I feel I should be wearing a beret for this…

Heya! Yeah, I know, two days in a row, I’m definitely getting right back into it! *grins* There were a few things that I wanted to write about last night, and at the moment, I can’t remember all of them – but that’s pretty much par for the course. I think sometimes, I just forget about things because if I don’t, I’m always gonna be blogging and all that all the time…!

I definitely want to write about a few different things right now, and I think… Hmm… I think today, Imma gonna talk about art. Now, before anyone rolls their eyes and say, “Oh, look at this girl, pretending to be an art critic, honestly!”, I will say this: I am not an art critic. Quite frankly, there’s a lot of so-called “art” out there that I just dun see the point of. Why anyone would think a sheep cut in half, or an unmade bed, or some weird blotches on a piece of canvas is art, I will never know. And I genuinely don’t see how anyone could pay millions for something that looks grotesquely horrible, but was done by a particular person. Like… Why?

However, I do like have pictures on the wall, but the pictures that I have on the wall isn’t what I think most people would have. Due to my mental history, I’ve found that one of the best things that can help, especially in winter, is having bright colours around the place, and a couple or so years back, I was in Hobbycraft (I was looking for something else entirely different – I think I was looking for blank playing-cards size cards for an idea that I had about a board game – coincidentally, I didn’t find any. Bleh. *lol*) and walking past the puzzles section when I saw “Fairytale Fantasia” by Aimee Stewart (the picture you can see up there), and I just fell straight in love with it. I bought the puzzle, and some puzzle glue, and an hanging frame that day. *grins*

Now that I’ve moved into a place of my own, that picture is now hanging up, and I love it. Yes, you can see the individual pieces of the puzzle, and if I was given the opportunity to buy it as a picture (and not a puzzle picture), I’d go out and buy it. But it’s still without doubt my favourite picture to hang up, and the one thing that I thought would make the place looks a lot more colourful. And quite honestly, I would have “Fairytale Fantasia” above all those pictures that supposely cost millions, because not only is it (to me) actual real art, it’s also subjects that I love.

But really, art isn’t just framed pictures, and it’s definitely not – no matter how much stupid dumb people want to pretend it is – dead sheep or dirty beds, art is a lot more around us than people think it is. Take, for example, something that most of us look at daily, any video game that you play – even from the Spectrum era – someone had to be there to set up the graphics, and sometimes those graphics can almost be breathtaking. Not just in terms of quality (come on, the Spectrum only had 48K of memory!), but in terms of imagination – think about something like Journey, for example. That was beautiful.

Or think about webcomics… A lot of people read them on a daily basis and again… I’d have pictures drawn by those webcomics artists – like Fragile’s Shouri and so on – over those that cost millions.

Point I’m trying to make is, we sometimes don’t see what we’re lucky enough to get in front of us, and for some reason, society has decided that the only way to put a value on art is the name of the artist. We’re not looking at what the art is actually is, we’re thinking, “But who made it?” first. Otherwise, how can we explain why something that is made by one particular artist is worth billions and something that is made in the same style (not talking about forgeries, but let’s say there’s a brand new picture in the same style and you know who the artist is) by a different artist is somehow worth 5p in the car boot sale?

We should be looking at what we are looking at (I know, I know, but I couldn’t think of a better way to phrase it!) and not thinking about names or anything. You’re not buying the picture, you’re buying the name. And that’s sad.

And no matter what happens, I will continue to prefer pictures like “Fairytale Fantasia”, pictures drawn by artists who do webcomics, by artists who do video games, over those that are frankly bleh, no matter how much money that – frankly, in my opinion – people who have no taste think they’re worth.

Okay, now that I’ve probably offended pretty much every art critic and the art world, Imma gonna stop here for now, but I’ll be back later! *grins* See you guys soon!

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