only about himself.

And we have, over here in the UK, a definite problem with racism and xenophobism ourselves. I don’t think it’s remotely possible to deny that Brexit is mostly about the idea of British people – including a lot of those in Parliament – wanting to be isolated, separated from the rest of Europe, because they somehow feel themselves to be “superior” to the rest.

Spoilers, other British people: You’re not.

We even have our own version of “45” – Farage – except that unlike “45”, Farage did not get into the Houses of Parliament at all. Of course, once he managed to win a seat in the EU, he was all for robbing them of as much money as he could, and with all that money, plus what his daddy gave him, what does he do? He’s now semi-retired and living in… the south of France. An odd choice for someone who claims to be British and that Britain is far better than everywhere else… He’s even on record as saying should Britain fails to make Brexit a success, he’ll of course leave the UK. Not exactly the voice of someone who has the UK’s welfare at heart, is it? And yet so many people, so many times, fell for his racist hyperbole. And the media kept listening to him and giving him so much more airtime than he deserves. He should’ve been left an irritating voice squeaking away in the far distance, but instead he was allowed to go on TV and everything else and push his disgusting racist, xenophobic agenda on us.

Moving on… Our current Prime Minister, Theresa May, has once again shown just how weak a Prime Minister she really is. She condemns – rightfully – the Nazis uprising in the USA, but when asked to give her response to “45”‘s words, she refuses to do so.

Of course, we all know why. She knows that Brexit is basically going to be disasterous for the UK, and her best bet is to strike as favourable a trade deal as she possibly can with the USA, even if that does means the UK market will be saturated with low-quality food and so on. And in order to do that, she knows she has to keep “45” on her side.

We all knows this, but it still doesn’t make it right.

And there’s allegedly going to be yet another leadership challenge in the Tory party, with names like Rees-Mogg and Davis being banded about. Honestly, I wouldn’t trust anyone in the Tory party to be able to do anything good for the country. The fact that there’s still over 10 million people in the UK who thinks they’re the best party for the country tells you so much about how much brainwashing is going on daily by the right-wing media.

And the most major problem I have with the Tory party is that they are so desperate to privatise the NHS. They are like “45” and the Republican party – they firmly believes that healthcare is a privilege for the rich white males only, not a right of every human being. And it is my absolute worry that they will use some kind of excuse to privatise it. Whether that’s gonna be Brexit or the trade deal with “45” or something else… I dunno, but rest assured, they’re looking for any kind of excuse.

All we can do is keep resisting, and keep trying to get those that don’t deserve to be in power out of power. The snap General Election May called a couple months back was a good chance, but… All the right-wing media were hard at it, trying to keep the Tories in power. At the moment, we don’t really have any other options.

The USA does, in 2018, but they have to be careful. There’s no point in impeaching “45” – there’s no chance he’ll resign, his ego won’t allow it – if it means his VP becomes President. Because the VP is just as bad, quite honestly, and he’s shown he’s on the side of the Nazis as well.

I’m not really sure what else the USA can do – is there any chance of forcing an early election or something? – but one thing that every true American can and must do, and those of us around the world must do: Keep standing up and resisting those that would promote division, keep standing up and resisting against those that would give all the money and power and privileges to the rich white men, and give nothing to the rest.

And I’m never gonna stop standing and resisting along with everyone else who are against people like “45” and the others.

Just a random post!

Heya! How goes things? Hopefully it’s all going good, despite all the bad news that we’ve all been hearing. And no, I’m not gonna blog about it, because quite honestly, I’ve tweeted about it, and retweeted like a hundred different tweets all about it, and I dun want to fill my blog with the same thing.

I will say this, however. If you are still backing “45”, please, do a favour. Press that red X at the top-right and never come back again.

