‘Haim’ is the Jewish word for ‘life’, and this album has everything about life in it. Thankfully ‘Haim’ is also the last name of the three sisters in the band, so life can’t get much cooler than that. Your last name is an automatic bad-ass band name.



Either way, Haim’s debut album, ‘Days Are Gone’, is one of the most wonderful albums I’ve had the pleasure of listening to lately. Honestly, I listen to this album at least once per day while at work. This is my life anthem at this point. This album is all about life. The ups and downs, everything.

Every song on this album is a work of art. You will experience the highs and lows of relationships and life. Most every aspect. But you will learn. You will learn that everything will be okay. Be a strong person and you will make it through life. You will be a better person after experiencing the ups and downs of this album.

Haim’s sound is a mixture of many things. I’d say it is a mixture of 70’s funk and Fleetwood Mac with a touch of 80’s pop music. Este Haim is a wizard on the bass and with more time (she’s only in her mid-20’s) she will be a master. Danielle Haim has a melodic voice that draws you into their music. Knowing that she’s there for the rollercoaster ride with you makes you realize that everything will be fine. Of course, when Alana and Este join in on vocals, everything is good too. They’re no slouches.

My favorite songs on the album are ‘The Wire’, ‘Honey and I’, and ‘Running if you Call My Name’. These songs, in my opinion, are the epitome of the rollercoaster of life and relationships.

And hey, when seeing Haim perform live, you gotta love Este’s angry bass face. I know I do.

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