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A political rant, I’m afraid…


How’s your weekend going? Me… Well, to be honest, the days have been blurring into each other lately. *lol* But never mind… Things’ll be different soon enough!

I’ve gotta write a list of what I need to do and who to contact with regards to moving places. Like… I’ve gotta contact utilities companies to inform them that I’ll be officially moving out at X date (still to be determined), landlord and all that… Hmm… Same goes for the broadband people, I guess. I’m planning on setting up a new provider when I move, kind of thing. Simply because when I had broadband set up here, I was with O2, and they were good. Unfortunately, they then decided they wanted to sell out to the evil corporation. At the time, I was hopeful of moving away, but… *shrugs* As it turned out, I ended up having about 4 or 5 aborted moves away from this place, but hopefully this one will go smoothly. (Out of those 4 or 5 aborted moves, most were planned move to rent something closer to where I worked, but then things happened, job-wise or place-wise, which meant they didn’t work out. Which is probably why I wasn’t counting chickens before they hatched for ages. I suppose I still shouldn’t, until Friday, but… Everything seems to be going okay, so… Yeah.)

Talking about evil corporations and the internet, I see in the USA, the organisation that are supposed to be looking after things and making sure it works for Americans have decided that they will ignore everyone that have consistently told them it was a very bad idea and listened to the money instead. Some of which, I’m sure, is mysteriously disappearing into their pockets, right? *smh*

And here, well, the snooper’s charter is gonna get even worse if the Tories stay in charge. They’re planning on basically making it even worse for everyone. Apart from themselves, of course. They’re planning to give themselves extemptions, because, of course, no-one should ever know what their MPs are doing, meaning they can keep committing all the illegal activities that they do…

Internet freedom, net neutrality, all that, is essential. Especially the way that things have been going, both in the USA, and here in the UK. The way they’ve been going, the dictator in North Korea is starting to take notes in how to supress the downtrodden and how to control the population.

Extreme? Not even close to it, I’m afraid… Our current Prime Minister is showing her true self, and the right-wing media that we have are basically falling over themselves to say she is absolutely wonderful and the best leader that we have ever had. Whereas, quite honestly, she’s going so far as to make the war criminal begins to look remotely decent. And that’s horrible. There is absolutely nothing that should make the war criminal be able to stand up and say “At least I wasn’t as bad as…” but the Prime Minister right now…?

The problem is… People are saying Corbyn’s unelectable. I don’t think he is, I means, you’ve only got to look at the USA. People thought “45” was so unelectable, he would be gone within the first few weeks of the Republican’ts presidental hopefuls selection process. But he didn’t. And when the Democrats decided that, no matter what, they would select Hillary Clinton, well… The threat of “45” becoming President was real, and it turned out that way.

The problem is… “45” did it all despite the numerous voices against him, and he has proven himself over and over again that he is far worse than what everyone knew would be the case. Here… We don’t have that same vocal opposition in terms of media against our current Prime Minister, and we are seeing, far too many times, that people have swallowed the utterly inane rants backed by the right-wing media. Why do you think we’ve got Brexit facing us? Why do you think a rancid racist neo-nazi managed to get his UKIP party so much facetime and gets seats in the European parliament where they pretty much take full advantage and get as much money for themselves as possible?

The only reason they haven’t had much in the way of seats here in the UK elections is because we’ve got a frankly ridiculous system of electing MPs, which has been set up so that the rich white men can keep as much power as possible. And, of course, they’re unwilling to change the system to a fair one.

I just hope that we will get a lot of people voting in the General Election in a few weeks, and that the Tories will suffer a massive defeat. It’s the only way we’re gonna get anywhere to seeing a country that isn’t run by the few for the few, which is the Tories’ policy.

…I just don’t understand why so many people think that Conservatives (like our Tories, like the USA’s Republican party and so on) are worth voting for. They’ve proven themselves over and over again that they only care about the rich white male 1%, and they will do everything possible to make sure that they get away with as much as possible while taxing and taking everything possible on the other 99%. And yet… People still vote for them. People who’ve seen their livelihoods, their jobs, everything taken away from them due to the conservatives’ actions… And they still blindly vote for them. Just… Why?

I think it’s because too many people just believe the show, and ignore the words. Americans fell for “45” bluster, and too many Brits are believing in the right-wing media. They believe that a desiccated corpse, who has shown very clearly that he will screw every single employee he has to save one person he likes and who want to take as much money as possible and tell every single person in the country what to do, somehow has their welfare at heart. They believe that a state-run media outlet will report fair and square, despite the fact that, especially over the past few years, they have becomes far more right-wing and give far more attention to the far-right than they should.

There need to be a change. We cannot, and should never, allow the rich, white, male 1% dictate what the rest of us should do. And we need to start in the General Election, we need to get the Tories out, and consign them to the annuals of history as a bad chapter.

Another General Election…

Heya! Here’s a… well, it’s a bit modified from what it used to be. Originally, it was just a few paragraphs about the fact that we’re having another General Election, just two years after the last one, and the reason for it is – I think, fairly obvious – so that May can (as is sadly most likely) gets a bigger majority in Parliament while Labour are apparently “weak”, along with the fact that she knows she’s gonna mess up Brexit so badly that she thinks by being in Parliament a couple of years longer, everyone will forget about their massive mess.

Or if some other party came into power, the Tories will be satisfied with sitting back and watching the other party try to fix their mess. Either way, it’s fairly obvious that, to May and the Tories party, they think it’s a win-win for them.

And quite honestly, I find it sickening that they could be so callous about the whole thing. They’ve proven themselves over and over again that they don’t care about anyone but the 1%ers and they would rather see the whole country burns than do the right thing.

I really hope I’m wrong, but… *shakes head* I dun see that happening. With the Tories and their allies, UKIP, basically lying and deceiving everyone and pretty much controlling the media (from what I’ve seen, pretty much every newspaper and TV channel is basically giving all their support to the neo-nazis party…), it’s gonna be a long hard struggle to get anywhere.

