Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim what can I say? I believe that this is an okay game.  Overhyped and rushed.  The combat is polished but repetitive.  Music score is awesome.  The game is worth playing, to be honest however that being said there are a few negative and positive things  to be said.  XP glitching is way too easy in this game.  I knew of 6 people who were level 50 in a matter of days.  The bugs that the game shipped with were accurate if inelegant.  Seen a friend of mine glitch a level 11 Giant while he was level 2., just  lured it into a grove of trees and tinked away…  Seeing an overhead view of Skyrim when launched into the air was pretty cool.  Whats up with the weight system?  The powers level up screen mimiced the constellations that was new and a great idea.  If your looking for somethibg good to play try Lost Odyssey or Star Ocean otherwise watch paint dry…

Overall 1.5 of 5 paint cans

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