Taking things a half-day at a time

Heya! It’s Wednesday here, and I’m currently trying to enact a new schedule for me. Namely, one where – when it’s a day that I have to go to work – I do some writing in the morning (for at least an hour, hour and half) and hopefully carry on in the evenings. And that, I’m hoping, will lead to being able to focus and do more writings in my three-days weekends.

At the moment, the ones that I’m finding it easier to get on with are the game guides, doing some writing from memory (and referring to other guides) in the mornings, then playing them in the evenings following the guide and making amendments as I go along.

Obviously, game guides are not really what I want to be doing – I have no intention of doing anything further with them except for personal use – but I think it’s better to do something and get into the habit of doing something with the aim of getting better and doing things on a regular basis. Already I’ve been jotting down my ideas for Yore! down in notebooks. It’s just a question of merging them together and getting the best ideas out of them.

The ultimate aim, of course, is to be able to get to a schedule where I’m writing stories and the like on a daily basis and only doing Yore! and game guides secondary. I’m not there yet, but that’s the aim.

I can’t afford to look that far ahead, though. The important thing I need to do right now is make sure that I keep this up, turn this into a habit, and… Yeah. Like I said on Twitter, I’m at a stage where I kind of need to keep working on myself a half-day at a time, working out what I’m gonna be doing and then actually getting on with it. Hopefully, soon, I’ll be able to think about taking it a day at a time, then a week and so on.

Yesterday, I couldn’t do that. The morning was because I had to leave early (like, before 7) because I needed to get petrol for my car and it was really low because the petrol station I know about close to my new place was shut and the only other ones I knew were too far away or in an awkward position (like, dual carriageway with a short exit awkward). Thankfully… I was able to get petrol from that dual carrageway station and get out onto the road without any problems. And then yesterday evening, I had an idiot try and cut me off on the road, while I was driving back from work. Pretty sure the idiot was one of those white supremacists as well.

This is what I dun like about myself. I let these things affect me. I was annoyed and upset yesterday evening and I couldn’t focus on anything. In the end, I pretty much stayed on Twitter and watched recorded shows like “Enter the Dragon” (I only recorded that because I know people basically keep saying how great this film is and everything…).

Yeah… I still need to learn how to just shrugs it off and move on. Idiots like him are everywhere and I shouldn’t let them affect me like this. I know there are a lot of white supremacists around and I’m not stupid enough not to think that – as a black lady – I don’t get this kind of treatment on a regular basis, but… Equally, I can also say that, as a deaf person, I don’t normally hear them, plus I’ve learnt to tune them out and ignore them years ago. This is different. This is visual, this was a guy who almost caused me to get in an “accident”. So, yeah… I think it’s because it’s different from the normal.

Anyway… The fact I’m writing now means I’m starting to get over it, and I’ll be fine tonight. *nods*

Well, unless something else happens, but I hope not! *grins*

Yesterday at work was a bit tiring too. I had a rather complicated specification come in that I needed to work on. The SQL bit wasn’t a problem, it was the Excel side of things. I’ve never used pivot tables (well, I’ve refreshed them, but that’s the only I ever did in the past), and – this is something I’m kinda proud of – I self-taught myself how to put together pivot tables, learnt how to set up calculated fields, learnt how to use slicers and link pivot tables together and answered pretty much every problem I’ve had come up… And all that in the space of 3 hours. I’m sure other people would’ve done it much faster than me, but hey… I’m satisfied with how I’ve done! 🙂

But here’s hoping today’ll be better and I can do more game guides work or Yore! stuff tonight!

Okay… Gonna stop here for now. I’ll see you again soon!

I get crushes so easily… *sighs*


Whew… That was a decent weekend. Still haven’t done much in the way of writing or being able to make progress with finding out how best for me to become a freelance writer and all, but… After getting a severe migraine on Monday and not being able to shake off the migraine until sometimes Tuesday afternoon and then the headache going by Wednesday evening… *sighs* I just kinda needed a complete escape. And I decided to try out the Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky (on the PSP) as a way to leave everything behind… And, of course, knowing me, I kinda got addicted for a while… *hee*

I think I was really disappointed when the second and the third in the Trails in the Sky series didn’t get released in the UK. Well, physical release, anyway. *shakes head* The second game in the series did get a download-only release for the PSP a couple or so years back, but my PSP won’t connect to the router I’ve got now. Guess the router (which I did get back in June…) is just too new. But thankfully, I was able to get the game to download and work on the Vita, so that’s something. I’ve only gave the second one a quick run to check that it works and all…

The third one, though… *shakes head* I didn’t see it in the Playstation Store, and from looking online, I don’t think it ever got released for Europe. In fact, it seems like some sources are saying it never got released outside of Japan? *sighs* Being a JRPG fan is not an easy thing sometimes, is it? I should double-check, though. And maybe find out if it’s possible to buy and play US physical versions on the PSP… Hmm.

