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Short Story: “Sunny and Shells” part four

Heya guys! Here’s the last part of the “Sunny and Shells” storyline. Before anyone ask, I’m not entirely sure that this would go the way it would, the way this last part worked out, but… You’d be surprised (okay, you might not actually be all that surprised, considering…!) at how little I know about fighting and the like! *hee* But for a starting point, I think it’s okay. Certainly something that I think I could work on when it comes round to re-doing this story.

And I know some of you that will have read this all the way through will be coming back and saying, “Hey, hang on, you didn’t tell us the rest of the story!” – I didn’t really have any intentions of saying any more than I did about Shells. I means, yes, I have it in my mind what happened to her before she gots turned, but it’s not exactly… something I really want to write about? I know that sounds really, really weird, but… *shakes head* it’s really hard to explain. Basically, the way it’s done is that I come up with a fairly shortish back story for my characters – well, the main ones, anyway – and whether those details gets revealed or not really depends on the story. The back story that I’d put together for Shells was unpleasant, although it does explains certain feelings she has, but I had very little interest in actually saying more than what I felt I could get away with, in part three. The rest… Well, I dunno. If I think it’s necessary, I’ll write about it, but otherwise… Meh. What’s important is what comes next, right? *grins*

Anyway… Hope you guys like it, and as always, would be lovely to know what you think! And any questions you might have, please feel free to ask! 😀

(Here’s part one; part two and part three)! 😀


Sunny and Shells (part 4) by Angel Forfivon

A while later, they were back on the subway, Shells hummed happily as the two held hands, Sunny’s free hand scrolling through her phone.

“Okay,” said Sunny, “I think I’ve found a weapon shop. I think we can get away with getting some guns without needing any licences. We should’ve taken some of the weapons those criminals had in the past.”

“Have you ever used a gun?”

“No. Have you?”

“No. I’ve always preferred knives. As a vampire, especially when you’re at full vampire, you can move really fast, so I always found it easier to just get close and use knives.”

“Well, maybe the store will have some. Any particular type of knife you like?”

“Hook knives. Thin ones. Lightweight, fast, and the hook on the end allows you to grab them and do more than a regular knife.”

“You’ve used them before?”

“Yes, I took out six of Boris’ gang before they managed to overpower me. If I had been full vampire, I would’ve been able to get away from them, but…” Shells shook her head, “They’d probably destroyed the knives I had back then.”

“Well, let’s see. Maybe we can find some hook knives and some guns. I know neither of us have used them before, but maybe it’ll help us if we find ourselves surrounded by werewolves.”

“Mm,” replied Shells, “Let’s hope that doesn’t happens. But you’re right. Best to be on the safe side.”

That evening, the two vampires stood side by side, looking at the items of weapons that they’d managed to get their hands on. The machete, which Sunny was to carry from now on, two hook knives for Shells, and two small handguns.

Shells picked one up with obvious dislike, “They don’t feel right, but… I guess we’d need to find somewhere to practice. And we need to teach you how to turn into bats.”

“Out of town’s probably the best bet for that, I think,” replied Sunny, “Or, I don’t know, maybe we’ll find an abandoned building?”

“Out of town,” said Shells firmly, “We don’t want to go near any abandoned buildings. They’re not always abandoned.”

“…Boris was in an abandoned building?”

Shells nodded, and Sunny kissed her, chasing the bad memories away.

Shells laughed, “I can’t be down around you, can I?” She returned the kiss.

She continued, “Come on, let’s go. The sooner we find somewhere quiet, the sooner we can start practising.”

Another week passed, and the two vampires were back on the subway. They had spent every moment either hunting for blood, or out of town – which was a journey in itself – practising with their guns or, in Sunny’s case, trying to transform into bats, but Sunny was thus far unable to do so.

Shells had reassured Sunny every day, “Remember, it took me two months to do this. You shouldn’t expect to learn this in a week.”

“I know, but…”

Shells gave Sunny a kiss, “I know. But we have all the time in the world.”

Sunny sighed into the kiss, “I know. I just wish…” her voice trailed off.

Shells knew what Sunny was wishing for. She still hadn’t been able to open up to Sunny about everything, despite the fact that they were now girlfriends. But she said nothing, pulling Sunny into a hug.

Then Sunny’s eye was caught by the sight of another pickpocketer. She pointed her out to Shells, who nodded. After all the practice earlier, they were both in need of blood. The two followed her off the train, and Shells, with all the practiced effectiveness of experience, caught and began drinking. Sunny, waiting her turn, started to look around when suddenly she was grabbed and pulled back onto the subway.

A barely audible gasp caused Shells to look round just in time to see the subway pulls away, with Sunny pushed against the closed door and… Boris.

“Sunny!” she yelled, but the subway had left, and she growled in frustration.

“Umm…” came a voice behind her.

Shells spun round and grabbed the throat of the person, “Where did they take her?”

“H-hey! L-let me go!”

“Where. Did. They. Take. Her?”

The man gave the address, “…But it’s too late. There’s over fifty of us, werewolves and humans alike. You can’t save your friend. Boris says he’ll let her go if you give yourself up.”

Shells gave a derisory laugh, “Boris, letting a vampire go free? He’d never do that. He hates vampires,” her eyes narrowed, “So, why did he choose you?”

“I… It’s an honour to be chosen to pass the message!”

Shells shook her head, “Hardly. You’re the most expendable. Boris knows that whoever was chosen to give the message was almost certainly going to get killed,” her teeth gleamed in the light of the station, and she continued, “Unfortunately for you, I need all your blood.”

“W-wait,” he cried, but Shells’ fangs bit deep into the throat, and she drank and drank before letting go of him letting out a bloody snarl. Shells sprang to the exit, moving at a blur, almost barely noticeable by any of the passengers, while screams rose up behind her as the remains of the man’s body was seen.

But Shells didn’t care.

Outside, she hissed in pain at the sun, but the pain was bearable, even after all the blood she’d drank. As she said to Sunny, the closer a vampire of their type gets to being full vampire, the more sensitive to the sun they’d get. They can still survive through it, but it would be painful.

But Shells didn’t care.

When she found the abandoned building, Shells ascended to the top of a building close by, took out the lone human that she found, obviously one of Boris’ lot positioned to keep an eye around, and looked over the building. Somewhere in there was around fifty people, werewolves and humans alike. And Sunny. And Shells was aware that trying to get into this building and take all those people on was akin to suicide. Especially when one of the werewolves was as powerful as Boris was.

But Shells didn’t care. Only Sunny mattered.

Her eyes roamed around the other buildings around the place. She could see other watchers on the other buildings, and formulated a plan. She knelt down and topped up the blood from the unconscious man at her feet. For the plan to work, she’d need to stay full vampire. Dusk was coming.

Swiftly, silently, she worked her way through the other buildings, taking out everyone she found. Ten down, all normal humans, and no werewolves had come out yet. But she had amassed a collection of automatic weapons.

Suddenly, she heard a ringtone, coming from the pocket of one of the guys she’d dispatched in this building. Searching through the pockets, Shells looked at the screen, still unfamiliar with the technology, but thankful that Sunny had at least showed her what to do. The name wasn’t familiar, but she guessed it was one of those in the buildings, calling to check up. Good.

Shells went back to the roof of the biggest building overlooking the abandoned place, and watched, her heart aching, fighting the urges to just dive straight in there and get Sunny out.

Suddenly, the door of the abandoned building opened, and a face peeked out, looking up towards the roof of the various buildings. Shells was glad she’d leant a few bodies against available walls to try and keep the surprise a little longer. The door opened wider, and Shells’ eyes strained to try and see further inside than she possibly could, but she still counted another 10 coming out, including one werewolf, the bearded man.

Her eyes narrowed, as she tracked where the bearded man was heading. She had to stay downwind, give him no chance of raising the alarm.

The sky being dark enough, Shells took the risk and transformed into bats to fly to the roof of the building the bearded man was heading and made her way down slowly, stealthily.

The lift pinged, and Shells ducked back into the shadows. The bearded man came out and walked a few steps before he stopped and sniffed. Shells burst out down the corridor towards him and smashed her elbow into his throat before the bearded man could react.

The bearded man stumbled back, coughing, and Shells pulled her hook knives out, moving swiftly, hooking underneath the chin of the bearded man and pulled him into the nearby wall. Her fangs bared, Shells hissed, “Where’s my girlfriend?”

The bearded man growled, and hair began to form on his face. Shells shook her head and the knife flashed crimson across his throat, the growl dying away just as suddenly as it arose.

Even more swiftly than before, Shells transformed into bats more often, stalking through the outer buildings dispatching the others, questioning them before either knocking them senseless or killing them outright, draining them of blood to replenish her energy.

More down, more to come. Shells did not think for a second that Boris would be stupid enough to dispatch more people to investigate. By now, Boris would think the silence from outside meant she was around.

Shells took a few moments to go through the unconscious humans, placing them close around the abandoned building in easily obtainable places. She knew she was taking a big risk and that she would probably need every bit of blood she could get. Grabbing the remaining one, she dragged it behind her on one of her hook knives, clinging onto the base of the skull at the back of the neck as she approached the building. She could hear cries from inside, and could only hope they couldn’t see the body she was dragging clearly.

The doors burst open and out sprang twenty fully changed werewolves, rushing directly for her, with humans following behind, but Shells was swifter. She sprang backwards, grabbed the automatic guns that she had placed on top of the human’s body, and pulled the triggers, bracing her body for the recoil.

Bullets sprayed everywhere, most of them peppering the exterior of the building, shattering windows and drilling holes through the walls but enough bullets found their targets, and as the guns began running out of bullets, Shells saw that only three werewolves were left standing, crouching behind cover. Her knives out, she moved in a blur and then there were two. Her eyes swivelled round to the others.

A claw raked through the air, and Shells barely dodged it, ducking down, her knives already carving open the werewolf’s stomach, the hooks dragging out the entrails.

She winced as her back was slashed open, but if the werewolf behind her thought that would be enough to slow her down, she soon showed how wrong he was.

Shells walked over to the body of the human and bit deep, her back healing as she drank. Replenished, Shells grabbed a couple of bodies from their hiding places and threw them deep into the abandoned building, more in hope than anything else.

Transforming into bats, Shells flew up and entered the building via a upper storey window, rather than through the doors. She looked downward to the foyer, and she could see the bodies she’d threw in, but… There was no sign of Sunny. Or Boris.

“Sunny…” Shells whimpered, “Where are you?”

Movement. Shells transformed into bats and flew down the upper corridor, flocking around the werewolf biting, wherever they found grips, batting their wings into his face, and the werewolf was soon down. Shells reformed herself and looked around. Her mental tally suggested that she’d dispatched of over sixty individuals. Surely there couldn’t be many left.

A fist cracked against her skull, and Shells flew over the rail, crashing heavily on the floor below, followed by a giant werewolf, who shrugged off a body from his shoulders, letting it fall to the ground. Shells’ eyes focused on the body.

“Sunny…” she gasped. Sunny had been drained of blood, similar to how it had been for Shells all those years back.

Shells looked back at the giant werewolf, and snarled, “I’ll make sure you pay for this, Boris!”

The werewolf looked at her and howled in pleasure, “You’re too weak, bloodsucker! I’ve drained you before and I’ll drain you again. But this time, I’ll break your bones apart!”

And Boris kicked out, his clawed foot tearing into Shells even as the impact drove her backwards out into the street. Boris following closely, not giving Shells time to recover.

Shells was slumped down, bleeding profusely from dozens of places, when Boris’ claws gripped themselves around Shells’ neck and raised her off the ground effortlessly. Shells struggled in vain against the grip.

“Pathetic weakling. You should’ve drank those bodies before coming up against me.”

“Was…n’t…. me…”

Boris’ eyes narrowed, and he looked back.

Sunny stood in the doorway, her eyes blazing.

“Get. Away. From. My. Girl. Friend.” Sunny snarled, and burst into bats flying straight at Boris.

Boris stumbled back, dropping Shells and clawed at the air, shredding a few bats, but Sunny reformed and punched and kicked at Boris before forming into bats again and flying away from Boris’ murderous swipes.

Boris ran after Sunny, “I know you can’t keep doing this for long! You’re a new bloodsucker!”

Sunny reformed and smiled, “I don’t need to do it for long.”

Boris froze as a body sailed over his head and clattered at Sunny’s feet. He spun round.

Shells took out her hook knives and blurred as she slashed away at the giant werewolf. But Boris wasn’t like the others. He was a stronger, faster werewolf, and he was able – barely – to stave off most of Shells attack, even lashing out with his claws on occasions, causing Shells to duck back. That was when Sunny rejoined kicking at Boris’ leg, causing him to stumble, and Shells took the opportunity presented.

Panting heavily, Sunny and Shells looked at each other over Boris’ body before they ran to each other, tears coming to both of their eyes as they clung to each others, kissing deeply.

“Sunny…” Shells gasped, “You did it! You’d transformed!”

Sunny smiled, “Boris was going to kill you. I couldn’t let him do that. Just like I knew you wouldn’t let them kill me. They tried to break me, tell me you wouldn’t come. But I knew you would. We belongs to each other.”

She paused, then plunged on, “I love you, Shells.”

Shells beamed, “I love you too, Sunny. And I’m ready to tell you everything.”

Sunny’s face lit up as she pulled Shells into another kiss.

Short Story: “Sunny and Shells” part three

Heya guys! Here’s part three (of four – I’ve already finished writing the last part) of the “Sunny and Shells” storyline. I think when the time comes for me to rework this from the first draft, there’s gonna be a bit of a change to how this part is structured, but on the whole… I think, even though it feels a little disjointed – especially when trying to advance time a little bit – it kind of feel like it’s building up nicely to the last part.

Anyway… Hope you guys like it, and as always, would be lovely to know what you think! And any questions you might have, please feel free to ask! 😀

(You can find part one here and part two here) And I’ll post part 4 tomorrow! 😀


Sunny and Shells (part 3) by Angel Forfivon

They’d reached the motel that Sunny found, and booked a room together. The money they had was enough for a week, and Sunny handed the money over. Once the two entered their room and looked around, Shells gave out a relieved sigh.

“This looks okay. We should be able to stay here for a while.”

“Was it always like this when you were around before?”

“Like what?”

“Always moving around.”

Shells shook her head, “No. You do have to move around every now and then – otherwise people will gets suspicious that you don’t appear to be ageing the same as them – but most vampires I’ve met tends to settle down in one place or another. Especially when it comes to building a gang.”

Sunny laughed, “I don’t think we can call the two of us a gang!” Then she blinked and continued, “You’re not planning on…”

“No,” smiled Shells, taking a seat at the chair next to the window, while Sunny sat on the bed nearby, “I’ve never been much for a gang. I just find it easier to just stay in the background and let all the others fight each other. Kept me fairly safe for almost eighty years until I got caught.”

