March 26, 2017

Daylight saving time!

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Written by: angelforfivon
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Heya! We’re finally on daylight saving times here in the UK, so everything’s currently an hour later than people think it is… *grins* Personally, I dun mind daylight savings – the evenings are lighter for longer, and that suits me just fine! *nods* It does means the mornings are still a bit darker when I go to work, but it’s not dark dark anymore. And won’t be until winter time later this year, November time or thereabouts.

I honestly dun mind the change of hours – it’s not like I sleep that much anyway so… Yeah. As long as all the clocks / watches / etc are changed, that’s the important thing. Although I’ve only got two things to change – the others are automatically changed.

Car news… Well, it’s definitely the cam belt that’s broken. They’re looking at the valves and everything else because that might be broken, before they start giving quotes for repairs. Realistically, I’m looking at around £600 or thereabouts, but… Yeah, we’ll see. I doubt I’ll get my car back before Friday, or probably next week. :/ *sighs*

Never mind… Just gotta get on with things. It just would happens in March, wouldn’t it? The most expensive month of the year for me. *smh* *dry laugh* Guess I’m not gonna be able to buy anything for me until maybe June or July now, what with everything else that’s going on.

Today’s Mother’s Day here in the UK – and yes, it’s a different day and month compared with probably the rest of the world. Dun ask me why. Well, I kind of know why… Apparently, it used to be more commonly known as “Mothering Sunday”, which is some kind of church tradition? Nothing to do with mothers at all. But over the years, this became known as, you know, Mother’s Day. And when it came to determining when it should be, it just basically stayed on the same day as Mothering Sunday would be, instead of changing to a day in May or something.

I dun really know that much about church traditions, to be honest. I might be a Christian, but I haven’t been to church for ages (quite honestly, I dun really get much of what they’re talking about so… I could do more by staying at my place, reading my Bible and Bible guide book and praying and meditating by myself than I would by going to church).

That dun means to say I dun like going to churches, though. But I would prefer to go when there’s no service there, and just wander around the place in quiet and probably light a candle or two.

Anyway… Since it’s also Mother’s Day, of course I gave my mum a card! No presents – she, well, both of my parents have told me some years ago not to bother with presents. Simply because there’s nothing they actually want that they can’t get themselves. They’re more into memories nowadays so… Yeah. They keep saying, “We’ll be happy with a nice card”, so that’s all I tend to give them. *shrugs* About the only presents I give them these days are like cinema tickets if there’s something that they might like to watch. And even then, of course they could just go there themselves, but…

Okay… I know this is short, but just wanted to drop a few lines before going back and doing more gaming! *hee* See you soon!

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