Plans and changes


So, as it turned out, I didn’t write anything more over the weekend – reason being, I had headaches, plus for some reason, I was incredibly horny. I honestly don’t know why, but it seems like every time I recovers from illness – or periods, to be honest! *lol* – I ends up being horny all the time. Suffice to say, my toys saw a fair bit of use…! *hee*

But I’m not gonna talk too much about that (sorry, if you were hoping I would…!), and instead Imma gonna write about something else.

I currently have five weeks left of my contract at work (and it’s not gonna get extended any further – we agreed that I would leave on the 14th December so I can have a nice relaxing long Christmas period) and what I want to do is to get myself in a much better habit of living before that day comes. So, my first bit of business was to get myself some containers for cooking – more specifically, microwave cooking. See, when I finish work and come back from work, it’s normally around 6pm or later, depending on whether I’ve been shopping or not, and the last thing I want to do is stand around the cooker stirring things and everything else. I’d much rather just put something in and let it cook. But I didn’t have anything that I could do that with, not really. So I was stuck with just ready meals, takeaways or cold food. Which… got boring. Really boring. And probably wasn’t really the best diet I could have, either, certainly there were days when I’ve felt bloated (being honest…), which probably contributed to the fact that I got pretty ill (outside of the fact that we all get colds and the like, I certainly didn’t help myself by my poor diet…).

So… I’ve bought a couple of things. I bought a vegetable steamer set, and a rice cooker, both of them microwaves, and what I’ve been doing lately (when I haven’t been suffering from headaches…!) is putting meat in the oven – chicken or whatever – and microwaving the vegs and honestly it’s working better for me, I can just relax, go and do something else until it’s time to plate up. So that’s the first step.

The second step is to – especially since I was ill (yes, it was only a cold, but it was bad in some ways) – get back into the habit of giving myself set aims every day, which could be something as simple as write 1,000 words or whatever, and try to meet those aims. If I can do that then hopefully by the time I finish work in mid-December, I can start writing more and making a lot more headway on things than I have been. *nods*

Talking about work, as it were, like I say I’ll be finishing on the 14th December, and I’ve been offered (and verbally accepted) a permanent position at the company, same position, with the start date in mid-January. I’ve not been given a contract to sign yet, but I imagine that will come probably in December. Still four days a week as well, because I found it working better for me – and, to be quite honest, even working 30 hours a week, I still find myself without much, if anything, to do for periods of time every week. (That’s not me being immodest either – quite honestly, I’ve found I could do everything that I’ve been given in around twenty hours most weeks, so I’m pretty much wasting 10 hours a week twiddling my thumbs… *sighs*) But hey… Until I becomes a full-time writer or something, I’m gonna have to work to earn enough to live on…!

Okay… Gonna stop here for now, but I’ll be writing again soon!

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