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Heya… How goes things? Hopefully not too bad. Here… Not been too good. Had a really bad long-lasting headache. It’s only just now starting to fade. *smh* So, most of what I’ve been spending my days on is pretty much reading old comics.

Tonight, I’ve been… Well, I was trying to watch some films that’re on the telly. For example, currently on the telly is “Immortals”, which is… So loosely based on Greek mythology that pretty much the only thing it get slightly accurate are the names. *shakes head* And I thought¬†Percy Jackson was pretty poor as well.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the picture up there… It was already in the picture selection and I thought that’ll do. Otherwise, I’d’ve just looked for a stock photo of popcorn or something! *grins*

To be honest,¬†I’m finding “Immortals” incredibly boring and too full of bloodlust. I know a couple of people, friends and all, who loves this, and I have no idea why. But hey, if they like it, good for them!

The hardest bit about “Immortals”, though, is the weird colouring scheme that they’ve used. Not really sure why they decided to go that way, but whatever. Oh, and yes, I know this is made by the same people or whatever that did the “300” film, and I’ve only seen little bits and pieces of it – and frankly, that’s more than enough. Especially if it’s basically the same film as “Immortals”, with just a slightly different storyline.

I also saw the last 40 or so minutes of Ender’s Game, which… I dunno. Maybe I need to see it all, but… Honestly, I just felt that the way it went, it just basically reeked of how stupid humankind can get. Even after so long, they just kept staying stupid. It wasn’t a bad film, but there was nothing there that I thought was… something that I’d wanted to see again.

*changes channels* I’ve had enough. It’s too boring, too gory and quite frankly, too utter rubbish. (Yes, I was gonna put in a different word here, but I try not to be too rude, if I can help it!)

Talking about films… Is it me, or has there been an re-emergence of Tom Cruise lately? I’ve never been a fan of his, but for some reason, it feels like he’s starring in about six or seven films right now, judging from the mass of adverts there’s been lately in between programs. And from what I’ve heard, none of them are very good. Which doesn’t surprise me, but why is it that people still think he’s worth taking on and making a big deal out of? It feels like people are trying to make him a big deal when he’s never been one. At least, not to me. And most likely, not to pretty much everyone else.

Honestly, the sooner he go back to doing whatever he was doing before he decided to return to making films, the better I think.

And honestly, why in the world would someone want to do another remake of the Mummy this quickly? At least give it twenty years or something like that. *shakes head* Saying that, though, they’re not the worse offenders for that. Hasn’t Spider-Man been remade about three times in the past decade? I know there’s a rumour that Sony need to do this, otherwise the rights would pretty much revert straight away to Disney (since they own Marvel nowadays…), but come on… At this rate, surely it’s just throwing money away? I can’t imagine that many people wanting to go and see yet another slightly amended version of Spider-Man any more…

(And yes, I know, as a Star Wars fan, I ought to be careful, considering that I still go all fangirly at a new film despite the fact that VII was pretty much an updated version of IV, and that Rogue One needed a much better screenwriter…!)

Saying all that, though… I haven’t watched any of the superheroes films that’s been released over the past few years. I think the last one I saw was X-Men 3? You know, the one where Jean Grey go mad and all?

It was one of the things that I had to pretty much give up when I went through my DVD collection to get rid of anything that I just didn’t want to watch again, or could ever watch (even just once – I had a dozen or so DVDs that I ended up never watching), when I was coming out of my last really bad depression phase.

My reasoning was, I just kind of got bored with the whole superhero thing, plus live films just doesn’t match animated films where superpowers and the like are concerned. And while I haven’t really been paying attention to the ratings of the latest films, I know that they’ve all been pretty much ranked as “middling at best”. And aren’t Disney trying to link all their Marvel-based films together? How many films are they trying to make and link together? At the rate it’s going… 20? 30? A bit ridiculous isn’t it?

Okay… I’m gonna stop here for now. I’ll write again soon!

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