Mind you, considering that those who owns something like 75% of the media outlets are affliated with the Tory party… It was always gonna be the case. The sooner we get rid of those… odious cesspits… and actually have people that will promote free thinking, the better.

And if you wanna see how bad it can get… Just look at what’s happening in the USA. I see “45” latest plan is to bully the USA to pay for the wall. A far cry from making Mexico pay for it, he now plans to get the US taxpayer to pay for it. When there’s far more important things to spend that money on. Flint, for example. But no, he’s too busy robbing the taxpayers to play golf on his own resorts and spending all the money he can on his own stuff. And there’s still something like 30% of Americans who still think he’s doing a fantastic job. I can only presume that consists of the rich white male 1%, and the other 29% are gullible morons who need directions as to how to spoon-feed themselves.

I’m moving to support the Make Votes Matters group. Because, as they’ve shown, the system we have of electing people means that sometimes… It doesn’t matter who you vote for, if enough people make the choice in the local area, that party will be the only representative in Parliament for the local area. Despite the fact that they might go in there with only 25% of people actually voting for them in the local area. And that’s wrong. We need to make sure that there is actual proportional representation in all levels, local and the whole of the UK. Otherwise… Well, as some people might say, what’s the point in voting if their vote won’t matter?

Everyone’s vote should matter. I dun care if it’ll means more coalitions. In fact, I’d probably welcome it, if it means that no party can be too powerful and maybe it’ll also means that we’ll have the chance to reins in some of the more extreme measures. You’ve only gotta look at the Tory party to see the point, with their snooper’s charter and everything else. They tried to do some of that when they were in the coalition government, but their junior partners refused to accept that – and quite right too.

Quite honestly, if it’ll stop the Tories from destroying the UK for the 1%ers, the better.

I haven’t decided who I’m gonna vote for yet. My head say I should vote for Labour, but… *shakes head* They haven’t got rid of that shadow of the war criminal yet. And he’s been talking out and saying he wanna go back into politics.

No. Just… No. If he comes back, he’s basically saying, “Vote Tories”. In fact, I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned out he actually is a Tory. The amount of time he seems to be wanting to pop up to destroy Labour… It’s really suspicious right now.

What I plan to do is, when I know who’s gonna run in the local area, I’m gonna try and find a comparison site of policies and pick one, depending on which one reasonates with me the most. It definitely won’t be Tories or UKIP, but anyone else is still up for grabs. I’m pretty sure that, in this local area, it’ll means Labour, Lib Dems or Greens. But we’ll see.

I’m just… tired and disgusted at just how obvious the corrupt Tories are trying to manipulate things to give them more power.

*sighs* Okay… I’m gonna stop here for now. Sorry it’s a bit of a downer, but… Just… Anyway. We’ll see what happens. Hopefully the week ahead will be a good one for us all, and I’m certainly aiming to try and write about other things throughout the week, instead of just on weekends! *grins* See you soon! 😀

Football talk!

Heya! This is my football post. I originally started writing this Friday evening, so I’ve just gone through it and made some changes and added a whole new section about how well or not “my” teams are doing this season…

But first… The bad bit:

If there was ever any indication that there is something badly wrong with a lot of people, this has to be something near the top: The man that was jailed last year for having sex with an underage girl was apparently recorded as saying he regrets he didn’t rape her. You know, like a certain other footballer that’s still currently playing football because he got released from jail and told he was gonna be tried again because his victim had sex in the past… *smh* (Okay, that’s a bit extreme, but no-one’s sexual past should ever be brought up when they’re victims of rape…)

*smh* And he thinks he was more severely punished because he used to play for England.

…Quite honestly, he showed no remorse, ever, for having sex with a 15yo. He showed no remorse for what happened to the girl he had sex with, especially when, somewhat mysteriously, her name (which I refuse to divulge, even if I knew it) was being chanted at the football ground along with unpleasant terms for her. And when I checked out some of the twitter reaction to the news, there were people – even ladies, LADIES! – who pretty much said they agreed with him.

I’m sorry?? You’re agreeing with a man who said he wished he raped a 15yo??

*grr* This is why I hate this kind of hero-worship of rich white men – and the guy in jail was rich, I’m not gonna say he was ultra-rich, but you only have to see the money that was getting paid out to Premier League footballers, especially those who played for England, to know that he’s got a fair amount put away. But there is a major problem when there are people out there that will make excuses for people who willingly commit crimes, like having sex with underage people, or rape, or anything like that, just because they happens to be rich, white and male. I guarantee you that, should the guy be black, those same people would be baying for his blood.

Personally I dun care what colour his skin is, I want to see justice firmly done. And since that guy is talking about raping her… Quite honestly, I would see him back in court and told that since he shows no remorse and even talk about doing worse to the victim, his sentence is to be extended.

Ugh. How anyone could possibly defend him is beyond belief. I would’ve thought that all the news coming out over the past few years would’ve showed and confirmed that there are some really sick individuals out there who got away with things just because they’re rich, white men.

…And then there’s the news about Nott County Ladies football team. *smh* One day before the start of the Spring Series season, the chairman of Nott County Football Club – which covered both men’s and women’s – has declared that he is disbanding the ladies’ football team.

One day. Before. Start of Season.

Ignoring all the question of money and bills and everything else, I want to say that this is very wrong for the people who are now out of a job. One, at least, has posted on twitter that she is now jobless and homeless. Honestly… I just think it’s disgusting. You took over the club that has money trouble, fine, everyone knows that, everyone knew there was huge problems, but the way that chairman treated those players and all staff concerned with the ladies’ side of the football club is disgusting. Especially since the transfer window is shut. There’s currently question marks over whether any of the players will be able to join other clubs for the Spring Series. The guy really should have either a) Given those players and other staff a _lot_ more time to leave and join other clubs back when the window was open – ie, announce that he’s closing it before the start of the transfer window – or b) Told everyone that he will keep the club open for the duration of the Spring Series, but after that, unless someone else can come in and take over running of the ladies’ side of things, he will be closing it down. Thereby allowing those employed, players and staff, to play, earn money and make plans for the future – whether that’s joining other clubs or putting money away so they can afford to be unemployed for a time.

