Long day, and soaking wet…

Heya! Sheesh… Today was a long day… So, today, I had to take my car in for it annual MOT (Note for anyone who don’t know what that is, because I’ve had friends asking me about this – “MOT” basically stands for “Ministry Of Transport”, and all it is, is there’s a law in UK that states that every year you need to have a MOT certificate that states that the car is fine to drive on the roads under normal circumstances – so they check brakes, tyres, car condition, the air quality of the car’s fumes, and so on…) and I also had a dentist appointment today – basically, the plan was, take the car in, go to the dentist and then… Do whatever until the car’s ready to be picked up.

Well, the day started off just great. I decided to wait until after rush hour to take the car in – because the place that does the MOT stuff is in central Bristol – and I left roughly just after nine… And on my way there, heading down the motorway, I got stuck in a traffic jam. Why was there a traffic jam? Because there was freaking animals on the motorway! *smh* *lol* As it turned out, I drove past the animal in question – it was a swan or something like that. Big white bird, although it had a grey bill? I didn’t think swans had grey bills… Thought they were more orangey?

Anyway, I got there in the end, got the car in, said I’d like it back by 4pm so I can hopefully avoid the evening rush hour, and went off. Realised if I went straight to the dentist, it’d be too early, but I wouldn’t be able to get to the shops in Bristol and back in time, so I went to find a nearby cafe and stayed there for a while. Didn’t drink anything but water (obviously, because I was going to see a dentist…!) but that’s fine by me. Then went out for a walk to the dentist, which I expected was gonna take me 30, 40 mins.

…I should say something. I like walking, in normal circumstances, and the fact that my knee was (and can still be sometimes) dodgy, clicking and giving flares of pain, was infuriating me, because it meant I had to severely curtail my walking. So I was always gonna walk to the dentist and then decide what to do afterwards.

Unfortunately, there was a lot of rain, and what I should’ve done was make sure I was wearing something with some kind of hood (because I’m not fond of umbrellas, I find them awkward, especially in winds), and I didn’t. So I had to be careful I wasn’t gonna get my aids wet. Thankfully, I managed to keep them mostly dry…

Dentist went fine, by the way. My teeth are fine, dentist’s happy with them – honestly, I have no idea why my teeth are fine, I can only think it’s something to do with the milk that I drink – I’m still pretty much having a pint of milk daily, half with cereal, and half in a glass to drink. But anyway… After enduring the cleaning that they do – and I know I’m lucky to only have to put up with that. I shudders at the thought of what other people have had done. I know people who’ve had to have a rotten tooth taken out and people who’ve had fillings and so on… I can’t even begin to imagine just how much of a nightmare that must’ve been…

Anyway… I got out of the dentist, and it was still raining, so I thought, okay, Imma just gonna catch the bus, head over to my parents, stopping at the bank on the way and walk the rest of the way there (which would be about 15 mins from the bank to parents’). So I did. Paid off the credit card bill, and walked back. Got caught in a cloudburst, so by the time I arrived at my parents, I was soaked, the rain had gotten through my coat, my jeans, my shoes… *lol* Yeah, I know. My aids were fine, by the way, I took them off and held them in my hand pulling the sleeve over my hand, so they were kept completely out of the rain. It did mean I had to keep looking round to make sure everything was fine, but… Yeah.

I really should’ve bought a change of clothes, but… I didn’t even think about it. So I borrowed a towel and dried myself off as best as I could, and then just more or less sat around waiting for the car folks to call.

Ended up picking the car up just after 5pm. There were problems with the tyres, exhaust and the handbrake, apparently, so they fixed those. When I paid the bill, it seemed a bit high, but I thought okay… And then I noticed the name on the invoice. I’m not gonna say the name on the bill, but it definitely did not say “Angel Forfivon”! So, when I pointed that out, they were looking around for the real invoice. Long story short, the bill was just over £300 higher than it should’ve been. *smh* *lol*

Anyway… It’s fine, they gave the refund without any problems so that’s not a problem. And honest, it was just a honest mistake. The poor guy had about 5 or 6 different set of papers on his desk at that time, so… Yeah. They should’ve been better organised, but it was about 5pm by then, and I know that by the time it gets to about 3pm, I’m basically wanting to go home!

So, got back fine – the drive back was actually less packed than I was expecting it to be… Still quite busy, but… Not as bad as I expected. – and as soon as I got in, I took off all the damp clothes, hung my coat up to dry, shoes put next to the radiator, everything. I’m currently wrapped up in a blanket, getting nice and warm (and dry!) after a long day, and soon I’m gonna go and have a nice soak in a bath. Mmm…

I’m going to have a nice relaxing evening. Today wasn’t fun, but then that’s the way it goes, sometimes, when you’re doing MOT and dentist and everything else on the same day. Still, it’s all done now. Dun have to worry about any of it until next time!

Okay… The bath’s calling me! I’ll see you guys soon!

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