Anyway… At least the rumours that I’ve seen about the third game in Trails of Cold Steel is a bit more positive – although it’ll be for the PS4 rather than the PS3. It might take a bit longer, but the chances of it being released for Europe is potentially likely. Whether that’ll be 2018 or 2019, I dunno. All the languages we have for Europe, you know…! And from what I’ve seen, the number of words there’s to translate for the third game is like… three or four full-sizes novels. So… Quite a challenge, really.

But yeah… Like I say, being a JRPG fan is a challenge sometimes. You’re really hoping that some company will pick up the rights to bring out the whole series, especially when it comes to Europe. According to my brothers, it’s a lot better than it was, back in the pre-Playstation days, but… Even so, I’m still always anxious until they get released here! And preferibly on physical media as well!

Something I’ve noticed before and remembered again, though… I do appears to get a lot of crushes of video games characters and all. *hee* I think the reason is probably because I’m single and have been for a fair while, and while I know I’m not ready to have a girlfriend, I still want one. *grins* So I guess video games characters are a way to just let my imagination runs riot!

So which character did I develop a crush on this time? Scherazard Harvey, of course! Even though I know there’s no chance I’d be able to cope with her, especially given the way she’d umm… *coughs* get when she’s drunk. (No, you don’t actually see her get drunk, but from what Estelle and Joshua have said… Yeah. *grins*)

Oh well. It’s not every video game characters, just that I do tend to get crushes on a few! There does appears to be a certain type. Basically, it appears to be those that are pretty much the opposite of me. While I can be a bit outspoken online, I’m actually quiet and shy when it comes to dealing with other people face-to-face. Whereas those that I tends to get crushes on are those that would have no problem in getting in other people’s faces. Scherazard, Medusa, all those. Guess it’s also a little bit of “wish I could do that” as well.

But, hey, we’re all different. I like to think I’m decent when it comes to the written word, right? *grins*

Okay… Gonna stop here for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to write again in the next couple of days! Until next time, see you soon!

Myanmar’s Rohingya Muslims

Heya… So, I wanna talk about a couple of things that’s been happening in the world. More specifically, about what’s been happening in Myanmar.

(Coincidentally, I use the name Myanmar, instead of the other name of Burma, not because of any political reasons, but because that’s the name it’s now more commonly known by. I know that in the past, there are political reasons why Burma was the name used in the UK and USA and all that, but I always found it weird and confusing that we were seeing so many ways it could be described – the most common being “…Myanmar, also known as Burma…” – that I just decided I’m just gonna take the name that it’s most known as. That is, Myanmar.)

As we should know, there’s been a lot of attacks on Rohingya Muslims, and there’s been something like 400,000 or so that’s crossed the border to Bangladesh as refugees, and we’re getting told what appears to be different statements by all sides involved in this. According to the government of Myanmar, the Rohingya Muslims are actually Bangladeshi, and they’ve been living in the country illegally. The fact that pretty much all of them have been living in Myanmar for generations doesn’t seems to matter much.

Also, according to them, they are the aggressors, they are the ones attacking their own citizens – remember they don’t acknowledge them as being Burmese (I did a quick search for what you’d call a citizen of Myanmar, but the only thing I could find was Burmese or Myanmar (same as the country name, which would’ve been a bit confusing in this case)), and in fact their current (and extremely prejudiced) laws actually prohibit them from claiming Burmese nationality – and while it is true that there is a group of Rohingya Muslims who are fighting, the vast majority have lived in Myanmar without being aggressive at all.

And if you talk to the average Burmese – those not in Rohingya, that is – most of them will say that the Rohingya Muslims are not welcome, they’re often referring to them as Bengali (a citizen of Bangladesh, for the most part), they don’t think of them as Burmese at all.

A lot of that, by the way, is because of the military government who have, since they took over back in 1962, been very controlling over what their citizens see and hear. So, pretty much everyone who live in Myanmar have been brought up knowing only what the military wants them to know.

You can see the same kind of effects in most countries, by the way. Here, in the UK, we have a Tory government that has successfully, over many years, convinced a huge number of people that they care about them, and that under their leadership, they will get richer. Whereas, in reality, only the rich 1% will get anything. The rest, they don’t care about. But they are backed by almost every media outlet in the country. And the biggest thing the Tories are trying to do right now is to try and convince the population that the NHS is not working and that they should allow for some kind of privatisation, with a view to moving towards a US-style healthcare – which, as all know, only benefit the rich 1%. And you can see some of the media – especially those owned by the Murdoch Mafia and Nazi-supporting Rothermeres – supporting that.

