Does Microsoft care about its customers?

No I’m not referring to the recent epidemic of hacked xbox accounts that are then put on the black market to be sold for x amount of money, I am referring to the lack of support when it comes to handling or should I say not handling Xbox Live trolls whose whole life revolves around being ignorant, obnoxious, sons of ^$*#@!

Taken directly from the Xbox Live TOS or Terms of Service:

3. Using the Service.

You must comply with this contract, all applicable laws, and the Microsoft Anti-spam Policy ( when using the Service. You must also obey any policies, codes of conduct and notices we provide, including the Code of Conduct ( and its successors) (“Code of Conduct”).

You must not use the Service to harm others or the Service. For example, you must not:
[quote]use the Service to harm, threaten, or harass another person, organization, or Microsoft;[/quote]
and what about the Xbox Live COC or Code of Conduct:

The Code of Conduct outlines the rules that you need to follow to help ensure that, Xbox LIVE, and Games for Windows – LIVE (the “Services”) are fun for everyone.

B. Don’t do the following.

Don’t harass, abuse, or spam other players, or encourage other players to do so.

Don’t scream, yell, threaten, or stalk other players, or encourage other players to do so.

I’ve been harassed/stalked by a troll on Xbox for 6+ months to no avail.

Don’t create a gamertag, profile content, Avatar action, Avatar content, or in-game content that other users may be offended by. This includes, without limitation, anything related to or suggestive of: profane words/phrases, topics or content of a sexual nature, hate speech (including but not limited to racial, ethnic, or religious slurs), illegal drugs/controlled substances, or illegal activities.

I’ve had gamertags made to slander me and or try to be offensive (my skin is beyond thick) so I’m not offended but it’s still a big “wtf”.

Don’t give out personal information of other players (such as their real name, address, phone number, credit card number, etc.) in any way (including, without limitation, through voice chat or the names you create for your gamertag or mottos). This information could be used by other players for illegal or harmful purposes. You should also avoid giving out your own personal information.

I’ve had a troll try to get personal information about me such as my phone number…it’s no secret but uhhh if someone calls me that I don’t know shhh don’t tell anyone but (there’s an app for that) lol

If you do any of the following these are the supposed “consequences” of said actions:

C. Consequences of Violations.

If you violate the Code of Conduct or the Xbox LIVE Terms of Use, action may be taken against your account, including without limitation the following.

1. Some offenses warrant an immediate permanent suspension, including without limitation: hacking, modding, fraud,
severe racial remarks, nudity on the Xbox LIVE Vision camera or Kinect camera, repeated creation of inappropriate gamertags or profile content, or posting viruses or URLs to viruses

What exactly are SEVERE racial remarks? Is this a joke Microsoft? Why not racial remarks period? If your motto is to create a fun environment for EVERYONE why are any type of racial remarks tolerated? And how does Microsoft know if I’m sending out naked pictures? WTF! lol My particular troll has made dozens of inappropriate gamertags again nothing is done.

2. Trying to avoid a temporary suspension by creating alternate new accounts may result in a permanent suspension of the new user account and a possible escalation of punishment to the original account and all related accounts.

As stated above, my troll has made over 10+ gamertags each one has been banned before..nothing is done and apparently it’s “all good in the hood”.

3. Repeated violations of the Code of Conduct can result in a permanent suspension of your account, or a permanent suspension of any device you are using to connect to the service.

My troll banned 25+ times and still able to freely roam Xbox Live without a leash and no consequences why is this? How many “suspensions” does it take? 50? 100?

4. If you create a gamertag that has been determined to violate the Terms of Use or Code of Conduct, you will be required to change it.

Whoopty doo you create an offensive gamertag and now you don’t have to pay to change it. Way to go Microsoft.

5. If you create Terms of Use or Code of Conduct violating content anywhere in the system, we may delete it and a suspension of varying length will be issued on the account depending on the frequency and severity of the infraction.

6. If we are notified that you are abusing the voice feature or message features, your ability to use the voice and messaging system will be suspended.

Here is what Microsoft suggests you do if you in fact run into a troll like I described:

If you encounter an obnoxious player:
Take a break or mute the player. If you act out it could be considered harassment.
Give negative feedback on the player. Select the player’s profile and choose the Feedback option.
File a complaint, especially if the player is violating the Code of Conduct.


Now you might be wondering why I’m mentioning the outlined/bold…I’m sure we all have had our share of run ins with people who like to talk big whether it’s hiding behind the pc or xbox/ps3 etc but what about the ones that go the extra mile to be certified, bonafide, 100% losers? According to Microsoft it is YOU that should take a break lol If I’m paying for a service why is it that I should miss out on the time I paid for because someone decided to act like an idiot and send me stupid messages and or follow me from lobby to lobby?