So, what’s been happening? Well, in my own personal life… Not a lot. It wasn’t a great weekend, I have to say, and it culminated in a picture (not the “Fairytale Fantasia” that I’d mentioned before) falling down from where it was hanging and basically chopping out the wall socket for plugs. Thankfully, the thing that was plugged into the socket – the broadband router – still works. Somehow. The vacuum cleaner that was alongside didn’t come out quite as well. It still works. After a fashion. But I’m going to have to get a replacement for that soon.

Thankfully, since Monday, things have been getting back to normal, and I’m hoping that from Thursday evening onwards, I’ll be able to have a good, quiet weekend where I can just do what I want to do! *grins*

I know, I know, I shouldn’t complain, but…

Anyway! I’ve also asked people at work how long my contract’s going on for, because I like to be clear about these things – I got the feeling it’s either until end of September, or it’s open-ended. Either is fine with me, but I’d rather have it confirmed one way or another.

(As an aside, I have heard the rumour at work that there’s a possibility that they’re thinking of asking me to become more or less permanent, even though it’s not technically a developer job… I dunno, I don’t think they’ve really thought about it yet, and no-one officially asked me or sounded me out, it’s just something that I’ve heard mentioned…)

In terms of other job possibilities… Nothing as of yet. But, like I say, I just kind of need the weekends to start making themselves a bit less filled with… Yeah.

I just wanna say, I really really REALLY envy those people who seems to be unfazed or who can, despite everything else, just get on with these things. I’m staggered by how easy some people seems to find things, no matter what situation or how little time they have. *sighs* That’s pretty much what I have to learn to do, though. Make the most of the time I have available, even if it’s only a half-hour or so, just take hold of it and do something like write or whatever. But that’s something I need to work on. Especially if I’m serious about being a freelance writer and author of stories and everything else.

Okay, this is kind of short, but I just wanted to avoid writing about some specific things, because I’ve been tweeting like crazy about it, and I just wanted to have a moment’s respite from that. I’ll try and write again tomorrow or Friday, so see you then!

I feel I should be wearing a beret for this…

Heya! Yeah, I know, two days in a row, I’m definitely getting right back into it! *grins* There were a few things that I wanted to write about last night, and at the moment, I can’t remember all of them – but that’s pretty much par for the course. I think sometimes, I just forget about things because if I don’t, I’m always gonna be blogging and all that all the time…!

I definitely want to write about a few different things right now, and I think… Hmm… I think today, Imma gonna talk about art. Now, before anyone rolls their eyes and say, “Oh, look at this girl, pretending to be an art critic, honestly!”, I will say this: I am not an art critic. Quite frankly, there’s a lot of so-called “art” out there that I just dun see the point of. Why anyone would think a sheep cut in half, or an unmade bed, or some weird blotches on a piece of canvas is art, I will never know. And I genuinely don’t see how anyone could pay millions for something that looks grotesquely horrible, but was done by a particular person. Like… Why?

However, I do like have pictures on the wall, but the pictures that I have on the wall isn’t what I think most people would have. Due to my mental history, I’ve found that one of the best things that can help, especially in winter, is having bright colours around the place, and a couple or so years back, I was in Hobbycraft (I was looking for something else entirely different – I think I was looking for blank playing-cards size cards for an idea that I had about a board game – coincidentally, I didn’t find any. Bleh. *lol*) and walking past the puzzles section when I saw “Fairytale Fantasia” by Aimee Stewart (the picture you can see up there), and I just fell straight in love with it. I bought the puzzle, and some puzzle glue, and an hanging frame that day. *grins*

Now that I’ve moved into a place of my own, that picture is now hanging up, and I love it. Yes, you can see the individual pieces of the puzzle, and if I was given the opportunity to buy it as a picture (and not a puzzle picture), I’d go out and buy it. But it’s still without doubt my favourite picture to hang up, and the one thing that I thought would make the place looks a lot more colourful. And quite honestly, I would have “Fairytale Fantasia” above all those pictures that supposely cost millions, because not only is it (to me) actual real art, it’s also subjects that I love.