But, no, instead he decided he wanted to do it at a time that is bad for everyone concerned in the ladies’ side of the club, and mess up the Spring Series.

Just… I dunno anything about running a football club, I can understand that ladies’ sides are being run at a loss (and will be for a while yet, sadly, until we start to see a shift in people actually paying attention to ladies’ football and everything else), but even so… These are people we’re talking about here. People who need to earn a living. And what that chairman done is… Quite honestly, it feel like he wanted to be vindictive.

This is a major problem when the FA and all decided that they wanted the ladies’ to get associated with men’s teams. Because what was gonna happens was, the ladies’ were gonna be totally under the whims of the people running the men’s side, and should there be problems – like at Notts County – it was clearly obvious that the ladies were gonna be in serious trouble.

I means… We can perhaps say that those associated with the rich clubs, like Chelsea and Manchester City, are fairly safe, but all it takes is one chairman to say, “I’m cutting losses”, and those clubs will be in serious trouble.

We really need to get things sorted out at the top level of ladies’ football. We cannot afford to keep things the way they are because I can see this kind of thing happening again. We need to have some way of being able to encourage people to go watch the ladies’ football, and maybe the shift to the normal footballing season might help, especially if they can arrange it so that men and women can play at the same ground on the same day and sell joint tickets for both as well as individual games. And maybe get more TV exposure. I know there’s plans for the BBC to show more highlights, which will be good. Still a shame we don’t have the chance to watch live matches (think they’re on some obscure channel no-one ever heard of and no-one pays for), but highlights are good.

We’d also need another good performance at the Euros in a few months’ time, but… Considering what’s been happening there with the ridiculously early squad selection for England, can’t say I can see that happening right now.

So, what about the local teams? Well, Bristol City are almost safe. They’re on 51 points with two games to go and Blackburn are the last team in the relegation zone that can still catch them (they’re on 45 points, with two games, and it’s three points for a win). Ideally, we’d want one more draw and then go from there.

I gotta admit, I was disappointed with City’s season. I didn’t think they were gonna go up or challenge for the play-offs or anything – I was predicting mid-table, bottom-half of the table, but that they wouldn’t have any real relegation trouble – but for whatever reason… They did struggle for some time.

Bristol Rovers… They surprised me, in a good way. I predicted at the start of the season that I’d thought they’d initially struggle to make any headway in League One after two successive promotions before settling down and moving up the table to maybe mid-table top-half, but they did far better than I thought. They were even in the hunt for a play-off place at one time (They can’t do it now, but they’re still top-half, and it’s been a really good season for them, I think).

This is gonna sound weird, but to be quite honest, I’m very thankful they didn’t go up this season. I honestly think, if they did, they would massively struggle to avoid going straight back down. The Championship is probably the toughest division anywhere in the world. I’d rather see Rovers stays in League One for another season and build a much stronger team so that when they do go up… They’d have a chance of staying up, and going from there. It would be great to see Rovers established as a Championship-level side.

Bristol Ladies… Well, I’m glad the Spring Series won’t be seeing anyone get relegated, because I think it will be a huge struggle for the ladies. But in a way… It’s also good for the team. The people at the club will know just how big a step it is (yes, I know they were only down for one season, but even so…) and I’m sure the manager – Willie Kirk (yes, I know…) – will already be thinking of how to get the club from being at the bottom to getting towards mid-table and establishing themselves as a WsL1 team.

And… That’s all. I did write other bits and pieces, but I figured I’ll just post the above. I’ll make another post tonight, about the politics – will be mostly UK, but I’ll probably mention other countries as well! *grins*

Last Days of Jesus Documentary: My views

Heya! How’s your Easter going? Mine’s been okay so far. Nothing special, but it’s nice to be able to actually go through Easter and remember what is – for Christians – the most holy day for us. And I’ve been able to do that with a much clearer mind than I have been able to for, well, forever really! *lol*

But there’s something else that I kinda wanted to discuss, and I dun want to turn it into a rant or anything, so I’m probably gonna be modifying this more than a few times before I actually get round to posting it! *grins*

So what’s this thing that I wanna “discuss”? Well, UK TV’s Channel 5 – and from what I’ve seen online, it was also shown on various channels around the world – has decided that, on Good Friday, they would show this documentary called “Last Days of Jesus”. From the description, I knew that it was likely to be fairly controversal, but in a way, I dun mind that – I like being able to see what people are saying, I like the idea of being made aware of various theories. It doesn’t means I have to agree with them, but hearing about these things does interest me. And this…

…Well, it was definitely controversal – they were basically saying Jesus was working with Herod Antipas and some Roman soldier called Lucius Aelius Sejanus, who almost became emperor, before being charged with treason and having his name almost completely scrubbed from history, in an effort to change how things were being done in Judea in those days.

The problem is… Despite it being something like two hours of them trying to persuade us that the theory they’re putting forward is something that is worth considering – and I won’t lie, in places, they were fairly persuasive – when I sat back to think about it, I found myself just thinking just how much proof did they actually give us? A few strange oddities in the Bible and trying to reconcile it with other sources (especially regarding Pontius Pilate), and one or two other bits and pieces that they gave out – the palm fronds, for example, and them saying that the only time that they could really do that moment of laying out the palm fronds in front of Jesus as he rode the donkey into Jerusalem was actually in Autumn, rather than Spring. And so they’re saying that the last week of Jesus should really be something like the last six months of Jesus, and aligning that with what’s been happening in Rome, when Sejanus’ involvement in the murder of Tiberus’ son was uncovered.

But… Again, for something that’s two hours in length (I’m presuming that in some countries it was split up into 30-mins segments or so, but for the UK, they decided to show it all in one go), they really didn’t actually give any definite proof that there was any corrolations between the three of them, and they only picked on a few short segments in the Bible, and nothing about the rest of what the Bible was saying, especially with regards to what happened after Jesus’ death.