Leaving negative feedback does nothing, Microsoft even stated that if your “Rep” gets really high it doesn’t mean you’re going to get banned it’s there basically just to give people something to do to make them feel like an action is going to be taken. Filing a complaint is a bigger joke, unless you get your friends to join in and file complaints on the gamertag but in that instance they must have the person on their recent players list and or have the said harrasser on the open friendslist of one of their friends in order to get to do that. Why is there no file complaint through the website? It’s not like you take the ones sent through the xbox seriously so what difference would it make to add it to where complaints could be filed through the website?

Anyway Microsoft says that when in contact when someone stupid you should block communications, what they don’t tell you is that when you block communications their message disappears and they are no longer able to message you (from that gamertag) so if you didn’t file a complaint before doing so WHOOPS! There goes that chance.

My conclusion is Microsoft tends to cater to those that troll, I’m assuming Xbox live makes the most money off of them, they change their gamertags constantly ($10 a pop), they get banned repeatedly ($10-$25 for a temporary 1 to 3 month membership) on their new accounts until their main is usable again, or they get permanently banned and buy a new have to buy a new console ($150-$400 dollars) depending on the type of console/edition that they choose. All in all Microsoft doesn’t care about it’s consumers or maybe it’s just black people lol no Kanye j/k but if they did take their TOS/COC seriously I haven’t seen any proof of it. I welcome any representative from Microsoft and or Xbox Live Support to give any type of feedback to show that things are actually done in cases like this.

I’ve personally spoken to reps/moderators etc and they either don’t respond, say to “file complaints”, “it takes time” etc. Microsoft bans people PERMANENTLY left and right for changing their avatars to a color that isn’t available by default or having a gamerpic that isn’t through Microsoft but looks the other way when it comes to trolls TRYING to mess up the online experience of the people that they harass, isn’t that ironic? I’m not even going to get into how they stole a year of gold for me for not putting my real name on an Xbox Live account I created because it is “against the TOS” but it is ok to change your name after you make the account smh THIEVES!

Frankly I’m done with expecting quality service and regulation, I’ve come to the realization that I’m just a bank account # in Bill Gates pocket. It is true the Xbox 360 has the best online service as far as the multiplayer aspect DEFINITELY NOT support wise but I can not recommend this to ethnic people unless you are prepared to deal with the below and have nothing done about it. Remember you will be paying to be called the n word, porch monkey, and other racial slurs. I myself have a ps3 but I never used it before simply because I don’t like the controller and their “dashboard” but I’m thinking until Microsoft gets its act together as far as dealing with trolls I’d rather be online for free than to be paying for the above.

I have had my fair share of haters, trolls, “ignits” and Microsoft/Xbox Live Support has done absolutely to uphold their so-called TOS/COC so here are some of my faves for the world to see on what you can expect to deal with if your ethnicity is non-white…As for me and my situation my troll is dead to me, my friends no longer mention anything he does to get my attention anymore because I informed them that I don’t give a ____ so I guess this troll will have to buy a new account in order to contact me again, that is unless Microsoft decides it wants to live up to it’s motto. Oh yeah if anyone wants to know the gamertag(s) of my troll feel free to contact me 🙂

For the complete list of messages I’ve received AGAINST TOS/COC click here. If you’ve personally dealt with the same issues, feel free to post below in the comments or join the community and let us know your story, how you dealt with it and if anything was actually done.



  1. NMP says:

    Its great that they make 2000 pages of rules but then acts powerless to enforce them…

    “its YOUR fault that you chose to be Black and get on Xbox Live not ours…”

  2. Mase says:

    All trolls should be rounded up and hauled off to the closest nerd penitentiary. I would say more but Microsoft in it’s infinite wisdom would probably ban me for telling the truth

  3. Berdel Hardy says:

    I can personally attest that Microsoft cares about its customers. I was ahving trouble with my old computer last year, and didn’t really trust anyone to tell me the truth about the problem(s) I was experiencing. I had inadvertently deleted some info on the start-up screen. I know very little about the inner operations of the computer. Before I retired my secretary handled all computer operations, incluing discussing all problems with the IT representative, on site.

    After discussing my problem with a Microsoft engineer, including sending him a ‘screem copy’ of my computer, and exchanging about 15-20 email messages, it was agreed that the problem was impossible to correct. They sent to me an OEM Windows XP-Pro disk, suggesting that I delete the old system. An immediate improvement.( I had the Windows Home system,.which I really didn’t like. But it was cheap,, and I really didn’t think I would be using the computer much. So much for that ‘line-of-thought’.. They really didn’t have to do it.
    I’ve been a long-time Microsoft customer, with strong loyalty.

    • HeavenlySkies says:

      That’s relative to Computer Support not Xbox Live or my article at all. If you can read my article and tell me how it is that they care I would love to know.

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