But really, art isn’t just framed pictures, and it’s definitely not – no matter how much stupid dumb people want to pretend it is – dead sheep or dirty beds, art is a lot more around us than people think it is. Take, for example, something that most of us look at daily, any video game that you play – even from the Spectrum era – someone had to be there to set up the graphics, and sometimes those graphics can almost be breathtaking. Not just in terms of quality (come on, the Spectrum only had 48K of memory!), but in terms of imagination – think about something like Journey, for example. That was beautiful.

Or think about webcomics… A lot of people read them on a daily basis and again… I’d have pictures drawn by those webcomics artists – like Fragile’s Shouri and so on – over those that cost millions.

Point I’m trying to make is, we sometimes don’t see what we’re lucky enough to get in front of us, and for some reason, society has decided that the only way to put a value on art is the name of the artist. We’re not looking at what the art is actually is, we’re thinking, “But who made it?” first. Otherwise, how can we explain why something that is made by one particular artist is worth billions and something that is made in the same style (not talking about forgeries, but let’s say there’s a brand new picture in the same style and you know who the artist is) by a different artist is somehow worth 5p in the car boot sale?

We should be looking at what we are looking at (I know, I know, but I couldn’t think of a better way to phrase it!) and not thinking about names or anything. You’re not buying the picture, you’re buying the name. And that’s sad.

And no matter what happens, I will continue to prefer pictures like “Fairytale Fantasia”, pictures drawn by artists who do webcomics, by artists who do video games, over those that are frankly bleh, no matter how much money that – frankly, in my opinion – people who have no taste think they’re worth.

Okay, now that I’ve probably offended pretty much every art critic and the art world, Imma gonna stop here for now, but I’ll be back later! *grins* See you guys soon!

Reaction to the booing of Justin Gatlin

Heya! Was gonna write last night, but… *shakes head* Work was too cold – for some reason, they always think the air-conditioning system needs to be turned to a level that’s right for antarctic animals. I think Imma gonna have to bring in a blanket today, so that if and when they do that again, I can at least have another layer to prevent me getting frostbite. And before you go round dismissing that as hyperbole… Well, it’s a slight extaggeration, but it was definitely too cold at work. So I spent some time trying to get warm again. But at least I also remember that I need to get a blanket out to bring with me to work! *grins*

So. There’s been a lot of discussion (at least, from what I’ve seen on social media and in some media outlets) about the fact that Justin Gatlin has been racing in the Athletics World Championships after having failed 2 drug tests over the past however long it’s been. And, obviously, the reason why there’s been a lot more discussion over this is because Usian Bolt is retiring after this, and Gatlin beat Bolt.

Now… I have to say, I don’t agree with drug-taking at all. But I do think that, sometimes, people do overreact when it comes to people who are returning from a ban. If it was me, I would say that the minimum ban for an athlete – provided, by the way, that the drug(s) taken is something that definitely enhance their performance (as in, if they took “recreational drugs” (Seriously, who thought of that term??), their sentence should be slightly lighter – should be something like 4 years, and a ban from at least the following Olympics after their return, because the Olympics is probably the main reason for them racing in the first place, so being banned from the next two Olympics (one while under the 4-years ban, plus the following Olympics after that) should be a severe enough punishment for them.

But we also have to accept that sometimes athletes are under a lot of pressure, and sometimes, just like the rest of us, they will make the wrong decisions. And I find myself asking, should we seriously punish these people forever for making a wrong decision? We have no idea what kind of pressure they’re under or anything.

And, to be quite honest, we are apparently living in a world where a white man rapist can have a six-month sentence and be let out after three. We are apparently living in a world where a footballer that has already been convicted of rape (and was only given a weak 5 years sentence) can be let go because in his court case, it was deemed acceptable for the lady that was raped to have her sexual history being spoken about in court. (And I’m still staggered by both of those decisions, quite honestly – and just proves to me that so many men still seems to think that rape is not a serious crime at all, when it’s probably the second most horrible crime that can ever be.)