Quite frankly, I was kinda disappointed. I think it’s fairly known that I do have my problems with the Bible, and that I am of the opinion that the Bible – and all the other holy books out there, whatever religion it may be – are written by imperfect humans, and we cannot take everything that’s been written in them as gospel, for want of another word. (Although, contrary to what I just said, I do firmly believe that Jesus is the Son of God, who’d died and rose for our sins – and believe me, I am aware of the conflict because it’s hard to reconcile faith with proof sometimes!)

But when you are trying to put forward a new theory, you need to be able to give a lot of what you’ve found, not just two or three possible pieces of evidence, and why it all appears to match together – and most of all, you need to allow people to offer their counterarguments. Everybody in that documentary – which was, what, 5, 6 people? – were all on the same side, trying to put forward that theory. And sadly… What they gave in the end, in those two hours, were somewhat flimsy at best.

I dun really want to go through them, because there’s better people out there who can give much better counterarguments than I could, but let’s pick on a couple: First, their claim that Jesus was allowed to go into the temple and basically kick out the people who he accused of turning the temple into a den of robbers. They claim that the reason that Jesus was allowed to do that in the presence of the priests without any repercussions was because the Romans stopped them from doing so. But the Bible states that Jesus more or less went straight there while the whole city of Jerusalem was stirred from his entry. I would argue, rather, that the reason they “allowed” him to do that without any immediate repercussions would be more to do with the fact that there was a lot of people around – I don’t think anyone, soldier or priest or otherwise, would want to risk the ire of that many people, at least not without at least a roman legion backing them up.

And the connection between Jesus, Herod Antipas and Sejanus? I can see how there could be a connection between Herod and Sejanus, but Jesus and the other two? Their “proof” is that Jesus had a couple of Herod’s close relatives counted amongst his followers – but there’s nothing that specifically states that they were in there. Just that some of his followers were rich women, who allowed them to purchase food and the like. They’ve got that idea, but they haven’t been able to offer that definite proof of any link between the two.

And why was Pilate displayed in the Bible as different to how he’s shown to be in other sources? Well, they kind of touched on it in a different context – the Bible was written and disseminated and translated and passed around to various sources, primarily in Roman-dominated areas – if it’s getting given around to Romans, any representative of Rome in the Message being passed around are almost certainly going to be presented in a better light than they would normally be. Again, we’re talking about people who are basically translating and writing with the knowledge of who their audience are going to be, and while the main context of the message is the same, not everything that surrounds it will be.

It’s just… disappointing, really. I was hoping for something that would allow us to seek and question further, and maybe get closer to what things were like in the days of Jesus, but instead we have a few theories without very much proof, just more questions.

*shrugs* And those things are off the top of my head; like I say, I’m certain someone far more knowledgeable in history and Bible studies will be able to provide a much more comprehensive answer.

Okay… I’m gonna stop here for now. I dun normally like discussing religion too much because I think everyone should be free to believe what they want to believe, but I did want to try and put something down about this program, and why I wasn’t convinced about their theory in the end. Hopefully, I was able to do so without turning it into too much of a rant. I’ve skimmed and modified a few things here and there, so… Yeah, hopefully it’s all okay! See you guys soon!

Queensland and England Ladies

Heya everyone! How’s your week going? Certainly hope it’s going better than mine so far… *smh* Nothing bad, haven’t heard anything more the car or anything like that, it’s just been busy all day every day. *shakes head* I’d like a bit of time to do other things guys!

*sighs* Anyway, I’ve got a bit of time in the morning before I have to head off to work… Hopefully, not too bad at work today – the past couple of days have been spent doing investigations, mostly, as well as meetings. Fun(!) *smh* But today hopefully promises to be a little bit more settled so I can probably start looking at my phone to keep on top of things on Twitter and all…

But today… I kind of want to say a couple of things. First of all, it’s a little late, but I really do hope everyone’s okay in Queensland. I spent a week or two in there (When I was living in Australia, I was based in Melbourne, but I did go to visit a friend who was living in Cairns at the time, and I took that opportunity to go and see the Great Barrier Reef – and believe me, Cairns was gorgeous, lovely and warm and sunny – and the girls were just as hot and gorgeous too! *grins* Would’ve loved to stay there, but… That’s the way it goes). So yeah… Hope everyone’s okay in Queensland, and hopefully all the damage can be repaired fairly quickly.

I still dun agree with the convention of naming these storms. It’s a bit unfair on people with those names, especially if it’s been a bad or damaging storm. Just to take an example from (recent) history, I’m willing to bet you anything that the name “Katrina” has gone way down in popularity.

If we must name these storms, at the very least let’s refer to them after people who have proven themselves to be scum… From history or otherwise. Hurricane Cecil Rhodes, for example. Although quite frankly, that’s still just giving them more media time than they deserves.

The other thing I wanted to talk about was the ridiculous nonsense sprouted by the England ladies’ football manager, Mark Sampson. He has decided that he will name the squad for the Euros 2017 in April. A few months before the tournament actually starts, and before the Womens’ Spring Series league starts. Yeah. That’s right. The Women’s Spring Series is going to have a whole season of ladies playing, and they’re gonna know that whatever they do that season, they know they’re already in or out of the squad.

I means, honestly, seriously? Mark Sampson has made a few calls that I disagreed with (the selection of some players and the non-selection of others players, but that’s just my opinion, and everyone has their own opinions as to who should be in or not in the squad), but he’s the manager, it’s his choice, but this is… Stupid. What if some of the girls plays abysmally during the Spring Series? Is he seriously gonna tell them, “I don’t care, you’re still going to the Euros.”? What if someone not in the squad plays out of their skins and is named the best player in the whole league, scores goals, the whole lot. Are you seriously telling me no matter what, she’s not gonna play in the Euros?

*smh* Sorry, but that’s just wrong. Players who go to the Euros should be picked on merit. Of course the manager’s got a choice, but just deciding to ignore the whole Spring Series? No way should that be the case.

If it turns out that this crazy plan works, and the England ladies does win the Euros, then I will hold my hand up and admit that he got this right, but personally… I genuinely think that this is a very bad decision and will backfire. Right now, despite everything that he’s done in getting England up to 4th in the world rankings, I’m… honestly worried that England aren’t going to get out of the group stage.