It’s a little bit more severe in Myanmar, obviously, but you can see the same kind of effect in every country.

But Myanmar is run by the political party headed by Aung San Suu Kyi, right? Surely she could do something about it? Well… Yes and no to the first question, and not really to the second question.

See… The problem is, while it may seems to the average person looking from outside – and I included myself amongst them until I took the time to read a few articles (this is probably the best one) to find out more about it, it’s actually very clear that the military still retains most of the power, and most of all, they reserves the right to revert back to full military control at any time.

So, it’s almost an impossible choice for Suu Kyi. If she speaks out, there’s every chance that the military will switch back to full control of everything, and all and any progress that she made will have been lost just like that.

Faced with that option in front of her… That would be enough to make anyone pause. At the way things are going, she has a chance to keep working to change Myanmar so that it can a fully democratic country without any military control, and if she speaks out… All that effort, all that work, all those years… All gone, in the snaps of the fingers.

The other problem for Suu Kyi is the fact that most Burmese have lived for their whole lives being brought up to believe that the Rohingya Muslims are invaders, they are aggressors, all that. So if she speaks out for the Rohingya Muslims, most of the Burmese will… not reacts favourably, shall we say?

But we are talking about people here. Regardless of whether we are talking about “citizenship” or whatever, those Rohingya Muslims, they’ve been born in Myanmar, they’ve lived their whole lives in Myanmar, they are Burmese. So, we’re talking about genocide, we’re talking apartheid as well, because this is deliberate action on the part of the military government to deny people access to various things just because they’re classed as “different” – in this case, because they’re Muslims.

Working for the benefit of some people that lives in your country, and not all… That’s wrong. That’s the military government’s way of thinking – and in other countries, that’s the Tory way of thinking, that’s “45” and his Republican government way of thinking – and it’s not right. Every government in every country should always be aiming to work for the benefit of all, not just a subset of their population.

Honestly… As that article that I linked to up there suggested, the best thing for Suu Kyi is actually to resign and have that freedom to speak out again. It may means that she will lose some people who believed in her, but… Personally, I would rather being able to speak out and do what I can to help all, rather than being seen as a puppet of a cruel, unjust, butchering military “government”. Or worse, being seen in the eyes of the world as actually backing genocide and apartheid, which is what’s happening to her now.

Myanmar honestly needs a lot of work to progress, and the constitution of the country need to change a lot.

I actually used to admire Aung San Suu Kyi a lot for what she did over the years, but these past few weeks… She’d lost a lot of respect. I fully know and understand the impossible choice she faces, but being used as a pawn by the military government that she opposed for so long… *shakes head* Sorry, I find that hard to accept. And like the picture at the top says… If you stays silent, you’re on the side of the oppressors.

If I could, I’d say to her, “Do you really want to be remembered for this?”

In the meantime… Let’s see what we can do to help those affected by the criminal actions of the military government.

It’s Friday! Yay!

Heya! Whew… I’m so, so glad it’s Friday. The whole week has been so tiring and so boring and so… stressful at the same time. *sighs* I do sometimes wonder whether I should just extend the contract to work at that place until the end of the year (as I provisionally agreed with), or just get out at the end of the month.

The problem is, at the moment, I need to work and earn money, so… It’s not like I have much of a choice. I haven’t had any luck finding anything else that I can do, and when I do find something (IT-related), I’m not getting anywhere with anyone. And when people do contact me, it’s always “give us a call, go on”, or it’s related to jobs that are jobs that I know I wouldn’t be able to do so what’s the point of even e-mailing me in the first place? A quick glance at the CV that you’ve apparently looked at would’ve told you that!! *smh* *growls* Whatever… At least, with this contract, I have Fridays off so I can work on what I actually want to do, writing.

I’m still trying to work out the right way forward, and I haven’t got a clue, quite honestly. I feel like I need to find someone, sit down with them, and talk about how I can get moving forward with everything, being paid to be a freelance writer for someone. Even if it means just writing up technical documents or whatever, I’d be far happier doing that than sitting in a office surrounded by people for like 8 hours a day every day, trying to find enough to keep me busy throughout the whole day…

Anyway… Let’s put all that to one side. This weekend, I’m mostly planning to do work on the Yore! side of things. The fact that I’m stressing out so much right now, and with the effects of the end of summer, I haven’t been able to focus on the novels that I’ve been writing (and yes, I means novels, plural), and whenever I do sit down and start trying to write them, I’m not getting the words out right (honestly, you should see how many pages are more crossed-out than actual words that I can use…!). I kind of like need a period of time where I can just take it easy, de-stress myself, and then I’d be able to focus and get it all down on paper.

Maybe do some more game guides writings as well, but the main focus is gonna be Yore! stuff.