“Eighty years… So that’d make it like… 1870s, 1880s when you got turned?”

Shells nodded, and seeing Sunny’s expectant face, sighed, “…I was in a… forced… marriage, and came over with my… then-husband, as he saw the opportunity to escape what was happening back in China. He took a job as a labourer on the First Transcontinental Railroad, but got himself caught in an accident and died. I didn’t mourn for him, as he was horrible to me, but it did leave me without any future. Unless I wanted to work as a lady of the night. And I didn’t. I’d already had enough of men by then. So… I decided I’d just wander into the wilderness and die out there.”

“And that’s when you met the vampire that turned you?”

“Yes. He was coming out of this building as I walked past, and he decided he liked the look of me. Tried to strike up a conversation with me. My English was horrendous then, so I didn’t understand him, and he probably didn’t understand me much either. That’s when he grabbed me, and turned me. When he’d finished, he just walked away, and left me to fend for myself.”

“Oh, Shells…”

Shells shrugged, “It’s okay. Over time, I managed to learn English, and when I had the opportunity to meet and talk with other vampires – and you do have to be careful when meeting them, because in those days, some places had far less humans than they do now – when I could, I’d ask them for information about vampires. That’s how I know what little I do about vampires.”

“Sounds horrible. No wonder you didn’t want to talk about the past.”

Shells averted her eyes to gaze out of the window and stayed silent.

Sunny frowned, “…There’s more, isn’t there?”

“It’s not important. It’s in the past, and I want to leave it there.” Shells’ voice had a tone of finality about it.

After a moment, Sunny nodded and said, “Okay. We won’t talk about it.” There was a suggestion of “now” that lingered in the air and Shells shook her head at this, but said nothing.

Sunny continued, “So, what do we do for now?”

Shells considered for a moment, “We stay here, we travel the subway and try and get a fair bit more money. Keep an eye out for criminals and the like – it’s not as if they can report us to the police or anything – and get whatever they have. And while we’re here, we’ll use that phone of yours to try and find some better information. There’s got to be some others around here.”

“Other vampires? Why would we want to do that? You said we’d have to be careful about meeting them.”

“That was back then – and in places where there was a lot less humans around. With this many, most vampires should be a little relaxed about a couple others coming in. But we won’t go in low on blood. We’ll go in with a fair amount and that’ll hopefully means we’ll be fairly safe.”

The following day, the two vampires travelled on the subway and with Shells’ expert eye, they’d managed to find no less than five criminals that they were able to get more money from. With this amount, Sunny dragged Shells to a number of clothing stores and began picking out clothes, including much-needed underwear for Shells.

“Come on, Shells! Let me see!” Sunny bounced outside the changing rooms.

Shells came out and twirled, “Is this okay?”

Sunny gave Shells an once-over and was stunned silent for a while, her mouth dropping open. Shells was gorgeous. The asian vampire’s desire for figure-hugging, knee-length dresses was a bit of a shock to Sunny, especially given her petite status, but seeing Shells as she was now, Sunny couldn’t help but move forward.

“…Wow, Shells, you look… beautiful!” Sunny hesitatingly reached out to clasp Shells’ hand. Shells squeezed Sunny’s hand and smiled.

“Thank you! If the look on your face’s anything to go by, we’re definitely getting this,” grinned Shells.

“Totally,” agreed Sunny, as the two vampires went up to the counter to purchase these clothes, along with a selection of others, adding yet another bag to the rest of the bags the two were already carrying, full of clothes for Shells.

“What about you?” asked Shells.

“Me? I’ve got enough clothes for now,” replied Sunny.

“But don’t you want to treat yourself?”

“I already-” Sunny bit off the rest of the statement, feeling the heat rush through her.

Shells raised an eyebrow, “You already… what? You already have?”

Sunny looked away, embarrassed.

Shells stopped, and despite the bags the two were carrying, manoeuvred Sunny to a quieter spot, “Sunny,” she spoke softly, “Tell me.” She placed her bags on the ground and caressed Sunny’s cheek with one hand.

Sunny shook her head, “I’m… I don’t… Please, Shells, I need time to think.”

Shells looked into Sunny’s eyes, her lips pursed, then after a moment, nodded, “Okay. Take your time, alright?” and gave her a warm hug before picking up the bags again, the two vampires walking back to the subway station in silent.

Over the next week, in between their travels on the subways and finding criminals, Shells began teaching Sunny the little she knew about vampires and vampiric powers.

“Each type of vampire has their own different ability. Those stories that you hear about, all those different kind of abilities, hypnosis, turning into mist, being able to shapechange, command other types of creatures, all those. They’re all true, but not every vampire type has them,” said Shells in one of those conversations.

“So what abilities do we have?”

“That’s the problem,” said Shells, “The only ability that I’ve been able to learn is how to transform into a bat swarm. And that was only because I managed to find and persuade a vampire of the same type as ours to teach me something. And he was really reluctant to teach me even that.”

“Is it easy to learn?”

“No. He gave me the basics and then left as soon as he could. I had to pretty much experiment to get it from being told about it to actually doing it. Took me a couple months before I could do it right,” Shells shook her head at this, “I’m hoping that, with you, because I’ve done it and we’re sticking together, you’ll be able to do it much quicker than that.”

“Is it dangerous? I means, I know you’re here and still alive, but…”

Shells smiled, “Everything’s dangerous, Sunny. But no, it won’t kill you. It might make you uncomfortable, or you might feel a bit of pain, but outside of that, no. Just make sure to keep any bats you generate close to you, otherwise you’ll need more blood to replace them.”


Shells laughed, “Sorry! I means, we’re changing into bats, right?”

Sunny nodded, “So the bats are part of us?”

“Exactly,” said Shells, “So if we lose a bat, we’ve just lost a part of ourselves, and in order to replenish that lost part… It’s basically the same as rebuilding ourselves if we ended up as a skeleton.”

“Oh yeah…” Sunny had almost forgotten about the whole turn to skeleton if they didn’t get enough blood part of their vampire type. In truth, she didn’t really want to think about that, the thought of being stuck underground for years, unable to move… She shuddered, and marvelled at how Shells managed to cope with it.

“What’s wrong?” Shells had spotted the shiver Sunny gave.

“Just… thinking,” replied Sunny.

Shells sat down next to Sunny and placed an arm around her shoulder, pulling Sunny closer, “Is it about that time when we went shopping?”

Sunny blinked, and was suddenly aware of the close proximity that the two vampires were in, jumped up to her feet and rushed into the bathroom, closing the door behind her.

After a couple of minutes, a knock sounded on the door, and Shells’ voice came through, somewhat subdued:

“Sunny… Is everything okay? I’m sorry if I did something wrong.”

After no reply, Sunny could hear Shells moves away from the door, reluctantly.

“What’s wrong with me?” muttered Sunny to herself, “Why am I feeling like this?”

After a while, she straightened up and left the bathroom. She didn’t look at Shells, but said, “Should we go find more criminals?”

“…Okay,” replied Shells, but Sunny could tell that every part of Shells’ being wanted nothing more than to talk to her, find out what’s going on.

The two vampires left the room and went over to the subway, but while they’d found one and had their fill, they both felt the uncomfortable tension between them, and they went to sit in different seats, sitting apart from each other for the first time since they met, and Sunny felt her heart aches. She didn’t want to think about what Shells was feeling or thinking.

A bearded man sat down next to Sunny, “And what is a pretty little thing like you doing, travelling on your own?”

Sunny ignored him. She had years of experience of strange men coming up to try and talk to her on the subway, and she knew what they were after. Ignoring was about the best option she had, apart from getting up and moving to another seat, but the subway was fairly packed, apart from a free seat next to Shells, and she didn’t want to move there, despite the yearning to be with her that she was feeling.

“You ought to be careful, you know, you’re getting some attention,” the bearded man said.

Sunny didn’t even look at him, much less say anything. Eventually, he’ll learn and forget about her.

Except he didn’t. When the subway pulled into a station, the bearded man grabbed Sunny’s wrist and pulled her out of the subway before she realised what was going on, and threw her against the wall of the station, and she uttered a cry.

“Now, you listen to me, you blood-sucker!” growled the bearded man, his hand clawed around Sunny’s throat “That man you attacked yesterday? One of ours eager wannabes. And we can tell the different between a mosquito bite and a vampire bite.”

“I, I don’t know what you’re talking about!”

“Don’t lie! I can smell the vampire in you, I can smell…” He hesitated, sniffing the air, then suddenly froze.

Shells was right behind him, the heavy machete in her hand, pushing with just enough strength to the side of his throat to threaten breaking the skin.

“Let. Her. Go. Werewolf,” Shells spat out each word with venom.

The bearded man released his hold on Sunny’s throat and Sunny moved to stand beside Shells, rubbing her throat.

Shells gripped the back of the jacket the bearded man was wearing and yanked it down. She growled, “I recognise the tattoo on the back of your neck. You’re one of Boris’ pathetic whining puppies, I see.”

“I’ve not seen you before, vampire,” replied the bearded man, spitting out the last word.

“And I don’t want to see you again. Tell Boris to leave us alone, otherwise Shells will get payment for what he did to her. Sunny, get on the subway. We’re leaving. And you’re not following us, little puppy.”

The bearded man growled, but said nothing, as the two vampires got onto the subway and travelled on in silence for a while.

Getting off at another station, Shells looked around, her eyes watching for any signs of the bearded man or another werewolf, but saw nothing. She sighed and said, “We need weapons. Is there a weapon store nearby, a knife shop, something like that?”

Sunny looked at Shells, “Wait, wait, what? Who, who was that? You said Boris?”

Shells shook her head, “I’ve not seen him before, but he’s a werewolf. Every werewolf has a tattoo, normally on the back of their neck – it’s supposed to be a mark of subservience to their master – and the tattoo that puppy has is one of Boris’ marks. And Boris is the leader of the werewolf gang that caught me back then.”

“The one that… Oh, Shells!” Sunny threw her arms around Shells and clung on tight.

Shells hesitatingly slid her arms around Sunny and held her tight, “I don’t know what’s going on, but I really am very sorry if I did something to upset you. Are you okay? Are we?”

Sunny shook her head in Shells’ shoulder, “You didn’t do anything wrong, Shells, it’s just…”

Sunny lifted her head up and looked Shells in the eyes, “…I’m falling for you, Shells. And I’ve never fell for another lady before, and I don’t know what to do. I know we kissed that first day, but since then… I don’t even know if you like me that way, or just think of me as a friend, and I don’t want to lose you.”

Shells mouth had dropped in surprise, “Sunny…”

“I’m being stupid, I’m sorry,” and Sunny took a step back.

Shells leaped forward and grabbed Sunny, “Sunny, wait!” and before either of them knew it, Shells kissed Sunny, their lips crushing against each other.

Sunny’s eyes widened momentarily in shock before tears formed at the corners and she leant into the kiss, wrapping her arms around Shells.

Eventually, their lips parted and they looked at each other.

Sunny was the first to break into giggles, “Oh, Shells…”

Shells laughed, and said, “I am a dunce. I should’ve realised this before, I’m sorry. I’ve not actually been in any relationship ever since I got turned so I didn’t really think about it.”

Sunny blinked, “Wait, what? You’ve not had a relationship since the 19th Century??”

Shells shook her head, “I means, I’ve turned two other ladies into vampires before you, but the relationships between us was purely friendship, nothing more. Certainly nothing like you. But I thought you liked guys?”

“So did I. I means, I’ve never fallen for a girl before you.”

“Well, in that case, I can only hope that I can be a good girlfriend for you.”

“Oh!” Sunny gasped, then beamed. She couldn’t stop herself.


“You called me girlfriend!”

“Well…” Shells blinked, and continued, “Isn’t that what we are? I means, if we’re kissing?”

Sunny smiled, “In a way, yes, but people tends to go on dates to see if they’re a good match for each other these days before deciding whether to say girlfriend or boyfriend. But I like hearing you say ‘girlfriend’… Girlfriend,” and Sunny kissed Shells again. And again. And again.

Short Story: “Sunny and Shells” part 2

Heya guys! Here’s part two of the “Sunny and Shells” storyline. I’m not entirely happy with this part, and I did spend a fair bit of time playing around with it over the weekend. I think I’m just gonna have to accept that this part is something that I’m just gonna have to play around with more when I come back to this for a second draft and the like.

I do like how I’ve set it all up, and how I’ve covered all the necessary points and getting the two to explains a few things to each other… It’s just that I’m not entirely happy with the flow of it all.

Still, like I say, it’s so lovely to be able to get back to writing these stories again, and the more I keep writing about these two, the more I actually wanna write about them! *lol* Maybe I’ll do a double-creative post next weekend, considering it’s gonna be Halloween and all! 😀

Anyway… Hope you guys like it, and as always, would be lovely to know what you think!

(You can find part one here)

Sunny and Shells (part 2) by Angel Forfivon

They disembarked at Sunny’s usual spot, and walked towards the block of apartments where Sunny lived. As they approached, however, Sunny slowed down pensively.

Shells stopped next to her, “Something’s the matter?”

“Just… How long do you think we’ve got? What if the police are already around?”

Shells shrugged, “I knocked out that guard hard. He’d be out for a while, and unless people are walking in and out all day, no-one’s likely to see him yet.”

“He’d still be out cold?”

“If you know where to hit them, you can put them off to sleep for hours. He’ll wake up with a massive headache and sore throat, but eventually he’ll be fine.”

“Okay…” Sunny hesitated, and then said, “It’s just around the corner. Do you mind waiting here for a couple of minutes? I just want to make sure no-one’s going to see us.”

Shells nodded, “Be careful.”

Sunny walked around the corner, unable to keep a smile off her lips as she approached the building. Just hearing that said, even so casually by Shells, made her feel better. Pulling her attention back to the moment, she entered the building, and gave the foyer a quick glance around. Seeing no-one around, she poked her head back outside and beckoned Shells over, and the two entered the nearby lift to her floor.

Sunny opened the door to her place, and virtually pushed Shells inside, locking the door after her, after one last look around.

Shells stood in the middle of the room, looking with wide eyes around her, “Oh my… What is all this?”

“Just… TV and the like. See?” and she switched on the TV, and showed Shells how to use the controller.

“Wow! I’d never even thought so much could’ve happened in all those years I was under ground… I have so much to catch up on.” Then Shells looked suddenly at Sunny, “How are you feeling?”

Tears began to appear at the corner of Sunny’s eyes, “I… I…”

Shells pulled her into a tight hug and held her as Sunny’s resolve burst, making barely-audible sounds of assurances.