A lot can happens in the months between, and I think it’s just wrong to include or exclude players before seeing how they’re doing in those months with matches and the like.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see. And with that said, I’d better get ready for work. See you soon!

SNP, Tories and “45” – oh my!

Heya! Wow, yesterday was a pretty bad day at work. Practically everything I did… *shakes head* Just a mess. But today’s another day, and as soon as I get in, I’ll sit down, write down what I need to do and go through that list one by one. And hopefully, that will see me sort everything out.

Course, it would help if I managed to get much sleep last night. For whatever reason, I couldn’t sleep at all, and in the end, I think I had a couple hours overall (as in, drowse off, and then wake up again like 10 minutes later) or so? Wasn’t very much at all. Oh well… I’m unfortunately kind of used to having sleepless nights every now and then. Just various things keeping me up and all. Hopefully, tonight I can also catch up on my sleep. What I dun wanna do is mess up my sleeping patterns again. *nods*

So… What’s news? Well, a bit of politics, unfortunately. In what is absolutely no surprise whatsoever, the leader of the Scottish Nationalist Party, Nicola Sturgeon, has declared that she will ask for yet another referendum for the Scottish people to declare independence from the UK.

Now… I will freely admit, I have absolutely no love whatsoever for the SNP. Not because I don’t think Scotland should be independent or anything like that – in actual fact, and I’ve said this before, but the problem with the UK is, and has always been, the fact that a lot of decisions made about the UK tends to be pretty much London-specific, or London and the south east. Because that’s where most of the people are.

Even where I am – which is around the Bristol area, which is to the west of England, close to Wales, there’s been times when I think that the Government don’t really seems to care that much about anything like… Beyond Reading (which is in the way between Bristol and London, but closer to London) really.

So when you consider that a lot of people in the North of England are complaining about the government, and Scotland’s further north than that, well… You can imagine just how little impression the government that’s based in London appears to care for Scotland.

But my main problem with the SNP is… Well, there’s two main problems with it. The first is simple: The SNP has always given me the impression that they are a party that will always put independence first and foremost, and it’s that that they are primarily concerned with. And what I means by that is that sometimes, I don’t get the impression that they are working as hard as they should be for Scotland’s benefits. Instead of focusing on the problems that Scotland’s facing and trying to come up with solutions for it, they are basically making calls for independence, and it just feel like they’re doing that all the time. If I was Scottish – and I’m not, I would be asking them to do a little bit more focusing on the day-to-day activities and less focusing on going pretty much daily, “We want independence!”

The second problem that I have with the SNP is a little bit more harder to explain. I didn’t read their White Paper in the 2014 (I think it’s that?) independence debate, but I did see some of the gist of it, and for a large part of it, I was caught out by them basically saying that the UK would be giving an independent Scotland a lot of things for free or on the cheap. Now, I freely admit, I could’ve gotten that wrong, but I did have that impression. It was always about “Well, of course we’ll have a special relationship between Scotland and the UK, they’re gonna give us a lot of things on the cheap, they’ll be giving us money for nothing!” and so on.

Basically, a lot similarities with “45” rhetoric about Mexico paying for the wall and all that, I genuinely felt like I’ve seen it before with Salmond and Sturgeon pretty much saying the same thing. They’re gonna do things, and some other countries are somehow gonna pay for it. Well… Like Mexico, I think the UK should say to the people in charge, “No. Way.” (okay, I know Mexico was a little bit ruder than that, but you know what I means!)

But yeah, quite frankly, I wanna say this, no. Sorry. If Scotland decides they want to become independent, they should have complete independence. That means no special deals, the UK don’t give them anything for free or on the cheap except through proper trade negotiations, the whole work. That’s the fairest thing for both Scotland and the UK – and I means both. The Scottish people should not be conned into thinking other countries are going to give them anything for free or cheap, and that includes the UK. And I think it’s very wrong of the SNP to try and do a “45” (although, technically, they were doing it before “45” started his campaigns).

I would like to hope that the SNP will do it properly this time, but… *shakes head* I honestly don’t think they will. They will do everything possible, lie and pretend that everyone else is gonna give them money for nothing, and everything else, just so that they con enough people that independence is a great idea.

The one thing I will say about Scotland is that what’s been said before still apply now. There is no absolute guarantee that an independent Scotland will be automatically accepted into the EU. There are certain countries – Spain, for example who have got two regions (Basque and Catalonia) trying to get more independence – who will be very against them.

What do I think about the UK and Scotland and all? *shrugs* I think I’d like to see them still part of the UK, but if enough Scottish people really feel that strongly about it then we shouldn’t stand in their way. I don’t think there’s enough desire in Scotland for yet another referendum – and it’s getting to the point where I think it’s gonna be close to the SNP going “Well, fine, we didn’t win this referendum, we’ll do it again next year. And the year after that. And the year after that, until we get the result we want!”

But most of all… I don’t want the Scottish people to be conned. I don’t want anyone anywhere to be conned. And I think the SNP – and the Tory government in Westminister – are too full of… Well, you know. And they’ve both pretty much demostrated it over and over again. We know we’ve got too many people in England who think the Tories are the best party ever, despite the Tories having completely proved that they only care about the rich 1%, as long as they’re white and male, of course. And the SNP, quite honestly, have proven themselves to be just as bad as the Tories, in that they’ve managed to con the Scottish people that they care about them, and that they have ideas for how best to get Scotland running, when they’ve proven themselves to be obsessed with the idea of independence over everything else, including Scottish people’s welfare.

But anyway… I think pretty much everyone knew that the SNP would use the whole Brexit deal to try and get another referendum, the only surprise was how long it took them to do it.