If ANYONE is seriously gonna turn round and tell me that drug-taking is a much more serious and severe crime than rape, then Imma gonna ask you to press that X in the top-right corner, go away and never come here again.

*calms down* Anyway… The point is, I don’t think that we should stop someone from competing after they’ve served their ban. They should also accept that they will be tested more frequently after that, but if they’ve served their bans – and Gatlin has – and they’re racing without drugs… Then they should be allowed to race. He’s served his time, end of story.

What I will argue against, though, is allowing people to gain unfair advantages after coming back from a drug ban. Like Maria Sharapova who, after returning from her ban, was given a bunch of wild cards to enter some tournaments. Sorry, but no. She was banned because she took drugs, and what she should have been doing is working her way back up the ranks normally. Challenger tournaments, whatever they’re called, she should have been competing in those, and climbing the ranks that way. No wild cards freebies, nothing. I’m happy for her to compete again – as long as she’s drug-free, of course – but she should not be given any extra help after returning, like allowing her to compete in the big tournaments by giving her a wild card. She should earn the rights to compete on her own merit. If she can do that, great, good luck to her I say.

The only reason she got wild cards, by the way, is because she’s a big name, and the tournaments probably gain some more money as a result for that. Still not right.

I do think it was wrong of people to boo Gatlin. I think – I hope, anyway – that a lot of it is because it was Bolt’s last competition, and they were hoping for a fairy-tale ending, and when Bolt was beaten – and let’s remember, in the 100m, he came third – by someone who was found guilty of drugs-taking in the past, well… I think a lot of people just kind of reacted in the wrong way, and then other people just joined in.

And let’s not forget that Bolt himself said that Gatlin was a worthy winner, and he has no complaints about him competing or anything.

Okay… Gonna stop here for now. Sometimes later, I might talk a bit more about stuff that’s been happening in other sports (the allegations of bullying that’s been happening in some of the England / Britain teams, for example), but right now… Gotta get ready for work! See you soon!

The new football season’s here… Already!

Heya! How goes things? Hope you’re enjoying the start of your weekend (at least, for most of us, it’s the start of a well-deserved two days break from work, right??).

I’ve not posted anything about the Women’s Euro 2017 football tournament because of various reasons. Primarily because, like I said before, I haven’t had any interest in watching a football game at all since… I dunno when was the last time I saw a match? As in properly sat down and watched one? I can’t remember. Probably last summer, when the Euro 2016 was on, but I dun recall actually watching a match from start to finish. There was definitely a lot of half-watching going on, when it was TV on in the background and me playing a game on the tablet or handheld console.

So, this time round, adding to that the whole move and get everything sorted out kind of thing, when I did remember about it, I just didn’t feel like putting it on.

Plus, to be honest, I was kind of expecting the England ladies’ team to crash and burn after the manager’s announced the squad 6 or so months before the tournament kicked off, saying that he didn’t care about form or anything. So, when I saw how they did in the group games (didn’t watch it, but kept eye out for the scores), I was pleasantly surprised, and even more so when they won against France. Unfortunately, they didn’t turn up for the game against the Netherlands, which is a shame because they were in a good position to actually win an international trophy.

I still don’t agree with the idea of selecting the squad 6 months before the tournament, but I have to put my hands up and admit that I was wrong; it didn’t affect how well the team played for the most part. The game against the Netherlands – every team has their off-day, it was just unfortunate that England ladies’ off-day was in the semi-finals.

And now this weekend, we are seeing the mens return from their short break and start off their 10 months slog through the new football season. And the ladies will be starting their new winter season schedule as well (not sure when their season starts, though…)

I can safely say, though, that the ladies (Bristol City Womens, although I just call them Bristol Ladies) will struggle through this season. I think we are basically staring at a long relegation battle with at least two other clubs (Yeovil and Everton). I know the manager has plans to get the ladies out of that bottom tier of clubs and into the next one, and I hope he can, but I think this season will be a long struggle. I’m optimistic that they will survive though!