Okay… I’m gonna go and post this now. There’s gonna be another post soon (I’ll probably write it all out and then double-post it, actually… *grins*) which is why this is a little on the short side… *grins* And I’ll write again soon!

After that, well… I actually need to go through my twitter account and remove some people. I’m pretty sure that there’s a few that I’m following who followed me first and then removed me… *shrugs* There are quite a few people that I have no problems following and not being followed back, but others… Well, if they dun like what I write and retweet… I dun really care. But I do need to tidy up the twitter account, so… Yeah.

Shrugging off Autumnal effects


So, it’s the end of summer, and we’re now going through Autumn. Whoopee… *grins* At the same time here, it just felt like everything went all gloomy and wet over here. Certainly nowhere near on the level of what’s been happening in the Caribbean and so on, but definitely been your average British wet and gloomy weather. And I think that double-whammy – and a few other things – kind of made me feel a little down.

And by other things, I means, I’ve been going through some stuff which has been reminding me of my past, basically, and I dun really want to remember the past, to be honest. I’m trying to adopt the mentality of “the past is the past, leave it there”, but over the past few days, it’s been rearing its ugly head and roaring “PAY ATTENTION TO ME!” right in my face. *sighs*

Basically, I’m trying to make sure that I’m looking forward to whatever’s gonna happens, with optimism and hope, and not keep looking back and thinking “I wish…” or “What if…”.

The good news is, I’m almost finished. I still have some stuff left to do, but that won’t be for another couple of weeks or so, when I’m hopefully mentally a bit better.

What I’ve been doing is trying to cheer myself up, and making things brighter here. Like, I’ve dug out my lightboxes (I took the one that I bought for myself at work back to my place when I was made redundant back in May) and I’ve set them up, and I’ve used them a couple of times. The almost-natural lights does helps a lot. As well as that, I’ve been doing things like watching DVDs of “Death in Paradise” and re-reading Medusa’s story in Astoria: Fate’s Kiss. Doing things that can pick my mood back up and everything.

I was hoping to do some writing today – outside of the blog post I’ve always intended to put together today, that is – but… *shakes head* Cooking and cleaning up took me longer than I expected, not to mention all the other things that I needed to do today… *rolls eyes*

(Yeah, I’m trying to make sure I’m eating properly again – the next step of getting back on the diet plan) Didn’t help that I burnt some of the rice… Oops… *lol* My fault, I thought I’d put in enough water, but I guess I needed to put in an extra cupful. (I thought the accepted measurement was 2 cups of water for 1 cup of rice, but I guess either my cooker’s a bit more powerful than the one at my old place, or I didn’t have the temperature at the right level, so… Next time, I’ll put in three to be on the safe side) Fortunately, I was able to shift the burnt rice and clean the pan without too many problems.

Fortunately, from what I can work out, tomorrow evening should be relatively quick so I can get sitting down and writing with a couple of hours to spare. Which is good.

That the main thing I gotta do now – make sure I give myself time to write daily. Could be anything – could be stories, could be Yore! work, could be writing game guides, could be blog posts… Just as long as I do something every single day, get myself back into that habit again, and before long… Yeah. I’m looking forward to being in the right habits for me.

Okay… Gonna stop here for now, but I’ll write again soon – maybe tomorrow, more likely Wednesday. Got a few observations to make about things that’s been happening, so I’m not short of topics.

Saying that, though… If there’s anything you want me to write about… Do let me know! I’m always receptive to ideas! 😀

See you soon! 😉

Being a lesbian Christian…


Before I start, I wanna say that my thoughts and prayers are with everyone that’s affected by extreme weather situations and everything else. That’s everyone in Africa, Asia as well as those in the southern USA.

I’m not gonna say that circumstances like this aren’t horrible, because of course they are, and I’m not gonna say that Americans shouldn’t be thinking mostly about the people affected by the extreme weather in Texas and so on, because of course they should do, and they will. Especially those who may have friends or family in those areas.

But I will say this: It’s the same thing when we have had terrorist attacks recently, it seems like we only really do a “pray for…” or “do donations and buy things for…” when it’s in a specific Western country, whether it’s the USA, or France, or something like that. When it comes to something like Africa – Sierra Leone, for example – or Asia – India, Bangladesh are suffering from floods and something like 1,200 dead and over 15 million people are homeless and suffering. This is happening right now.

And at the same time – and this has been going on for a while – there are serious problems in Myanmar, where Rohingya Muslims are fleeing fighting that is happening there. And they’re fleeing to Bangladesh, which can only add to the problems currently happening in Bangladesh.

