Queensland and England Ladies

Heya everyone! How’s your week going? Certainly hope it’s going better than mine so far… *smh* Nothing bad, haven’t heard anything more the car or anything like that, it’s just been busy all day every day. *shakes head* I’d like a bit of time to do other things guys!

*sighs* Anyway, I’ve got a bit of time in the morning before I have to head off to work… Hopefully, not too bad at work today – the past couple of days have been spent doing investigations, mostly, as well as meetings. Fun(!) *smh* But today hopefully promises to be a little bit more settled so I can probably start looking at my phone to keep on top of things on Twitter and all…

But today… I kind of want to say a couple of things. First of all, it’s a little late, but I really do hope everyone’s okay in Queensland. I spent a week or two in there (When I was living in Australia, I was based in Melbourne, but I did go to visit a friend who was living in Cairns at the time, and I took that opportunity to go and see the Great Barrier Reef – and believe me, Cairns was gorgeous, lovely and warm and sunny – and the girls were just as hot and gorgeous too! *grins* Would’ve loved to stay there, but… That’s the way it goes). So yeah… Hope everyone’s okay in Queensland, and hopefully all the damage can be repaired fairly quickly.

I still dun agree with the convention of naming these storms. It’s a bit unfair on people with those names, especially if it’s been a bad or damaging storm. Just to take an example from (recent) history, I’m willing to bet you anything that the name “Katrina” has gone way down in popularity.

If we must name these storms, at the very least let’s refer to them after people who have proven themselves to be scum… From history or otherwise. Hurricane Cecil Rhodes, for example. Although quite frankly, that’s still just giving them more media time than they deserves.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was the ridiculous nonsense sprouted by the England ladies’ football manager, Mark Sampson. He has decided that he will name the squad for the Euros 2017 in April. A few months before the tournament actually starts, and before the Womens’ Spring Series league starts. Yeah. That’s right. The Women’s Spring Series is going to have a whole season of ladies playing, and they’re gonna know that whatever they do that season, they know they’re already in or out of the squad.

I means, honestly, seriously? Mark Sampson has made a few calls that I disagreed with (the selection of some players and the non-selection of others players, but that’s just my opinion, and everyone has their own opinions as to who should be in or not in the squad), but he’s the manager, it’s his choice, but this is… Stupid. What if some of the girls plays abysmally during the Spring Series? Is he seriously gonna tell them, “I don’t care, you’re still going to the Euros.”? What if someone not in the squad plays out of their skins and is named the best player in the whole league, scores goals, the whole lot. Are you seriously telling me no matter what, she’s not gonna play in the Euros?

*smh* Sorry, but that’s just wrong. Players who go to the Euros should be picked on merit. Of course the manager’s got a choice, but just deciding to ignore the whole Spring Series? No way should that be the case.

If it turns out that this crazy plan works, and the England ladies does win the Euros, then I will hold my hand up and admit that he got this right, but personally… I genuinely think that this is a very bad decision and will backfire. Right now, despite everything that he’s done in getting England up to 4th in the world rankings, I’m… honestly worried that England aren’t going to get out of the group stage.

A lot can happens in the months between, and I think it’s just wrong to include or exclude players before seeing how they’re doing in those months with matches and the like.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see. And with that said, I’d better get ready for work. See you soon!

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