I’m also disappointed in what’s been going on in the parliamentary discussions. How dare the Tory government play with the lives of people that was born in the EU? They came here, they work here, and quite frankly, I don’t see why anyone should think that because they’re not British, that gives anyone the right to dictate their future. A guarantee that anyone from the EU that are currently living here would still be allowed to stay here was the right thing to do, that the government and the EU weren’t gonna play around with their lives and everything… And yet the government resisted this. Quite frankly, I’m disgusted. We are talking about people’s lives. We are talking about basic rights. Instead, the government has turned them into toys, things to play around with. *smh*

And when you see what happened over in the USA, and “45” and his Republican party “healthcare” scheme – which, from what I’ve seen is basically, “the rich can have healthcare for cheaper, the poor can do without” is… I’m staggered. Okay, I admit it, I’m British and we’ve got the NHS here (for now, I know the Tories want to do a “45” and make healthcare something only for the rich 1%…), but… I firmly believe that universal healthcare is a right. No-one should be turned away because they can’t afford healthcare. And I think it’s really telling that “45” and his Republican party goons are more interested in spending lots more on their armed forces than they want to for healthcare. Quite honestly, it should be the other way round. We should be spending money so that people can be healthy rather than forking out money on weapons of mass destruction that we’re probably never even gonna use.

And, yes, I am aware of the threat of countries like, say, North Korea, but that still shouldn’t stop us for putting human beings’ welfare first and foremost.

Unfortunately… Unless people start thinking and voting properly, we’re gonna be putting up with the curse of the SNP, of the Tories, and of “45” and the Republican party and so on for years to come.

International Women’s Day


Today’s International Women’s Day, and I just wanna say a few words about it (which, knowing me, will end up as more than a few!).

First of all, there are some people who are wondering why we have an International Women’s Day, and why some of the ladies out there are protesting and not going into work today – and believe you me, if I could’ve, I would’ve done exactly the same, but… Work’s really busy and I already had to take half-days or whatever at sudden moments’ notices – and I do appreciate work for allowing me to take those. Technically they could’ve turned round and said “We understand but we need you to work today, can you arrange to do whatever it is another day?” but they never have, so… Yeah. When I spoke to the boss about it, he said he understood but due to other people having – well, a couple I know are having the week off – that week off, and due to the workload – including one that I’m working on which is kind of like marked “urgent” – they couldn’t let me take the day off. Which is understandable.

(However, I will be wearing red… I just need to find the right thing to wear that’s red! *grins*)

Anyway, yeah… There are some people who are wondering why we have an International Women’s Day. Most of them are the same people that wonders why we have a Black History Month or a LGBTQ+ month and so on. But just so that I can say, “Well, I tried…”

While I freely admit that, in some countries – including the UK, where I am – women are a lot more equal to men than they have ever been – the times of the suffragettes was just over a hundred years ago now here, we are still in some ways behind men. Take the wages gap, for example. A lot of employers seems to think that, mostly because could potentially gets pregnant and take up to 52 weeks off (39 of those paid) for maternity leave, they can get away with paying women less than men that are on the same level of employment as them. And there’s been numerous stories out there of women who are trying to come back from maternity and being offered less money, there’s been some that have been sacked for getting pregnant and so on. And even if there was no chance of some women getting pregnant, they’re still given less in most cases.

And I’ve seen these things happening in the UK – and by law, that shouldn’t be possible.

But it’s worse in other countries. Depending on where you are, if you’re a woman, you could have far less freedom and rights than we do here. I’m not gonna mention any countries in particular, but there are places out there where if you’re married to a man, that man can basically dictate what you can and cannot do. And if you’re not married, it’s likely to be the father or brother or someone like that.

There’s also the case of double-standards as well. Too many times, I’ve seen in the news about these women who are out with their family for a meal out, or whatever, and they have a baby with them. Those babies are hungry, and the woman should be able to breastfeed them. Because when you get down to it… That’s what boobs are technically for. To breastfeed your babies. And yet… There’s some people out there that thinks breastfeeding is not something that you should do in public? *smh*

And worse than that, they try and shame those ladies. Some’s been asked to stop, some’s been asked to move to a dark corner or something… Seriously? I dun care, if the baby’s hungry, go right ahead. I’ve eaten with ladies who were breastfeeding and I dun have any problems with it.

Why is this double-standards? Well… Think about it. Some stupid dumb people are trying to shame ladies for using their boobs for the purpose that their boobs are technically supposed to be there for. And yet… They’re perfectly happy to see women flaunt their bodies selling whatever products they’re selling. I’ve seen perfume adverts where the lady’s basically wearing nothing. Why? It’s a perfume! *smh*

Now, I generally dun have any problem with the adverts or whatever myself, or of ladies flaunting their bodies… But I do have a problem when we are being told we can’t use our bodies for what they’re technically supposed to be used for. And I will stand by and support every lady that wants to breastfeed their baby wherever they are.

I could go on – and indeed, I have, I deleted a couple of paragraphs I’ve written because I couldn’t get it to work right in my head – but the whole point of International Women’s Day is to remove all inequality from everyone. That means that women should not be getting paid less for doing the same job, that means that women shouldn’t be restricted in what they can do by anyone except their choices, that means that we shouldn’t accept double-standards wherever they occurs. We should stand up to it, and fight for that equality.

I’m back~~~! And ranting about VNs!

Heya guys! I’m back! *grins*

Not that any of you missed me, I’m sure, you’re all probably just sat there, going, “Huh? Were you gone for a while?” and all that… Hmph!

*grins* No worries, I’m just glad to be back. The week at work and all just took much longer than I expected, and a lot more out of me than I thought it would. Technically, I was all finished with everything from about 3, 4pm yesterday (Sunday)? But I was so tired that I just went to bed and basically ended up alternating between sleeping and reading old Beanos. *hee*

But now, I’m all refreshed and everything! Just in time for probably another long week at work… *groans* *lol* Never mind. Hopefully, from now on, I can really keep everything going as I want it to, with this, and twitter, and everything else.

I had a weird dream overnight, though… I dreamt I basically woke up and as I got out of my room – thankfully, I was wearing a dressing gown and all – I saw people trying to get into my place (which isn’t this flat, nor is it the house I’m hopefully getting, but something larger, with a big garden and all that) before someone came up and pointed them to go somewhere else. Like, up the stairs and all. And then that person came in and started walking towards the kitchen, and I’m like, “Umm… Who are you, and what’s going on?” and he (yes, it’s a he. *shudders*) said he was one of the helpers for the party. I asked what party, and he said the party in the garden. And sure enough, I looked out and saw what was frankly a mess. I asked him why was there a party in my garden and why were people going into my place, and he said “Oh, didn’t you know?”… *smh* Needless to say, in the dream I got a bit annoyed and started yelling at him.