And that’s got to be a concern. No matter where you are in the world, everyone’s lives are just as important as anyone else. Of course, if something happened here in the UK and I know that some friends or family are close by or possibly caught in the storm or whatever, of course I’m gonna be concerned and praying and thinking of them and everything else, and that will obviously takes priority over whatever else’s happening in the world, but if you’re not a part of it – say it happened in the USA, or in Bangladesh for me – I have to ask: Why should a disaster that happened in one of those countries should merit more concern than the other? Answer: They shouldn’t. And so my thoughts and prayers are with everyone in every place that is suffering right now.

Also, I saw, with trepidition, that a bunch of evangelists “Christians” have released what they’re calling the “Nashville Statement”. Well… I’ve had a look at it, and quite frankly, I’m disgusted. It seems to be trying to push 19th Century idealogies onto the 21st Century (Disclaimer: that statement isn’t something I thought up myself, I saw it on twitter when I was trying to find the source of the farcial statement – and no, I’m not linking to the source – and it’s just perfect, I can’t possibly improve on that so I thought I’ll re-quote it. I dunno the tweeter’s name, I can’t find it now.)

Honestly, I’m not really surprised. The evangelists have always been one of the bad part of Christianity. They’re basically the fundamentalists that you see appear in every religion. And I have utter contempt for them and anyone that actually believe them, because all those evangelists are concerned with is making money. How much money do they skim off in order to build another wing for their multiple massive mansions?

The only response I will say is this: The Christian faith I follow and believe in, believes in a God who treats everyone with love, and that same God does not condemns anyone for how they feel – and that includes people who are LGBT+. I do not for one moment think that He will condemns me just because I’m a lesbian.

Especially since I didn’t choose to be a lesbian, it’s just how I am. Just like I didn’t choose to be deaf. It’s just how I am.

I think God is more concerned with how people acts than how they feel or what religion they believe in (or not, as the case may be). You could claim to be the most wonderful and perfect Christian there is, but if your actions are discriminatory and seeks to ruins others just because they’re LGBT+ or because they follow a different religion or because they’re disabled, or something along those lines… My feeling is, God will say “Nope, you’re not a Christian.”

Likewise – and I believe I said this before – I don’t think God would push anyone away for following a different religion to another. Again, it goes down to how you think and acts towards others. Doesn’t matter if you’re a Christian or a Muslim or a Buddhist or anything like that.

The last thing I wanted to write about is… Well, there was a bit of news lately about this Muslim foster family taking in a Christian girl of about 5, and the alleged actions that they took.

Before I go any further, I must stress this: The council and the judge ruling over the case has investigate and found nothing that should cause any “undue concerns”, so it could just be the media – especially if you know which media outlet everyone was quoting (not naming them, but just know that they’re the most prominent right-wing outlet in the UK, and have a history of supporting Nazis…) – being stupid again and trying to provoke outrageous reactions in their readers who are probably just as right-wing as the media outlet.

(UPDATE: Just found out that the right-wing media outlet was guilty of far more than what people originally thought they did – the mother of the child in question is a Muslim. So the right-wing nazi outlet was deliberately withholding information trying to incite hatred… Seriously, that should be treated as an criminal act.)

So, what I will say is this: Should it ever turns out that I becomes a foster carer or adopt children, and I get asked to foster a child brought up in the Islamic faith, this is what I would do: I would research – and ask, if necessary – how best to allow (probably a poor choice of words) that child’s faith to be continued, whether it’s making sure I have a quiet area for them to carry out their daily prayers sessions, or how best to take them to a mosque and be around for when it finishes, or otherwise. And if the child does ask about my own Christian faith, I will answer as honestly and truthfully as I can without seeking to “convert” (such a vulgar term) them to Christianity, just answer their questions and leave it at that. What I will not do is tell them their faith is the wrong faith, tell them particular occasions are stupid, or anything like that.

Okay… Think that’s everything that I wanted to write about right now. Hopefully everyone everywhere will be able to get everything back to normal soon, and I’ll write again soon!

Making the most of bank holiday Monday

Heya! How goes things?

I have to admit, when I got out of work last Thursday, I totally didn’t know that today (Monday) was a bank holiday here. But then, I didn’t really think of today as being the last Monday of the summer (Bleh!). But after the weekend being, well… It wasn’t just a headache, let’s just say, it was a bad weekend. But seeing as how I didn’t have to work today, I figured the best thing to do is to pretty much just call August a write-off, and start again from September 1st – which conveniently happens to be Friday! *grins* (Although, hopefully, it will rather be almost straight away from Thursday evening after work…)

So, today, I’ve been doing a lot of work around the place – getting all the paperwork sorted out (old bills and everything and making sure I haven’t got anything outstanding that’s gonna pop up at a later date – and thankfully, I haven’t. Everything’s all caught up and paid) and making sure all the housework – laundry and cleaning up the place – is all caught up, and… Well, pretty much everything that I could think of that could be left outstanding from all the hecticness over the past few months. (And believe me, there was a fair amount)

Yeah, the plan was, just start off Friday with a clean slate and hopefully by doing that I can actually get on with realising my dreams and everything else. It’s not getting to the point where I’m gonna say “Right, this day Imma gonna write X amount of words”, but hopefully it will be at the point where I can say “Right, this day Imma gonna write X, Y and maybe Z as well”.