Finally, Sunny raised her head from Shells’ embrace, “…Why?”

“Why did I change you into a vampire?”


Shells sighed, “I wasn’t lying when I said I don’t like killing people unless absolutely necessary. You saw me as a skeleton. That’s what happens to a vampire of our type if they don’t drink any blood for a long time. Fully aware, but when we’re in that situation, we’re basically helpless. About the only thing we can do is clamp our mouth shut if someone starts poking their fingers around our fangs. Once we’ve got a little bit of blood, we can move a little bit more, and I needed a lot of blood to rebuild myself back up to this,” she indicated herself, “and you just unfortunately happened to be the one I caught and drank from.”

“How much?”

“At least half of the blood from your body, if not more.”

“…That should’ve killed me.”

“It would have. You would probably have had a short moment of time to get a blood transfusion to keep you alive. But your… ex… was refusing to help you. It wasn’t anything personal, I just needed blood and you just happened to be the one I drank from, and when I looked at you, I felt horrible for taking so much from you, and when no-one wanted to help… I knew I had to do something for you. So, I did the only thing I could do. I gave you the vampire kiss.”

“Vampire kiss?”

“A fancy name. All that’s actually required is for you to have some of the blood of the vampire that drank from you. I just bit my tongue hard so that blood was flowing from it, and kissed you, so you could drink some of my blood. As soon as you did, you turned into a vampire, like me. And you woke up craving blood.”

“Chris’ blood.”

“Again… He was the closest one. Thankfully I was able to convince him to open the door. If he hadn’t, we would’ve both been in trouble.”

“What? Why?”

“I wasn’t lying when I told him I wasn’t in any condition to fight. The blood I drank from you was enough to restore me to this. It wasn’t enough to give me anything more than that. It takes a lot of blood just to restore us from a skeleton to fully formed, never mind giving us anything else.”

“Oh. So when I drank from Chris…”

“You restored yourself. And I drank from him too, because I felt like I needed more to allow us to get out if necessary.”

Sunny frowned, “Why did we kill him? If you say you don’t like killing people…”

Shells didn’t speak for a while then, “…I’m kind of distrustful against men. I have… a bad history with men, before I got turned. And he didn’t move to help you or think about you or anything. That… really gave me a bad impression of him. And when there were two of us needing blood, well… I just felt like he wouldn’t be a big loss.”

Sunny fell silent, and Shells sat close by, watching her warily.

Finally, Sunny stirred and said, “…Okay, I guess that kind of makes sense. But… What’s the bad history?”

Shells shook her head, “I… it’s not something I like thinking about, never mind talking about it. And we kind of do need to get moving soon, just in case. Maybe another half-hour or so? Unless something happened to how people measure time these days, that is… What do you need from here?”

“If we’re staying together, I have to know.”

“Can it wait? Please?”

Sunny looked at Shells. Shells’ eyes were pleading and there was pain behind. She sighed and said, “Okay. But promise you’ll tell me when you feel up to it, okay?”

“I promise. Thanks, Sunny.” Shells gave Sunny a hug before rising up from the settee and pulling her up alongside, “So… What do we need?”

Sunny looked around at all the technology surrounding her. Almost all of it, she had to consider gone, but there were some things she thought that would be useful. For now. She grabbed her phone charger, placing that alongside her phone on the table, hesitated with her laptop before deciding against it, and couldn’t see anything else that she had to take.

Shells looked at the phone that Sunny had placed on the table. She picked it up and looked at it curiously, “Why are we taking these boxes? Their mirrors aren’t very good…”

“They’re phones,” replied Sunny, and showed Shells how they turned on, “I’ll show you how to use them later, I think they could come in use, allow us to keep in touch with things, as well as each other when we’re apart for whatever reason. But for now, just think of them as something useful, okay?”

Shells nodded, and Sunny glanced through the bags that she and Shells took with them from the lab and discarded most of it. Anything belonging to Chris was placed back in one of the bags, and they’d dispose of it sometimes later, far away from this place. There was a small chance they could come back to this place, after all.

Picking up the other bag, she grabbed Shells’ arm and pulled her into her bedroom. Most of the clothes in here wouldn’t be useful, but the two ladies pulled out a few items, along with the essentials. Shells took off the men’s clothing she had been wearing, and accepted the clothes Sunny gave her.

Sunny paused while getting changed, “Hey… How much blood do we need?”

Shells fiddled with the bra, trying to adjust the size to fit comfortably, and said, “Daily, to keep us as we are? No more than a small shot glass. I’d suggest drinking a little more than that, maybe a small glassful. That’d give us some vampire powers without having to go full vampire.”

“And the people we drink from? They don’t get… turned, is that what you call it?”

“No, they don’t get turned. Only way they gets turned is by the vampire kiss,” Shells finished fiddling, and spread her arms wide, “There, what do you think?”

Sunny looked at Shells. The bra didn’t look right, but Sunny guessed it would do for the time being until they could get Shells some better fitting clothes. Everything else… Well, as long as no-one’s looked closely and noticed how loose everything appeared, Shells would pass for any other Asian American on the streets.

“You look fine. We should get you better fitting clothes, especially underwear, but you’ll be fine for the time being. We’ll buy something when we can get to a shop later.”

“Great!” and Shells began shoving the rest of the clothes that Sunny had drew out into the bag she brought with her, and another bag that Shells spotted on top of the wardrobe. The clothes she had worn, she scrunched up into a ball, and walked out to the lounge, putting in the bag with the rest of Chris’ stuff.

Sunny picked up both bags and followed Shells outside. She queried, “What did you means, vampire powers and full vampire?”

“Well… We don’t really have enough time for a full explanation, but to put it briefly, the more blood our type of vampire have, the more powerful we get. At the moment, I have a bit of extra speed and strength, enough to beat off most men. If I was to get into a fight with a gang of men, or otherwise, I’d be in trouble. But the more blood you have, the more stronger and faster you are, and you can do certain tricks. I don’t know all of them – the idiot that changed me didn’t hang around to teach me – but one ability I did find was to transform myself into bats which can be very useful when dealing with men with guns. And full vampire just means that you’ve drank enough blood that you are at your strongest and fastest, and can pretty much do whatever vampiric ability you like. As long as you know how to do them, that is.”

“Have you been full vampire often?”

“No. I think the last time I went full vampire was in the Great Depression, and that only because I was being hunted by this gang.”

“What happened to them?”

“I survived, they didn’t. Don’t really need the details, do you?”

“No, guess not. So how come we found you as a skeleton?”

“I got caught by this gang of werewolves. They drained me, then buried me. They said something about how it’d weaken the one who turned me.” Shells shook her head, “That’s a different type of vampire. Wouldn’t do anything to the one who turned me.”

“So there’s more than one type?”

“Yes. Outside of those that increase in strength the more people they turns – and conversely, if one of those that they turned was killed, they’d get weaker, and there’s a chance they’d lose more than they ever gained. So that’s a bit of a balancing act. But there’s also those that are kind of like beasts – much stronger than us and pretty fast, but very clumsy. Saying that, with the strength they have, they don’t really need grace. They’d just need one hit. Then there’s also those that are more magical. Not as physical as others, but their magical abilities make them dangerous. And then we’ve got those that like charmers, hypnotists, and so on. And they all have their various differences, but one thing’s the same – we all drink blood.”

“And what are we?”

“I don’t know the official name of our type of vampire, but we appears to have a fairly even spread in our abilities. We’re not overly strong like the beasts nor fast like the charmers, nor as magical as the magic vampires, but we’re amongst the hardest to kill – as you saw what with me being a skeleton for decades – and even the typical vampire weaknesses is considerably less so with us. Have you got any weapons?”

Sunny looked at her, “Do we need weapons? I means, we are vampires…?”

“Weapons are always useful, especially if the situation arrives that we ends up fighting other kinds. Like that werewolf gang. Chances are, they’re around somewhere…”

“Well…” Sunny went to one of the drawers and pulled out a wicked-looking machete, “There’s this. I don’t have anything else outside of the normal ladies’ protection. Pepper spray and the like.”

Shells took the machete and hefted it, pulling a face, “Bit heavy, but I suppose it’ll have to do for now,” and placed it in one of the bags, “Okay, are we done?”

Those last few words were stated as Shells drew the zip closed, and looked up at Sunny. They’d packed quite a few changes of clothes, and a couple of blankets, along with the phones and chargers. They were ready.

“Yeah…” Sunny looked around, wondering if she’ll ever see this place again. Probably not, but… She shook her head, and smiled at Shells, picking up two of the bags, “Let’s go.”

“You’re okay with those two?” Shells hooked the one with Chris’ stuff over her shoulder and looked at Sunny, “I do have some extra strength, after all…”

Sunny shook her head, “Until we get somewhere safer, we might need you free to move. Any ideas where we should go?”

Shells shook her head, “Maybe your phone might be of use now?”

Placing one of the bags back on the table, and pulling out her phone, Sunny frowned, wondering what she could type in to search for, “Any special keywords that we could use as some kind of identifier?”

“Not that I knew about, back then. Just look for somewhere cheap and remote for the next few days. That’ll give us time to get on our feet and start finding out things.”

“Okay…” Sunny tapped at the phone, and found a cheap motel on the outskirts of the city, but within a fair walk from the subway station, “Okay, found one. Let’s go.”

She picked up the bag, and the two walked out of her apartment, locking the door behind her. A moment’s hesitation longer, and Sunny turned and followed Shells to the lift.

On the subway, Sunny watched as Shells cast her eyes around her.

“Over there,” Shells murmured, barely audible to Sunny, never mind anyone else, “the man in the green cap.”

Sunny gave the man a surreptitious glance, “What about him?”

“He’s a pickpocketer. Not a good one, but he just lifted a purse out from the lady’s bag next to him. I don’t think he’ll be missed much, do you?”


Shells gave Sunny a raised eyebrow, “We need hard cash for the motel, don’t we? Unless these cards you’d mentioned are okay to use? Plus, I think we both need something more to drink, don’t you?”

“Oh… Oh! Sorry, forgot. Yeah, I think you’re right.”

“Let’s follow him when he gets out. Hopefully the station will be fairly busy.”

“You want it to be busy?”

“The more people crowds, the less they notice. Haven’t you noticed that?” Shells’ eyes flickered, “I think he’s getting off at the next one.”

The two ladies rose from their seats and walked towards the doors, with the pickpocketer standing behind them.

As the doors opened, Shells’ hand shot out backwards and grabbed the pickpocketer’s wrist, dragging him out swiftly through the crowd impatiently surging into the train. Sunny followed them close behind, slapping the guy on the back of the head as the sudden shock began to fade. A slam against the wall, and Shells leaned in close, as if she was kissing his neck, but Sunny knew that Shells had bitten into him and was drinking. The man suddenly froze, as if he’d been paralysed.

A short while later, and Shells broke off, and pulled Sunny closer. Following Shells’ instructions, Sunny bit into the other side of the neck and began drinking blood. The blood was not as tasteful as Chris’, but it was welcome all the same, and she broke off the drink reluctantly once Shells tapped her to do so.

“Remember, we only need a small amount, unless we need to become full vampires,” Shells reminded Sunny, “I know it’s hard to guess how much you’re drinking when you’re starting off, but you’ll get used to it soon.”

Sunny glanced at the guy still frozen in place, “Why’d he like this? Chris wasn’t frozen.”

“Because we bit Chris on the wrist. We bit this guy on the neck. Our bite carries with it a bit of numbing effect, and this close to the brain… We were drinking the blood that would have normally been carried up there,” as Shells spoke, she was pretending to grind against the pickpocketer, but as she did so, she started rifling through his pockets, taking out wallets and purses, handing them over surreptitiously to Sunny, who opened them, took out whatever money she could find, before passing them back to Shells to put back in his pockets. A minute later, and they had finished.

Shells beckoned Sunny closer again, and, pretending to kiss her, she whispered against her lips, “We need to close the wounds a bit more. Take a lick of the bite wounds you gave him.”

Sunny did so, recoiling slightly against the taste of the guy’s neck, and as she did, she noticed that the wounds had closed up slightly, becoming nothing more than pinpricks.

“That’s it, perfect,” Shells whispered in Sunny’s ear, “Now when people see them, they’ll think they’re just mosquito bites, or something like that.”

Shells glanced around them. Sure enough, no-one was paying any attention to them and, as the noise of the next train approached, she smashed the pickpocketer’s head hard against the wall, before she and Sunny walked back and boarded the train. The whole operation took less than a couple of minutes.

They disembarked at the next station, and waited for the right train to arrive to take them to their destination. As they waited, Sunny counted the money they’d been able to get, “There’s enough for a week, I think. At least we don’t need food now, do we?”

“No,” Shells smiled, “We just need to find more donors.”

Sunny laughed at that, and her heart felt lighter. Maybe they could make it work, after all.

Short Story: “Sunny and Shells” part 1

Heya guys! So, here’s the first part of the vampire story that I’ve been promising. I’m still putting it all together, but I figured it’d be better to do this in a number of parts. I dunno how many. Depends on how much more of the story I can come up with. *grins* I’ll be honest, when I first started putting it all together in my head, I didn’t really think it would be as long as this, and I had a lot more coming up with this. I was thinking it was just gonna be a short story, but the below is still only the very first part of this. I still have a lot more coming up, and I definitely wanna play around with this part of the story more as well. (Yeah, I know… This is probably the first one out of the stories that I’ve posted that I’m intending to play around with… Although I still kind of want to do something with Cherise and Rose and all… But for now, I’m thinking about this.)

I think what it is, when I created the two characters, I knew one of them was going to be set free (in a manner of speaking!) after being trapped since the 1950s, because I knew there were gonna be massive changes between then and now, but it wasn’t really until I started writing that I realised just how much change there is gonna be, and that made the other character actually being more interesting than she would’ve otherwise been. *lol*

Like I said before, I do get a lot of general details settled down in my head, including whole conversations and the like, but it’s not until I start writing it down that I really realise just what I actually have.

Right now, I think this is a nice side-story based in the story universe of mine, but at the moment, would only ever be part of a collection of stories. It is definitely something that’s at the very edges of the story universe, though. No big secrets are gonna get revealed here or anything.

Despite all that, though, I still hope you guys will like it! Let me know what you think!


Sunny and Shells (part 1) by Angel Forfivon

Sunita flashed her ID at the card reader, which glowed green, allowing her to open the door leading into the lab. She let the card drop from her hands back to bouncing against her body on its string chain around her neck and flashed a smile at the security guy standing close to the entrance before looking at the board detailing lab rotation, searching for her name.

Finding it, she gave a deep sigh. Of course she would be partnered with Chris. They were more often than not partnered together, which probably led to them dating in the first place, but at the moment she didn’t particularly want to be anywhere near Chris, not after what happened between them over the weekend. She made a mental note to try and speak to their boss later, to ask for them to be allocated to different labs for the time being.