For future reference, should I ever be in the position to have a decent-sized garden and all that: No, I will not be having or allowing any parties to go on where it’s basically full of people I dun know. The only parties I’m gonna have is gonna be with ladies that I actually know. And even then, it’s going to be rarer than a blue moon!

Weird dream, though. People having parties and not even bothering to tell me. I’d be upset about that if it wasn’t for the fact that I’m more or less kind of used to that treatment. (Honest, too many times, I genuinely don’t know what’s going on with anyone…)

Something that I saw this morning, though, and which did upset me a lot, is the news that Voltage AmeMix are transferring all their stories to a single application called LoveStruck. Where you get tickets, tokens, keys, whatever it’s called, and can only read up to two chapters at a time before having to wait hours for those tickets to be renewed so you can carry on reading.

And if you do transfer your stories over, you won’t be able to read your stories whenever you like anymore. You won’t even be able to read specific sections of it anymore.

That is, by far and away, the worst option of all. I also read PlayChoices – like the Freshman, Endless Summer, and so on – and while I do enjoy the stories, I loathes the limited choices of being able to read them. There are times that I just want to be able to go back to specific sections, or re-read blocks to remind myself of where I’d gotten to, and I can’t. You either have to start off all over again, or just plough on and hope that you’re not forgetting something.

I loved the way that Voltage AmeMix were doing their stories. Pay for a specific story once, and you can read everything in it, whenever you want to. You can read specific bits of it whenever you want to. Sure, it’s not “free”, but I’d rather pay more upfront and be given that choice to read whatever I wanna read, whenever I wanna read, instead of having that choice taken away from you. Being restricted to useless “tickets” and only being able to read small blocks at once… No. Thank. You.

There’s been times when I’ve been debating with myself whether to stop or continue reading PlayChoices, because as much as I liked the Freshman or Endless Summer or whatever… I find myself sometimes just wishing I could go back and read specific chapters and I can’t. And far too often, I just wish I could buy the whole story in one go and just be able to read it all from start to finish in one block. And I can’t do that either. I could with Astoria: Fate’s Kiss, or Castaway! but with their – quite frankly, stupid dumb ridiculous decision to switch over to LoveStruck…

…*shakes head* I’m sorry. Much as I love @SailorScooby and as much as I wanna support her and everyone else that she works with (or for – she’s just a junior producer, and it wouldn’t be her choice to move to this horrendous method), and help to contribute to keep AmeMix going with their wonderful stories – and the same goes for PlayChoices and their wonderful stories – this doesn’t work for me. I can barely remember what’s going on with Freshman (honestly, half of the stuff that I’ve read over the past few weeks, I dun even remember the buildup to it, and I feel like I’m losing half of the story all the time) Endless Summer is worse, quite honestly. I dun even remember what’s going on any more. The only reason I’ve been going on with them is because I’m stubborn and wanna get to the end of it. But…

I’m sorry, it just doesn’t work for me. I need to be able to keep reading the story, to be able to go back and re-read specific sections, remind myself of what’s going on (or *blushes* because I loved certain parts of the story… *cough*), and the switchover to tickets… I can’t do it. I’ve been debating for the past couple months to stop reading PlayChoices because it’s not working for me. Only reason I haven’t stopped is because I’m stubborn and I love reading about Kaitlyn and Quinn and Estela and all those.

I’m just really really glad that I was able to get every one of the Medusa stories from Astoria: Fate’s Kiss before that switchover. Shame I’m not gonna be able to get to the end of Serena’s story in Castaway! or Aurora’s story in Gangsters, but… *shakes head* Like I say, I want to, and I wanna support AmeMix and all those people that write those lovely VNs, but… That sort of method of delivering stories just doesn’t work for me. And I can’t keep doing it, it’s not helping me.

I’m not gonna stop following @SailorScooby or giving her all the support I can, because I think she’s a genuinely lovely lady, someone that I love following and I love reading her views, pretty much most or all of which completely resonates with me and what I think (or seeing her retweets of beautiful cats! *grins*). It’s just that I just can’t work with the worst method ever of how to get people to read their stories anymore.

As for PlayChoices… *shrugs* Same thing. I’m probably gonna keep struggling through with Freshman (quite honestly, much as I love Endless Summer, I’ve lost track of what’s going on now, and to catch up I’d need to start all over again and read two chapters at a time before waiting like 4 hours for the keys to be refreshed to read another two chapters…) and hope that I can remember enough of it.

I just wish these companies would give us the choice to be able to buy the whole story and allow us to read the whole story in one block. You know, like how Voltage AmeMix used to with Astoria: Fate’s Kiss and all that?

But I’m just a lonely voice in a sea of “give us everything for free!”. I dun mind paying for things that I love, I dun mind buying stuff when I know it’ll support the companies, I just wish they’d pander to those of us that wouldn’t mind buying these stories and everything else as well as giving options to those who want things for free and dun mind or can cope with the worst method ever of releasing their stories.

Famine in South Sudan

Heya guys… I’ve been having to turn the telly off recently, because all the new channels and everything else is going on about South Sudan and the famine there. Which, actually, is a really good thing because I was so expecting everyone to shrug their shoulders and go “So what?”

But for me, personally, every time I see it on the telly, I am reminded at how little I can do to help them. Especially the women and children. I won’t repeat what they say but I’m sure that people can work out for themselves exactly what’s been happening to the women and children in a civil war that’s been going on for around three years now.

I won’t pretend to understand everything that’s happening in the civil war, but as far as I was able to read before I had to stop, it’s basically South Sudan’s president and vice-president had a falling out, and because they’re from different tribes and all that… Because of their positions of power, they were able to get everyone from their respective tribes to take up arms and start shooting at each other.

