DVDs and looking forward to daylight!

Heya everyone! Did you have a nice weekend? Hope so – mine wasn’t anything special, but it was definitely relaxing, which is exactly what I needed, after yet another long week at work. Honestly, the amount of time people keep giving me ridiculous crazy timescales to get things done has been staggering. But… *shrugs* That’s the way it goes I suppose. No doubt that in a few weeks, I’ll probably be complaining that it’s all too quiet and everything else! *grins*

Oh, and I got some more stuff to do with the house that I’m potentially buying. I think? I’ve got a couple of letters through the post, and I think I’ve got to sign a couple of them, but… *shakes head* I haven’t really looked at them yet. I think the first thing is to wait for the surveyor to come back with his findings. Which hopefully will be in the first part of this week, because as far as I’m aware, he went to survey the place last Friday, so I should get the report soon enough. If I don’t hear from him by, say Wednesday, I’ll probably drop him an e-mail and ask when we can expect the report…

I imagine it’ll be fine, though. As for the forms… I dunno. I think, for one of them, I need to get a witness or something? I’ll have a proper look at them soon enough.

So if I haven’t been doing anything with regards to that this weekend, what have I been doing? Well, DVDs and Lego Elves, basically! *grins* I watched the whole Persona 4: The Animation that I’d bought the other day… I thought it was okay, it wasn’t anything that special, but it was something different to watch, and I’m sure I’ll be watching it again soon enough. I also got the Death in Paradise series 6 DVD, now that the series’ over on the BBC for another year. (Well, we presume there’s going to be a series 7…) And I watched the whole of that as well…

I was also hoping to be watching the DVD of this anime that I’d heard about, called RWBY, but… *shakes head* The DVD didn’t have any subtitles, which was really annoying. You pretty much expect every single DVD to have subtitles by now, and to find out that some companies, publishers, distributors – whoever it is that’s responsible for subtitles – still think that they can get away with this is frankly disgusting.

*sighs* Whatever… I should’ve checked the back of it a bit more closer, I guess…

It’s a shame, though, because I’ve had a couple of people on twitter who were raving about it, and I was so looking forward to seeing just how good it was, but… *shrugs* Guess I’m never gonna find out, am I?

Umm… What else? I think I also heard it’s been the daylight switching time in the USA this past weekend? Lucky you, guys! Here, in the UK, we’re still gonna be on GMT for another couple weeks or so – ours switch over to BST on the last Sunday of March. It’ll be nice to have extended daylight in the evenings again. Even if it will means I’ll be driving out while it’s still fairly dark in the mornings for a while again… But that won’t last long, especially since everything’s basically getting lighter and lighter all the time.

…And now it’s hitting me. The fact that I pretty much actually managed to get through the whole winter without it affecting me anywhere near as bad as it has been for too long. Maybe it’s the lightboxes, maybe it’s because of this, and twitter and everything else… Whatever it is, I’m just glad to actually be in Spring without having to recover from depression and SAD and all that again. I just hope that I’ll be able to make the most of this – although the house stuff will probably keep me occupied for a while, but when I move and everything… Yeah. 🙂

Of course, I am aware that the whole thing is gonna keep repeating itself every year, and I’m gonna have to keep doing the whole thing all the time every year. But it’s definitely more than worth it, more than worth all the effort required, because if I keep myself clear-headed, if I can keep myself going… There’s no limit to what I can do. I definitely believe that. I just hope that this year, I can definitely get myself closer to where I wanna be.

Okay… I’ll write again soon, but for now… I hope you have a wonderful week!

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