But today… Resigning herself, she knew that there wasn’t that much she could do about it. She checked the lab number before heading off towards the lockers to get changed.

Entering the lab a few minutes later, she forced a smile, “Hey.”

Chris didn’t even look up, “Hey.”

She glanced at the skeletal remains on the table, “So, what have we got?”

Chris tossed the clipboard to her, “Something dug up a couple days ago. Field archaeologists don’t think it’s very old.”

Sunita checked the scrawls on the clipboard, “Odd. Says here that they had to lift it in one piece. Like the bones wouldn’t get separated.”

Chris shrugged, still not looking at her.

“Look,” sighed Sunita, “let’s just get this over with. The sooner we’re finished, the sooner we can get out of here.”

“Fine with me.”

Sunita shook her head. Whenever they’d have a fight, Chris would basically clams up and not say anything to her outside of the bare essentials for a few days. She’d always hated those times and every time they did this, she would swear to herself that she would never allow herself to go back to dating him again. And yet every time they’d start talking again, they would just go back to dating each other, not even talking about whatever it was that caused them to argue in the first place. That was how Chris was, and Sunita hated that about him.

For now, though, they’d needed to check the skeletal remains, try to work out what happened to this individual. Her eyes roamed over the remains, putting together a mental checklist of who the person was before death… The person was certainly an adult female – judging from the size of the bones and the shape of the pelvis – and the conditions of the bones suggests she wasn’t that old when she died. She frowned at some of the bones. They certainly seems to suggest she had had a tough life, a couple of breaks that healed up, but… She bent over looking closely at one of the breaks. It didn’t look like it was put back together again by a professional.

Chris, meanwhile, was looking at the skull, “Hey… Check out these canines. Have you seen one with such large canines?”

Sunita glanced up, looking towards the skull. The skeleton’s canine teeth were certainly much longer than normal. She hesitated, then went forward to check out the canines closer. “Do they… have grooves?” she asked.

Chris only gave a non-committal hum in reply, then he gently prised the jaw down from the skull, “Definitely still joined to the skull, despite lack of muscles.” He prodded at one of the canines, feeling the lines of the groove going down the tooth.

“Is it the same on the inside?” asked Sunita.

“Let me check…” and he moved his finger in to feel the other side. Suddenly, the jaw snapped up, trapping his finger between the lower jaw and the canine. Chris shrieked in shock and pain as blood began to seep out from his finger.

As Sunita leaped into action, struggling to prise the teeth apart again, she blinked in surprise. Was the skull… getting some muscles back?

Eventually, between the two of them, they managed to work Chris’ finger free, and Chris swore vehemently, trying to stem the flow of blood. Sunita ignored his curses, and leant over the skeletal remains. There was definitely something going on. It was a complete skeleton before, but now there appeared to be some muscles and the like connecting the bones.

Suddenly she felt a grip around her wrist. She glanced down and saw that the skeletal hand was clutched tightly around her wrist. Before she could react, though, the hand swiftly brought it up to the teeth of the skull and bit into her.

Sunita screamed and tried to pull away, calling for Chris to help her, but Chris froze in shock, before bolting out of the room and slamming the door shut behind him.

“CHRIS!!” she screamed.

Sunita tried whatever she could think of, she hit the skull with her free hand, tried to pry the mouth of the skeleton apart, even as the skull was getting covered up with muscles and skin, in desperation, she clawed for the tray nearby, trying to reach something, anything that she could use to break the hold.

But it was for nothing. She felt herself being drained, and soon she faded into darkness.

Chris boggled in shock from the window looking into the lab, as the skeletal remains disappeared under muscles and skin, before the lady opened her eyes and released Sunita, or what was left of Sunita.

The lady gingerly lifted herself off from the slab, and shivered, wrapping her arms tight around her body, and looked around for something to wear. Her eyes slid down to the lady on the floor. She was indian, and before she had most of her blood drained from her, she looked pretty. The lady knelt down and touched her. Still alive. Barely, but still alive. Needed to get some blood in her fast, though. The indian lady mumbled something. Sounded like a name, “Chris”.

The lady sighed, then her eyes registered the man looking in through the window. She raised her head and looked directly at him.

Chris gasped, but a glance at the door to the lab proper told him that it was secure, and he stayed where he was. He saw the lady rise up from inspecting Sunita and walked over to him. The lady was asian. If it wasn’t for the teeth, the lady would certainly have been a looker, and his eyes couldn’t stop themselves from travelling down the lady’s naked body.

The lady tapped at the window, “I presume you’re Chris? She’s asking for you.”

Chris glanced at Sunita behind the lady, and shook his head no.

“Are you her boyfriend? I have to say, very brave of you to leap to her defence when I bit her. Oh no, sorry, you ran screaming like a scared little boy.”

Chris glowered at her, “At least I’m out here where I’m safe from you.”

“Yes. And in the meantime, your girlfriend is dying. Aren’t you going to even attempt to help her?” She shook her head and went back to Sunita, kneeling down next to her.

“For all I know, she’s dead and you’re just trying to trick me. I can’t see her breathing or anything.”

The lady glanced up at Chris, “She’s alive, trust me. Tell you what, I’ll even go stand facing the wall opposite if you want. I’m certainly in no condition to fight.”

“I don’t believe you. The door’s staying shut.”

“And if you don’t open the door, your girlfriend will die. Do you want that?” The lady waited for a response, then shook her head, “Why are you two dating anyway? You don’t seems to care that much about her.”

She looked down at Sunita, hesitating a moment longer, then her face set in resolution. A tiny wince escaped her lips and she bent over Sunita, appearing to give her a kiss.

Colin banged the window, “H-hey! What are you doing?”

Sunita gasped, and looked at Chris, her strangely thin arm raising up piteously, trying to stretch out for him.

Chris looked at the lady, “What did you do?”

“You wanted proof that your girlfriend’s alive, didn’t you? Well, you’ve got it now. So what are you going to do? Come in here and save your girlfriend, or leave her here to die?” She rose up from her kneeling position and raised her hands, moving to face the wall opposite the door. “I’ll stay here so you can come in and get your girlfriend.”

Chris hesitated, then glanced at Sunita, who was staring at him with pleading eyes. Despite their argument over the weekend, he felt himself moving toward the door and opening it up. Giving the asian lady a wary look, he went forward to Sunita and crouched down, ready to pick her up.

Sunita threw herself forward, latching her teeth into his arm. Chris screamed, and the asian lady turned and threw herself forward at him, smashing her elbow into his throat, cutting off his scream, before raising his other arm and bit into it, drinking deeply.

Eventually, all the blood was drained from Chris. Sunita and the lady both rose from his body and looked at each other.

“You’re a… vampire?” asked Sunita, remembering horror films that she’d seen in the past.

“We’re both vampires,” replied the lady. She knelt down and pulled the lab coat off from Chris’ body, and began rifling through his pockets. A curse escaped her lips as she found nothing but a key and a smallbox with what appeared to be a useless mirror on the front, “Don’t you people have money?”

“Um. Yes, but he use cards most of the time.”

“Cards? To buy clothes and the like?” She shook her head, wrapping the lab coat around her, “Sounds crazy. Come on, let’s get out of here. We should hide the body, give us a bit more time. Is there anywhere we can put it?”

Sunita glanced down at Chris’ body. For some reason she didn’t feel sad about Chris, or alarmed about what she’s done. Maybe it was a kind of delayed shock?

“Don’t think about it. Not right now,” the lady’s voice cut through her thoughts, “First of all, we need to hide the body and get out of here.”

The lady bent down and picked up the body easily, throwing it over her shoulder. She looked at Sunita and her head tilted, “What’s your name?”


“Can I call you Sunny?”

Sunita shrugged, “If you want.”

“Thanks, Sunny. Mine’s Shells.”


“Shells. With an S on the end as well,” she looked at Sunita, and continued, “Where can we hide this?”

“His locker, maybe? That key opens it up. You could take his clothes as well, if you want.”

Shells shuddered at the thought of wearing guys clothes, but she didn’t really have many other options. “Lead the way.”

Thankfully, the way to the lockers were quiet, and Shells managed to push the body in, after emptying it of all the stuff that Chris left in there, throwing his clothes on herself and tighting the belt as much as she could. Shoving the rest of the items into a bag to check out later, she looked at Sunita, who had finished putting all her possessions into her bag, and said, “Okay, how do we get out of here?”

“Well… The door’s not far, but there’s a security guard nearby. I can get past him, no problem, but I’m not sure how we can get you out of there.”

Shells thought for a while, then said, “Get us as close as you can to the guard. I’ll deal with him.”

“Are you… going to kill him?”

“What? No! I don’t like killing people unless absolutely necessary. And you’re certainly not going to be able to come back here ever again, you know that, right? We’re going to go undercover as soon as we can.”

Sunita froze in shock. Shells looked at her, then went forward and pulled her into a hug, “I’m sorry, Sunny. I promise, as soon as we get somewhere safer, I’ll tell you everything, alright? For now, I need you to focus.”

She held Sunita for a few moments longer, until Sunita breathed out deeply and said, “Okay, I’m ready.”

“Great! Come on, Sunny!” and Shells took her hand and pulled her with her toward the exit of the changing rooms.

The exit was swift, and true to her word, Shells didn’t kill the guard. The two went up and Sunita smiled at the guard, who dropped his guard enough for Shells to smash her elbow into the guard’s throat and then firmly bashed his head into the wall, knocking him unconscious.

As they exited the building, though, Shells looked around in shock, “What is all this?” she gasped.

Sunita looked at Shells and frowned, “What is all what?”

“All… this!” Shells waved her hands around her, “All those… cars? And what are most of those people doing, with those tiny boxes?”

Sunita blinked, and took Shells’ hand, pulling her with her towards the subway, “…How long have you been a skeleton?” she murmured as they walked.

“I don’t know! It’s really hard to keep track of days when you’re buried in the ground, unable to move or see anything but dirt. I know I got caught sometimes in the 1950s? Does that helps?”

Sunita stared, “You’ve been a skeleton for that long?” She named the year, and continued, “I think I need to explain things to you when we get to safety as well. For now, give me Chris’ wallet. You’ll need a card to get through the subway.”

Shells handed over the wallet and Sunita pulled out a card, “Hold onto this, keep close to me and follow what I do, okay?”

Shells nodded, and they entered the subway. Sticking close to Sunita, she followed her without any problems through to the train and the two of them sat down next to each other, “Where are we going?” asked Shells.

“…My place, first. I know we won’t be able to stay there for long, but we need to get some stuff from there, including clothes,” Sunita looked at Shells. Shells was thinner and smaller than she was, but hopefully her clothes would do for now, “and maybe we can talk a bit. I don’t know where we’ll go from there, though.”

“We’ll find something,” Shells grasped Sunita’s hand tightly. She looked around at the other passengers on the subway, “Things really have changed, haven’t they? I don’t think I’ve ever seen something where people like us could travel in the same fashion as whites. At least, not without them sneering at us down their noses. And there’s those two guys over there,” Shells indicated with a slight nod of her head, “They’re trying to hide it from everyone else, but they’re in love with each other. In those days, anything like that would be viewed with suspicion.”

“Yeah…” Sunita pulled her hand away from Shells’, feeling a little flustered. If you had asked her before, she would have laughed at the thought of leaving everything behind for a lady, but now… It wasn’t even a thought. She knew no matter what, she was going with Shells. Everything else she ever had was now gone, due to what happened at the labs. The only thing she had left was Shells.

She forced herself to stop thinking about the labs and everything else. They were still escaping, for one thing. For want of a better subject, she said, “So. Shells. Is that short for something?”

Shells looked at her, “Not really. When I got turned, I rejected my old name and picked this. People have asked me if it’s like Shelly or short for Michelle, but…” she shook her head, “When I was young, I lived close to the shore, and there were a lot of seashells around. And while I was thinking about a new name, I just kept thinking about those seashells. So, Shells.”

She paused, then continued, “You don’t have to keep your old name, if you don’t want to. Since you’re now on a completely new life, you can have a new name of your own. Although I do like calling you Sunny.”

Sunita paused for a moment. It felt like, to her, if she chose a new name, she was firmly saying goodbye to her old life, but she also knew that she couldn’t ever go back to her old life anyway. She gave Shells a sad smile and said, “I’m happy with Sunny.”

Shells leant closer and whispered, “Would people get upset if I held you?”

Sunny shook her head no, and after a moment’s hesitation, Shells wrapped an arm around Sunny’s shoulders and pulled Sunny to her shoulder, kissing the top of her head, “It’s okay,” she said, “I’ll look after you. I promise.”

Sunny smiled and looked up at Shells, “And I’ll look after you. Promise.” and did something she could never have imagined herself doing before. She kissed Shells. Even later, she couldn’t tell why she did it. The closest she could ever get was that she just needed to keep focusing on the here and now, and concentrate on staying with Shells.

Shells leant herself deeper into the kiss, letting out a pleased hum when they broke. She looked around, but no-one seemed to be objecting.

“I think I’m going to like this…” she murmured.


A Short Story: “The Hopeless Fight”

Heya guys. So, here’s the dream story as I promised. Like I said before, it is dark, and pretty much hopeless. I know some people would gladly take this story and run with it, writing tales of heroes who eventually meet their ends and everything else…

But that really is not my style, nor the type of story I want to write. Like I said before, my stories tends to be fantasy-based, although lately, they’ve been more focused on the inter-relationships between people and the like. And that’s the sort of story I want to write, light-hearted stuff, maybe have some bits that will make you cry at times, but at the end, will hopefully leave you in a good mood.

Something like this, though… *shakes head* I actually hate it. *lol* Not the story itself – I think it’s okay, especially considering this was a 1.1 draft coming directly from a dream (the .1 is the inclusion of Major Darville in an attempt to make it a little bit more personal, rather than the children watching the screen and a mechanical voice coming from somewhere…) – but the whole… tone of it. The hopelessness of it. It kinda leaves me a little down. Which is why I figured the best thing to do would be to write it down, post it, leave it and more or less forget it. That way, it’s out of my head and I can focus on the stories and settings that I actually want to focus on.

