Short Story: “Sunny and Shells” part 1

Heya guys! So, here’s the first part of the vampire story that I’ve been promising. I’m still putting it all together, but I figured it’d be better to do this in a number of parts. I dunno how many. Depends on how much more of the story I can come up with. *grins* I’ll be honest, when I first started putting it all together in my head, I didn’t really think it would be as long as this, and I had a lot more coming up with this. I was thinking it was just gonna be a short story, but the below is still only the very first part of this. I still have a lot more coming up, and I definitely wanna play around with this part of the story more as well. (Yeah, I know… This is probably the first one out of the stories that I’ve posted that I’m intending to play around with… Although I still kind of want to do something with Cherise and Rose and all… But for now, I’m thinking about this.)

I think what it is, when I created the two characters, I knew one of them was going to be set free (in a manner of speaking!) after being trapped since the 1950s, because I knew there were gonna be massive changes between then and now, but it wasn’t really until I started writing that I realised just how much change there is gonna be, and that made the other character actually being more interesting than she would’ve otherwise been. *lol*

Like I said before, I do get a lot of general details settled down in my head, including whole conversations and the like, but it’s not until I start writing it down that I really realise just what I actually have.

Right now, I think this is a nice side-story based in the story universe of mine, but at the moment, would only ever be part of a collection of stories. It is definitely something that’s at the very edges of the story universe, though. No big secrets are gonna get revealed here or anything.

Despite all that, though, I still hope you guys will like it! Let me know what you think!


Sunny and Shells (part 1) by Angel Forfivon

Sunita flashed her ID at the card reader, which glowed green, allowing her to open the door leading into the lab. She let the card drop from her hands back to bouncing against her body on its string chain around her neck and flashed a smile at the security guy standing close to the entrance before looking at the board detailing lab rotation, searching for her name.

Finding it, she gave a deep sigh. Of course she would be partnered with Chris. They were more often than not partnered together, which probably led to them dating in the first place, but at the moment she didn’t particularly want to be anywhere near Chris, not after what happened between them over the weekend. She made a mental note to try and speak to their boss later, to ask for them to be allocated to different labs for the time being.

But today… Resigning herself, she knew that there wasn’t that much she could do about it. She checked the lab number before heading off towards the lockers to get changed.

Entering the lab a few minutes later, she forced a smile, “Hey.”

Chris didn’t even look up, “Hey.”

She glanced at the skeletal remains on the table, “So, what have we got?”

Chris tossed the clipboard to her, “Something dug up a couple days ago. Field archaeologists don’t think it’s very old.”

Sunita checked the scrawls on the clipboard, “Odd. Says here that they had to lift it in one piece. Like the bones wouldn’t get separated.”

Chris shrugged, still not looking at her.

“Look,” sighed Sunita, “let’s just get this over with. The sooner we’re finished, the sooner we can get out of here.”

“Fine with me.”

Sunita shook her head. Whenever they’d have a fight, Chris would basically clams up and not say anything to her outside of the bare essentials for a few days. She’d always hated those times and every time they did this, she would swear to herself that she would never allow herself to go back to dating him again. And yet every time they’d start talking again, they would just go back to dating each other, not even talking about whatever it was that caused them to argue in the first place. That was how Chris was, and Sunita hated that about him.

For now, though, they’d needed to check the skeletal remains, try to work out what happened to this individual. Her eyes roamed over the remains, putting together a mental checklist of who the person was before death… The person was certainly an adult female – judging from the size of the bones and the shape of the pelvis – and the conditions of the bones suggests she wasn’t that old when she died. She frowned at some of the bones. They certainly seems to suggest she had had a tough life, a couple of breaks that healed up, but… She bent over looking closely at one of the breaks. It didn’t look like it was put back together again by a professional.

Chris, meanwhile, was looking at the skull, “Hey… Check out these canines. Have you seen one with such large canines?”

Sunita glanced up, looking towards the skull. The skeleton’s canine teeth were certainly much longer than normal. She hesitated, then went forward to check out the canines closer. “Do they… have grooves?” she asked.

Chris only gave a non-committal hum in reply, then he gently prised the jaw down from the skull, “Definitely still joined to the skull, despite lack of muscles.” He prodded at one of the canines, feeling the lines of the groove going down the tooth.

“Is it the same on the inside?” asked Sunita.

“Let me check…” and he moved his finger in to feel the other side. Suddenly, the jaw snapped up, trapping his finger between the lower jaw and the canine. Chris shrieked in shock and pain as blood began to seep out from his finger.

As Sunita leaped into action, struggling to prise the teeth apart again, she blinked in surprise. Was the skull… getting some muscles back?

Eventually, between the two of them, they managed to work Chris’ finger free, and Chris swore vehemently, trying to stem the flow of blood. Sunita ignored his curses, and leant over the skeletal remains. There was definitely something going on. It was a complete skeleton before, but now there appeared to be some muscles and the like connecting the bones.

Suddenly she felt a grip around her wrist. She glanced down and saw that the skeletal hand was clutched tightly around her wrist. Before she could react, though, the hand swiftly brought it up to the teeth of the skull and bit into her.