The mens… Well, Bristol City Men, they were disappointing for large blocks of the last season, but I am… cautiously optimistic that they won’t get into a relegation battle this time round. I don’t see them challenging for the play-offs or anything, but it’d be good to see them safely in mid-table this time round.

Bristol Rovers, though… They did really well last season, much better than I was expecting. I would expect them to be challenging for the play-off spots, but whether they’d be ready to get promoted to the Championship… I’m not sure they are. It’d be hard for them to do that, but maybe next year…? Depends on who they get, really.

As for the Premier League and all that… Meh, who care? *lol* Okay, okay… Honestly, I think you’d be hard pressed to see beyond Chelsea and Manchester City for the title. While you can’t cross out Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspur, I honestly can’t see them able to dislodge the top two. As for there being another Leicester City moment… No, no way. That was a total and utter one-off.

I have heard of the frankly obscene amount of money that’s being changed hands between PSG and Barcelona over Neymar, and I just think it’s ridiculous. I thought Paul Pogba last summer was ridiculous, but this is just insane ridiculous. 200 million?? Think what you could do with that 200 million!

However… The very best of luck to Neymar, and hope he can cope with the pressure. For that amount of money, everyone’s pretty much gonna expect him to score five goals in every match and win every title possible with PSG.

Okay… Think that’s all the football stuff I wanted to talk about over with! If you really want me to talk more, let me know what you want me to write about! My twitter’s open for suggestions and all, after all! (I dunno about comments here, despite the new look…)


Heya! I’m back! And back for good, too!

Whew… Again, I have to say sorry for not blogging for so long! It’s just been… Quite frankly, it’s been a struggle to do anything or think of anything more than just wanting to get on the tablet and play games or dig out some old comics and read them again. *hee* (And, yes, I have a lot of old Beanos – I even have some dating back to 1993 which is crazy, considering I would’ve been like 5 then…!)

Those 1993 Beanos, though, they’re not complete. It seems that way back then, whoever owned them originally decided they wanted to just keep those pages with “The Bash Street Kids” and “Dennis the Menace and Gnasher” (Note to Americans: The Dennis the Menace from the Beano is different to the Dennis the Menace you’re aware of, so don’t be too confused about talk about Gnasher and everything else! (History: The US’ Dennis the Menace is credited as the older one, but not by much – It was originally debuted in US newspapers on 12th March 1951 (according to Wikipedia), while the British Dennis the Menace debuted in the Beano on the comic dated 17th March 1951, but was apparently released on the 12th March 1951 – and in those days, they probably never heard of each other until much later, most likely. These days, though, I think the Beano has decided to further distance the two Dennises by just calling it “Dennis and Gnasher” – but back in 1993, it was still “Dennis the Menace and Gnasher”.)

Anyway… It’s fine. From what I can see, I still have complete Beanos dating back to 1996 or thereabouts, and that was probably when I’d started getting and reading them myself. It’s a bit of a difference, reading the Beanos back then and reading them now. I have to say, I kinda prefer the latest versions, because the latest versions of the Beano has their sarcastic kind of laugh-out-loud moments, whereas the Beanos of yesteryear are a little bit more… well, straightforward (sometimes funny, but sometimes, you really can see that some of the stuff they did then, they’d never do now…)

As for some of the celebrities they’ve featured… Well, let’s just say I spotted a certain TV personality who’s also a painter, originally from Australia… Yeesh. Those did _NOT_ age well. But to be fair to the Beano in those days, no-one has a crystal ball. As far as most people knew back then, that certain TV personality was a decent human being.

Anyway… I was kinda hoping to have been back before now, but by the time it’d got to mid-July, and things were only just starting to settle down (what with everything that’s been going on…), I decided then that I’d pretty much just hold off until the 1st August (today!) before going back to blogging. That way, I can make sure everything’s settled, I can make sure everything that I wanted / needed to do can be done, the whole lot.