And, as I said before, if there was even anyone out there who’d want to take this setting and move forward with it… Honestly, like I say, contact me on twitter and all and we’ll talk about it. But try not to screw me over. If you think this is an idea worth millions, I’d at least want a small share of it for coming up with the idea in the first place! *grins*

Oh, one more thing: I know that there might be some scientists or people that are interested in world-building things like that and want to have it somewhat accurate, but… I’m not too bothered about accuracy. I have no idea how an exploding Sun would somehow have Venus and Earth ending up rotating around each other, nor do I really care. If that upset you, please accept my apologies, and feel free to come up with your own real scenario. Likewise, I have no idea if a compression field could ever work like that that would see the gas giants turn into rocky planets, but… *shrugs*

All I can say is, that is what happened in the dream, and I’ve written it down as best as I can. Everything else, I’ll leave up to people wiser than me! 🙂

Now, if you’ll forgive me, I kind of want to go read or watch something really nice, with a lovely ending and cheer up from this kind of morose downer of a story! *grins* See you guys soon!


The Hopeless Fight by Angel Forfivon

“Okay, okay, everyone settle down,” came the voice.

Everyone in the room slowly ceased their voices, eagerly awaiting the news that was promised them on their 12th birthday. Major Darville looked around them and sighed inwardly. Every day he had to do this for all new 12 year olds, and every day they were all looking at him in excitement, and every day, he’d had to watch their faces crumble and break down, and cope with the occasional hysterical attack and the sea of tears that flowed from most faces, boys and girls alike.

He waved his hands and said, “Come on, the sooner you all quiet down, the sooner we can get this over with.”

Finally, once the room had stilled enough, Major Darville clasped his hands behind his back, and launched himself, regimental-like, into a speech that had been spoken hundreds, if not thousands, of times before:

“Thank you. I know that most of you here have been looking forward to this, looking forward to finding out what the big secret is, and why you very rarely see anyone other than children younger than you around. In your imaginations, I am sure you envisioned us telling you great secrets and you would be reunited with those who had gone on the path before you, and we would reveal to you tales and promises of a wonderful future.

“Let me tell you right now: We are going to tell you the secret, you will be meeting some of those that had gone before you, but… All thoughts of a wonderful future, forget them.” Those last two words were spoken ice-cold, clearly, precisely. And he cast his eyes around, and seeing the look of trepidation creep along a number of children’s faces.

He continued, “We are fighting a war we cannot hope to win. Every year, by the reckoning of Earth, we have suffered great casualties and almost total, irreversible damage, we have been forced to take children – like you – and train them up to continue the hopeless defence. Over time, we have been forced to keep reducing the age of the children that we need to reveal the truth to. Just two years ago, the age that the truth would have been revealed to was 15. Now it’s 12. The only thing that has remained constant is that we have determined that, as much as possible, children under those ages are to be told nothing, so that they may enjoy what they have left of their childhood.

“You may ask why, why should we continue this hopeless defence? Because the alternative is total and complete annihilation.”

He pressed a button on the desk, and the TV screen behind him switched on, and said, “We will now try to explain to you what we believe happened.”

On the screen was the solar system, showing the nine planets rotating around the Sun. It was an image that every child knew well, having been taught this from a young age. There was Mercury, closest to the sun, beautiful but dangerous Venus, everyone’s home planet Earth with the Moon circling, Mars, the gas giants Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and finally the ice rocky planet Pluto.

“That image is now wrong,” Major Darville said, much to the shock of the children watching, “It has been wrong for the past five years. This is the reality.”

The image changed, and instead of nine planets, they could only see… five. And the planets had changed, drastically so. Where Mars should be, they saw two planets spiralling around each other, rotating around the Sun, where the gas giant Jupiter should be there was a solid planet, with one side of it torn out, and the rocky material swirling around the remains frantically, and a Mars-sized planet, greatly cratered, rotating around it. And far off Pluto was no longer icy, but deeply stained and charred, pockmarked with thousands of pits that must be deep, with materials leaking out of them. The Sun, while still yellow, looked somehow smaller, as if it had been diminished.

“As far as we’ve been able to work out, this is what actually happened five years ago,” came Major Darville’s voice, barely registering with the aghast watchers.

As he spoke, the screen showed a simulation of what he was saying.

“First, the Sun had an explosion. A giant one. No-one’s been able to conclusively prove how it was done – we have suspicions, but no actual proof. However, the result is this: The Sun exploded, growing to a size many times larger than what it used to be. The inner rocky planets suffered the most from the explosion. Mercury was swallowed up in that explosion, Venus was hurled towards Earth, which had the Moon collide into it, destroying all life on that planet in an instant. The two planets caught each other and are now orbiting each other. Those two planets are getting closer, and it will not be long before they eventually collide.

“The explosion from the Sun had also stripped away all atmosphere from both planets. Both are now dead worlds. A single exploration ship went to the Earth and reported that there was nothing left.

“Mars was hurled outwards and suffered damage going through the asteroid belt, but was eventually caught in the gravity field of what Jupiter ended up being.

“Almost at the same time, we believe compression assaults occurred to the gas giants, compressing all the gas into solids and shrinking the size of the planets. This was further followed by extraterrestrial assaults, resulting in the complete destruction of Uranus and Neptune. Due to the rings of Saturn being thrown out of order by the sudden compression, a mistake happened and Saturn was instead pushed in the direction of Jupiter.

“Those two once-gas giants collided, causing the effect that you see. We believe, somehow, that the rocky remains of Jupiter and Saturn that has scattered off from the collision has more or less protected those two planets, now one, from having been destroyed completely.

“Mars, as has been stated, was flung into the gravity field of Jupiter, and this is where we are now.” The picture now shows Mars rotating around Jupiter, just outside of the frantic rocky shield.

“Why Pluto has not been destroyed, we do not know. Our conjecture is that it is being used as a base. By these extraterrestrial beings that we are calling the Tekrons.”

The picture changed to a still image of two Tekrons ships. One was clearly on a much smaller scale to the other.

“The smaller ship, we believe, are the Tekrons’ main strike force. They are faster than our ships, and are equipped with laser weapons that can decimate our shields rapidly, leaving us defenceless. However, these are the lesser danger.

“At one time, we thought about taking the fight to the Tekrons, and attacking what we feel are their command ships,” the picture changed to a crescent shaped spaceship, which seemed to be languidly letting out a spray of dark purple material almost completely surrounding the ship and expanding outwards.

“As it turns out, that dark spray is what makes these command ships impregnable. Here’s the effect.”

The picture shows the black material just carving its way through one of the remaining ships belonging to the Earth people left, not stopping for a moment. Where there was once one whole attack craft, there was the next a shell of a craft with holes going all the way through the ship. Even the pilot had huge gaping holes running all the way through their body.

“Fully three quarters of our fleet was destroyed by that dark spray in the first moment alone. That was when we were forced to retreat back to Mars.

“We have tried dispatching ships to go get help from one of our other colonies, or elsewhere, but none of them has got through. There appears to be nine of those Tekrons command ships, but for some reason, they do not venture in the Solar System but just stay out past Pluto, and seeking and destroying all crafts that dare to venture too close to that range. Instead, they send their smaller attack crafts on sorties trying to eradicate us completely.

“And it is only thank to the fact that we are constantly building new ships, constantly training new pilots, and that we are not encountering those command ships, that we are still alive, even though we all know that we have lost the war.

“…And that is where you come in. We need you to build ships, we need you to train to pilot these ships, and continue the fight so that children younger than you can continue to enjoy living their life, free from worry, free from war, free to continue their innocence until they are old enough. There are no other options. You will fight.”

The TV switched off, and the lights came on. Major Darville came back to the centre and looked around. Just like always, the children were frightened, upset, crying, and one looked like she was going to have a hysterical attack. He sighed, deeply, and beckoned to the people behind him.

“These staff members will take your details and take you to your allocated places. Ladies. Gentlemen. Welcome to war. Welcome to death. Welcome to the hopeless fight.”

A Short Story: “Temptation of the Forbidden Fruit”

Heya guys! So, here’s another story that I wrote back in the beginning of the month. I’d mentioned it on twitter, as having been inspired by a lovely friend of mine – well, I use “inspired”, but before anyone starts thinking any of this is true, I just wanna stress, none of it is true, apart from the fact that she and I are great friends and all, and she is married with two children, but she’s very very happy in her marriage. It’s just while I’m driving to and from work, my mind comes up with all these “what ifs” scenarios, and this one came up when I was thinking about her and all.

I sent this to her first, because she was the inspiration behind the story, and asked her for her permission to post it, obviously with some changes. And she was happy to give it. She thought the story was fun – which I’m glad about! *grins*

Like I said, the story is fictional, although the two main characters in it is a version of me and my friend. The story has been written from “her” perspective, rather than mine, because when I started writing it, it just felt like the correct perspective to take with this was “her” rather than “mine”. If that makes sense.

I do gotta admit… It did feel a little bit weird writing about “me” from someone else’s perspective! *lol*

Anyway, so… Here we go! I hope you enjoy it! Let me know what you think, it’d be great to hear!


“Temptation of the Forbidden Fruit” by Angel Forfivon.

I read her latest e-mail, feeling the rush of blood rising to my face. Angel always was one that never cared about what other people thought as being too polite to raise in conversation; as far as she was concerned, if you were part of her inner circle, she could and would tell you about everything that she could think of, no matter how private and personal it was. And Angel knew the effect of what some of the things she told me did to me, and she almost positively takes great delight in teasing me and making me go all hot and flustered. And I’d found myself sharing more than I thought I’d ever share with anyone that wasn’t my husband.

I suppose I should introduce myself. My name’s Roselyn, and I’m a thirty-something mother of two beautiful little children, living with my wonderful loving husband in our beautiful flat in Manila, Philippines. And yes, I’m Filipino, despite my Western sounding name. I do have a more traditional Eastern name as well, but everyone always calls me Rose.

Flustered, I shut my laptop hurriedly, and looked up. James, my husband, was lounging on the settee, idly flicking his way through the channels on the TV, our children having been put to bed some time ago.

James looked to me, having heard the noise, and noticed the look on my face:

“Is everything okay, Rose? You looks a little…”

I shook my head, “I’m fine. It’s just Angel being Angel. Again.”

“Ah,” he nodded, understanding. Truth be told, he’d always found Angel a little odd, the way she just spoke with sheer freedom around me, but he always respected my choice of friends.

I looked over at him, and thinking about what Angel wrote about in her e-mail made me suddenly hungry for him. I said, rising from the desk, “Are you… busy?”

James continued watching the TV, “No, not really. Why?”

I knelt in front of him and place my hand on his thigh, moving it slowly upwards, “Well… If you’re not busy, I thought we could…”

He blinked, and then understanding filled his face and smiled, “Of course!” The TV fell silent.

My hand reached his boxers and I pulled at them, revealing his semi, “Nice to know that even after being married for years, I can still excite you,” and leaned forward to take a lick at the tip.

That night was wonderful.

The following morning, I had seen my children off to school when I heard a familiar ringtone rising from my phone. Angel.

I pulled my phone out and checked the message.

Angel: “Hey Rose! Did you like my e-mail??”

I shook my head. How Angel always know exactly what was going to happen, I’ll never know.

Rose: “It was certainly something. Ended up having a wild night with James”

Why do I tell Angel these things? For some reason, I can never stop myself.

Angel: “Ooh! A wild night! Do tell! ;D”

Rose: “I’ll write about it in my e-mail later, okay? Got studying to do.”

Angel: “‘Study’. Right. Of course. *deadpan look*”

Rose: “ANGEL!!”

Angel: “Lol… I know, I know. Have fun studying, and look forward to your e-mail later!”

Angel: “Oh! Forgot to mention, found this really hot VN that I think you’ll like. You can dl it on tablet”

Angel: “But remember, if you’re going to read this, you have to stick to the girl! ;)”

She gave me the name, and I fired off a quick thanks. Angel was an avid reader and was always checking out tons of visual novels, and she’d sometimes send me some recommendations. She’d always used to grumble about the fact that there wasn’t very many for a lady with her preferences, but lately she’d been able to find a number of games where she could take on a female character and date other females.

I guess I should explain how I knew Angel in the first place. I went to university in the UK, where she lived, and we found each other going to some of the same lectures, and because she was deaf, she needed a notetaker. I’d volunteered for the lectures we went to, and we just became friends from there. Angel’s younger than me – she’s still in her late twenties now – but we’d hit it off straight away back then, and she was one of the ones that came to my wedding a couple years later. The fact that she took on a number of part-time jobs and saved up money to afford the flight just so she could come to my wedding made my heart swell.

I always knew that she was a lesbian, she never kept it a secret. As she often said, everyone knows she’s black and deaf, so why bother hiding the fact that she was a lesbian as well? People will always try to pick on those that were different. Except Angel didn’t care. As long as she was with her inner circle of friends, nothing could bother her.

I’d always remember the look on Angel’s face when she saw me in my wedding dress the first time. When I came out of the changing room, I saw the look in her eyes, watched her mouth drop open and she went “Wow, Rose, you looks beautiful, so stunningly gorgeous! I’d definitely want to marry you wearing that, even if it’s just so we could have that gorgeous dress on the floor later that night!”

Yes, Angel is always like that. For a girl with a sweet name, she really did have such a massively naughty streak in her. But she always kept it light, and she’s the most loyal and caring friend I ever could ask for. And the look on Angel’s face on my wedding day was one of pure delight.

That afternoon, I pushed back on my desk. There was an hour left before the children would need to be picked up and I had enough study for now. I stood up, at a loss for something to do. Then I remembered Angel’s recommendation for a visual novel, so I grabbed my tablet and downloaded it.

I hesitated over the character’s name. Like most people, I typically put in my own name, but for some reason, I didn’t want to do that today. I thought for a moment, then thought, well, if I’m to “date” the girl in the game, then why not put in Angel?

I did so, and started reading. It was a fairly slow start, which suited me just fine. I always thought those VNs that basically threw people together and have them sleeping together straight away were shallow and frankly, not good. I knew some people did that, but I preferred a slow start because I felt that when the moment came, it would be so much deeper, because you’d gone through more story with that character and read about their blossoming love for each other.

But so far, the VN didn’t seems to offer anything new that I hadn’t seen before and, checking the time, realised it was time to go pick up my children.

That evening, I’d received a call from James telling me he had a lot of work and wouldn’t be back until late. I sighed, frustrated. I always hated those moments when he wasn’t around. But then I looked at my children and pulled myself together, keeping my voice light as I told them that daddy wouldn’t be back until late, after their bedtimes.

After they’d gone to bed, and I finished up the chores, I picked up the tablet and wandered to my bed, changing into my nightclothes. I did owe Angel an e-mail, but I decided I wasn’t in the mood for it today, so I’d carry on reading more of the VN.

…To my surprise, when the moment came, it was explicit in detail, the love and the sex between the characters in the game. And I’d named one of them Angel. It was… the thought of Angel and the other girl desperately wanting, craving each other, the kisses, the touches, the way their bodies entwined with each other… Subconsciously, one of my hands went down to between my legs, pulling my panties to one side, the other hand angled awkwardly so I could tap to continue the story.