Sunita screamed and tried to pull away, calling for Chris to help her, but Chris froze in shock, before bolting out of the room and slamming the door shut behind him.

“CHRIS!!” she screamed.

Sunita tried whatever she could think of, she hit the skull with her free hand, tried to pry the mouth of the skeleton apart, even as the skull was getting covered up with muscles and skin, in desperation, she clawed for the tray nearby, trying to reach something, anything that she could use to break the hold.

But it was for nothing. She felt herself being drained, and soon she faded into darkness.

Chris boggled in shock from the window looking into the lab, as the skeletal remains disappeared under muscles and skin, before the lady opened her eyes and released Sunita, or what was left of Sunita.

The lady gingerly lifted herself off from the slab, and shivered, wrapping her arms tight around her body, and looked around for something to wear. Her eyes slid down to the lady on the floor. She was indian, and before she had most of her blood drained from her, she looked pretty. The lady knelt down and touched her. Still alive. Barely, but still alive. Needed to get some blood in her fast, though. The indian lady mumbled something. Sounded like a name, “Chris”.

The lady sighed, then her eyes registered the man looking in through the window. She raised her head and looked directly at him.

Chris gasped, but a glance at the door to the lab proper told him that it was secure, and he stayed where he was. He saw the lady rise up from inspecting Sunita and walked over to him. The lady was asian. If it wasn’t for the teeth, the lady would certainly have been a looker, and his eyes couldn’t stop themselves from travelling down the lady’s naked body.

The lady tapped at the window, “I presume you’re Chris? She’s asking for you.”

Chris glanced at Sunita behind the lady, and shook his head no.

“Are you her boyfriend? I have to say, very brave of you to leap to her defence when I bit her. Oh no, sorry, you ran screaming like a scared little boy.”

Chris glowered at her, “At least I’m out here where I’m safe from you.”

“Yes. And in the meantime, your girlfriend is dying. Aren’t you going to even attempt to help her?” She shook her head and went back to Sunita, kneeling down next to her.

“For all I know, she’s dead and you’re just trying to trick me. I can’t see her breathing or anything.”

The lady glanced up at Chris, “She’s alive, trust me. Tell you what, I’ll even go stand facing the wall opposite if you want. I’m certainly in no condition to fight.”

“I don’t believe you. The door’s staying shut.”

“And if you don’t open the door, your girlfriend will die. Do you want that?” The lady waited for a response, then shook her head, “Why are you two dating anyway? You don’t seems to care that much about her.”

She looked down at Sunita, hesitating a moment longer, then her face set in resolution. A tiny wince escaped her lips and she bent over Sunita, appearing to give her a kiss.

Colin banged the window, “H-hey! What are you doing?”

Sunita gasped, and looked at Chris, her strangely thin arm raising up piteously, trying to stretch out for him.

Chris looked at the lady, “What did you do?”

“You wanted proof that your girlfriend’s alive, didn’t you? Well, you’ve got it now. So what are you going to do? Come in here and save your girlfriend, or leave her here to die?” She rose up from her kneeling position and raised her hands, moving to face the wall opposite the door. “I’ll stay here so you can come in and get your girlfriend.”

Chris hesitated, then glanced at Sunita, who was staring at him with pleading eyes. Despite their argument over the weekend, he felt himself moving toward the door and opening it up. Giving the asian lady a wary look, he went forward to Sunita and crouched down, ready to pick her up.

Sunita threw herself forward, latching her teeth into his arm. Chris screamed, and the asian lady turned and threw herself forward at him, smashing her elbow into his throat, cutting off his scream, before raising his other arm and bit into it, drinking deeply.

Eventually, all the blood was drained from Chris. Sunita and the lady both rose from his body and looked at each other.

“You’re a… vampire?” asked Sunita, remembering horror films that she’d seen in the past.

“We’re both vampires,” replied the lady. She knelt down and pulled the lab coat off from Chris’ body, and began rifling through his pockets. A curse escaped her lips as she found nothing but a key and a smallbox with what appeared to be a useless mirror on the front, “Don’t you people have money?”

“Um. Yes, but he use cards most of the time.”

“Cards? To buy clothes and the like?” She shook her head, wrapping the lab coat around her, “Sounds crazy. Come on, let’s get out of here. We should hide the body, give us a bit more time. Is there anywhere we can put it?”

Sunita glanced down at Chris’ body. For some reason she didn’t feel sad about Chris, or alarmed about what she’s done. Maybe it was a kind of delayed shock?

“Don’t think about it. Not right now,” the lady’s voice cut through her thoughts, “First of all, we need to hide the body and get out of here.”

The lady bent down and picked up the body easily, throwing it over her shoulder. She looked at Sunita and her head tilted, “What’s your name?”


“Can I call you Sunny?”

Sunita shrugged, “If you want.”

“Thanks, Sunny. Mine’s Shells.”


“Shells. With an S on the end as well,” she looked at Sunita, and continued, “Where can we hide this?”

“His locker, maybe? That key opens it up. You could take his clothes as well, if you want.”

Shells shuddered at the thought of wearing guys clothes, but she didn’t really have many other options. “Lead the way.”