And so it worked out. All the work that was required on the house (roof and water pipes – basically, the previous owner had left this place empty for over a year, and only did the visual requirements in order to make it sellable, the stuff that you couldn’t see – and quite honestly, I didn’t see anything wrong with the roof, my dad did – he obviously didn’t sort out. And I say obviously because quite honestly… I probably wouldn’t’ve, if I was selling and I couldn’t see anything wrong, and nor would pretty much anyone else) has been done, all the furniture (old and new) is now here and everything placed where I wanted it to be, and there’s a bit more colour around the place. I probably need a bit more bright colours in the place, but for now… It’ll do until I see something new.

I’m also getting settled into work. The month contract I had with the company has been extended (I believe they said until end of September, but I ought to check…), which is useful. It’ll allow me to keep earning money, get my finances in order (after all the moving and everything else), and give me more time to write and job-hunt for something a little more permanent, or a bit more solid. Whether that’s in writing or development or something else, I dunno. I’m not confident I’ll find another development job, but to be quite honest… I’m not all that sure I want to anyway. Only reason I would, is to allow me to earn while exploring writing options.

Writings… Well, I still need to try and figure out some way of being able to put myself out there as a freelance writer, but I honestly have no idea how to, and I’m useless at “selling” myself – even in interviews for development jobs in the past, I’m not good at that. But at least this way, with a 4-days working week, I’ve got an extra day to try and find ways of doing so, plus more time to get writing.

Which is gonna be starting properly from this Friday onwards – I was kind of hoping to have made a start last weekend, but… Wasn’t feeling good, plus I had to wait for deliveries and everything else so… Yeah. Just turned out that August is a brand new start for me in a lot more ways than I originally thought.

I’m also planning to get back to my diet from today. Obviously, with everything that’s been going on, my eating habits has gone totally wayward, so this week, I’m planning to just get it back to normal – like a proper breakfast and a proper evening dinner. Once that’s done, then I’ll start working on the actual diet, with exercises and everything else. My current aim is to be close to my optimal weight come Christmas time.

Outside of writing, I’m looking forward to getting back to playing video games on my consoles and everything else – that’d also been put to one side. Outside of the games on my tablet, the only other game I’ve kind of played was the download-only Ace Attorney games (and I wasn’t really getting into the Spirit of Justice one, to be honest… Think I left that before going to court in the third case (Rite of Turnabout) I’ll get back to it one day, but right now… I’m just looking at my shelves – both “latest” and “retro” collections – and trying to decide which one to play.

Oh yeah, I have my retro collection set up in my bedroom! 😀 I have my Spectrums, my PS1, PS2 and Gamecube in my bedroom, so whenever I want to, I can just load up an old game, and get gaming! And my Spectrums still works! 😀 I don’t think all the tapes are fine, but from what I can tell, most of them are definitely okay. It’s just a question of working out which ones are okay, and which ones aren’t. I probably eventually will have to get one of those new-gen Spectrums, but the last I know, there were like, two competing groups and I dun want to get both. So I thought I’d just wait and see which one is left standing.

But for now… I’m looking forward to getting back to gaming and writing and all!

Okay… Gonna stop here for now. Hope you’re doing great, and see you soon!

First post from my new place!


This is my first blog post (and there will be many more to come!) from my new place!

It has been a long time coming, and I’m sorry for the long pause between blogs, but there really have been a fair amount of stuff to do and by the time I’m finished with the plans for the day, all I want to do is pretty much sleep and just forget about everything and game.

Why was it a bit tough? Well… The main problem was in trying to get everything set up – that is, the utilities, broadband – as well as moving things over. I might’ve gotten rid of a lot of things over the years, but some of the stuff I’ve been digging out of the cupboards and everything else, I’ve been like, “When did I get this…?” *lol* Honestly, it was pretty much a case of “out of sight, out of mind”. And I was pretty much deciding to just put it all in boxes and take a few over every time I went to the new place. And believe me, there was a _lot_ of boxes… So I was spending a lot of time clearing out cupboards, drawers, etc, and putting them in boxes ready for me to take. And then taking them out of boxes and putting it into new boxes to try and take up every last bit of gap available…! *grins* But, to be honest, I was pretty much driving stuff over like 5 times a week.