My fingers found their mark and as I continued to rub and finger, exploring, seeking and finding my most sensitive areas, until it became to my mind that it wasn’t the in-VN Angel and some other girl. It was the real Angel and me.

The tablet was abandoned, pushed to one side, my nightie pulled up to above my breasts, and I kept going playing with my breasts and pussy until I was close, I bit my lips, I screwed my eyes shut, and let out a soft moan, saying Angel’s name.


My eyes snapped open. Standing in front of me was James. How long had he been there? Did I say anything out loud? And I was suddenly aware of the fact that I had snapped closed my legs and pulled my nightie down. So stupid, considering that James had had sex with me throughout the years of our marriage and had explored my body so thoroughly over and over again that he’d probably know it just as well or better than I did. But I couldn’t help myself.

James’ eyes roamed to the tablet, “Were you… doing something with… Angel?”

I cursed myself. I obviously did say Angel’s name at the end and he had heard.

Trying to compose myself a little better, I replied, “No. Angel had recommended a new visual novel, and I just found it was a little more erotic than I thought it’d be.”

James’ eyebrows rose, and I fought the urge to say more.

He said, “So why did you think of Angel?”

I sighed to myself, realising that whatever I said wasn’t going to be very good, especially to my husband, so decided to make a full confession, “Because you know what Angel’s like, and she sent me a lesbian visual novel. I was getting turned on and the fact it’s lesbians made me think of Angel.”

James crossed his arms, frowning, “I’m not too happy about this, I got to say. I don’t know exactly what you and Angel talks about but I know she gets you flustered and now you’re thinking of her? It’s like…”

“It’s just fantasy, James. I’ve seen you watching some of those ladies on the telly. You trying to tell me you’ve never fantasised about them?”


“I’m not going to suddenly hop on a plane and fly to the UK and cheat on you with Angel. I love you, and I think we can agree a little fantasy’s okay, as long as we don’t take it any further than the occasional… daydream, right?”

James hesitated, then nodded, seeing my point, “Bit weird, though. I means, you’re married to a guy and yet you fantasise about a lady? And a good friend of yours, at that. The amount of times you two text each other and everything as well, it’s almost like you’re… well… addicted to her.”


“You always smile whenever you hears from Angel. Even if she teases you, you always have to try and fire off a reply as soon as possible. You don’t do that with me. It’s like… I don’t know. Infatuation.”

I got up and paced to him, wrapping my arms around his neck and kissed him, “James. The only one I love is you. Okay, and our children, but that’s different. The only one I want to be with is you. You don’t have anything to worry about.”

James returned the kiss, and we went to bed.

But over the next few days, I was finding myself thinking more and more about Angel, and James couldn’t fail to notice. And of course, I couldn’t stop myself from telling Angel about all this, and when the teasing and ribbing came, I felt myself getting even hotter and hotter still.

Eventually, James came in and threw a plane ticket down in front of me. I stared at it, noticing the destination. The UK. I looked up at James, “Why?”

“Because I’m fed up. You’re clearly infatuated with Angel. You don’t even think about me any more. I figured why not just give you what you want, and then maybe you’ll come to your senses. I’m taking the children over to my parents,” He didn’t wait for a reply, just spun round and left.

But I couldn’t think of that. I pulled out my phone and fired off a quick text.

Rose: “Angel! Guess what??”

Angel: “Hmm… You got caught fantasising about me again? ;D”

Rose: “No! Well, yes! But I got a plane ticket to the UK!”

Angel: “Really?? That’s great! It’ll be fantastic to see you, James and the children!”

Rose: “No, just me. James and the children are staying with his parents.”

Angel: “What?”

Angel: “Rose, is everything okay with James?”

Rose: “Not really. He thinks I’m infatuated with you.”

Angel: “Well… I am pretty awesome and incredibly lovable! ;)”

Angel: “But… Are you sure you want to come over here?”

Rose: “Oh god, yes! It’d be fantastic to see you! And I could do with a break from James.”

Angel: “Don’t you love him any more?”

Rose: “Of course I do! But he’s being so annoying right now. I just want to get away from him.”

Angel: “I see… Hm.”

Angel: “*sighs* Well, a trip to the UK will certainly give you some space from him.”

Angel: “And I can’t deny that it would be absolutely wonderful to see you!”

Angel: “Let me know the details, and I’ll pick you up.”

Angel: “I’ll do my best to make your time here a great one! ;)”

Angel: “And maybe we’ll even do something about your obvious infatuation about me…! ;D”

I just smiled at that, and gave her the details. Angel promised that she’ll be there.

The flight was long, too long, and when I finally got through customs, I scanned the crowd for Angel.

“Rose!” a voice called, and I looked in the direction I thought it came from. Sure enough, it was Angel who ran up to me, and gave me a tight hug and a kiss on the cheek. Still holding me, she leaned back a bit and looked me in the face.

She smiled, “Wow, Rose, you’re looking good!”

I smiled back, “So do you.” And she did, her hair framing her face. Then I frowned, “Angel… What have you done to your hair?”

She blinked, then realised, “Oh! I dyed it. I was trying to get a little bit of purple going through it. Think I might’ve overdone it on the purple, though. No biggie, it’ll go eventually.”

I laughed. Somehow, being here, with Angel just felt right. All of a sudden, I realised we were still holding each other, and I blinked, letting my arms drop.

Angel laughed in response to that and looked to my side, “Is that suitcase the only thing you bought?”

“Yes,” I replied, grabbing hold of it.

Angel looped her arm in mine, and, giving me her dazzling smile, a smile that’s full of unbridled joy, she said, “Well then, let’s go! My car’s a bit of a walk away, I’m afraid. Not used to these airports nowadays… But enough of that! Did you do any more fantasising of me while on the flight? Maybe went to the ladies’ for a quick rub??”

“Angel!” I laughed.

We made our way back to her place, Angel telling me that she’d set up the spare room at her place so I could sleep there, and that she’d arranged to take the days off work so we could spend time with each other, and I smiled, feeling happy, being with Angel.

The next day, I woke up and looked around. The bed was old, but comfortable, and Angel had showed me around, making sure I had everything I needed, before my yawns made her laugh and she pushed me straight to bed, closing the door between us, but not before making another one of her teasing comments.

“Don’t forget, I’d better not hear any funny noises coming from here… Otherwise, I’ll barge straight in and demands to know why you didn’t invite me to join in!”

For some reason, that just made me smile, cherishing every moment of being with Angel.

We’d went out and visited some of the local sites around, Angel acting like a proper tour guide, even going out of her way to have bought a silly cap that perched precariously on top of her purple hair, and acting all officious in describing some of the sights. Even if I don’t believe any of it. I’m fairly sure that the castle didn’t go into ruins because Henry VIII decided he wanted to trampoline on the battlements…

After a meal out, Angel drove us back to her place, and when we arrived back, she kicked off her shoes and flopped down on the settee, patting the seat next to her. I sat down next to her, and she pulled me into a hug.

She smiled at me, and said, “Did you enjoy today?”

“Totally. Thank you. I definitely enjoyed the sights.”

“Oh, cool. I wasn’t sure if you were.” She smiled a quirky smile and raised her eyebrow suggestively, “You were definitely checking out my booty a lot, I kept looking back at you and you were staring at my bum!”

“Angel!” I laughed, “I…”

She grinned, “It’s fine. I know I have a lovely booty. I’d gladly waggle my booty for you any day!”

And as if to prove it, she stood up and walked to the kitchen, outrageously swinging her bum with every step, which only made me burst into more laughter.

Once Angel came back with some glasses of water, we sat and drank. Then she said, “Have you spoken with James yet?”

“What? No, I just want to forget about him. I’m with you right now.”

She smiled, “But shouldn’t you contact him, to say you’re here and safe? He must be worried about you.”

I hadn’t considered that, “I’ll… send him a text.”

Angel nodded and, changing the subject, asked me if there’s anywhere specific that I’d like to go the next day. I said no, anywhere would do, as long as it was with her.

Angel grinned, “Careful, Rose, your infatuation’s coming through here!” Then, without warning, she leant forward and gave me a kiss on the lips.

The kiss felt electric. My body was in shock. I didn’t know what to do, and when Angel pulled away, she gave me her quirky smile again, “Wow, if I knew that all I had to do to make you stop talking was to kiss you, I’d’ve done it ages ago!”

She yawned, kissed me again, then stood up, “I’m tired. I’ll see you in the morning, alright? And make sure you contact James!”

A moment later, still in a daze, I went to my room and gave James a call. It was early in the morning for him, but we still spoke for a short time. It was a little stiff in places, but… For some reason, I was glad I decided to call.

The following day, Angel took me to a public garden, and led me to a corner that she said she loved being in. It was a small clearing, covered by trees and right by the lake. All around us were an explosion of colours.

“Isn’t it romantic?” said Angel, “I always loved coming here, especially this time of the year.”

She looked at me and said, “Wouldn’t it be really nice if we could come here with someone we love?”

“Yeah…” my voice trailed off, looking at Angel. I reached out and took her hand in mine. Angel smiled and gave my hand a squeeze. She leant forward and kissed me again.

I looked at her, and she laughed, “Come on, Rose,” and, pulling on my hand, led me to another part of the garden.

All day long, Angel took me around to various places, pointing out places which she thought – and I agreed with her – were romantic. But she always said, “Wouldn’t it be wonderful to be here with your loved one?”, and even though I always held her hand, we would do nothing more than a single kiss on the lips at each location.

It felt as if Angel was expecting something else, something more.

Eventually, I stopped Angel and said, “What is it?”

Angel gave me her quirky smile, “What is what?”

“Are you… trying to seduce me?”

Angel blinked, then composed herself again, “Is that what you thought? I really need to practice harder to make it a little more obvious…” and she winked at me, grinning.

Then, before I could say anything more, Angel nodded, as if she’d made a decision.

She took my hand in hers and said, “Let’s go home, Rose.”

When we got back, Angel looked at me and asked, “Did you contact James?”

“Yes, I did. We spoke a bit last night.”

She smiled, and said, “Well, do you want to call him again while I cook something for us?”

I shook my head, “Not now. It’s too late over there. I’ll call him later.”

“Okay. In that case, you can help me cook!” and before I knew it, I was pulled into the kitchen, into Angel’s embrace. Laughing, she gave me another kiss, then another… Then another. All of a sudden, she dropped her arms and smiled at me, “Come on, you can do the rice while I’m preparing the chicken!”

The meal was lovely. Eating out is nice, but there’s something to be said for home-cooked meals. Doing the dishes afterwards wasn’t so nice, though. Even if Angel did splash me with the soapy water while washing them, causing me to shriek and splash her back.

Laughing, I collapsed on the settee, while Angel cleaned up the mess on the floor. When she’d finished, she came out and looked at me, a look I couldn’t work out the meaning of. It was like a quizzical look, but also a questioning look.

“Angel…?” I said.

She blinked, suddenly, and the curious look in her eyes disappeared, to be replaced by her smile, “Hmm? Sorry, Rose. What’s the matter?”

“Nothing. Just…”

Angel came to stand in front of me, holding out her hand. I took it and stood up. She led me to my room. There, she turned round and kissed me again. Except this time it wasn’t just a quick kiss like the others, but something longer. Our mouths parted, and Angel took the opportunity to start unzipping my dress from behind.

Before I knew it, I was naked, still kissing her. My hands were grabbing at her clothes, pulling up her shirt. The kiss was broken only for the time it took me to remove her top, then we were back at it, her hands slowly wandering up and down my back, until I’d removed her clothes. Then Angel leant back, looking at me with a faint smile, our boobs pressed together. Her hands still moved slowly, softly up my back. But the love that Angel obviously had for me was at variance with her soft expression.

Wait… Her love? What about my love? All of a sudden, James popped into my mind. And with that thought, came a further thought: What was I doing?

I suddenly pulled back from Angel. Oddly enough, she didn’t try to stop me. Her eyes were boring into mine, as if she was looking for something. Then, clearly, she did because her mouth widened into her dazzling smile.

I hadn’t seen that smile since that moment we’d met up. But there was something else on my mind. James.

“Angel,” I began.

“You’re thinking about James.” It wasn’t a question, it was a statement.

“Yes… I’m sorry. I’m so sorry.”

Her smile broadened, “Finally,” she said.

Then she stepped back, looking at me, her eyes roaming over my naked body. She gave me her quirky smile with a raised eyebrow, clearly loving what she was seeing. I stood there, not knowing what to say.

Angel knelt down and picked up her clothes. Before she left, she said, “Make sure you give James a call before you go to sleep. I’ll see you in the morning!”

I sat on the edge of the bed, my mind dizzy. All of a sudden, I could hear a low buzzing noise. I went to the door, opening it a crack to try and work out what it was, and it wasn’t long before I heard Angel moaning, saying my name.

I felt the hot flush cover my whole body. Of course she would. She was so close to having sex with me.

I went back to my bed, and picked up my phone. I was missing James so much now, I had to call him.

The conversation went much better than the previous night, and I fell asleep, clutching my phone close to me.

The following morning, I hesitated before opening the door. I felt horrible. Did I lead Angel on? Was things going to be awkward between us? I jumped as I heard a soft knock at my door.

“Rose?” said Angel, “I’ve done something for breakfast, if you’re ready.”

“I’ll… I’ll be right out.”

“Okay, don’t be long! The toast will get cold!”

Angel sounded just the same as she always did.

I finally opened the door and came out to the lounge. On the table there, there were toasts and cereals and fruit and everything else. I just felt so much worse, seeing all that there. Angel must’ve planned to give us a special breakfast after we’d slept together. If only I hadn’t ruined it.

Angel came out of the kitchen, holding two steaming cups of tea, “Hi Rose! Did you call James?” She sounded cheerful.


Angel looked at me, then placed the tea on the table, grabbed my hand and pulled me to the settee.

“Rose,” she said, “I’m not upset. The opposite, in fact. I’m really glad you finally worked out who you loved. Not that there was even any question about that for me. I always knew you loved James. You just needed to be reminded about it.”

I blinked. Of all the things I was expecting her to say, this wasn’t it, “But… Yesterday?”

Angel sighed, “I was trying to get you to think of James all day long, and that when we’d get back, you’d be wanting to call him.”

“But… you kissed me!”

Angel grinned, “Well, I did always want to kiss you! But… That was also part of it. I thought if I’d kiss you, it’d make you think that you were kissing the wrong person at those places.”

She smiled, and continued, “When that didn’t work, I decided that I needed to push you further. Way I figured it, either you were going to give James a call, or I’d get to sleep with an absolutely gorgeous hot sexy babe. It was a win-win to my mind!” She grinned, “I just hoped that I pushed the odds towards it being James enough.”

“Would you… would you have slept with me?”