Thankfully, the way to the lockers were quiet, and Shells managed to push the body in, after emptying it of all the stuff that Chris left in there, throwing his clothes on herself and tighting the belt as much as she could. Shoving the rest of the items into a bag to check out later, she looked at Sunita, who had finished putting all her possessions into her bag, and said, “Okay, how do we get out of here?”

“Well… The door’s not far, but there’s a security guard nearby. I can get past him, no problem, but I’m not sure how we can get you out of there.”

Shells thought for a while, then said, “Get us as close as you can to the guard. I’ll deal with him.”

“Are you… going to kill him?”

“What? No! I don’t like killing people unless absolutely necessary. And you’re certainly not going to be able to come back here ever again, you know that, right? We’re going to go undercover as soon as we can.”

Sunita froze in shock. Shells looked at her, then went forward and pulled her into a hug, “I’m sorry, Sunny. I promise, as soon as we get somewhere safer, I’ll tell you everything, alright? For now, I need you to focus.”

She held Sunita for a few moments longer, until Sunita breathed out deeply and said, “Okay, I’m ready.”

“Great! Come on, Sunny!” and Shells took her hand and pulled her with her toward the exit of the changing rooms.

The exit was swift, and true to her word, Shells didn’t kill the guard. The two went up and Sunita smiled at the guard, who dropped his guard enough for Shells to smash her elbow into the guard’s throat and then firmly bashed his head into the wall, knocking him unconscious.

As they exited the building, though, Shells looked around in shock, “What is all this?” she gasped.

Sunita looked at Shells and frowned, “What is all what?”

“All… this!” Shells waved her hands around her, “All those… cars? And what are most of those people doing, with those tiny boxes?”

Sunita blinked, and took Shells’ hand, pulling her with her towards the subway, “…How long have you been a skeleton?” she murmured as they walked.

“I don’t know! It’s really hard to keep track of days when you’re buried in the ground, unable to move or see anything but dirt. I know I got caught sometimes in the 1950s? Does that helps?”

Sunita stared, “You’ve been a skeleton for that long?” She named the year, and continued, “I think I need to explain things to you when we get to safety as well. For now, give me Chris’ wallet. You’ll need a card to get through the subway.”

Shells handed over the wallet and Sunita pulled out a card, “Hold onto this, keep close to me and follow what I do, okay?”

Shells nodded, and they entered the subway. Sticking close to Sunita, she followed her without any problems through to the train and the two of them sat down next to each other, “Where are we going?” asked Shells.

“…My place, first. I know we won’t be able to stay there for long, but we need to get some stuff from there, including clothes,” Sunita looked at Shells. Shells was thinner and smaller than she was, but hopefully her clothes would do for now, “and maybe we can talk a bit. I don’t know where we’ll go from there, though.”

“We’ll find something,” Shells grasped Sunita’s hand tightly. She looked around at the other passengers on the subway, “Things really have changed, haven’t they? I don’t think I’ve ever seen something where people like us could travel in the same fashion as whites. At least, not without them sneering at us down their noses. And there’s those two guys over there,” Shells indicated with a slight nod of her head, “They’re trying to hide it from everyone else, but they’re in love with each other. In those days, anything like that would be viewed with suspicion.”

“Yeah…” Sunita pulled her hand away from Shells’, feeling a little flustered. If you had asked her before, she would have laughed at the thought of leaving everything behind for a lady, but now… It wasn’t even a thought. She knew no matter what, she was going with Shells. Everything else she ever had was now gone, due to what happened at the labs. The only thing she had left was Shells.

She forced herself to stop thinking about the labs and everything else. They were still escaping, for one thing. For want of a better subject, she said, “So. Shells. Is that short for something?”

Shells looked at her, “Not really. When I got turned, I rejected my old name and picked this. People have asked me if it’s like Shelly or short for Michelle, but…” she shook her head, “When I was young, I lived close to the shore, and there were a lot of seashells around. And while I was thinking about a new name, I just kept thinking about those seashells. So, Shells.”

She paused, then continued, “You don’t have to keep your old name, if you don’t want to. Since you’re now on a completely new life, you can have a new name of your own. Although I do like calling you Sunny.”

Sunita paused for a moment. It felt like, to her, if she chose a new name, she was firmly saying goodbye to her old life, but she also knew that she couldn’t ever go back to her old life anyway. She gave Shells a sad smile and said, “I’m happy with Sunny.”

Shells leant closer and whispered, “Would people get upset if I held you?”

Sunny shook her head no, and after a moment’s hesitation, Shells wrapped an arm around Sunny’s shoulders and pulled Sunny to her shoulder, kissing the top of her head, “It’s okay,” she said, “I’ll look after you. I promise.”

Sunny smiled and looked up at Shells, “And I’ll look after you. Promise.” and did something she could never have imagined herself doing before. She kissed Shells. Even later, she couldn’t tell why she did it. The closest she could ever get was that she just needed to keep focusing on the here and now, and concentrate on staying with Shells.

Shells leant herself deeper into the kiss, letting out a pleased hum when they broke. She looked around, but no-one seemed to be objecting.

“I think I’m going to like this…” she murmured.



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