(Because you know me, I tends to have three or four things on the go at once. For some reason, I’m not very good when it comes to focusing on one thing at a time. I typically find myself happily writing away at one thing, and then I get ideas about a completely different thing so I have to go off and write those down before I forget!)

*looks around* It is getting there, though. The whole place is getting close to where I want it to be. There still need to be more bright colours, but it’s definitely getting there.

Oh, I might not have mentioned this… But the plug socket that got broken when the picture fell? Yeah, that’s all fixed now. Thankfully. All that’s left is to sort out the wall and think of an alternative way to hang up the picture (now that it’s in a new frame which is lighter). My dad has suggested putting some wood up in a kind of floor-to-ceiling frame set, and those wood could be brightly coloured, leaving the wall white… And I gotta admit, I like the idea. Kind of thinking it could be a bright rainbow-coloured pattern, maybe. Red at the top and going down to violet at the bottom. Maybe. Kind gotta let it ruminate in my head a little bit, see if it’ll be a good idea, or whether it might be better doing something else.

There’s something else I need to look for, for the ceiling. The ceiling I’ve got is full of those little ceiling insert lights things? Dunno what you call them, but there’s a bunch of them. And what I had in mind, I’ve got this book about Atlantis (basically talks about the possibility of Atlantis existing and where it could be), and in that book, there’s a big picture of an artist’s impression of what might be in the temple at the centre of Atlantis. Now, I’m not remotely interested in having a big gold statue of Poseidon, or an orichalcum pillar or anything like that, but I loved the ceiling that the artist’s impression had. It was basically pure white (or might be ivory-coloured) and there were these gold sun shapes (more or less flat against the ceiling, not sticking out in a sphere or half-sphere or anything like that) as well. And I had this idea – whether good or bad, I dunno – but maybe if I could get some gold sun shapes and have them around those lights it might make the ceiling look really good. I just dunno the terminology to make looking for something like that a bit easier.

Oh well, I’ll keep looking and hopefully I’ll find something some day!

Anyway… I’d better post this and get going. Hopefully the upcoming week will be a lot better for everyone! See you soon!

Various films musings

Heya… How goes things? Hopefully not too bad. Here… Not been too good. Had a really bad long-lasting headache. It’s only just now starting to fade. *smh* So, most of what I’ve been spending my days on is pretty much reading old comics.

Tonight, I’ve been… Well, I was trying to watch some films that’re on the telly. For example, currently on the telly is “Immortals”, which is… So loosely based on Greek mythology that pretty much the only thing it get slightly accurate are the names. *shakes head* And I thought Percy Jackson was pretty poor as well.

Oh, and if you’re wondering about the picture up there… It was already in the picture selection and I thought that’ll do. Otherwise, I’d’ve just looked for a stock photo of popcorn or something! *grins*

To be honest, I’m finding “Immortals” incredibly boring and too full of bloodlust. I know a couple of people, friends and all, who loves this, and I have no idea why. But hey, if they like it, good for them!

The hardest bit about “Immortals”, though, is the weird colouring scheme that they’ve used. Not really sure why they decided to go that way, but whatever. Oh, and yes, I know this is made by the same people or whatever that did the “300” film, and I’ve only seen little bits and pieces of it – and frankly, that’s more than enough. Especially if it’s basically the same film as “Immortals”, with just a slightly different storyline.

I also saw the last 40 or so minutes of Ender’s Game, which… I dunno. Maybe I need to see it all, but… Honestly, I just felt that the way it went, it just basically reeked of how stupid humankind can get. Even after so long, they just kept staying stupid. It wasn’t a bad film, but there was nothing there that I thought was… something that I’d wanted to see again.

*changes channels* I’ve had enough. It’s too boring, too gory and quite frankly, too utter rubbish. (Yes, I was gonna put in a different word here, but I try not to be too rude, if I can help it!)

Talking about films… Is it me, or has there been an re-emergence of Tom Cruise lately? I’ve never been a fan of his, but for some reason, it feels like he’s starring in about six or seven films right now, judging from the mass of adverts there’s been lately in between programs. And from what I’ve heard, none of them are very good. Which doesn’t surprise me, but why is it that people still think he’s worth taking on and making a big deal out of? It feels like people are trying to make him a big deal when he’s never been one. At least, not to me. And most likely, not to pretty much everyone else.

