Politics and perverts

Heya! So, after what was, frankly, a bit of a mixed day – not helped in the slightest that while I was sitting in my car at lunchtime, these two white folks (a guy and a lady) decided they they wanted to come along and basically stare at me for some time. It feels like minutes, but it probably wasn’t that long. I was not happy about that, or the fact that they decided they’d stand there and basically perv at me. 😐 Thankfully… I had a top and jeans on, so there was no chance of them seeing boobs or ass or anything else that I definitely didn’t want them to see (and saying definitely because, given the choice, I wouldn’t’ve wanted them to even see me in the first place…!) But honestly, I dunno why anyone would think it’s a sensible thing to do, going round and pretty much peeping at people in their cars. *smh* Felt like they were basically treating me as if I was a zoo animal, or one of those peep shows girls or something. I’m just thankful that I had a car window between me and them.

Not the first time something like that happened, and I’ve had occasions where a guy’ve basically followed me for some distance – and seriously guys? Not a good idea. Not even close to anything like a good idea. In fact, as ideas go, this is pretty much on the level of winning a Darwin Award.

Talking about stupidity, I’ve been seeing a lot of people pretty much all saying that “45” is incredibly stupid with his reaction to what’s happening with the monuments to Confederates personnel and what he’s been claiming with regards to Charlotteville.

In some ways, I don’t think so. I think where “45” has definitely been stupid is showing his hand too clearly and too fast. I think pretty much everyone that voted for him to be the president of the USA knew exactly who they were voting for, and they saw it as a chance to – in their blinkered eyes – get some “white power” again. We all know that the USA (and not just the USA, a lot of countries have this same problem, but the USA is probably a bit more out in the open) has a definite racist problem against black people – other non-whites, but mostly blacks. This trend of coming out in the open of being white and racist had been happening almost since Obama became President (yes, racism never went away, but I think the fact a black man became President kind of pushed them out into open), and I have heard that there were a lot of people – like “45” – who had a problem with him right from the start, simply because he was black. That whole “birther” movement was just one of the ways they tried to demean President Obama.

And before anyone else chimes in, it would’ve been the same if Obama was Asian or otherwise.

The problem that “45” had is that when he became president, he allowed his ego and his greedy grubby desire to come to the fore, and he showed a lot more plainly what he is, which is why he knows (and let’s ignore all his claims of fake news and everything else, he knows exactly what’s going on) that he reached too far and let his true debased self show.

Some people are asking why “45” is apparently trying to start a civil war. The honest answer is that he _wants_ a war. Whether that’s a war with North Korea, or with those he doesn’t deems as “American”, he wants a war.

Because “45” is egoistic. He wants the whole world to remember him, to remember his name forever. He wants everyone to remember him 2000 years later, 10,000 years later just like we remember the name of Julius Caesar and so on. If that means destroying the USA, so be it. Of course, he’d prefer to turn it into a country where only the rich white men has any control, all reporting to him as Dictator-For-Life, and where he can freely exercise his own racist, sexist, ableist, homophobic views. Anyone that don’t meet his ideal – that of a rich, white male of the same viewpoint as his – can expects to be killed or enslaved.

Everything he does is to stoke his ego, to push his own rancid agenda forward, and to give him as much money as possible. Think it’s a surprise that he keep going to his own golf courses every weekend and spending as much time there as possible? Every time he does that, he’s spending taxpayers’ money and giving it to himself. He’s basically orgasming everytime he does that, he likes the idea of robbing everyone to top off his bank balance.

He showed his true nature very clearly, siding with the Nazis, but make no mistake – he cares only about himself.

And we have, over here in the UK, a definite problem with racism and xenophobism ourselves. I don’t think it’s remotely possible to deny that Brexit is mostly about the idea of British people – including a lot of those in Parliament – wanting to be isolated, separated from the rest of Europe, because they somehow feel themselves to be “superior” to the rest.

Spoilers, other British people: You’re not.

We even have our own version of “45” – Farage – except that unlike “45”, Farage did not get into the Houses of Parliament at all. Of course, once he managed to win a seat in the EU, he was all for robbing them of as much money as he could, and with all that money, plus what his daddy gave him, what does he do? He’s now semi-retired and living in… the south of France. An odd choice for someone who claims to be British and that Britain is far better than everywhere else… He’s even on record as saying should Britain fails to make Brexit a success, he’ll of course leave the UK. Not exactly the voice of someone who has the UK’s welfare at heart, is it? And yet so many people, so many times, fell for his racist hyperbole. And the media kept listening to him and giving him so much more airtime than he deserves. He should’ve been left an irritating voice squeaking away in the far distance, but instead he was allowed to go on TV and everything else and push his disgusting racist, xenophobic agenda on us.

Moving on… Our current Prime Minister, Theresa May, has once again shown just how weak a Prime Minister she really is. She condemns – rightfully – the Nazis uprising in the USA, but when asked to give her response to “45”‘s words, she refuses to do so.

Of course, we all know why. She knows that Brexit is basically going to be disasterous for the UK, and her best bet is to strike as favourable a trade deal as she possibly can with the USA, even if that does means the UK market will be saturated with low-quality food and so on. And in order to do that, she knows she has to keep “45” on her side.

We all knows this, but it still doesn’t make it right.

And there’s allegedly going to be yet another leadership challenge in the Tory party, with names like Rees-Mogg and Davis being banded about. Honestly, I wouldn’t trust anyone in the Tory party to be able to do anything good for the country. The fact that there’s still over 10 million people in the UK who thinks they’re the best party for the country tells you so much about how much brainwashing is going on daily by the right-wing media.

And the most major problem I have with the Tory party is that they are so desperate to privatise the NHS. They are like “45” and the Republican party – they firmly believes that healthcare is a privilege for the rich white males only, not a right of every human being. And it is my absolute worry that they will use some kind of excuse to privatise it. Whether that’s gonna be Brexit or the trade deal with “45” or something else… I dunno, but rest assured, they’re looking for any kind of excuse.

All we can do is keep resisting, and keep trying to get those that don’t deserve to be in power out of power. The snap General Election May called a couple months back was a good chance, but… All the right-wing media were hard at it, trying to keep the Tories in power. At the moment, we don’t really have any other options.

The USA does, in 2018, but they have to be careful. There’s no point in impeaching “45” – there’s no chance he’ll resign, his ego won’t allow it – if it means his VP becomes President. Because the VP is just as bad, quite honestly, and he’s shown he’s on the side of the Nazis as well.

I’m not really sure what else the USA can do – is there any chance of forcing an early election or something? – but one thing that every true American can and must do, and those of us around the world must do: Keep standing up and resisting those that would promote division, keep standing up and resisting against those that would give all the money and power and privileges to the rich white men, and give nothing to the rest.

And I’m never gonna stop standing and resisting along with everyone else who are against people like “45” and the others.

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