…Like, seriously? Again, I don’t know, and I don’t pretend to understand, but war of any kind should NEVER BE AN OPTION! Those two people were selected to be the leaders of a brand new nation, and instead of acting like responsible adults, they decided that the only recourse was to encourage their tribesmen to go round killing other men and doing horrible crimes against women and children.

And before anyone says this is an African problem or some stupid idiotic gibberish, it’s not. What do you think is happening in Ukraine, with the illegal occupation of Crimea by Russia and them arming the rebels with top grade weaponry. It’s happening right now. Even more locally, there’s been a step back in, what we hoped was going to be, a permanent peace in Northern Ireland. And I wouldn’t be surprised if, in the next year or so, there was civil war happening in the USA.

But right now, something need to be done about South Sudan, and war and crimes are not the answer. I’m looking at sites to donate money to – for example, there’s this UNHCR site which may be the one I’m likely to donate to, tonight when I get back from work. But all I can do is something as tiny as this, a small donation which I hope will buy enough food and water for one person for a few days. When you think that there millions – some reports says close to 5 million people – who are in desperate need, well…

The problem is, I don’t know – and this is the main reason why I’m getting upset about it all – what else we can do to stop the civil war from happening, as well as trying to bring justice for all the poor women and children that have been… yeah. Chances are, those two moronic buffoons that lead the tribes will stay in their resplendent palaces munching on their fifty-portions banquet and demanding that their tribesmen keep on taking pot shots at each other for the next few years and will only come back to the negotiating table when their 50 portions go down to 49, and they’ll be bewailing how starved they are as they shift their grossly fat bodies from their eight-post bed to their top-of-the-range expensive golf buggy which takes them, tyres fits to bursting to the negotiating tables…

…Yeah. I know. Men…! *smh*

We need a way to stop the civil war from happening. And I just dunno what we can do.

The weekend and Career choices

Heya guys! How goes things? Me… Just soo glad it’s the weekend. Honestly, the week at work was not fun. I was basially loading in files so other people can do development work. Well, that, and I actually did some development myself, but the tester was having problems because of differences between development server, test server and live server. And guess who had to try and do something to fix that…?

Yep. Me. *lol* Actually, after checking and discussing with the project manager and all, turns out there was little for me to do. Basically, because it’s a bug fix, we’re only really interested in getting it live as soon as possible, so we were going on the lines of “if it’s not happening on live environment, we don’t care.” *grins*

But what was worse than work was the commute to and from it. I dunno why, but Thursday and Friday, it just seems like there’s been more than a few idiots who drank too deeply from the moron juice. I even had to brake very very hard to avoid hitting a brainless dunderheaded dolt with a side order of stupidity, moronity, and idiotity mixed in, who thought, “Hey, I’ll just pull out of this side road right in front of this car…” *smh* A single fraction of a second later, and my car would’ve been in the side of his van. Honestly… *sighs*

The sooner I get away from this place and those roads between where I currently live and where I work, the better. Although I know it’s probably trading one set of idiots for another, but at least the roads from the place that I’m hopefully getting (it’s now with solicitors, no contracts’ been signed or anything, so we’re still a few weeks away from that…) are slightly better, there’s a few dual carriageways, and so on… So hopefully won’t be anywhere near as bad as the ones I go along now.

But that’s by the by… (*frowns* You know… I have no idea where I heard that phrase before… I must’ve picked it up from a book or something?)

Umm… Yeah. Anyway. What I actually wanted to write about was something that I saw in an twitter exchange between two ladies that used to follow me, and now neither of them do. *lol* Dunno why, maybe it’s my online campaigner rants? *grins* I certainly didn’t say anything bad about either of them…

But… The twitter exchange that I saw was about one person’s… choice of career, if you like. Basically, she’s working as an escort and the other one was a little critical of her choice. If you like.

And that got me thinking… Why do some career choices bring out such a reaction? AS far as I’m concerned – and I dun think this will really surprise anyone that really knows me – but…

Well… See, there’s absolutely no way that I could (even if I ever wanted to) be an escort (I’m pretty sure, even if I wanted to, that the lesbian escort market is kinda tiny…!), but I say, as long as you’re not getting pushed into it, that you’re not getting forced to do something you don’t want to do, and that you’re happy to do this, and that you’re happy to be classed as something like a “glorified prostitute”… Well, quite honestly, I say good luck to you. See… We’re all of us are different. In my case, the only things I had going for me is that I’ve got an imagination and like writing, and I had some skills with computer programming. So… You know, there weren’t that many options open to me. Same with other people. Some do manual labour, some are clever enough to become doctors, some are lucky enough to get away with conning people throughout their lives and become President of the USA, and so on. In the escort case, as she said, she’s not exactly book smart, and she is beautiful and she’s obviously thought about it and decided that she was okay with it, she was okay with potentially sleeping with a considerable number of guys and so on. So… You know, in that case, I say good luck to her.

It’s the same thing with some ladies going into webcamming. There’s these stories that I’ve heard where some few – and it is only a few, the vast majority don’t even get close to those levels – can earn $1000s in a single night. And, again, most of them will have thought about it, they’ve decided that they’re comfortable with going nude in front of hundreds, thousands, of people, and that they’re willing to accept the risk that their nudes will be saved and shared online with thousands more. And again, I say good luck to them.

Because the thing is… Most of them have made their conscious choice after (I hope) thinking about it, and as long as they’re happy to do what they do, and that they’re not getting forced into doing things they don’t want to do… That’s all that matters.

Because, well… We don’t really have many choices when it comes to earning money – most of us have to work to be able to afford to live. We can’t all be conmen, or sponging off their rich parents or anything like that.

Believe me, if I could quit IT right now, and be guaranteed that I can just write and earn enough with my stories and everything else… I really, really would. But I dun have that guarantee, so I have to stay working in IT for as long as I need to. But I’m working to change that round. Whenever I get the chance, I’m sitting down and writing. If I’m good and lucky enough… I’ll be in that position to change my career sooner or later.

So, no… I won’t pick on anyone for their career choices. I may not want to do it, but as long as you’re okay with it, that’s all that matters.