International Women’s Day


Today’s International Women’s Day, and I just wanna say a few words about it (which, knowing me, will end up as more than a few!).

First of all, there are some people who are wondering why we have an International Women’s Day, and why some of the ladies out there are protesting and not going into work today – and believe you me, if I could’ve, I would’ve done exactly the same, but… Work’s really busy and I already had to take half-days or whatever at sudden moments’ notices – and I do appreciate work for allowing me to take those. Technically they could’ve turned round and said “We understand but we need you to work today, can you arrange to do whatever it is another day?” but they never have, so… Yeah. When I spoke to the boss about it, he said he understood but due to other people having – well, a couple I know are having the week off – that week off, and due to the workload – including one that I’m working on which is kind of like marked “urgent” – they couldn’t let me take the day off. Which is understandable.

(However, I will be wearing red… I just need to find the right thing to wear that’s red! *grins*)

Anyway, yeah… There are some people who are wondering why we have an International Women’s Day. Most of them are the same people that wonders why we have a Black History Month or a LGBTQ+ month and so on. But just so that I can say, “Well, I tried…”

While I freely admit that, in some countries – including the UK, where I am – women are a lot more equal to men than they have ever been – the times of the suffragettes was just over a hundred years ago now here, we are still in some ways behind men. Take the wages gap, for example. A lot of employers seems to think that, mostly because could potentially gets pregnant and take up to 52 weeks off (39 of those paid) for maternity leave, they can get away with paying women less than men that are on the same level of employment as them. And there’s been numerous stories out there of women who are trying to come back from maternity and being offered less money, there’s been some that have been sacked for getting pregnant and so on. And even if there was no chance of some women getting pregnant, they’re still given less in most cases.

And I’ve seen these things happening in the UK – and by law, that shouldn’t be possible.

But it’s worse in other countries. Depending on where you are, if you’re a woman, you could have far less freedom and rights than we do here. I’m not gonna mention any countries in particular, but there are places out there where if you’re married to a man, that man can basically dictate what you can and cannot do. And if you’re not married, it’s likely to be the father or brother or someone like that.

There’s also the case of double-standards as well. Too many times, I’ve seen in the news about these women who are out with their family for a meal out, or whatever, and they have a baby with them. Those babies are hungry, and the woman should be able to breastfeed them. Because when you get down to it… That’s what boobs are technically for. To breastfeed your babies. And yet… There’s some people out there that thinks breastfeeding is not something that you should do in public? *smh*

And worse than that, they try and shame those ladies. Some’s been asked to stop, some’s been asked to move to a dark corner or something… Seriously? I dun care, if the baby’s hungry, go right ahead. I’ve eaten with ladies who were breastfeeding and I dun have any problems with it.

Why is this double-standards? Well… Think about it. Some stupid dumb people are trying to shame ladies for using their boobs for the purpose that their boobs are technically supposed to be there for. And yet… They’re perfectly happy to see women flaunt their bodies selling whatever products they’re selling. I’ve seen perfume adverts where the lady’s basically wearing nothing. Why? It’s a perfume! *smh*

Now, I generally dun have any problem with the adverts or whatever myself, or of ladies flaunting their bodies… But I do have a problem when we are being told we can’t use our bodies for what they’re technically supposed to be used for. And I will stand by and support every lady that wants to breastfeed their baby wherever they are.

I could go on – and indeed, I have, I deleted a couple of paragraphs I’ve written because I couldn’t get it to work right in my head – but the whole point of International Women’s Day is to remove all inequality from everyone. That means that women should not be getting paid less for doing the same job, that means that women shouldn’t be restricted in what they can do by anyone except their choices, that means that we shouldn’t accept double-standards wherever they occurs. We should stand up to it, and fight for that equality.

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