Cold – Bleh!


Blehhhh… That was such a horrible cold I had. I finally feel much better than I have done for like the past couple weeks. Still got a terrible cough, and it’ll take ages for that to get back to normal, but… At least I’m finally recovering from it all.

The worst bit, though, was the eyes. This time round, for whatever reason, I had shaky eyes – like, my vision was wobbling from side-to-side. Not all the time, it happened like… 4 times, I think? And it was only for a few seconds. Feels like ages, but in reality it was probably no more than half a minute, if that.

Lemme tell you, the first time it happened, it was terrible, especially for a deaf person. People like me, we rely so much on our eyes that we really don’t want anything to go wrong with them at all. The last time, though, was… dangerous. I was driving back from work on Monday when it happened. And I was on the dual carriageway, and there was nowhere to pull to one side to stop and let the eyes recovers. *cries* The saving grace was, the road was pretty straight, and I was in a gap between cars. Even so, I still slowed down considerably and just tried to concentrate on keeping the car straight until the vision went back to normal. Thankfully… It got normal before too long and before the road started to bend or anything like that.

Just really hope nothing like this will happens again. I’d definitely prefer having to go through a few boxes of tissues rather than have shaky eyes ever again.

All I could really do was try and sleep. Wasn’t easy, either, and I just felt ridiculously tired all the time. *shakes head* Oh well… And being a contractor at work, as well, I couldn’t really take any time off to get better. The boss was at least sympathetic, so when I didn’t have any work on Tuesday, he allowed me to take the afternoon off, which definitely helped. Couldn’t do the same on any of the other days, though…

Anyway… Starting to get better, so this weekend… Mmm. I almost want to throw myself back into doing everything, but I know I shouldn’t. For starters, my cough is still bad so the best thing is almost to take it slow this weekend and try and get better for the rest of the year. So I guess what I’m gonna be doing is to try and slowly get myself back into the swing of things and get everything in the place cleaned up. Without trying to do everything at once. Plus, I know I’ve probably got a lot to catch up on, so I’ll do that over the weekend as well!

Yeah, it’s gonna be a quiet weekend, but honestly after the week, I probably need to take it quiet, and get back to normal – or as normal as it gets for me! – sooner rather than later.

Okay, all going well, will write again tomorrow – I kind of want to write every day this weekend, just to catch up on things and all! 😀

See you soon!

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