“Only if you really wanted to, and trust me, I would have absolutely loved to have sex with you. I do love you, Rose, you’re one of my dearest friends, but when you told me all that’d been happening between you and James, and that you were coming here, I knew I had to do something about it. You and James were meant for each other. I knew that at your wedding, when I saw how happy you two were.”

Angel reached out for my hand. I grabbed her in response.

She gave me her dazzling smile, “BFFs?”

I laughed, feeling lighter than ever. “BFFs!”

We hugged, and Angel stood up, “Oh, by the way…”

I looked up, wondering what she was going to say.

Angel gave me her quirky smile, “It was so worth it, just to see you nude!”


I jumped up and gave her a hug, laughing. Then we sat at the table, eating and talking about everything. And all throughout, I was smiling at Angel, and she was smiling at me. Yes, I love Angel, it was never an infatuation, it was pure love, I would do everything for her, and I finally realised why it was that I tell Angel everything. Because she’s someone that I love and have always loved since the day I met her, and I want her as much as possible in my life, I want to share everything with her. But it’s a different kind of love to the one that I have with James.

The end of the week came, and I was ready to head back to Manila. Angel took me to the airport, and as we stood, shoulder to shoulder, our hands holding each other, she said, “Remember, either you give me a text as soon as you arrive, or if you really can’t bear to wait until you and James have sorted things out, I want a full account of it all!”

“Angel!” I laughed. Then I kissed her on the lips.

She blinked, surprised. I raised my eyebrows at her, glad to have surprised her for once.

She laughed, and kissed me back, “Have a safe flight! Love you!”

“Love you too!”

Once I was back in Manila, James was there, waiting for me. I approached him, put my arms around him and kissed him deeply, longing for the love that only he can give me. James clutched at me, all tension breaking free from him.

“Did you…” he started. I guessed as to what he wanted to ask.

“She helped me realise what I wanted. She saved me from myself, we both own her everything. Let’s go home, James, and I’ll tell you everything. Then I should send Angel a text. And a long e-mail as well later on.”

A Short Story: “Cherise”

Heya guys… So, while I was on the bus going to the dentists, I was thinking about Astoria and the ending with Medusa in book 3, when I had a sudden mental image of me sitting at the table talking with a friend. No friend in particular, just a friend.

And I realised there and then that I need to write about it. So… Once I’d gotten back, I started tapping away at the keyboard, and came up with the following. The below story was written straight off, no modifications or anything, it is a pure first draft. It’s actually quite personal in places, for me.

Am I gonna do anything more about it? Dunno. At the moment, all I’ve been doing is coming up with short stories, kind of inspired moments and imagined scenarios like this. I just write down what’s in the mind and then more or less put it in the stories folder and not touch it again. *grins*

I want to stress this, though… While I’m putting myself in the story, and what I’ve written about me is true, this conversation never happened. I don’t know any Cherise (although I have the feeling I met one once, and her name was unique that it stuck in my mind…) and I’m not thinking of any particular friend when I wrote this. If anything, I think it’s an amalgation of a lot of friends – past and present – that I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. Even if some of them… Well, you can probably guess, reading this.

Hope you like it – let me know!


“Cherise” by Angel Forfivon

My mobile phone lights up. It’s also vibrating, but I had placed it on the table next to me, so I can’t feel the vibration until I picked it up. It was a text message alert. I frowned, wondering who would text me this late in the evening. Most of my friends who’d be sending me messages would use one of the messenger apps on my tablet, rather than send a text.

I unlocked the phone anyway, and touches the icon for text messages. It was from… Cherise? My eyes widened in shock. I hadn’t heard from Cherise for… had to be years now. The fact that she was still on my contact list wasn’t really much of a surprise – I was always reluctant to delete people names off, it just felt too final, and I always hated having that feeling of having to say goodbye permanently, even if it was only inside me.

I frowned again, remember the last time I had spoken with Cherise, all those years ago. It had been another bickering match over a thousand and one little things that somehow managed to build up into a great huge thing, and we were both finding faults in each other.

That had been the precursor to one of my depression attacks, as I recalled. A bad one. While I had friends all over the world, Cherise was one of those rare ones that had been more or less reasonably local to me, so we’d occasionally met up and chatted. Well. We start off chatting and then Cherise would always switch over to one of her messenger apps and started writing to me, frustrated that I was often asking her to repeat what she’d said. The locations that we were in, typically of her favourite coffee shops with noisy people surrounded us really didn’t help matters much.

I blinked, realising that I had stared at the phone until it switched the display off due to time of unactivity. I unlocked again and this time, I opened the message.

Cherise: “Hey Angel. God… I really hope you get this straight away. I’m outside your place. Mind letting me in?”

For a moment, I couldn’t take it in, and then it sunk through. What was Cherise doing outside? I hesitated, but only temporarily. I jumped up, realised I had already changed into my nightwear and remembered that at one time I had confessed that I had liked her more than just friends, even though I knew she was only interested in men. Probably not a good idea to show so much leg to her, plus my aids weren’t in… I rushed to my bedroom and grabbed my dressing gown, throwing it around me and knotting it tight. Then, grabbing my aids and placing them in my ears, I walked to the door, opening it and looked out.

I couldn’t see her for a moment, until I heard her voice:


I looked towards the entranceway to the property and saw her dark face peeking round from behind the tree in the garden, obscuring my view of the end of the path. It was her. My breath stopped for a moment as I drank in her features. Older, yes, but still just as beautiful as always, and she’d lost her cornrows. Her naturally curly hair was instead framed around her head. For a moment, I froze, unable to think but of how much I wished that it hadn’t been years since we last spoke.

“Um. Can I come in?”

I blinked, realising I hadn’t said anything yet.

“O…of course!” I stuttered, “Come on in! Sorry I’m not really dressed properly!”

Cherise shook her head, “It’s not as if you were expecting anyone to come, Angel,” She walked down the garden path and entered my place, closing the door behind her.

I had managed to gain some sense by that time, “I don’t have much, but I think I’ve got some teabags left, I can boil the kettle, if you want?”

Cherise smiled, “You hadn’t changed there, have you? You never were one for hot drinks. Water will be fine. If I know you, you’ve got a few bottles of cold water in your fridge.”

I nodded, opening the fridge and taking out two bottles, passing one to her and opening the other myself.

We sat down at the table, and I said, “Not to be rude, but… Why are you here? We’d lost contact for years! I never expected to ever see you again! And you just turned up here, not even knowing if I was still here!”

“A calculated risk,” Cherise replied, “I figured the worse would be you weren’t here, or you’d changed your phone number, or weren’t looking at your phone. And I’d be driving off in about ten minutes. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, right?”

She smiled, and continued, “I’m really glad you’re still here.”

“Cherise… Why are you here?” I asked again, pressing the point. I was feeling fragile. Autumn was starting to set in, and I was beginning to feel the oppressive effects of the lengthing hours of the night. And then Cherise turned up? Someone who, the last time we’d spoke, had been one of the direct causes of one of my bad depression attacks?

She sighed and said, in a roundabout way, “I’ve been reading your blogs, Angel.”

I blinked. How did she know about my blog?

Cherise smiled, “I never stopped following you on Twitter, remember? Sure, I was probably down somewhere around the bottom of the list of followers, and I’d never posted, so you probably didn’t even think about it. But when you announced you’d started your blog, I began checking it for new blog posts every day.”

Her smile widened, “I honestly didn’t think you’d still be blogging after a couple weeks, never mind a few months. I knew you, Angel, and you’d always have that obsession, that determination to do something. But that was always replaced by something else that you’d get obsessed and determined to do everything you can with it, leaving old obsessions behind.”

She noticed me staring at her lips intensely and laughed, “Lipreading. Sorry, Angel, I forgot. Do you need me to repeat anything again?”

I nodded, “You were still following me on Twitter, and you saw my blog announcement, but after that?”

She repeated herself, looking at me direct.

“That’s still a part of me,” I admitted, “But the blog isn’t really an obsession. It’s more of a release.”

After some encouragement from Cherise, I continued, “I had a depression attack last Winter, and I realised I had to have something else, something to release everything I’d wanted to say. About whatever. Sometimes, with friends, we just fall into the same routine, not really saying anything new or talking about the latest topics. The blog allows me to do that. I feel free to talk about anything, and it’s giving me confidence.”

I didn’t say that it was also one of my props that would hopefully help me through the long Winter nights.

“I noticed that through your writings,” replied Cherise, “I know you don’t think so, but you have a distinctive style and there’s tell-tale signs that your friends can see. Like me. We can tell when you’re restraining yourself, and letting loose. And you have been looser than I can remember for a long time. I like it.”

She hesitated, then continued, “I also bought some of the visual novels that you’d mentioned. That one with Medusa, especially.”

I began to speak, but Cherise stopped me short, “I liked it. You are definitely a hopeless romantic, Angel.” She grinned, then continued, “But that’s part of your attraction. You are going to make a wonderful girlfriend to some lucky lady someday and she’s going to want to do everything she can for you. Like Medusa is for… I named the character Angel. I know you always put your own name in, and you always keep running those stories through your mind over and over again for the next few days. I’m pretty sure Medusa’s been in your mind all day long. And it was nice picturing you with someone who you deserves and who deserves you.”

She hesitated, then said, “Angel… You know I never apologise for anything. You know I always considered having to do something like that a stupid thing. At one time, you were almost saying sorry to me every single time we spoke. And that really annoyed me.”

I protested, “I was trying to save us, Cherise. You know I’d rather take the blame for everything and save our friendship than let it be in front of us all the time.”

Cherise said, “I know that now, Angel. You spoke about that in one of your blogs. How you hated fighting and not being with your friends and how that made you feel and upset you and everything.”

She continued, “But you still shouldn’t have done that, Angel. Not because it’s weak, but because you were taking all the blame on yourself, and you were saying sorry for reasons you didn’t even know about. That’s wrong. You should only apologise for the right reasons, and only when it’s sincere. People fight, Angel, a lot sometimes. Even if you have the perfect girlfriend, you two are going to fight and argue sometimes.”

“I know, but…”

“I know, Angel. You’d probably apologise just so you can go back to being happy with her. You always did that with your friends, taking all the blame so it’s all back to normal. But you shouldn’t do that. Not until you know you can mean it. And you shouldn’t take all the blame. She should shoulder her fair share as well. Especially if she knows what’s good for you.”

She hesitated again, this time twisting her fingers in knots, then plunged forward.

“Angel… I’m sorry.”

I blinked. Cherise? Apologising?

Cherise continued, “I’m sorry for not considering you whenever we met. I’d always drag you to noisy coffee shops and get so frustrated when you kept asking me to repeat myself. Or I put us in a dark place, or putting my back to the sun, making it impossible for you to read my lips.”


Cherise kept pouring out her words. I’m barely able to keep up, hearing her say sorry over and over again, picking out items from the past that I’d forgotten about.

Things that I’ve apologised for myself to her. Which always frustrated her and made me feeling even worse, feeling like I couldn’t do anything right.

And then Cherise even apologised for that. I looked at her dumbfounded.

“Come on, Angel. You were apologising for things I’d done to you, and all you were trying to do was get us through our arguments as quickly as possible. I just didn’t see that at the time, but reading your blogs and thinking about old times… It made me realise what you were doing.”

She kept looking at me, “And when I got angry with you about that, I was making you worse. I know I’d probably contributed to some of your depression attacks. And I’m so very sorry about that. I hated seeing you in depression, and I couldn’t understand why you were getting depressed. And I know I said some bad things about you to you while you were depressed, and that’s the worst of them all. I just didn’t understand. I didn’t want to understand. And I know that I really hurt you Angel! I’m so sorry, Angel!”

A couple of tears had rolled down her cheeks by now, and she continued, “I kept thinking about it, all the time I’ve been reading your blogs and all the visual novels you’d mentioned, and I knew I had to come, I knew I had to try and contact you. To apologise. Because I know now saying sorry isn’t a weakness. Especially not to friends, people you love.”

“And I do still consider you a friend, Angel. If you still want me to be. I know we’ve lost years, but maybe we can make up for it.” Her hand reached out to me.

I didn’t hesitate. My hand reached out and held hers. Maybe I’m an idiot. But I never liked saying goodbye, never have, never will. Goodbye is just so permanent. And friends, even absent friends, are always worth giving another chance to.

I smiled, “I want us to be friends, Cherise. But…”


I hesitated. I was going to speak about the coffee shops when I realised that she probably totally figured that out herself, after apologising for it.

“Angel. You can tell me anything.”

I decided to mention something else that had always bugged me, “…I want to be free. I don’t like feeling restricted. Anything that we think about, we talk about, no matter what it is, no matter how personal it is, or anything. That was one of my problems, back then. I felt like I had to stick to general topics, and I just felt upset about that. I want my friends to tell me anything and everything, and I want to tell them anything and everything. Just total freedom.”

“I want that, too. And I promise to be more considerate of you. And if you ever get depressed, let me know and I’ll come round, and we’ll talk, go out somewhere, or just sit together watching films. Whatever you want. Because I know one of the reasons is because you get lonely. If I can help reduce that, I will.”

I smiled, “Thanks, Cherise.” I got up and moved closer to her. Cherise stood up herself, realising what I want. She smiled and held her arms out, and we hugged.

“You’re still beautiful, you know?” I said.

She laughed and replied, “So are you. I know you don’t think you are, but you are. Whoever your Medusa’s going to be, I’m going to be giving her a long talk before I let you two get serious!”


She smiled, her face close to mine, “I’m never going to stop looking out for you, Angel. I’ll make sure she knows about things so she never makes the same mistakes that I did. I lost years of you. I don’t want to lose any more, and I’m going to make sure no-one else does either.”

I smiled back, and hugged her tighter. Maybe this Autumn wouldn’t be as bad as before…

Tales of Yore!

List, heroes all, and harken unto the tales of Yore!

Yep! This is my first real creative entry. I mentioned last time that one of the things that I was working on (as an aside, something to keep the fantasy part of me down while I’m off writing other bits and pieces) and which I (currently!) have no intention of doing anything much with – as in, I’m not thinking I’m gonna make this into anything outside of it being just a little hobby to play around with. Plus, I’m fairly sure that the wargames market is probably a bit too heavily saturated at the moment! *grins* I certainly have no experience nor the contacts to do anything more with it than my own personal satisfaction.

Besides which, I’m well… Honestly, I’m really only doing this as a test to myself. See if I can put together a new history and mythology and maybe build some rules that may or may not work to see if I can actually do it. I means, about the most I’ve done is been reading through books written by GW and Mantic and so on. Those were given to me by my brothers, remember (along with their models, which I’ve just left in boxes, quite honestly! *grins*) – well, the GW ones were. I bought the Mantic ones myself, because I was curious as to what this was like, because a lot of people were talking about switching over to them after GW’s decision to basically wipe the slate clean with their once-established history and mythology (When I heard about it originally, I checked out a few forums and the like to find out what people thought of it… Sheesh, the response was… not good, shall we say??).