Some of the utilities stuff was tougher than it should’ve been because of the fact that I’m deaf, but… *shrugs* Anyway… Everything was sorted out gradually over the past couple weeks, and the last stumbling block (to my mind) was the broadband access, which was switched on and ready to go today. So… With that in mind, I was more or less ready to move over. The worse bit was the council tax, I had to pop over to the council offices to talk to someone. But I’ve now filled in the form, and handed it over, so hopefully I should find out how much council tax I’ll be paying monthly shortly.

The old place, I’m still renting (I handed in my month’s notice, but I don’t officially leave the flat until sometimes around 14th July), and there’s still stuff in there – more than there should be, to be honest – but I’m now more or less moved in.

Why am I saying “more or less”? Well… Because my eldest brother was gonna help me move the furniture over, (because I obviously can’t fit a bed and things like that in a car! *grins*) but this morning, he received some weird news… The company he hired a van with contacted him and said they can’t loan him the van because he apparently doesn’t live in the house that he said he does. And he’s been living in his place with his wife and children for at least the past two years. *shakes head* So… The only furniture I have in this place for now is the beanbag, some small tables and chairs, and a whole bunch of cushions and the like. My intention is to basically sleep on the beanbag / cushions until I can arrange a van hire with a driver myself. (Well, I say myself, but my dad has apparently decided to take that on himself…)

All the other furniture is still at my old place. *sighs* Oh well. It means a bit of a delay to getting the place how I want it, but it’ll get there sooner or later. *nods* Fingers crossed, it’ll be sometimes next week when all the furniture comes over. And then… Once that’s there, I’ll look around and see what I think I should get and plan for when to get them. I’m pretty sure that there’s at least a larder or something like that that’s required, but… Again, just gonna take the time to look around once everything’s there and decide.

My knee’s aching again as well. Probably should’ve kinda expected that, what with all the lifting and packing and everything else. But with any luck, I’ll have more room to do exercises, including knee exercises, so that I can make it a lot tougher from now on. (Yeah, I have plans for my new place, just gotta see if I can fit it all in here!)

Oh, and I did something to my finger (thankfully, on my right hand (I’m left-handed)) and it’s a little swollen and sore… But considering the weight of some of the boxes I’ve been struggling with… A single swollen finger is pretty good going!

I’ve also been talking to various people about jobs (still IT jobs, despite my lack of enthusiasm for it, and all). Mostly e-mails, and mostly dealing with people who think the only thing worth communicating with is a phone (as per normal, considering my experiences with trying to get jobs previously…), but there is one good lining… The company that I used to work for, the one that made me redundant in May, has contacted me and asked if I’d be willing to work for 4 days per week as a data engineer – it’s not IT, I won’t be doing development, but I will be working with SQL and getting the required data for reports and the like. It pays less than my old job, and it’s only for a month (although can be extended) and I said yes. So I’ll be starting this contractor position on the 3rd July.

The 4-days week is something I asked for. Firstly, it’s to give me more time to get on with writing – and I fully intends to write a lot more, especially once everything’s all set up here in this new place – and also, if I need to go talk to other people regarding potential future jobs, I can do so on that day, without having to arrange to take a day off. Plus, to be honest, I think a 4-days work week would be better for me than a 5-days one. That extra freedom to write, I think, is something I’d need.

I do have my suspicions that the company’s kind of hoping that things will pick up somewhat for the development department shortly, and if that’s the case then I’ll be more or less on hand to get my old development job back, but I could be reading too much into it. Either way, not holding my breath, just gonna treat this job as a way to earn some extra money which will be useful at this moment in time until I can get everything sorted with old place and new place.

And that’ll do for now. I’ll try and write more either tomorrow or Sunday – so I’ll see you soon! 😀