DO NOT WANT! Ok but seriously…first off I am a big fan of RPG games. Growing up I played Shining Force/Phantasy Star on Sega Genesis for hours upon hours and hours and enjoyed every minute of it. Lost Odyssey was pretty cool as well for the time that I did play it (I got stuck at one part but my boyfriend passed it for me and I didn’t play it again lol) but either way the parts that I did play were pretty good. I also played Final Fantasy X on Sega Dreamcast again for an infinitely long time the graphics on it back then were AWESOME and really amazing for it’s time anyway it was loads of fun from beginning to end. Fast Forward to 2011 The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim..Now let me say this I never played the previous Oblivion game so I wasn’t aware how this one was supposed to go but let me tell you after playing it for half an hour I was completely done playing this game and here are the reasons…

1. You have the ability to steal everything on your enemy but their draws but once you get the stuff off everyone you’re too fucking slow because you start off only being able to hold “300lbs” (I guess that’s what it means) but anyway you run into a lot of things to pick up in the very beginning and at this point I picked up a lot of shit well by the time I stripped down the 6th dood I killed I was turtle slow probably slower than that and guess what there was NO WHERE I repeat NO WHERE to sell this shit. So I had to drop stuff just to be able to run again so it’s like you either drop the good weapons and valuable shit or be slow as fuck and just hope eventually you run into a store or shop whatever they call it in this game. The thing about that for me is I don’t have that kind of patience well I had some patience to walk in slow motion for 10 minutes before I threw that game across the room. Like I understand the game wants to seem realistic by having it to where if you pick up so much crap that you should be slower and be “weighed down” but to not offer ample places to get rid of the stuff is a serious drawback for me anyway. What’s the point of stripping fools if you can’t sell the stuff for profit or having awesome weapons taken from different opponents if you can’t keep them unless you want to be slow as fuck.

That is what killed it for me and is why I will never be a fan and or play this game again.

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Chicago native. 29 years old. Resides in Las Vegas. Been a gamer since 84 :)