So. Yeah. The history and mythology that I’d built up for what was / is going to be my “main” storyline universe, I’d been doing that for – well, it’s been more than a decade, let me tell you, and it is a bit controversal (Okay, my friend that’s read it would say “very”!), so… Since my last depression I’ve been trying to find alternatives, but after working on one storyline universe for so long, it is difficult to change your mindset! *lol* So what I’ve been doing lately is, I’ve written up a synopsis for a story that covers friendship and love and stuff like that (I just need to start expanding on that, and I’m hoping to do so over the next month), which, as you imagine is a completely separate thing to what I’ve been doing in the past (I still intends to write about that multi-name guy that I dreamt about before, but I’m more interested in writing the story above at the moment), but I also wanted to do something a bit more fantasy-based as well.

Hence why I’ve also been working on Yore! stuff – and yes, I’ve been calling it “Yore!”.

So, I’m still working on the history and mythology of it, but this is the current set-up that I have of it for the ancient history part of it. Just to stress, it is still very much a work-in-progress, and I’ve already amended this part of the history about six times… *lol*

It’s not brilliant, I freely admit this, because I keep changing my mind as to what do I want the very basis structure to be like. Once I’m satisfied with the general history and mythology of it (I’m not 100% there yet, but it’s closer than where it was originally. I was really not satisfied with that, let me tell you! *grins*), I can then start working on it and expanding things out.

In terms of rules and the like, I’m… Well, I’m not sure how much I’m going to do. There is currently some kind of idle intention of trying to build up rules for, like a tabletop wargame thing, rules for a tabletop RPG-lite style game (I don’t want it to be like D&D, but I don’t want it to be too restrictive either, like some board games that were “RPGs” of a kind…), and maybe a sea ship / boat kind of battle. All of it basically fantasy style, think of it as swords and sorcery type of stuff. Hence why “Yore!” It’s just gonna try and encompass everything.

…Yeah, I know. For something that I only intends to be a passing thing to work on in my own time and with no intention of turning it into a real thing, I’m doing and intending a lot. That’s the way I get with these things. *lol*

And, yes, anyone that’s seen or played any of the wargames mentioned or read Lovecraft and Tolkien and so on, will see the inspirations easily… Hope you guys like it! Let me know what you think and all… (But be nice! Quite honestly, I’m really nervous that you’ll hate it and think I’m really rubbish…)


In the beginning, the Creator walked on the barren world. With each step, plants would grow. With each gesture, oceans would forms. With each exhalation of breath, animals would spring out from rocks. And soon, the world was alive, breathing, living.

Then the Creator looked around and was still not satisfied. With a word, he created the four races of the world – the Elves, the firstborn; the Dwarves, the architects; the Lizardfolk, the protectors; and the Men, last of all. And the races grew and multiplied. And the Creator looked around and was, finally, satisfied.

Until from Outside came the Old Gods. These Gods brought up out of the ocean a new island, and erected on it the City of the Old Gods, and spread out from the City all over the world, enticed those from all races to come and join them in pure freedom and unrivalled chaos, corrupting, changing them, removing all inhibitions until it was a pure orgy of lust and savage butchery.

The Creator saw, and called to His side the Gods. To these, he gave control of the world, and all that lived and breathed on the world, keeping only to Himself the Elves, as He loved them more than the others, although the Elves would be permitted to worship the Gods too. Some Gods took for themselves the races – one became the God of the Dwarves, one the God of the Lizardfolk, and as Men had multiplied beyond measure, three Gods took for themselves three equal divisions of Men. Other Gods would become God of this and that, and were worshipped by all races equally.

The Gods then taught their charges about weapons and warfares, eventually leading their charges into conflict with the Old Gods, and after long strife, forced the Old Gods back to their City, and those remnants of the numerous many that had changed scattered and seeking dark places where they can hide and seek escape from the righteous wrath of the Gods and their followers. Enclosing it to a final shriek of curse from one of the last Old Gods to enter the City, the Gods then brought about a great catalysm, sinking the island with the City of the Old Gods deep into the ocean, where they shall forever lay entombed, helpless, unless some other catalysm should occurs.

Then there was peace, for a while.

However, unknown to all, except maybe the Creator who does not appear often, that last shrieked curse caused a great shift in the endless space outside, and a giant meteorite had its path changed to a collision course with the world.

The impact was great, causing a great rift, a huge abyss to open up partway round the world, a dark and forboding place where it is said that being too close to it will see your life sucked away and you be trapped, doomed to endless unlife in its gloomy darkness. The scattered shards of the meteorite went all around the world, corrupting and perverting more of the four Races, turning them into bitter incarnates of themselves.

But worse than that was the meteorite brought with it the true purpose of the curse. More Gods. But these weren’t Gods or Old Gods. These were the Gods of the Great Void, incarnates of great evil, and they had brought with them their Demonic followers.

The Gods, seeing the size of the armies of the Void Gods and the effects the meteorite caused to their world, in desperation, gave of themselves and opened a rift, pulling the Void forces within and entrapping them. Further others Gods managed to shift and change the world so that the Void Rift was at the northernmost pole, surrounded by crushing ice and tumultuous seas, while the sunken City of the Old Gods was close to the southern pole, separated from their lost followers by a great ocean.

But the Gods had taken too much out of themselves, with some fading away, and others falling into deathless sleep, the Creator amongst them. Those that remained were informed by the Creator before He fell asleep that they could not stay on the world any more. Too much conflict and strife had so damaged the world that they could not suffer more Godsbattles to take place. The world, for better or worse, was now in the hands of the Four Races, and they must stand alone, steadfast, against those corrupted by the Old Gods and those changed and twisted by the Void Gods.

So the Gods rose out of the world, and restricted themselves to only watch from above. Some say that they believe there will come a time when the Old Gods and the Void Gods and all those with them shall be defeated and the Gods can come and walk the world again, and those that sleep will wake, and the Creator will rise like a phoenix and renew the world. Others speaks differently, declaring that only through heroism can they hope to survive in the endless winter of the world, but eventually all will fall.

Through sacrifice and heroism from heroes in warfare and magic and stout leadership and strong armies, the four Races has grown and established themselves in the world. But they cannot rest, for the followers of the Old Gods and the Void Gods has also multipled and strengthened. The Void Rift has started to ebb and flow in its strength, seeing Demons stalk the world in those moments where the Rift is weakest, and there are rumours that the very top of the tallest ziggurat of the City of the Old Gods is starting to peek out from the ocean…

My new Creative Corner!

Hiya guys! Welcome to my new Creative Corner! *spins around, arms wide showing off the new pristine sparkling clean and very minimalist imaginary room* *lets out a deep sigh* Yeah, yeah, I know, it’s a little sparse, but hey, I’m sure I’ll be filling it up soon enough, right??

Well, okay, maybe… We’ll see! *grins*

And, yes, the name isn’t very imaginative, but I’m absolutely fine with that!

So, what’s the purpose of this new corner in this lovely little website? Well… At the moment, I’m planning to use it to write about ideas for stories, board/war games and the like. Maybe even the occasional snippet of story.

I do realise that if I do that, though, even writing about ideas and the like, I have absolutely no guarantee that there won’t be people coming round and *ahem* “getting their own inspiration” – but then that pretty much apply to every writer that put their draft story or work online for people to read. They just have to trust people not to do that, and same here.

Saying that though, I’m not totally gonna just put everything up. The stuff that I’m gonna be putting on here are stuff that I think are gonna be hard to put together, scraps of ideas that I don’t think I could ever expand on properly, or stuff that are just for my own personal challenges, stuff that I would never dream of actually benefitting from – whether financially or otherwise.

So… With that said, here’s something that I think I’m gonna be working on. I kind of think it’s gonna be just for my own personal statisfaction, and something for me to get my teeth back into the whole style of writing and everything else. Plus, it might help provide some clues as to how my mind work. Which is a scary proposition, but there you go! *hee*

I’d mentioned before (some time ago now) that I have a whole fantasy story Universe going on in my head and that I have something like 20, 30 stories all more or less set up in my head. It’s still all subject to modifications and everything, and all of them need to be written and everything else. But the problem with that fantasy story universe is that it’s just a liiiiiittle bit controversal. *sighs* And the fact that I’ve had it all worked out in my head and everything else makes it kind of tough to separate it from the stories that I have – it’s all interconnected, if you like.

So… That, plus my last depression attack, meant that I kind wanted to take a complete break from that fantasy story universe and more or less try to do something completely new. Something so totally unrelated to the story universe I have that I can just make a whole new start. But for a while, everything that I was thinking of, it all had their basis in the story universe – in fact, the way I’d designed the universe was so that I can pretty much throw everything into it! *sighs* *lol*

But this time round… I had a very bad sleep last night, I couldn’t actually get to sleep and just basically dozed off in the lounge while having the tv in the background – that happens, sometimes – and today I’ve been very lethargic and had little energy to do anything, even play games, that I decided I would try and take a couple of hours sleep in the middle of the day (hey, it’s Saturday, I’m on my own, and my ears hurts so I can’t put my aids in to go anywhere anyway…) and while I was drowsing, I was thinking about the game that I was playing – The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel – and how most of the characters around were basically keeping secrets about themselves, including names and the like. That wasn’t the only game I had in mind… I had Suikoden V in my head, and Ni No Kuni and so on…

I also had in my head a bit of blog that I hadn’t even started writing about, which was all about how people have their own different ways of viewing the world, even though we’d all inhabit the world, and something agressive from one side’s point of view could be seen as different to the other side. Add to that, I had Doctor Who swimming around in my mind for some reason, and I just started… Well, I dunno if it’s dreaming, but that’s probably the best way to put it.

And my dream was basically this: It was about a guy, just your typical modern-fantasy-style guy, think of him as kind of like any of the characters from that game. The difference is, he had a darker secret than most, and there were these hunters – again, think of someone like Gideon from the Legend of Heroes game, although I didn’t dream of him, it was about 4 (mostly female) humans – one was fast like a wolf, one was able to become invisible, and I don’t think I dreamt of the abilities of the other two (but those two are enough for me to start with). And these humans were hunting this guy for their own personal reasons – they feel they’re in the right, he feels he’s in the right (that’s something else that I wanted to try and do… Make it so that you’re “following” him in the story, and he’s the alleged hero of the story, but make it so that you have an understanding and sympathy for the hunters as well – in other words, there’s no “goodies” and “baddies”, just two groups that has their own agendas).

And I was dreaming it in the style of one of those RPG-like boss battles – I was controlling the character’s party and they were fighting two of those hunters. I’d defeated those two hunters (after a difficult effort) and it switched over to a more normal dream. The other two came and started attacking and protecting their fallen friends, healing them where possible and getting them to safety. In the process of that, one of the character’s party was killed and the character stumbled, as if he’s lost a part of himself.

As it turns out, the character is someone who gets stronger with people giving him names – he never gives out his original name, and almost encourages people to give him a new name, every one he meets, if he gets a new name, he becomes stronger. But those hunters, now joined by someone else, a guy with limited time ability, are trying to remove those names from him and weaken him. The guy can use his limited time abilities to go back and try to change things. And the character knows, and realise that he almost fell into one of those time ability traps himself, divulging the reason why he’s trying to get names for himself.

As it turns out, the hunters are doing it because they think he’s a demon, and by removing all those names, they can weaken him enough to destroy him. But the character believes that by getting as many names as possible, he can keep the world from being destroyed as if he lose all his names, his true self will be freed. And because of that, he’s protecting the last few people that have given him names and who still has them.

And that’s basically the gist of the dream. With just that, I’m already expanding on it in my mind and everything, putting bits and pieces together, and working out what every part of the story should be and everything else.

And the good news is… It’s totally unrelated to my fantasy story Universe! *hee* With this, I think I can just build on this and expand it out and everything else, try to come up with something decent for this.

Why is it unrelated to my fantasy story Universe? Well… It just feels different, and in my own story universe, names don’t have any powers or anything like that. Yes, I know, just that one little difference makes it distinct. *smh* *lol* But still… It’d be good to actually start writing and everything again. I’m looking forward to sitting down and getting on with it. Hopefully, over the next few months, I can really expand on it and everything.

Am I planning on starting a new story Universe? Ehh… Not yet. Let’s see how I get on with this one first. It kind of feel like an one-off. Plus, like I said before… I kind of have to work on this to make it from a dream into an actual story.

Also… I also said that I kind of want to make a more slice-of-life story rather than an out-and-out modern fantasy style story like I’ve been doing and this feel like a modern fantasy style story. *sighs* I don’t think I can make this one that much of a slice-of-life, but… Oh well, we will see.

I do feel good about this one, though. I’m looking forward to getting on with this.

How do I write? Well… When I have a general gist – like what I’ve written up there, I put that down as quickly as possible – on computer, on paper, doesn’t matter. And then the next thing I do is get one of the many notebooks that I have (yes, I have this compulsion to go out and buy multiple wide notebooks – I dread to think how many notebooks I have which are waiting for me to start writing them in… *lol*) and a pen, and I just start writing things down. I find it much easier for me to do that – some people prefer an old-fashioned typewriter, some people write on computer, some people write on paper… Everyone’s different. What I tend to find that works best for me is to start writing it down on paper, because I’m constantly writing and crossing things out and making little jottings of notes and the like to be put in elsewhere, just kind of getting the story down and out and modifying as I go along. And then I put in a 1.5 draft (if you like) down on computer – which is basically amalgamating everything that I’ve written and putting it into order (and I’m still modifying and everything as I go along). And that’s pretty much the first full version. After that’s it’s a question of reading through the story I’ve written and making changes, be it little changes or great sweeping changes (to the extent of almost changing the story completely) and getting it to a level that I think I’d be happy with.

And once I get it to that stage… Well… We’ll leave it at that for now. I don’t wanna get myself too far ahead. There’s a lot to do before that!

Do I plan to get it published and out and about? Well, I dunno. Depends on how well I do with the writing for this… Would be nice, but let’s see. At the moment, the intention that I have is to just use this to get back to writing and everything, and this is something that I’d say is separate enough to just play around with, and if it turns out to be rubbish or someone comes along and… Yeah. At least I won’t lose much.

At least now I have a brand new base to start writing a new story. Hopefully, after that, I’ll be able to get writing lots, and not just stories, but board games and war games and the like (I still have to finish putting together the board game idea I’ve had for the past year or so…)

Oh, look… This sparse room’s getting filled up now! *hee* I’ll see you later, guys!