Honestly, the sooner he go back to doing whatever he was doing before he decided to return to making films, the better I think.

And honestly, why in the world would someone want to do another remake of the Mummy this quickly? At least give it twenty years or something like that. *shakes head* Saying that, though, they’re not the worse offenders for that. Hasn’t Spider-Man been remade about three times in the past decade? I know there’s a rumour that Sony need to do this, otherwise the rights would pretty much revert straight away to Disney (since they own Marvel nowadays…), but come on… At this rate, surely it’s just throwing money away? I can’t imagine that many people wanting to go and see yet another slightly amended version of Spider-Man any more…

(And yes, I know, as a Star Wars fan, I ought to be careful, considering that I still go all fangirly at a new film despite the fact that VII was pretty much an updated version of IV, and that Rogue One needed a much better screenwriter…!)

Saying all that, though… I haven’t watched any of the superheroes films that’s been released over the past few years. I think the last one I saw was X-Men 3? You know, the one where Jean Grey go mad and all?

It was one of the things that I had to pretty much give up when I went through my DVD collection to get rid of anything that I just didn’t want to watch again, or could ever watch (even just once – I had a dozen or so DVDs that I ended up never watching), when I was coming out of my last really bad depression phase.

My reasoning was, I just kind of got bored with the whole superhero thing, plus live films just doesn’t match animated films where superpowers and the like are concerned. And while I haven’t really been paying attention to the ratings of the latest films, I know that they’ve all been pretty much ranked as “middling at best”. And aren’t Disney trying to link all their Marvel-based films together? How many films are they trying to make and link together? At the rate it’s going… 20? 30? A bit ridiculous isn’t it?

Okay… I’m gonna stop here for now. I’ll write again soon!

Talking about trains news

Heya! How’s it going?

So, there’s been a fair bit of news about trains here in the UK recently. Now, I have to admit, the last time I travelled by train was something like 4 years ago or so, but that doesn’t means that I shouldn’t be concerned about the train situation.

First of all, the price of tickets. Yes, people here in the UK complains about it all the time, but they have good reason to: The cost of a ticket, as I found out in a tweet by someone else, and which I retweeted, is more than twice that of other countries in the EU, for the equivalent distance.

Now, the UK is well known for being one of the most ridiculously expensive countries in the world, and it’s also well-known that – unless you’re one of the 1%ers – the wages aren’t keeping up with that anyway. Most people have pretty much seen their wages rising by 1% or not at all every year since the global financial crisis in 2008. When you compare that with the fact that costs of everything has been rising regardless, it’s no wonder that people are saying that what they’re earning, they’re just not having as much money left over anymore, and it’s gotten to the stage where people like nurses and so on are having to go to food banks.

This is despite the Tories’ claim that if you work hard, you shouldn’t need benefits. Hah. Right. Delusional as always.

Anyway, back to trains. Since 2007 – so it was certainly while Labour were last in power – it’s been the government policy to have train passengers pay more for the train industry’s income than taxpayers’ money. Which sounds good in principle. But not when it was decided that the RPI (which stands for Retail Price Index) would determines just how much train companies can raise the prices of regulated tickets. And since the RPI has consistently been something like 2% higher than any pay rise your normal worker get… Just keep adding pressure to how much money people have to earn before they can actually get any money in the bank.

There is definitely going to be a breaking point somewhere. I don’t know how close it’ll be, but it’s getting to the stage where people just won’t be able to afford to commute to work. And if they can’t commute to work… How do employers and governments and all that expect people to earn money, to pay tax, to buy food and other items? Answer: They can’t. Unfortunately, far too many employers are too fixated on adding another few 0s to their bank balance to care about this.

So, are Labour to blame for this? Hmm… Yes, and no. In 2007, people were seeing decent pay rises, so setting it to the RPI probably made sense back then, but when the global financial crisis set in, they really should’ve done something to make sure that people weren’t gonna be out-of-pocket by having to pay more while earning less, in real-terms money.

And even if they didn’t do something, the Tories had seven years during which time they could’ve fixed the injustice. Of course they wouldn’t. As far as they’re concerned, if you’re not in the 1%, you’re not worth their time.

Train companies and so on will make all the excuses they can think of – extra running costs, modernisation of trains, paying employees, etc, etc… But fact is, they are making a killing by hiking up their prices to the maximum possible every single time.

There was also a Labour MP – Chris Williamson – who raised the possibility of having women-only train carriages as a way of reducing sexual offences and creating safe spaces. Which again, sounds like a decent idea – and indeed, had been set up in certain countries in the past – but the problem is…

Well, it’s two-fold, for me. First of all, I dun want to feel like I’m being herded into a separate carriage, just because there’s a possibility that there’s gonna be some creepy guy who’ll think he can sexually assault me just because.

