Arm strain, honestly!

Heya! Been a while, right? Good reason for that… I’ve got a bad arm – saw the doctor last Friday, and the good news is, it’s just a muscle strain. The bad news is, it’s a muscle strain. While it’s my right arm, being left-handed, it doesn’t stop me from writing. What does is the fact that – unless I’m resting it on something – any movement, even just sitting at a desk or something, means my arm’s gonna ache, and sometimes pretty badly. Like, sucking-your-breath bad. So… You can probably imagine just how painful it is every evening after work. And I still gotta drive back from work. Not fun.

It’s the triceps, apparently. And I’ve been getting pain from the elbow all the way to the shoulder. Yeah. That bad. Anyway… Because it’s a muscle strain, the only thing I can do is take painkillers and see a physiotherapist and do some exercises in order to strengthen it again. But knowing how long it took my knee to recover (and I still occasionally get clicks and twinges), well… Yeah. We’re looking at a couple months here, at least. Fun(!)

Oh, and I had my flu jab in that same right arm. *rolls eyes* Yes, I know, it’s always best to have the flu jab, but it doesn’t help, and I still feel like there’s a minor pain where the needle went in. And I dun feel all that good either right now – whether that’s because of the flu jab or the minor cold that seemingly went away last week – I don’t know. But yeah. Never rains but pour, right?

Anyway, obviously I miss writing, blogging and everything else – I still tweet, but that’s because with 140 characters, I can just tweet and put the phone or tablet down without my arm begging for mercy…! So, what I’ve done today is I took a bit of a rest with the arm (honestly, have you tried reading a book or whatever with one arm?? Not easy, lemme tell you!) and as soon as it started feeling less painful, I started writing this. Still gonna be short, but if I can do this, then hopefully I’ll start feeling better about everything again.

Especially since it’s now GMT time zone here, meaning the evenings are getting dark an hour earlier. Which means that when I finishes work, it’s already night-time out. :/ I do not like coming out of work when it’s dark, and I definitely don’t like driving at night!

But nothing I can do about it right now, just gotta get on with it as best as I can, and make sure I use my lightboxes when I get back from work.

(And before anyone asks about what’s different about leaving work this year, compared to last year, I was in “permanent” employment, working in SQL development, and my hours were 8-4:30, which was better for me, and meant I had more daylight in the evenings… Now, I’m just a contractor, so I can’t really go round changing my hours or anything. Especially since my contract finishes mid-December. The saving grace is, at least I only have to work 4 days a week, instead of 5…)

Maybe next year will be different, because I’ve been offered the chance to turn the contract into a permanent position, starting mid-January, but still considering it. Probably will take it up since I’m getting nowhere finding another development job (deafness, I tell you…), and this way – if I can shake off this arm strain – I can devote more time to getting myself towards where I really want to be. That’s still the aim, and it has to always be the aim, for me. Otherwise… Well… I’ll just be stuck here, and I dun want to be stuck here in this monotone life that ain’t really properly living.

Okay… Gonna stop here for now – I did say it was gonna be short! – but since this method of resting the arm for a short while seems to work, I’ll hopefully be back writing a lot more from now on! 🙂

See you soon!

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