Being a lesbian Christian…


Before I start, I wanna say that my thoughts and prayers are with everyone that’s affected by extreme weather situations and everything else. That’s everyone in Africa, Asia as well as those in the southern USA.

I’m not gonna say that circumstances like this aren’t horrible, because of course they are, and I’m not gonna say that Americans shouldn’t be thinking mostly about the people affected by the extreme weather in Texas and so on, because of course they should do, and they will. Especially those who may have friends or family in those areas.

But I will say this: It’s the same thing when we have had terrorist attacks recently, it seems like we only really do a “pray for…” or “do donations and buy things for…” when it’s in a specific Western country, whether it’s the USA, or France, or something like that. When it comes to something like Africa – Sierra Leone, for example – or Asia – India, Bangladesh are suffering from floods and something like 1,200 dead and over 15 million people are homeless and suffering. This is happening right now.

And at the same time – and this has been going on for a while – there are serious problems in Myanmar, where Rohingya Muslims are fleeing fighting that is happening there. And they’re fleeing to Bangladesh, which can only add to the problems currently happening in Bangladesh.

And that’s got to be a concern. No matter where you are in the world, everyone’s lives are just as important as anyone else. Of course, if something happened here in the UK and I know that some friends or family are close by or possibly caught in the storm or whatever, of course I’m gonna be concerned and praying and thinking of them and everything else, and that will obviously takes priority over whatever else’s happening in the world, but if you’re not a part of it – say it happened in the USA, or in Bangladesh for me – I have to ask: Why should a disaster that happened in one of those countries should merit more concern than the other? Answer: They shouldn’t. And so my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in every place that is suffering right now.

Also, I saw, with trepidition, that a bunch of evangelists “Christians” have released what they’re calling the “Nashville Statement”. Well… I’ve had a look at it, and quite frankly, I’m disgusted. It seems to be trying to push 19th Century idealogies onto the 21st Century (Disclaimer: that statement isn’t something I thought up myself, I saw it on twitter when I was trying to find the source of the farcial statement – and no, I’m not linking to the source – and it’s just perfect, I can’t possibly improve on that so I thought I’ll re-quote it. I dunno the tweeter’s name, I can’t find it now.)

Honestly, I’m not really surprised. The evangelists have always been one of the bad part of Christianity. They’re basically the fundamentalists that you see appear in every religion. And I have utter contempt for them and anyone that actually believe them, because all those evangelists are concerned with is making money. How much money do they skim off in order to build another wing for their multiple massive mansions?

The only response I will say is this: The Christian faith I follow and believe in, believes in a God who treats everyone with love, and that same God does not condemns anyone for how they feel – and that includes people who are LGBT+. I do not for one moment think that He will condemns me just because I’m a lesbian.

Especially since I didn’t choose to be a lesbian, it’s just how I am. Just like I didn’t choose to be deaf. It’s just how I am.

I think God is more concerned with how people acts than how they feel or what religion they believe in (or not, as the case may be). You could claim to be the most wonderful and perfect Christian there is, but if your actions are discriminatory and seeks to ruins others just because they’re LGBT+ or because they follow a different religion or because they’re disabled, or something along those lines… My feeling is, God will say “Nope, you’re not a Christian.”

Likewise – and I believe I said this before – I don’t think God would push anyone away for following a different religion to another. Again, it goes down to how you think and acts towards others. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian or a Muslim or a Buddhist or anything like that.

The last thing I wanted to write about is… Well, there was a bit of news lately about this Muslim foster family taking in a Christian girl of about 5, and the alleged actions that they took.

Before I go any further, I must stress this: The council and the judge ruling over the case has investigate and found nothing that should cause any “undue concerns”, so it could just be the media – especially if you know which media outlet everyone was quoting (not naming them, but just know that they’re the most prominent right-wing outlet in the UK, and have a history of supporting Nazis…) – being stupid again and trying to provoke outrageous reactions in their readers who are probably just as right-wing as the media¬†outlet.

(UPDATE: Just found out that the right-wing media outlet was guilty of far more than what people originally thought they did – the mother of the child in question is a Muslim. So the right-wing nazi outlet was deliberately withholding information trying to incite hatred… Seriously, that should be treated as an criminal act.)

So,¬†what I will say is this: Should it ever turns out that I becomes a foster carer or adopt children, and I get asked to foster a child brought up in the Islamic faith, this is what I would do: I would research – and ask, if necessary – how best to allow (probably a poor choice of words) that child’s faith to be continued, whether it’s making sure I have a quiet area for them to carry out their daily prayers sessions, or how best to take them to a mosque and be around for when it finishes, or otherwise. And if the child does ask about my own Christian faith, I will answer as honestly and truthfully as I can without seeking to “convert” (such a vulgar term) them to Christianity, just answer their questions and leave it at that. What I will not do is tell them their faith is the wrong faith, tell them particular occasions are stupid, or anything like that.

Okay… Think that’s everything that I wanted to write about right now. Hopefully everyone everywhere will be able to get everything back to normal soon, and I’ll write again soon!

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