Secondly, and this is the most important point: It carries with it the suggested idea that this kind of behaviour is “normal”, and also suggests that it’s the lady’s fault. And that’s something that we should never ever encourage. We should make it abundantly clear that the problem is not the lady’s, it’s the guy’s, and every single guy that think it’s okay to grope ladies against their will, to take upskirts pictures against their will, to sexually assault and rape them, we should be making it so clear it’s viewable from space that those guys are totally and completely in the wrong and that they should be punished to the maximum extent possible every single time.

(And I mentioned upskirts because there’s been a few stories lately where ladies have found out that people have secretly taken upskirt pictures of them… And yet very little get done when they reports those perverts.)

What else? Well, it was discovered today that Richard Branson – I refuse to dignify him with the honorific “Sir” – decided that he would pretty much lie against a Labour politician (Jeremy Corbyn) by pretending that there really were seats on a train when Corbyn made the now-infamous comments that he was sitting on the floor because the train was packed. And it was found out today that actually… Corbyn was right.

So why did Branson lie? Well… He’s a Tory voter and donates money to them. He’s against Corbyn because Corbyn wants to re-nationalise (bring back under government control) the railways, and he own a railway network. He also hates the NHS and is sueing the NHS for refusing to given him the contract to provide children’s services in Surrey. (Obviously, with him being a Tory, it’s pretty much a given he hates the NHS – he cries at night at the thought of all that money he’s not stealing from people with a privatised healthcare system, similar to how it’s done in the USA…)

And I’m all for keeping the NHS, by the way. I have no idea how much the fact that I’m deaf would’ve cost my parents and myself over the years, but I’m pretty sure if I had been American, I’d almost certainly would’ve been broke for the whole of my life. (Maybe a slight extaggeration, but only slight!)

Now, I honestly have no problem with people earning a lot of money, but far too often, it seems like those that has a lot of money always seems to want more, and they always seems to want to discriminate against those who don’t have much.

Personally, if I was ever lucky enough to win the lottery or something, I’d be content with that. There’s no way that I would ever turn round and say, “I want more, let’s rob the poor” or anything like that. But then, I’m not a money-grubbing greedy scum. *grins*

Okay… Rant’s over. I’ll write again soon. In the meantime, hope all’s going well with you!

Fighting off ennui…

Heya! How goes things? How’s the weekend going / been (depending on time zones, obviously!) for you? Hopefully not too bad. Here… Well, I’ve been writing. Not anywhere near as much as I wanted to, but I realised – actually, Friday, I realised this – that I was pretty much in a state of ennui, and I needed to do something to actually get rid of it, move to something where I wanna be, a mood that will see me write loads and everything. Of course, the problem was how to get rid of it!

So, the first step was the determination – basically, if I couldn’t be bothered getting on with things, then I was never gonna get anywhere fast. After that, it was basically pretty much finding a way to get on with things, (Getting back to blogging helped, by the way!) and I figured the best thing to do was to put myself on some kind of schedule. It’s not major, but knowing that I’ve given myself a few hours here or there to write was definitely a major step forward. I’ll probably have to do this for the next month or so, get myself back into that habit and everything and more or less force myself into actually getting things done instead of sliding back into ennui.

And this weekend was a good weekend in terms of doing so. Like I say, I didn’t write much – and most of it was the game guides that I write (for myself) but the important thing is that I’m actually back writing now. I dunno the word count, but it’s definitely something like 5000 or so. On a good day, I know I can do over twice that – and that just on a single day – so I’ve got some way to go. But the fact that I’m now on my way back is the important thing and I can definitely see myself sitting down and writing every day again.

The feeling of ennui… I think it was because, like I mentioned before, it felt like I was living the same day over and over again and I was getting tired and disenchanted with the way things were going. Which isn’t exactly conductive to me doing well mentally…! (So, really, while it was still summer, it was definitely high time I got back to working on myself and everything again!)

There’s a lot going on in this enforcing schedule of mine but I think it’s something that I need to do and also something that I think I can do and will do. It’s not just writing, it’s everything else as well. Personal, physical, mental, everything.

What’s else… Oh! I’ve got someone coming in on Tuesday to sort out the plug socket on the wall – the one that’s been broken when the picture fell last Sunday – and hopefully that will definitely be the very last thing that I need to get done around the place for the foreseeable future.

Okay, think that’s pretty much everything. Gonna go make sure I’ve got my schedule lined up for the next week – this is including the 4 work days that I’ve got – and then… Well, pretty much gonna go back gaming and writing more on the guides again! *grins* See you soon!